A Merged State

blue-angelWe could consider the whole of our spiritual journey as a process of getting a more and more detailed view of what is going on behind the veils of outer life. And, as we make that journey, deeper and deeper within, or higher and higher up the energetic planes -depending on your perspective – we get closer to the essence of where it all began. Or at least we can get glimpses of what that can feel like. And perhaps that is what our true feelings of love are a reflection of, the sense of completion of being with the merged state. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I’m explaining that I let my mind wander when I woke up, and he’s explaining why I forgot it.

John: I can tell kind of why you would forget something like this because of the nature of the way the theme of the dream was. The tendency, whenever you go back, and the theme of the quality of the evening was going back into kind of a depth of one’s self that was outside of time and space, in which there’s kind of a merging that takes place.

Now ordinarily we live in the outer in a way, and in a manner, of diversity. And so whenever you experience the merged essence, it can almost be embarrassing. In other words, something that is that wide open is almost so vulnerable that some part of us, ourself, in trying to sustain some diversity, has to obliterate it in terms of holding onto a separation.

So when you take and you have a dream, or vision, that goes into a place in which everything comes into a quality of an overall vibration, that takes in everything, that absorbs the diversity of one’s nature, it’s very, very hard to remember that. And, to remember that, you have to hold onto, at a great, great, great depth inside of yourself, some subtle reflection that is in there yet.

And then, when you can hold onto that subtle reflection, you can take that subtle reflection and recognize that that subtle reflection is also vibrationally absorbed, and correlated, and intertwined with the essence of something on a universal level that permeates all that there is.

So to have an experience of something to where everything falls into the vacuum of an absorptive state is very, very hard to remember because it’s going back to almost the original, it’s coming back closer and closer, in fact it can go all the way back to the original vibration from which everything then breaks free into its multiplicities in outer life.

So the closer you come back to something that is of this absorbed, subjective, inner essence, the more you have to put up with the diversity dichotomy of thoughts that want to go the other direction – back into the multiplicity – because it’s hard to uphold one’s self in a livable way in this mannerism because your control is not there. And the way you are able to let yourself be doesn’t correspond with how you’re mental sense nature would like to portray yourself.

So it is always creating a reflection that gets in the way. And what you have done to get there, is you have taken whatever the reflection is, and caught up with the vibration behind it, and got swept into that essence. And then, if you’re lucky, you’ve come to learn that where that vibration say at 70% effect, and to the degree to which the outer senses vie for a space in the heart, that when you take and recognize on the subtlest of levels, we’ll call it a 5% that is like a reflection, and can also find the vibration within that that ensues from somewhere else, that is when you make great depths with yourself.

And that process of doing that is called polishing the heart. Now when you polish the heart you create the lens and the mirror to see what a human being really is, somewhere else, in a totally merged oneness.

So it’s unusual, it’s not unusual, it’s just a fact of nature that when one falls into a merged essence state the intensity of the energy is like too much to handle. And so whatever is still sitting there as defense mechanisms rise up to try to take one outside of resting and being in this uncontrollable way of being.

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An Awakened State

ego_deathWhen we are in our personalized view of life, we generally have a dozen or more things we have to do, or that need to happen, and when they don’t unfold according to plan we find ourselves upset and knocked off our normal state of being. Yet if we have let go of that control, have instead surrendered to the universal way of things, we really can’t know exactly what to do next – because it’s a flow. So in our surrender, our “need” becomes more potent. And when our need becomes more potent, it calls in support from the universe to help us navigate the flow of the unknown. That’s when we begin to hear our intuition, and our other instinctual guidance systems, which will help us on our way.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I, too, was reverbing back and forth in a state that wasn’t settled, and wasn’t at rest like it could be in terms of a greater expansive – but I can’t hold the greater expansive very well. For some reason there’s something that I don’t understand in that regard, so I’m subjected to delusional effects, and I’m not even capable of understanding the opposite of the delusional effect, meaning able to be linked to the expansive, because I still have my perceptions that get in the way, that clog my sight to the natural inkling that it can have, to that which is the positive, or expansive wholeness, or oneness, that permeates through everything all around me, that is in tune with this One Mind, or void, that is everything. Or, as they would say, nothing but nothingness.

