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LemniscaatIf we think of the human as a mirror of creation, we can understand that there is a realm of energy and a realm of matter; i.e., there is the physical, and there is the unseen. Since we find ourselves in the physical, we come to believe that we are separate from the wholeness. But what about Creation? How does She connect the seen and the unseen? Through the process of out-breath and in-breath, the manifestation of matter, and the return to the source. And we humans can connect to the whole through this same process – if we do it consciously. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The meditation dream had me noticing the flow again, how things flow, in terms of inner into outer, and what that means again in terms of looking at it in a slightly different way, because it’s easier to say inner into outer, but there is a step-by-step process in that.

And, in the meditation dream, I kind of notice that in terms of there being a conundrum when you don’t notice it. In other words, the first thing that happens is you go somewhere deep within, and it’s kind of like you are connected to the essence of all essences. And, in that place, you’re soothed in the stillness beyond time and space – but you don’t stay there.

And then, at some point, you start to make a return into the outer, or you return by way of a vibration starts to come out of that stillness. And then the thought, which is connected to that vibration, begins to formulate, or formulates from what had been an unconstellated firmament, that being just the stillness that’s the overallness of everything.

And then as the vibration comes more and more to the surface, that’s when projection starts. That’s when you take notice. That’s when you start to try to grasp it or something, or try to quantify it. Before you take notice, though, everything makes sense and is wonderful, and you’re able to abide in the empty, all-inclusive stillness.

But then, as the thought-upon-thought comes, and becomes more of a projection, then because it grabs your attention in terms of utilizing it in a plane of thought-upon-thought of sound, there comes a point when the vibrations make themselves known in a way that grabs one’s attention contractively. Projections are contractive.

What I mean by contractively is that you are focusing, from the overallness, in which there’s the unconstellated formulator of essence, and you’re taking it into a formulator mode, which is like a type of creating, and although you think you’re making it more real, you are actually hurting it. By trying to funnel it down you see that as a momentum, but you’re actually demagnifying it in terms of its overall permeation.

And then, ultimately, as you come to create by these thought-upon-thought vibrations that get concretized into what is manifestation, you come to notice that the vibration comes out of the inner stillness. It then causes the sensation to become more noticed, and more projected, and flows in a way as if it is seeking to awaken, and do so by pulling itself into a process manifestation.

In other words, it’s our way of trying to pay attention to something that is delineated, as if we can reconcile the inner into the outer. Yet by contrast, when we’re more in the overallness, or you might say the inner, where the essence predominates the outer manifestation of thoughts that concretize, you realize you don’t need to come to grips with them because they decolorize the true inner.

And then also what I noticed is, along the way, when maybe something has come out of a firmament or something and becomes noticeable as a projected thought that’s coming down into life, that along the way it’s as if there is a spirit energy flow. And you could say that spirit energy flow is something that rides the in-breath and the out-breath, per se, and in riding the in-breath and the out-breath per se there are all kinds of things that can touch it, both coming in, as the breath is coming down, you might have a centralized aspect to yourself, but then you pick up on other things as well, as you’re coming down, because of the collective nature of consciousness. And that’s as an out-breath; and then as an in-breath you have to let go of all that.

So that’s why one can see the thought-upon thought as kind of a collective consciousness, concretized manifestation, in which the singular vibration is affected by other vibrations which clung on as you go into this kind of crash mode out-breath that concretizes. And then you come out of this concretization with the in-breath. Without the in-breath you would remain as a dense concretization.

And so then, from a prior dream, I come to know that the spirit energy breath is what I perceive to be the journey. The spirit energy invokes spiritual illusion. It does so with the up and down breath that actually does not really exist, yet that is the condition we are in. To be in manifestation, and yet to be something so much more, we have to breathe an in-breath, out-breath, in-breath, out-breath.

And yet the beginning and the end is all there is, and that beginning and that end is actually captured in the bliss of the in-breath to out-breath interval, and the sweet longing of the out-breath to in-breath interval – and that’s where there is an all-abiding stillness, in that brief interval moment. That’s where the stillness is.

Yet the spirit energy, the energy that goes up and down as breath, is where the spiritual illusions lie, and where the ideas that I am on a journey and that I awaken, that’s where that comes from, in terms of my sense of something going on.

When the up and down condition is removed, nothing exists. There’s just the stillness of the beginning and the end, the interval point on the down breath and on the up breath, the turning point. And then we fight all this other in between that we drill down, and that’s how we live it, in terms of our sleep dream. This is kind of like a presentation of the big picture of it all in terms of a set system, so to speak. And then, how do we handle that? Not very well, of course.

