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Inner-BesWe speak often, in spirituality, of letting go and of surrender. And we seek to become conscious of our automated defense mechanisms as they prevent our connection to flow. As this struggle reaches finer, and finer, and more subtle, levels within, we begin to see that in each moment we are either siding with our old self, and its ways, or we are choosing to be with the energetics of now, with whatever that might entail. It is a great battle, but one we do softly with ourselves, because every part of us has our best interest at heart. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: An earlier dream involves accessing a closeness, and something happens which is too much. In other words, let’s say you get somebody’s attention who is normally distracted, and they’re heebie-jeebie because normally they don’t want to listen, they’re just way too busy, and you get their attention, you can easily overwhelm. And, when you do overwhelm and impose it through like that, the statement is a funny statement that comes up is: why did you let it get away? It’s because none of that was in flow, then.

There was no proper inner into outer. Whenever there’s a tension, or a frustration, or a factor that’s in the way, that’s when the ability to take in gets lost because you’re taking in something in a non-outer capacity, lower-self sense way. You’re taking it in in terms of a higher-self sense that uses the substance of light, instead of the substance of a sound-oriented manifestation that is very, very slow and can’t keep up with this other flow that is also meant to be there. You’ve got the two halves.

So the dream I’m having… It’s hard to say how this is a dream, but it has a latent frustration which compromises an unfoldment from coming through. The frustration that touches a latent anger, for example, harkens back to a condition I carry that is keeping an inner from affectively flowing.

A scenario: As I look deep within, I detect the condition on the heart soul when I look. In other words, what we’re talking about is, this is a pattern. You dreamt the pattern to keep the inner from coming into the outer for you.

So, as a consequence, every aspect of a reaction, that you do, has this pattern. If something gets to be too much, in terms of trying to do something, or to buy something, then you will do an exhaustion kind of fear, kind of stepping back, kind of reaction. If the driving is too much, that pattern will come out again, too.

So what my dream is talking about is this pattern, and now I’m trying to understand my own pattern. And so I am talking about a heart level that, in its ideal state, is able to embrace the inner and the outer. But, in terms of trying to read it, or get there, there is something that keeps happening because it causes a looking instead of a feeling.

Now this time we’re talking about a looking that is a reducing of something into a dense way of reception, as opposed to a perception that works on the level of a flow, that is able to know how things really are in a different way, on a light level. To touch inner to outer one must stay on the vibration as a form of substance level that is seen by an all-pervasive feeling.

To try to grasp this in an understanding way is a problem, in that this slows down the streaming and there is a frustration that ensues in this way. When carried into the outer from the inner without restriction, the image in nature, when you look at a forest, is it is as green as green can be, as far as the eye can see, not a blighted tree to symbolically portray a frustration of the flow.

It’s interesting. It even had an image, now, of what that can look like. What this is called is, it’s called a type of purity. And the level, of one’s inner self, that this is on, that is a type of purity, corresponds most directly to a fire element that goes back to Zoroastrian religion. We carry all these things inside of us. This is a Zoroastrian trait. It is a type of purity. It’s a rare religion, that no one understands, that was nearly wiped out by Alexander the Great – and yet there it is. There’s just a little of that left, just a little of that left. That’s its input into the fabric of the psyche of humanity.

So anyway, that’s how you isolate that now, because each thing represented something. Every prophet, everything, represented something.

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anastacia_post_light_sphereIf we think about it, higher energies from the universe reach all things here on the planet. But it is only us, the human, who can receive those energies and translate them into an idea, a creation, a song, a painting, or another type of action. And it is only the higher energies that, when translated by a human, appear to us as “new” things. We call people who make discoveries geniuses, but they have only received something through a higher connection. We are all geniuses because we are designed to create those connections. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, yesterday afternoon I had one of those dreams where it was really disturbing, where I felt like I was being bombarded, pursued, and couldn’t get away, even with help.

And last night, it feels like my dreams initially again, it’s like I’m trying to get away and do something separate. And then it feels like I finally have a dream where at least I’m going to some other people and we’re establishing something, but it feels like Bollywood. I mean, it’s like we’re forming a singing group, but first we fight, then we start to form a singing group and other people come and join in.

