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mind-scaled-upThese dreamscapes trigger a far-reaching description of our natural connection to the oneness of everything and the flow of life. What becomes clear through this process is that everything is as it should be and we already have all we need – the only shift that matters is within us. And, it’s what we have been designed by the creator to do – it’s our reason for being. It’s subtle, and intricate, and beautiful – and only awaits our embrace. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My dreaming about this was really difficult. Look at that. Who can read that? It’s like the meditation dream had me in this bizarre other world of myself, and how I was able to make any sense out of it – I went around and around scratching and writing, and scratching and writing.

So I can’t expect this to come across that well and, fortunately, I had a long dream that sorted it out or otherwise this was a catastrophe. That’s how it seemed. I was touching upon something but it was full of gaps and full of holes.

And in the meditation dream I could tell what I was doing was I was working with a vibration that has a dynamic that one is able to reach in the outer world and, for reasons I cannot explain, this dynamic can affect the outcome of the flow in some vibrational way.

In other words, I’m trying to figure out how to talk about how you come together and that’s really hard to do because in my grog, and in that state, trying to reflect and be back opening my eyes and writing this down to what I experienced in there – you don’t see it that way. You see yourself as an individual, as opposed to a oneness.

So in the dream I’m dealing with degrees of vibration and I realize that you can raise a vibration a certain multiple, or times more, with this focus and intention, than is typical. And, if you can do that, then you can cause the outer images to be visually altered.

In other words, you can do this without touching anything, you can do this without any assistance at all. It’s like you reorient the consciousness of what is out there about you. You rewrite things, so to speak, in terms of how they come together – just by the degree to which you correspond yourself vibrationally.

So to have the means to alter conventional reality is an inner experience I am still catching up with. This means that I reach beyond a literalness and appearance to a related experientiality. This is something that cannot be rationally explained. This is possible for those who do not experience everything so densely literally that they limit, by that conditionality, the degree in which this inner beingness is able to flow – in other words they compromise it.

For a person to let go of how it is they see themselves in reference to life leads… in other words by seeing yourself in reference to life I’m referring to how you have the mental sense awareness instead of the intertwined oneness awareness. To let go of that leads to an inner vibrational awakening. This energetic flow is a mystical experience that defies the outer reality of projections.

In other words, the average person coming off of mind/senses their reality is one based upon projection. So now you’re defying that when you are able to have the oneness, or interconnectivity, of which in my second dream likes playing that in terms of how that is between objects, between things that one needs, and between people.

So as time unfolds, the meaning of this effect simply blows away the rational senses. In other words, as you come into how it is, and who it is, you are in relationship to everything that exists out there, this whole mind/sense thing just has to fall away because it has no place. This place is only in terms of looking at the reflections.

So there is an outer manifestation which gets in the way of being able to observe the inner attention to the inner vibration that touches creation. To take an inner vibration and touch creation is not really explainable based upon the outer. It’s only explainable based upon that inner flow in which you have gone beyond finding yourself just into the appearance and you’re twined with the flow.

Such an effect upon life is like the taking of an inner hidden connection and touching the outer creation with it. The mind/senses keep us from realizing that. We penetrate the outer dynamic by our focus and attention, okay this is kind of how you start that whole process because otherwise you have to fight that outer dynamic, and if you don’t have a focus and attention that can kind of start an inkling towards what is going on in the inner, then you get caught in that lowest common denominator that is the reflections.

So we fight this all the time, but we are denied an awareness of this reality by our unconscious, outer, zombie nature. Only those who are able to experience the inner essence, beyond the limiting plane of mind/senses, are able to participate or to exist or to find one’s self as nothing but this inner level.

Or to say this another way, those not bound strictly to the mind/senses, in other words having broken free from that, are in touch with an inner that can go out into creation and literally touch the outer with our inner beingness.

The hardest thing to do in writing this dream up was to get to the correspondence that exists between people. It was almost easier to describe the correspondence that exists with objects, although I don’t know why that is because once I did it then it all came together without the problem.

So in this dream, how I am able to correspond to the likeness that is me in someone else is the way I resolve an issue. I have to figure out how to match myself up, in other words, so the difference goes away.

To begin with, in the dream, I am looking and looking to find a similitude with others that are in the environment or in creation with me. When I do find that affinity a barrier that creates a lack of proper communication of coming together falls away as I am able to see the relationship in myself, in them, and they in turn; things make sense, they lose their self-consciousness, whatever exists in the way, so it becomes vice versa.

And so that’s how it is with people yet the same thing also flows into resolving problems that exist in dealing with our responsibilities that exist in terms of matter. And we are created out of everything that’s created in the outer, and so we also then have to have, as a greater consciousness, the ability to see how things come together, how they synchronize.

So in this scenario, it’s like I’m working with a county, and a country treasurer, and there is a certain degree of frustration and confusion that exists because I know I’m entitled to receive back certain monies that I’ve laid out that are owing back to me. What I have to do is I have to bring this into how this fits in a relatable fashion because the county officials will only try to match up redemptions based upon mental tasks they carry in their head, which has its limitations.

