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Letting go is a curious process. When we are in a state where something has us agitated, it can feel like the biggest event of all time. Yet, in the next moment, if we have a sudden realization, or simply let go of the attachment, that feeling will disappear as quickly as it came. So, it may seem like these strong emotions are “us,” but, at a certain inner level, we can make a choice for them to be us – or not. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my dream, I open up a letter and am relieved to have received a certificate therein. It’s like a stock certificate in this letter. In the next instant the heart takes a huge dive, just collapses, pangs and shrinks as I go into shock over a bail-in and, or something like that, that suddenly has just happened. 

But it’s only for a split second that I’m like that because, in the next instance, I whiplash back as I denote that I have received this certificate, as evidenced in the dream, I’ve received a protection, or a rescuing or something, by the certificate that’s in my possession

Because all of this is kind of happening at an energetic level the wafts this way and that way, I’m never really sure that what’s in my possession, or the way this has unfolded, is actually right or not, because there’s such a big, big picture about things. 

So the consequence of going first zip and zap leaves me a bit flat. And so, when you’re a bit flat it has two meanings. It has an outer meaning in which the inner and the outer tend to resonate, and consequently, a shocking reflection like that could happen. In other words, you could actually have something like this take place, where everything breaks down and cracks, in terms of the outer, like a bail-in or something. 

And then there’s the inner meaning: upon an energetic level the likely scenario is that you can have a shock to the heart from within, that seems like it’s within, but it’s caused by an outer event that you experience within, that is, in a given moment, quite devastating and debilitating. 

Yet, if you look more closely, you’re relieved from that, if you have reached or realized that you’re not consumed by such actionable events, even on an energetic level, you’ve got to get to a stillness, or, otherwise, you’re still going to have an actual event. And if you’re trying to do something here, or there, or whatever, and it’s actionable, even though you’re working with time and space, in terms of trying to do it in a timeless and spaceless way, you still have an actionable activated part of yourself that’s going at this, and that, in and of itself, can cause some sort of strange cohesion. So you have to drop that actionable part. 

So I have an inner connection to fall back on. The quick whiplash nets out as a beingness that is flat, meaning still stunned and having then to denote a crack up that is like a split upon an energetic level.

The whiplash back results in a flatness; or, although it results in a flatness, maybe this is more like a stillness, as the result of a letting go of a pent-upness from within. I say this because I do not know what to truly make out of such an intense whiplash in which I denoted a devastating crack within – before a deeper meaningfulness redeemed me from that reflective projection. It means I can experience something inside the stillness, so you don’t buy into so much of the outer attempts to get there, or something.

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im909sAll matter has energy, yet all energy does not have matter. The more matter an energy has, the more it is slowed down from its pure state – which is always faster that its material state. In our processes, we try to let go of reading all the information we receive from the physical world, and instead try to connect to the more refined, more pure energetics of the electrical realms. From the electrical realms we can get more information and intelligence in an instantaneous way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I went around and around with this, almost in terms of getting a bit of a reprimand as well, in terms of the process. So what I was describing, in terms of how the stillness is, was this unusual experience in the meditation dream, in which, instead of taking and being aware of something in the environment, it’s like my meditations are most effective in terms of something being realizable if I just let go to an inner stillness, and then out of the inner stillness come images.

And now I’m seeing that it’s possible that these images can flash before me so fast, that if the flashes were to slow down, to like a palpable pace, that’s when you would have indulgence, ego, and corruption of the flow. That’s when the personal would come in; that’s when the lower self comes into the equation.

By being able to take in a wholeness of all of life in at this incredible speed means that I’m able to catch up with the inner knowingness. In other words, it’s just there, it’s infused, so to speak. So what I’m shown, however, is that this inner knowingness is basically a way of taking the outer reflections, of an inner essence, and realizing that if they go by fast enough, or if you speed them up, that there is no time for an indulgence. In fact, this can be so fast that, in layman’s terms, what I’m being shown is that this is a speed that the ordinary human senses, that sort of outer nature, cannot discern, cannot see.