But it’s so Bollywood in a way in that it’s more like a teen movie. I just feel like I’m just real disturbed lately and I can’t kind of settle down with my dreaming or… ugh.

John: Well, the theme of the dreaming has switched and what the theme has turned to is this principle of bringing through the will into life.

In other words, first of all, you have to access it. And apparently we’ve accessed it, but we may not know that we’ve accessed it. And now we have to bring it down, and through, and touch life with it.

And the oddity of it is, is once you access it, you feel real sad when you’re not able to live it or bring it through. And it’s just a real bizarre thing because you’re going through all these gyrations of things that have to do with appearances of something affecting, but the underlying principle of all of that is there’s something that’s intended to take place and it’s not taking place. And thus it leads to the sadness and the awkwardness.

It’s a shift is what this is, in that for a long, long time, a person proceeds to develop kind of a channel or a clarity that rises up to – kind of like an in-breath expression – it rises up and touches something, what is called the crown or the home place. Or, if you’re talking about it on a soul level, it would be at the point where the in-breath turns to the out-breath. So you formed that connection. You’ve made that journey. But now you have to come down with the out-breath into life – and this is where you bring the will down and through.

Until you make that connection, it’s almost as if you don’t get that other echo. Once you get that echo, that you have to, somehow or another, take the stillness into an action. In other words, within the stillness is something that’s kind of like a thought of God or, I guess more generally, it’s just referred to as the will. And you have to bring that through.

And this time, it’s not something that comes from a discombobulated nature of just thoughts and ideas. This time it’s able to go all the way back and come from a source that is in the stillness.

Usually a person’s thoughts are based upon their senses and the way their mind works in relationship to understanding the senses, and the best they can do to try to understand the outer. They generally don’t have this connection that goes all the way up and touches the inner essence and the stillness of all that there is.

And when you do that, then you get the direct feed. And that direct feed, once you hit that and you’re meant to bring that through, until you bring that through, and in the struggle to bring it through, it’s kind of like you have this whole need again that surfaces now in terms of bringing it down, and in, and through into life.

Peculiarly enough, that seems to not be something that just opens up joyously. It seems to open up from the standpoint of a type of struggle, or scenes like you were describing, or sadness and it involves having to figure out how to be true to that.

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sc20Coming closer, or moving apart? Joining, or separating? Finding, or losing? In dreams, it is always interesting to note how people and things are moving in relationship to you, the main character. Because the other people and things in your dream images are also representative of other aspects of you, tracking such movements can tell you a lot about what you are struggling with, or what has just come together for you. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: We seem to be dreaming this kind of theme connectivity. Let me see if I’ve got this other one.

I got separated from the woman I was with and, as circumstances would have it, I was able to find her again. I told her that if I had not found her I would have gone home, meaning back to wherever it was that was familiar to me.

She said, “You don’t have to do that, just call me on the cellphone.” I start to repeat the number and she says that I have the wrong number. The number I have hasn’t worked for a long time. It’s an old number that’s been discontinued. And then she kind of chuckles, and that “Ahh, that’s the problem. You got the number from Rob.” She says, “Let’s fix that so that the problem never happens again.”

To do so she indicates kind of a systemology of some sort in which she needs 15 minutes to enter into a dialogue. It doesn’t take 15 minutes. What she does is she takes a recording device, a thing that you speak into for recording, and that what I do is I speak my name and phone number and particulars into that and that system then makes note of that, and creates a base that keeps me from becoming lost again. In other words, with this now I will no longer have to ponder upon how to get back on course if I get off course. I’ll always be connected.

And the meaning is I was looking at what occurred on a trip I took. In other words, this is like the scenario now. I was looking at what occurred on a trip I took, that’s the trip we took to Israel, and in the recounting of the trip to others, noticed that there was a subtle heartfelt pain with everything I identified or pointed out. Such thoughts and images were slowly taking me off course. I would find myself getting lost from a deep, subtle, heartfulness that naturally connected to all that existed.

The inclusiveness was a type of nothingness, in other words, where you didn’t take and have to make out the report or information about it, to truly feel and be in the essence of it all within is exquisite. Anything else results in a marginalizing of my being and a getting lost from how it is I am meant to be.

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