I realize that to complete what is needed I must determine how to get them, and to arrange for them, so that they identify a matching up correspondence – in other words, how the money applies to this.

By that I mean I need to determine how it is that things come together. With inanimate objects there are linkage connections that exist. With a human being it is easier to find the intertwined by being able to merge into the part of myself that is me and them. What I need to know, or how I need to be, comes together when I am able to do that.

And then there is a third way in which one has this oneness, and in this way I saw myself able to realize a connection only if it was possible to find a missing component that is needed to open things up. Without this tool a flow to that consciousness remains dormant.

In the image the effect, or the process, or the means is quickened or made possible by the finding of a pen to write with – because I couldn’t find one all of a sudden – and then as soon as I have the pen it breaks the roadblock again and I’m then able to bring together, or unfold, what remains unconscious. I’m able to flush it through.

The theme of last night had to do with finding an unconsciousness, through the likeness of my being in others, from the way inanimate objects and processes are designed to work together, and from bridge tools, like a pen, that flush out unconscious barriers.

And so then I decide to dwell on one thing in particular here, which is the pen. It’s an interesting image in Ibn Arabi’s portrayal of the City of Man. In this portrayal in which he takes man to be the center of everything and they have all of the components of what it takes for life to flow all within inside of one’s self.

So in this portrayal in which man is viewed as an intertwined whole to it all, the pen is viewed as a means to bringing out a realization from one part of one’s self to another that had been pent up as a hiddenness.

I also need to say more about the vibrancy that corresponds to how human beings are able to come together. In the dream, I had a lot of sorting out to do to find how I am in someone else or they are of a light-kind nature in me.

When I would make this connection, an energetic meaningfulness would dance out excitedly and I would be at peace with myself. To go around in barriers between myself and another is a miserable experience; when the coming together commonality or oneness is reached the recognition and appreciation becomes mutual.

I believe that at the psyche level of every human being is a quest to reach this naturalness. I also believe that the failure to do so, over time, causes neurosis, defense mechanisms, and images of self esteem to get in the way because it just doesn’t make sense, one tries, one fails, and then you go into this self-consciousness.

The failure to find the sameness that is universal in all that there is, is the quest, you might say, of a quality of the soul to get beyond the barrier we carry. The barriers correspond to or, in other words, are identifying with having to relate to and make sense out of reflections instead of being a part of a sameness in which there’s a union and oneness.

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StartetraHumans have in their design the desire to respond to the call of creation. For many, however, the noise inside is too great to hear the subtlety of that inner guidance. Jeane’s dream triggers this discussion: who we are, what we think, and what we do all become the total of our life – nothing is not accounted for. It is up to us to have offered something back to the planet and to creation with the gift of life we have been given.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I’m just remembering a dream in which I have gone with some other people into a meadow, and there’s a circle of women in the meadow. It’s a fenced meadow. They seem to be sitting with crossed legs, and the leader is demonstrating something, whether it’s something she’s doing with a cat, or something she’s doing with reeds and how you form the space in them, I don’t know, but it feels like we go there to learn what she’s doing.

But then we come back sometime when she’s not there, and it’s like we’re trying to do some of what she did. But then you’re also kind of disturbed by the feeling that when she comes she’ll kind of know that you were there, and did you disturb things too much or what?

John: Even though you set this up as if it was like a teacher that imparted or created the inflection to which a note was hit, even though you set it up like that, the important thing is, is that something has been spurred, or awoken, so that you’re ambience nature, some aspect of it, goes forward on other levels.

So it’s like on a manifested level you can express yourself up to a particular point, and to where there is a quality that has an affinity that kind of is there, outside of manifestation, but still caught in the magnetism of the physical body. And then there’s the part of yourself that’s outside of all of that, which is universal. 

Again, we’re talking a quality of the soul that’s not necessarily sure, it’s caught by the magnetism of the human body, but it’s as big as the universe. To the degree to which something about you in manifestation rises up to something more, whatever and everything that you do, every little thing that you do that touches that realness inside – as opposed to just around and around in the outer – that actually aspires to something so much more, that catches that link of intertwining, that’s visible.

It’s known that you were there because that’s the greater space. It’s never hidden. That’s the greater space of the soul. That’s why you’re always seen. Everything you do is always seen, and every time you have the slightest little epiphany, it’s seen from this greater soul quality of your own being. You can’t hide a thing.

And so whenever you take and you fall back, and you go into a lesser state of yourself, and you think you’re getting away with it, it’s all seen by this part of yourself that radiates out in the Wholeness and overallness of the universe. And it sees when something comes close, or doesn’t come close, and it knows when it’s like that, too.

And that’s how a teacher is able to be a teacher, because a teacher is connected to, is intertwined with all of that, is part of all of that, is part of your soul, sees your soul, knows what that is even though it has this whole other dance that’s going on. So it has this energetic radiance that reflects.