And that in the contractive I still ponder what appears to be a something, which is just the illusion upon which I suffer. So I experienced this, but didn’t pull it out, and speak of it as in a dream per se. Instead I just have the meditation dream.

So in the meditation dream, I am shown that there are different protocols that are followed for passengers who fly about in life. For example, those who have no exposure in a particular area, in other words, one particular area meaning in the overallness, do not have the direct potential for not contaminating, in other words, struggle with the awakening, whatever the case may be in terms of this kind of yo-yoing back and forth, in that there is a diminution, or taking away of what is intertwinedly evolved.

You have to be concerned about what appears to be a taking away from that, because that’s caused by an aspect in which there is the ego, or the mind that is of the heretic ego, and the taking away is as a consequence of not being able to recognize the linkage that one has in a wholeness, or overall, way. And when one does, that’s an awakened state because that’s when one is experiencing the connection to the wholeness.

So what is different with those who have this connection to an awakening, or an involvement, is that they link to the need to know. So, in other words, if you go along and you just try to experience things in kind of a free flow way it won’t work that way, because you have to do this in relationship to the oneness that threads through everything, that is in the expanse. And to do that is awkward and challenging because it shakes up the personal contractive aspect of your nature, causes you to have to reconcile that to the oneness, the all-pervading mind of things.

And if you don’t do that, you don’t really awaken. And you can have kind of a quality of wisdom, or knowledge, of being but it’s one more bounded in one’s holding onto some definition or something, a duality, and in that they suffer. And each person generally then, that you see suffering, is suffering in slightly different ways based upon some predilection that they still sustain and maintain in terms of what they consider as important in terms of their idea of reality. And that is the heretic’s mind ego.

So once you let go of something like this, the contractive, there’s no longer the sheltering that exists, and the conscious level of an overallness is being tweaked. You can’t grasp anything in that regard. You can only experience it in terms of in the moment – and it is different.

So the meaningfulness is, though everything is intertwined and part of the One Mind, the relationship to awakening arises. And those who have exposure to life in ways that others have not, are treated differently from those who are in a different phase of the inner awakening. Such people who have lived a life of direct involvement are, generally speaking, further along in the process of awakening because they are required to go through circumstances in the outer life which is different from those who are at a lesser point in the atonement.

In other words, those who are kind of just free flowing and don’t allow anything to touch them regarding things that happen, that come in and impact, or affect, from the oneness that permeates through life as part of the overall design, those who somehow or another try to hold onto it in kind of a total subjective way end up being in a condition where they have to contend with their moods, but their moods then are more of a nature of a type of pain, a type of pain in relationship to that which throws them outside of a center.

Now the idea that they have of a center is correct, but they have to include this other component in order to awaken because that is what leads to the consciousness. And if they don’t include this other center, then they are acting in a way that deviates then from what is going on in the overallness.

Those who are more naturally intertwined in the atonement, have knocked upon the door and have a need to know. In other words, the greater you suffer, the more you have the need to know. And, of course, you can try to avoid that, which means you’re trying to hold onto some sense, or aspect, or wisp of things. But you can’t hold onto the wisp of things. What is missing in all of this, that functions like that, is the recognition of a connective intertwinement and, in that, the connection being so much so of the heart.

And so when one is trying to be in a particular way in the outer, in which you’re more contracted from the expansiveness of your overall being, you are projecting a quality of duality yet upon which you suffer.

But if you get set in a particular way strong enough, then what you do is you can react violently and shut out a listening that is capable of taking in anything and everything that is around you because you know the illusion of all projections, because you somewhere are always feeling the atonement or attunement that is intertwined. And if you’re holding onto something, then you’re going to react. And when you react, you’re going to suffer in the heart.

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Purging the Heart

spiritual_heartOur systems, as we have been designed, are meant to be sympatico with the ways and means of all of creation. And it is the most natural part of us – if we don’t let our cultural clutter completely disconnect us from these natural processes. And, even more importantly, it has nothing to do with any person’s “understandings” or “interpretations” of what the universe wants from us, it is only whether we energetically resonate (create an energetic match) with the purposes of creation. The universe will know when that happens, and so will our systems: we will feel it in the heart. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My first dream that I had early in the night it feels like there’s a teacher who’s teaching a group of us. I feel like we’re all young women, you know, there are three or four of us. Then he gives us an exam, like we’re schoolgirls, you know, and when we do the written exam it feels like it’s important how we wrote it down, and whether we remember the right order that you do things.

