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20110702_ldp001In these two dream images, John struggles with his connections to the inner, or higher aspects, of his life. First he is shown is that he is disconnected when he tries to make decisions based only on his personal view. If he instead listens to his inner guidance, his decisions will better be in the flow of life. Then he sees how higher energies can overwhelm him; like any new experience, he needs to adjust to handle the increased potency of the experience. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the meditation dream, I am observing an unfoldment that is occurring before me. The issue is, if I stop this from taking place, is that what is meaningful? What I see happening is that a result I sought to avert or to keep from happening occurs anyway.

In other words, it’s like I have a notion as to how something is to unfold, and so I aim to try to make it unfold that particular way. But my best conceptions, based upon my mental abilities and understanding of things in the outer, it doesn’t unfold the way I want it to unfold. Through all of my efforts to steer it one way, this other occurs anyway.

And all of my efforts are done with a focus that’s attendant in the outer. I have no linkage to the inner. I’m just working off of my synapses, or my senses, my lower-self nature. And then I come to know that what happens isn’t as bad as it could have been. It is worse than I like, based upon my conceptualizations, and I did my best to try to keep it from happening, but it failed.

However, in the fullness of time, which takes into account the inner, and the central vibration coming through, fate reveals that this end result is okay. The setting is it’s like I’m feeling something in my bones, so to speak, that I can’t put my finger on, that is occurring and is flowing through me. And what I do put my finger on, or identify with, or relate to, is a bifurcation in terms of an outer expression.

And so in that outer expression, the best I can do to catch up with something that I feel in my bones has me trying to do something in a particular way, and to avert something in another particular way – of which I fail. And what I am trying to avert is a catastrophe or whatever that hits me anyway.

From an outer perspective I view this to be horrible, but in the fullness of time it’s something that is part of what is going on that I feel in my bones in the more general context. It isn’t so bad. It’s taken into account. It falls within the domain and the consciousness of the inner pattern that is unfolding, not within the precepts of my limited outer faculties.

So the meaning of this is I am being challenged to listen closely to my heart, and not to my head, when it comes to making an important decision in life. The reason it needs to be this way is because change always happens from the inner into the outer.

What I want is based upon physical perceptions, however, in the outer. This dream is showing me that when you follow the heart first and foremost, and adhere to what it infers, that everything in the end will work out fine because the heart is connected and linked to the inner awareness.

In the dream it looks like the outer that I feared might happen, and did my best to avert, occurs. However, it is okay in the fullness of time. Only mentally is this a significant disappointment. However, when the fullness of time is taken into account this temporal result is of no meaningful importance. In other words, it’s the little picture instead of the big picture.

Or to say it another way, when I think that I know what is going on, and this knowingness is based upon my limited sense perceptions which are correlated exclusively to the outer, and I base my life according to this as my standard of well being, that this approach is limited and is asking for problems.

This approach is unable to take into account faster, more conscious flow from within, which is often referred to as the will of God. However, the heart is big enough to encompass the whole. Therefore, only through the heart is it possible to inflect what is destined to enable the overall heartfelt awareness to occur.

So that’s the meditation dream.

And so then in my sleeping dream, I portray an image that indicates how difficult it is to connect the inner with the outer. What I see is chaotic. This energy from above, it’s like seeing it coming down from above, i.e., the inner, it kind of comes down and when it touches me, me being manifestation, too, there is an effect that propels me to a whole other place.

In other words, it comes down, it touches, and in that split second in that spark, or whatever, I just disappear, I just go to some other place. I can’t handle it. The image is one in which I do not seem to be able to embody the effect.

I have an insight, however, but because I can’t contain the vibration that occurs when the two briefly touch, there is collateral damage. In the dream, even my back aches. It is as if I just can’t handle what it takes.

In other words, when the space of the higher self, or whatever you would call it, this other consciousness, this awakened consciousness, it seems to be able to look around to see what happened to me. I am nowhere to be found. I’m disappeared. This brief encounter seems to have sent me propelling, as the energetic is more than I can handle.

However, for a moment there is a residual effect, because it did touch briefly, and my consciousness got heightened. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to live it because I’m off veering away from this inner, which is causing then the inner to even look and be standing there confused as to what happened to me.