Which means that my human condition has these barriers that hold me back. And so, the stillness, or a still dream, when it is happening, and when I’m able to report something back, I’m actually catching flashes that are quicker than the outer, which is of sound, maybe flashes of real light, that I’m able to somehow denote, but I don’t hold on to. They go by so fast that there isn’t the contamination, or the rub off, like there is in the outer where you noodle with it all. Our tendency is to try to keep up; that’s how our lower self dictates. But what I’m talking about is an inner essence that is going in a capacity that is too much to notice. It’s, therefore, also too overall and all-encompassing.

So then I ponder: what can this be like to try to put this together? The knowingness is the result of a speed of light inflection going by so fast that there is no time for indulgence. The speed is so fast that my lower self cannot control what is flowing; it cannot see the flow as an inner speed. Consequently, the effect of a knowingness is consciousness. In other words, when it’s like that, I guess you’d have to say that the knowingness is like a consciousness in a stillness. It’s infused from like a stillness, yet, actually, it was like images, but you just couldn’t pick up on it.

It’s kind of like they’ve discovered, in terms of running commercials, that they can put one frame of a subliminal frame, that might show a juicy hamburger, to entice your taste buds. But because it’s just one frame going by so fast on a screen, that it only has a subliminal effect because, in terms of your sight senses, you don’t actually see it. And yet some part of yourself does grasp the speed of that. And so it has its desired effect.

A human being actually does have some sort of discernment to a greater speed, and if you can sneak up and catch and grab that, you can set in motion something inside of them much greater than speaking to them in a black-and-white dense way.

And the significance, and the suggestion, of the dream is that this has me wondering if absolute consciousness is a speed within that has no time for indulgence. The flashes of light go by so fast that, in the higher self, there’s nothing for a denseness and indulgence to get a hold of. The speed is so fast that it is as if it never happened – yet it did happen. And yet, as that happens, is that what it’s all about?

Such a speed, as a stillness, beyond the capability to take in, that being what is really real. In noticing from within an overallness that is all-inclusive, as a flash, it’s like that because it’s absorbed it all to the point where it doesn’t register to the senses. That’s when I realized that my physical nature, how it’s missing so much; only my soul keeps up, or, this light, that is perceivable if i can catch it, is what is going on.

My physical isn’t able to let go, to be enabled, so the pure light can’t be there. Or, in other words, is there, but is unpalpable to the physical senses. That which is not perceivable to the physical senses, because it is occurring at speed beyond such faculties, is, from the perspective of the physical senses, well, you’d have to say it’s a stillness. Or it’s a non-existence.

That’s the suggestion: that to a higher-self stillness, the essence of all there is, is this. By slowing the process down, I now know what stillness and consciousness are about on the plane of the soul. The overallness is too vast, and fast, and I know now that the place of the soul is a plane of pure light. I mean now I know what they mean when they describe it as a pure light that you can’t see.

And I now know that the flow that involves the God essence, a seeing and hearing outside of the human faculties of power and control, I know what that means now. In other words, that power and control is something densed down to where you try to grab a hold of it. And to the human faculties, they have to have a somethingness to work with. They don’t know that they’re lost in a nothingness, because the human faculties can’t work at such a speed, a speed that is noticeable by the universal soul.

Stillness is the conditioning which the physical senses are unable to perceive because they’re not able to be there. The lighter, or the higher-self, speed supersedes and overrides all that there is. That’s why it’s always inner coming into outer. It’s just that the outer just really can take and confuse things.

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diamoeThere are levels to everything in the universe. Take the idea of being in service: at one level that is the work of helping others, usually those in need. But the human can operate on many levels, and service can also mean helping the universe evolve. How can one help the universe? Well, it has to do with supporting the refinement of all things – which is what the universe is seeking. So, can we find a better way to resolve an issue, or solve a problem – even down to the concept of not thinking unkind thoughts toward another. In every way that we seek to refine what we are doing or experiencing – through the energies associated with our higher intentions – we are helping the cause of the whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, I start off with a fairly profound theme, in that, in the meditation dream, I’m trying to see what is going on energetically, in the outer, by coming to grips with a prevailing vibration that has my attention.

In the dream, I’m trying to reconcile a vibration in kind of a last-second way. So, in the dream, I must contend with a right hand in my face; someone stuck a right hand in my face. The vibration associated with this image, and what it sets off in me, needs to be accepted – in order for me to be at peace within. In other words, needs to be chilled, or stilled.