None of us really get it perfect because he kind of goes over with us whether we remembered to put something in or not. It’s almost like you feel like you did some of the exam right, but you feel like you never really get it exactly right.

And that’s all I remember of the first because he questions you about it. That’s all I remember of the earliest dream.

John: So if you were to take this as an exam into the inner world of your being, what would that look like? Well, it’d be like having to hold a space, and being in a position of having to be trained, or finding yourself under a process in which you’re compelled to hold that space.

And it’s like a training, and it’s like an exam, because there’s always more to being able to maintain what it is that is meant to be natural for you. But you don’t know the naturalness, and so you’re having to have a teacher who is constantly training and examining as you become more and more capable of handling this greater part of who it is that you are –  that has gotten askew in terms of reflective outer waywardness.

But that, of course, is taking a dream that appears to have outer imagery and turning it around in terms of what it would look like, if seen from within.

Jeane: Then it feels like towards morning I have a dream where I’ve been traveling, and I’m coming back, and I’m traveling with some others. It feels like there’s a guy and a couple young women and we’re all fairly… you know, we all feel like we’re in our 20s or so.

And when we get back closer to home I have the impression that it’s not just going to be me and this one woman and maybe the guy, that there’s actually going to be someone else we invite in to be with us. And I have an impression that it’s going to be a certain young woman, and that she may even have a child, and then she’ll be living with us.

And there may be somebody else, too, that he might not be quite as happy about because when I’m standing outside my folks’ house I’m also phoning someone on the line, some guy, and I’m going to meet him. And it’s like I’m trying to sort out who all is going to be living there, and actually where we’ll be living.

It might not be where we were living, and we might be changing the constellation, in the sense of who all will be living together.

And it feels like right after that dream, I have this image of where I’ve walked down a corridor and I’m reading a sign, and it’s a bright yellow sign with black writing on it, but I can’t remember what the writing said. I just remember mostly the color.

John: The thing that you’re doing in this dream, again you have to apply it to an innerness, is that you’re having to maintain, in an overallness of your being, variables that take in a greater and greater aspect of the whole, which is the same thing as putting more and more and more of the pieces of yourself back into your heart.

And the ability to open up, or to be opened, so that that happens. In other words, to come back to that part of yourself enables you to be on a type of innerness path in which unfolds it’s actually beyond your comprehension. It’s not something that you can put your finger on because you have reached a point of access inside of yourself for this to naturally be.

And when you actually get like that, you’re also in a type of freedom in that you don’t need to know the particularities. You don’t need to have a sense of the particularities. You just have to have an appreciation of the state of overall continuity that you’re able to embrace and embody as the greater you, or as the individual soul having caught up with the world’s soul, and all that there is in that.

But the dream only shows this as a process that’s building, in that you’re coming home to more and more parts of yourself. I mean you don’t automatically jump to the part of taking in everything in the overallness of all of life. But to be able to let things come in, and to be able to go into a non-personal side of yourself, who knows how far you can travel in this form of innerness.

And so the way this fits with the first dream is that you have to be trained and tested and aligned first, and that is something that occurs… actually, it can occur quite shockingly, and even painfully, because you can’t take the exam, on the inner plane level, if you have an outer plane or outer reflective series of identifications. And to the degree to which you still hold onto outer reflections is the degree to which you’re going to be hurting your heart, or your heart’s going to be suffering because it’s going to be trying to maintain the validity of those outer reflections.

And when the heart suffers because of its attempt to hold onto the validity of those outer reflections, then you will no longer be able to do what you did in the second dream, which is to be able to put more and more things inside your heart. And if you can’t put things inside your heart, it’s because then you lose this quality of container magic that is able to help be in a position to facilitate what is able to come through.

You can’t do that if you have prerogatives. And this is a path… the path that we’re on is a path in which the heart has to suffer, or be purged, of those personal qualifications that we hold onto as valid. And what your dreams are doing is they’re taking you to a point to show that everything becomes so different when you’re actually able to do this.

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