I see this inner vibration looking around to try and determine what happened as it is committed to trying to establish this connection. What surprises me is the split second when I am flooded with consciousness and light: what arises from within my nature in creation seems to move so fast in its awakening that it breaks the intended connection – causing the inner into outer to be askew again.

What is going on? This seems to be what the inner consciousness must put up with in terms of this process where it comes and it touches manifestation and it has to be grounded so that the experience benefits the plane in manifestation.

I see myself overwhelmed by this effect. It seems like this is the way it’s supposed to be, naturally, and yet I’m overwhelmed by it. And that reaction blurs the effect or the result, the intended result. And my brief experiential moment then becomes fleeting, it’s as if I barely have it.

That’s like when I remember dreams. I can remember a dream and as soon as I depict it, it’s gone because the effect creates this jarring. It’s basically able to briefly describe something that’s more than what it can actually embody, and live, and handle. Yet it did pick up the spark for a brief moment.

So what is awakened within seems to be immediately covered up with the outer density. The reason is because the effect is either that overwhelming, and the reactive process must occur immediately as a defense mechanism. It is as if this defense mechanism to the inner vibration is needed in order to protect my density, or something, because I leave the scene so that I do not have to embody this essence.

And then from the perspective of the higher self, or the divine consciousness, this just doesn’t make any sense. It’s sitting there in confusion because I should be overjoyed to be back into something that is more whole. For a split second there was a connection and in the next instant I am nowhere to be found and the search is on again.

What is interesting is this is a seeking that comes from the higher consciousness I am calling the inner, and the lower consciousness that I am referring to as the outer or, in other dreams, as manifestation, seems to either be unable to handle this natural inner effect, or is unconsciously fighting a rearguard action to stay aloof or hidden from its effect.

The net result is that I am unable to embody and ground this essence, and I therefore am left with fleeting experiences. More than that seems to be too much for me to handle.

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higherselfIn this dream imagery, Jeane feels a sense of despair. As John points out, this could be felt on two levels: in outer life, as a sense of needing to do or be something that provides a balance, and on the inner level where a need for a deeper connection is always triggering a feeling of longing. In both cases what is being pointed to is a way to hold an inner space that eases the emptiness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I’m not certain of the sequence of these dreams. It seems like in the first one, I’m a young woman and I’ve gone into a city, and I’m at an apartment, and there’s three or four places where people are sleeping, like an old boyfriend is sleeping on the couch, and then there are different beds around, and I don’t really have a place to sleep. So I have to go over and kind of lay with my back to the old boyfriend and sleep there. 

And the next day, when I get up, I go to somewhere where there are also people that I used to know from the past, and I’m trying to hook up with someone I knew, but I can’t quite seem to make that connection. 

So I go back to the apartment and I’m changing clothes, and it feels like I’m almost feeling a certain level of despair from not being able to hook up, because I feel like I have to go back to where the gathering was.

And I’m dressing in such a way as to maybe attract a certain amount of attention. I feel like… it’s almost like I really want to make the connection that I wasn’t making earlier, but I feel like if I miss it that I’ll be at the kind of mercy of whatever connection I do make there – and that makes me feel a certain amount of despair.

John: It’s a dream about recognizing that you need to take in, or experience, a particular vibration in order to be in balance with yourself. There’s both a higher octave of it, and there’s a lower octave of it.

The higher octave of it is like if you’re in the presence of a teacher, or a particular person that holds an attunement, that that can be something you can experience, or take in, and absorb as part of the environment and mannerism that you’re in. And you recognize, of course, a dependency upon that.

The lower octave of that is the pattern you often see in relationships, where a person goes around and tries to fill holes and wounds inside of themselves, especially one that’s been in multiple relationships that have blown apart, or broken up, and then the dependency aspect gets strewn out.

And so the idea becomes somewhat vampirish even because they can’t seem to function without something like that – without those kinds of conditions, because they’ve gotten so adapted or accustomed to have them that they more or less cringe. Well, cringe isn’t the right word, but the whole pattern of reaching out, or probing out, for something like that, it has a whole appalling manner to it. That’s the lower octave.