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55osRemember the time when everything was proceeding smoothly, and then there was a sudden realization that everything was going smoothly – and then it fell apart? We’ve all experienced this, in one situation or another, and it points out the difference between being with what we are doing, energetically, and thinking we are doing something on our own. It’s the difference between the personal and the universal. And, from our experience of such a moment, we know which felt better, which felt more connected, and which felt more alive. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.

John: Now, the comparable dream, more from an outer way of portraying it, that says the same thing, is in the dream I find myself kind of like in a room, like you would have people walking around in a room, just commiserating a bit, you know, but at the same time being able to pay attention – but not necessarily in a set, organized way, where you pay attention to maybe something that a person is saying, and yet you still have your natural free flow.

The way the dream starts off is I seem to be connecting, or talking, in a way that has everybody’s attention, in terms of hitting a common thread, in relationship to what permeates. And I don’t really remember exactly what I’m saying to begin with, because I’m in a zone with that kind of intertwined flow.

But then there comes a point where, as I’m going out, I notice and start paying attention to what I am doing, as opposed to this just being a flow coming through me, and so I start then to weigh the consequences of whatever it is, and however it is, I’m coming across in terms of projection.

So as soon as I get into looking at things from the standpoint of a mind-upon-mind, or thought-upon-thought, projection, I end up then instead of talking in terms of heart, I talk in terms of thoughts. And, when I start talking in terms of thoughts, I’m talking in terms of projection – as opposed to connectivity.

And what I notice is that immediately what had been intertwined and was really being lifted up, is now going the other way, and that there is a demagnifying that is occurring, because of a common thread getting lost . Because this getting into the realm of bifurcation, the realm in which you have protocols, and due process, and conceptualizations that vary, and will continually vary, that are just introduced as projected formats.

But what connects, and what permeates, and what sweeps up, and what makes the difference, and what shifts life, and what brings in a commonality is a quality of heartfulness that is, in a way, something that in its more pure essence transcends the time and space of the situation. And the more that that comes into the time and space of the situation, the more it falls into the plane of thought-upon-thought. And, when that happens, what would have and had been kind of a common-threaded intertwinement, gets bifurcated, and you tend to have a slow undermining.

That’s when it becomes something like getting lost in the idea that you can solve a problem within the parameters of the same mind that created it. And when you get caught in something like that, it’s an iffy, iffy game of projection.

What makes the difference is the intangible, kind of outside of time and space, connectivity that we all carry as a quality somewhere in the essence of our being. It’s the touching of that. It’s the recognition of that. That’s the determinant.

And recognizing that there is a connection that can be found, and is there, that’s undeniable, that isn’t a matter of opinion this way or that way, and that’s what makes the difference that causes something to shift. That’s kind of a feeling quality, or something, maybe even of the aspect in which the thought is switched a little bit to going from head to heart.

I am shown that conducting one’s self in a natural connective way, that permeates into life, whether you use the word oneness; its essence on essence. That’s the common thread for relatability purposes, and that’s what everyone is touched by somewhere inside themselves. Or, everyone embraces this, as a form of beingness, which pulls everything together.

In the dream I saw that ideas about protocol, regulations, due process, that which is set forth in manmade ways, no matter how much sense that that can appear to make, that just creates separation. It’s not what leads to cohesion. It kind of is a this and that kind of setting, or situating. In other words, insightfulness without the common connection demagnifies. It doesn’t permeate. It’s conditional, in some way or another, while the other transcends the time and space; it kind of is a linkage beyond words.

It was the way that something was touched within that’s the more guiding determinant, because it’s the heart that counts, as it’s in its long lasting way of consciousness that ebbs and flows.

So the deep meaning is that what I am being shown in the dream has to do with the difference between touching an intertwined inner heartfelt commonality, as being what is real, and needed, not the thought-oriented projections, no matter how eloquent they seem, or how they’re concretized as something you have to contend with. It’s the heart that brings the awareness, or the flow, going through and breaking beyond, and not being bound by the concretized thought-upon-thought. Or reaches the wholeness within, as a masculine way of saying it, and this is always in contrast with the projected thoughts-upon-thoughts which demagnify, bifurcate, and defuse the common aliveness we share.

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detail-van-vleugelsIn today’s dream, John finds himself as the odd man out, being in a group with three other women. The women see, and represent, the Wholeness of the situation. The masculine sees, and represents, the particulars, or the details of things. A balance of both views is required to maintain the safety of the overall. Finding this balance is a huge struggle within each developing person. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, my dream works with the particularity of something. In other words, you have the general motif, and I have the set responsibility.

And so the way it shows itself up is, I’m one of the four people who have the responsibility to ensure that the guidelines governing the workings of a body, which I am part of, have no conflicts of interest.

This body is composed, these inner workings, the inner responsibility is made up of three women and me. In other words, we’re like the higher order that makes sure that the will of the overall body is free and clear from any conflict in terms in terms of how it’s put together.