I notice that I’m trying to absorb the vibratoriness that I am seeking to determine, involves having to look within. I know that vibrations are lived out in manifestation, and I am affected by this now, in other words, the stillness effect. I am a beingness that is able to take into the heart everything vibratorally, and, in doing so, drown the vibration back into the stillness.

I am not doing a very good job dropping the conditions I am feeling, however, because I am not letting go. So it is showing this same thing, it’s a jumpiness that’s not quite like what you had. It’s creating a distortion. I notice that the way that I’m going at the effect is an outer projection way as I am trying to determine if the vibratoriness has either a short term, mid-term, or long-term quality to it.

I am not making much headway because you don’t do it that way, you don’t look to solve or figure this out outwardly, you have to bring it into a stillness and then it’s all back in its place. For example, if this were in the outer, it would be the equivalent of the mind going back and forth trying to sort the energetic out. In other words, even in the sleep I’m realizing I’m not able to make it process.

So such an approach, trying to contend with things that are affecting one, is an approach that sells oneself short. What I should be doing is placing the vibrations into my heart. And when I’m able to do this, the stillness that ensues is how I am meant to be. Because this doesn’t give my personal ego anything to hold onto, because our nature is to always have to be in on the action, I guess, so from the projective physical orientation this is not what I’m inclined to do.

I probe outwardly into the reflection, that’s my habituation, and try to fix the matter by having a relatability with the projections. This is what it means when I try to determine: is it an effect that is either short-term, medium-term or long-term, timewise? Just the way of trying to look at it like that means that you’re not putting in a stillness, you’re trying to evaluate it, which means you’re functioning in an outer-motif way.

I am going through this state in order to awaken to an essence in which there is no time, and there is no outer projective nature to contend with. I have nipped such a vibratory effect upon manifestation in the bud, so to speak, by way of absorbing it into the stillness of an all-encompassing heart. This is what I know can be done.

In order to see this kind of going back and forth and having to reconcile the fact that there is such an outer pressure on oneself, and then there is this inner, I had to look at this as a kind of a step back in terms of the outer forces. And the step back means that I couldn’t go into the stillness and go somewhere. I came out of meditation early, and oftentimes, when this happens, I haven’t fully put the outer vibrations into the inner stillness, meaning I am kind of in midstream in the journey to a wholeness, or at least this time, when I came out of the meditation dream, I had to compensate by being still with myself, or the outer dichotomy of affected projection would have predominated.

In other words, I would have been confused and not be able to know what was what. But by realizing the outer hadn’t quite gone into the stillness, and sometimes when things just go into a stillness you don’t then know the full picture because you’re just simply in another state, as opposed to the journey, which we make these journeys within.

So sometimes you make them directly, and go somewhere directly, and all of that falls by the way boards, but in this particular case it wasn’t that direct, it was something that was still residual. And so I’m noticing the dichotomy of the projective frustration I carry in trying to resolve the vibratoriness state in an outer sorting out way, instead of absolving the state, taking out all the fanfare, by reabsorbing the abstraction in the stillness.

And, of course, the stillness is a going back to the all-encompassing heart and heartfulness of life. Then, of course, I have to deal with what heart and heartfulness is, because it’s one thing to just say that, and it’s another thing to know what all is entailed there – which my last dream addresses a bit.

So the distinction is, instead of going into matter, that’s one, or two, trying to sort out, or three, being an outward flow, I look instead to the still essence that is my heartfelt epicenter, an epicenter that breathes in, and sweeps up, the vibratory projections. If this wasn’t an in-breath to a kind of sweet pain taken into the heart as a vibratoriness, you wouldn’t have an out-breath that releases to the wholeness, being a joy of absorption.

So you have to have the in-breath and the out-breath, or otherwise you would just have pure light of stillness. To be in a manifestation of vibrations, and somewhere else, simultaneously, requires the breath. If breath didn’t exist, and it was just the pure light of a stillness, there would not be creation. So you have to breathe in the vibrations of things, that comes down and through, and breathe out the stillness. That’s the cycle of creation; that’s how creation is, or otherwise it’s just a stillness.

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