The higher octave, of course, of a dream like that, one could be bringing it on because of the sense that there’s something that they need to experience that they’re not experiencing because of patterns that they have during the day. And so this could go on and on. You could be beating yourself up that you’re not doing something that you should do, that you know that you want to do.

And then, as a consequence, that will trigger a dream like this, too, because what you’re basically saying is that you’re not experiencing what you know that you need to experience, that takes and stabilizes or gives yourself a particular value.

In other words, that can even be like a type of middle octave, saying it that way. It’s like feeling, for example, that if he doesn’t take and go down to the health club everyday he’s going to get depressed, because he just realizes that he needs to fill his life with a certain degree of activity or otherwise his illness and such catches up with him.

So, you have a dream that’s covering this kind of… you’ve apparently indulged yourself in some fashion, the way you’re beating up on yourself for something, and/or are feeling remiss about something that is making you feel that you have something empty in your life.

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finalspiralThis dream image finds Jeane observing a person who is a celebrity in real life sweeping a room with energy. When people we know appear in our dreams, it is not because we are having a dream about that person, whether friend or family member, or anyone else, but it is usually because they represent something and our dreams are using that representation to get across a point. In this case, Jeane’s higher self is showing her the attitude of bringing an energy through into life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So last night, the dream I had it’s as though I’m observing a nightclub, and in that nightclub there’s a man who is a lot like Dana White, who runs the UFC, and he’s wearing a yellow shirt. 

He’s on the floor of the nightclub and the impression I have is that he’s overseeing things there, and he’s sweeping the energy, but he’s sweeping the energy of the club in a way that he’s participating in a contest. The best I could figure it out is the contest is like between him and others who may sweep that club, or another club, with a certain energy and you see who did it best, I guess. 

One of the interesting things I note is that with a Dana White-type personality, he’s usually the head of whatever he’s doing. He micromanages and is very dynamic. However, in this dream, I know there’s another man, kind of behind the scenes, the one who is evaluating how everybody’s doing in the contest. That person’s really in charge.

John: Yeah, that’s a higher, higher self, or the secret of the secret part inside, or behind, the scenes of it all.  

But basically what Dana White is, is he’s a person that’s bringing through something as an energetic that he feels and he knows inside of himself and, of course, that seeing and the knowing inside of itself at the very end goes all the way back to something that’s a trickle-down, or lineage effect, or secret of the secrets at a depth even deeper in his heart.

But what he is caught up with is he has this whole sense, he has this whole knowingness in the way something is to unfold, and he’s bringing it through. And he just sees the image, he just sees the way that it needs to be, and then he takes his being and he throws it behind that and then that vibration then follows through as his focus and strength of being carries it across.

And so what you’re depicting is how something is breaking through. In other words, you’re working and you’re playing with this dynamic where there’s a way of being in a state, inside of yourself, that is connected to a natural knowingness that just makes things happen based upon your trust, your feeling.

And it’s almost more than a trust. In other words, it’s almost a sight. With Dana White he can feel so loudly, positively, or however you would say that, inside of himself, as to what he wants to bring about, that there’s never a doubt that this isn’t going to happen.

And yet very few people realize that when he started this whole thing it was like cockfighting and such. It was considered repulsive and he knew that there was a market for it, there was an interest in it, there was a fascination for it, in spite of the mores that existed, in terms of this sort of thing. And he defiantly wouldn’t stop in terms of his understanding of what was kind of needed as an aspect and expression that people tried to pretend, or hide from, as if it was too much and too bloody, or too this or too that.

He realized that this could be brought through, and would have an appeal, and would add something in its way. And he had to hold this belief in the face of the attitude towards this sort of thing, which went out of its way to make it more difficult, even to snuff it out.

And so he had roadblocks thrown in his path that you wouldn’t ordinarily have in a lot of things that are brought into life, because he stood in the way defiantly of that which was deemed acceptable behavior. And so the fact that you used Dana White means that as part of what is breaking through, as part of what is taking place, there is that quality and that note to it that it isn’t something mainstream and yet it’s coming through.

And you feel it, you know it, you recognize it as a type of knowingness, and that that is backed up within a deeper depth of yourself of even more in support of it all. Isn’t that interesting? It is a very deep dream.

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