Because we have to be clear about this, and it’s very subtle at times, we tend to remain kind of in an inner sanctum within ourselves, so it’s considered an honor and a noble thing when we go out into the courtyard or something amongst the people. And the people are always excited to see us and will stand around waiting if we’re supposed to come out at some appointed time.

Our duty as the inner sanctum, the four of us, is to make sure that the fabric of the society is not only not affected by anyone with a presence that is not right, but also with an interest like in the Whole, an ownership interest or a place in the Whole that contaminates the overall freedom and flow and functionality.

The image is, I see us filing out to their welcome, and we’re going like in a lineup, and it’s kind of two women go first, and then there’s me, and then there is another woman. I’m the only guy, and I would have been perfectly happy, and would have preferred if it were possible to have stayed back and let the women come out, but that is not how it works. We are the leadership team.

So, we file out amongst the people and the crowd is ecstatic to see us, but I see myself cringing with embarrassment. I can hardly look anybody in the eye. I’m very, very self-conscious. These three women do not seem to be aware consciously of anything being askew, but I’m aware of it, and I do not feel worthy to be there and would prefer to hide.

I cannot look these people in the eye because, from my inner positioning of being able to see something from within, I see a problem in the way that the order of the body is put together, and it has to do with a type of ownership interest that conflicts with what we all deem responsible. In other words where there isn’t a contaminate that sits there at a deep inner level that prevents something from being as dynamic as it’s meant to be – and I’m aware of it.

But all the women don’t seem to be aware of it, because they don’t look at things that way. They’re looking at the overall energetic of how something needs to be in the Whole, but I’m aware of this undermining little component. And I see it as my responsibility, and my duty, to make sure that that’s not there – and it’s there. So I’m feeling so bad about this, it is all I can do to show my face.

I could see in the eyes of the people that they trust us explicitly, and are standing out there to greet us and honor us, which is how it’s meant to be. In other words, that’s how it’s set up to be. It works like that.

It’s an odd position to be in, because I know that the women are in the right space to be swept up in this coming together or communion with the people, but I’m not. I’m having an extremely hard time justifying just being there because of this guilt, or self-conscious, that I carry because what I know is sitting there.

It may not be a problem yet, but it has to be fixed or it will be, and it’s my role to have seen this, and I missed it, and there it is, affecting the overall system. So for as long as this remains an imbalance, I can’t do anything but see myself as holding back in this self-conscious embarrassment, restraint, and shame.

To come out before the people while this still exists to me is out of place, as if I’ve let everyone down, even though they don’t know it, don’t see it yet. That doesn’t matter; I see it and that is where it matters, in terms of my heart.

In writing what this is like, I write: the vibration is that I’m aware of an inner energetic imbalance that has to do with a detail regarding the order of things that has its aliveness, this detail, and that detail is such that it could destabilize the Whole.

But what’s awkward is, at this point in time, I seem to be alone in this. The three women comrades are amnesic to this. I mean, they don’t look at the detail and specifics of things. They look at how the overallness is and they tend to feel that they’re handling that.

I mean, this detail really, really bugs me. They’re okay, and the people are euphoric, and they have a right to be euphoric, and they’re carrying themselves as they need to carry themselves as they go out amongst the people. It’s just me that’s tenuous.

In other words, what I see is I can’t really look at them in the eyes, because I see the impending problem. In other words, I see that in between, and as long as it remains, I’m not able to be in a place that is able to merge, or to come through, in a way that connects like it’s meant to be.

In other words, if I’m able to put together a system and a process that flows, and this is very, very difficult and this is a problem that always exists when you have to function like this, is that you’re always rolling things around to see if you have it right.

And the problem with rolling things around to see if you have it right is, you can easily get caught up in the detail and screw up, because it’s important to also feel the overallness of what is right in the Whole, which is that feminine quality.

The masculine is that intangible fourth element that makes how something is to be felt and carried in the Whole. It’s what makes it complete. It’s what makes it secure. It’s what makes it safe. It’s what makes it balanced.

The feminine carries the overall vibration that everybody can abide in and be in, but the masculine is what safeguards it and makes it okay, makes it so that it’s sustainable. And what I’m seeing is not sustainable, and it may be okay now, but I know that it won’t be in the future.

I know that this is a latent problem, and I’m not sure what to do about it. I haven’t solved it, and of course I also know that the problem with solving it has to do with somehow or another being able to step back from it, too.

In other words, this is tricky because you have to make huge shifts too, so you can’t get too caught up in the way something is, as a sense of overall feel to it. You can’t get too caught up in that, because you have to be cognizant of how this little thing can distort, or disrupt, or change the overallness – even though it hasn’t done that yet.

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