Whenever you take and fall back, and go into some mannerism or notionality, you put a wrinkle in all of that – and that’s visible. You think it’s invisible, but that’s because you don’t see the subtlety of the greater soul nature that tells on you, that notes all the time, that’s watching all the time, that’s kind of subtly at play all the time for you to rise up more towards its overall beingness, making note of all of that, assisting in its own subtle way, but lost and a little bit trapped and confused because of the magnetism of things that kind of has its loudness that keeps that orientation at a point where its subtleness is the last thing that you’re inclined to put your attention towards.

Your notionality and your senses are inclined to keep going to the density of things, to the manifestation of things, and you rarely listen, and stop, and take something in with the quality of the heart, which then accesses, and is the vehicle upon which – not the mind – that access through the heart is the vehicle upon which you sweep towards, or into even, that essence of the universal soul. 

So it’s interesting that is your better dream because you actually are playing with the fabric of creation, behind the scenes of creation. In other words, you’re taking creation, and yourself in it, and going to the subtler, going from there and opening things up, as opposed to going around and around in creation. This is your quickening kind of point of things.

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John: In this first image, I’m trying to show another person how to distinguish between the variations and types of energetic projections that come from the casinos, because casinos can have a number of different levels to them. Some features, such as the theater shows, are interesting, and then there are other aspects that just kind of suck you in.

To begin with, I set aside, for reference, the projections that are most obvious in terms of what the casinos project about themselves. Yet to gain a greater perspective, I’m also isolating the projections that aren’t so apparent, which portray the casino energetic in ways that aren’t so flattering.

In other words, I’m seeing both the positive and the negative. I’m trying to examine everything up and down, back and forth, and in and out. The object is to generate a more balanced image by taking into account the opposite polarities.

Then, I take this one step further to reach that which is important to all of life, which lies deeper still beneath the surface. In other words, I’m not just trying to find the middle ground or the balance between the positive and negative. What we’re really meant to do is shift into, and find, that all of the surface detail sits within, or is encompassed by, a greater energetic.  

Everything we see is an aspect of a greater energetic that comes from somewhere else, and we need to be attuned to that. But we humans, being in a physical body, tend to see everything as good or bad in relation to us personally, which is huge a distraction from what’s really at play.

As we develop, we try to find the point of balance, where we can fit in and be okay with things, and then further on we have to shift again and appreciate the whole for what it is.

In the next dream image, I’m trying to understand what a friend of mine is seeking in terms of his inner path. He’s written down 92,000 words for a book. I’m not sure that that many words are meaningful. Maybe its a deviation in me, so I’m trying to look at the rawness of it all.  

As I look, I’m surprised to see he’s written down every little thing. He’s writing it all down because even he seems to know that he’s got to document everything – not knowing what will be meaningful once he pulls it all together.  

As I look at what he’s done I flinch a bit, not knowing what can be edited, so I find myself reading it to see if there’s a flow. There’s got to be a central flow. I realize that the text is fairly benign and choked down without a lot of energy, but maybe if it’s pulled together then the flow of it will be important. I’m trying to look at the overall context to understand if it’s important or not.

In both dreams, I’m seeking to catch up with what is meaningful to my soul, energetically, and to how I’m meant to be in relationship to the soul. In your dreams you were trying to catch up with your soul by taking on the overall, which had you removing the coal from the basement, then coming to know what was truly explosive and overwhelming, and then knowing how to get that quieted down. Ultimately you reached a point which led to a purity and a stillness; it died to the world and yet still wasn’t really dead (for the full discussion of this thread, see Coal into Diamonds, An Explosive Situation, and The Greatest Freedom).

That was an amazing image you ended with: were those aspects really dead? Or did they sit in a state of purity within the overall energy? In my first dream, I know there’s something more there, but I need to take in the whole picture first before I’m able to identify the underlying thread that’s evolving in terms of life.

The casino image represents how we can be drawn off on tangents in life – seeing and being attracted by only the shiny surfaces and missing the deeper meaning of things.

In the second image, I’ve documented everything (92,000 words) that can be experienced in terms of outer life and now I need to find, within that, the flow. The approach in both dreams involves recognizing an inner flow within the context of outer scenarios and reflections.

I’m developing the understanding that the outer world is merely a symbolic reflection of the inner worlds. To break through the bewilderment of these outer reflections, I need to identify the underlying thread that’s in motion from within. I know that there’s an energetic vibration there, even though it may not be readily apparent.

The steps I’ve taken to sort this out have been depicted by the levels of attraction of the casino and the documentation of everything that’s happened to me for years and years. From each image, I’m seeing other levels lying beneath what I seek to reach. To reach these more subtle levels, I need to let go of the indulgences, misunderstandings, and personal involvements that hang over these outer portrayals.

The subtlety of the inner is beneath it all and reachable if the outer reflections that affect the mind and the senses are set aside. Only in this way, like a letting go, can I become free and able to see the more meaningful aspects or qualities that lie behind the energetic projections.

In other words, first we have to see the projections, and then we have to go behind them to see what is causing them. When we’re able to sift through all these levels, it means we’re developing a greater meaningfulness in life.

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