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15eWe can see that the universe is unfinished. How? Because everywhere we look things are in process; organic life forms are being, doing, and evolving over time. So that must mean that everything is heading somewhere. But where? Well, at minimum, toward a better and better version of itself. And, for certain forms of life, like caterpillars and humans, and perhaps even a universe, that can mean an almost magical transformation. And in this process the universe is refining. An awakened human can consciously support and add to this refinement process – which is also a fast track, higher service to human transformation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my first dream, I’ve gone to a meeting such as we were at last night, you know in a large room like we were in. And, while there, someone who supposedly knew a lot had advised people about a certain breathing pattern.

So I’ve gone back, and I’m in that room, and I’m following and traveling around the room using this breathing pattern. And other people might come in using other breathing patterns. And it’s almost like you think that if you use a certain breathing pattern it’s going to produce a certain result, but I realize after a while that, although many of us are doing this, that the person that gave this to us actually knew that it’s not going to do anything, that none of the breathing patterns are really going to do anything.

And, in fact, they might even have a plan as we’re all distracted with all this, to do something that assassinates something else. So it’s like no one really quite wants to abandon the breathing patterns, but I realize that you have to watch out for whatever this person’s up to behind all that.

John: Well, what your dream is telling you is that, first of all, you’re in a meeting or at an event or whatever it is, in this case it’s a meeting, and some part of you notices something that doesn’t quite sit well with you. Well, you don’t need to understand the thoughts of it; you just need to let go of it.

And so you let go of it by noticing how it is that your breathing pattern can be, or is. And then your dream goes on and tells you that it’s not the breathing pattern per se, which is very, very interesting because that’s a precursor, too.

In other words, the schematic of the dreaming last night was to take what occurred at this program, in which he dealt with some very basics that everyone has to contend with in life, on all levels, and he laid the seed, without even saying it, or at least not saying it directly, imputing it more than anything, imbedding it, helping it awaken in its imbedded fashion, something so much more than just those practices.

In other words, he did something like Hazrat Inayat Khan can do in that, in his presence, Hazrat Inayat Khan used to have people kind of fall asleep because in Hazrat Inayat Khan’s presence everything seemed so vivid, so aware, so alive, so quickened that the teaching was not in the words, it was in a quality of that person’s auric presence.

Well, he hides his auric presence because, if it is too obvious, then something doesn’t happen. So he presents the basic techniques that can be listened to in ways in which you can leave them as mundane, as just steps per se, that don’t go very far, or you can impute into them so much more.

And so you saw in your dream that what was going on at the meeting, even though it may have been mundane things, you saw that that was telling you something, that there was a way of seeing that that you could learn something from that, which means that you now needed to skip something. And what you needed to skip is when something came up and you noticed it, like what you noticed at the meeting, like a thought or something, you could drop it, or you could let it go.

Or, in the case of this meeting, you might not even necessarily know what it was but you could feel it. You could then adopt a way of breathing that kept you free from contamination, from being infected by that atmosphere. And then you came to realize in your dream, the most important thing in terms of the dream, is you came to realize that even the breathing technique – just like the way of dropping something without indulging in it – even the breathing techniques are a precursor to something more.

And what is it that it’s the precursor to? Well, it’s the precursor to a quality of a connection that embraces whatever it is that’s going on. Instead of the reaction that is going to be inclined to be a sorting out that is personal, you have an intertwinement that tends to pull everything together, that works for the whole. And what is the whole? The breathing is actually secondary, as well. It’s the heart that’s everything.

And I suppose, then, you could say the heart leads to the soul of something, or however that is, but that wasn’t what the dream is about. The dream is about, however, there being this something more, which I recognized was a kind of heartfulness, that exudes through everything, and that you facilitate that, not the breathing technique per se, which can maybe provide you some benefit and relief from being contaminated by an atmosphere in which you’re affected by things that are going on around you, some being thoughts you don’t want to have, and others just being the vibe of the place, you could go beyond that with the breath a little, but then that still is an avoidance, that still is a type of separateness, and then when you drop that as an intermediary step, even the breath being an intermediary step, because after that then comes the heart, and the service of the heart.

And to touch the heart of things around you in the atmosphere, you’re facilitating what needs to happen. In other words, these techniques were listened to and heard as if they were personal, but they’re not. Those techniques lead to, as he said, a greater understanding of others.

Well, what does he mean by others? It means that you then are able to facilitate what needs to unfold in terms of their process of awakening. You don’t use these techniques for your own awakening, because it’s not a matter of sifting and sorting in terms of levels, in terms of yourself, it’s a matter of having a connection that sweeps everything up, that takes everything into account, that looks out for the well being of everything else – to the exclusion even of one’s self.

The true awakening is the awakening in which the things around you are facilitated. And so you were indulging in the idea of realizing that, in step whatever it was, that has to do with dropping the nuance of something around you, that what helps facilitate that are levels of breath, that behind those levels of breath what those levels of breath are denoting is something that has to do with a wholeness that comes from the heart. So that’s what that dream was looking at. That’s interesting. Good dream.

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ku-xlargeIn John’s final dream of the night he finds himself trying to justify the value of his work to his boss. Judged purely on his productivity, he may not appear to be doing much. Yet his true value can only be understood in how he is facilitating the wholeness of what is occurring. In that sense, he is of huge value. In the same way, humans become of great value to creation when we, too, become involved in supporting its work, rather than our own. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well the final dream involved me and others coming before an owner, kind of like an owner of the business. We’re all workers. 

And this owner has stayed back and he’s evaluated the value of each employee in the company, based upon how he sees them doing their job. So I tell him that, with regard to me, because I’ve watched him as he’s going along, and it’s been a tough decision. It’s like the X-Factor kind of thing, he’s had to take and consider each carefully in terms of the value to the company.

And each person usually has a fairly defined quality, or role, that they play. And so in terms of thinking and functioning and making decisions like that, somebody has to do that, and because it’s his company and whatnot and he is looking at how each person is functioning in terms of a physical dynamic about something – that’s what is called for. 

I tell him that with regard to me, he’s going to have a problem. To apply that standard would be to not recognize the overall schematic of things.  

I explained how it was my job to be able to pick up the pieces of an operation, as the facilitator of a flow, that I was a utility person. I don’t do one thing. I do a bit of whatever needs to be done, and if he doesn’t see that, and recognize the need for a facilitator that keeps the flow going, then I’m expendable because obviously I don’t do any one particular thing. 

I’m not specialized to the point where I do any one particular thing. I bounce around satisfying a particular momentary need, so I would be of no value to the operation of a system if it gets jammed up and can’t flow. 

At those moments I have no value. In other words, I work with flow. And I tried to suggest to him that to evaluate me he had to drop the criteria he had been applying because that was not a criteria that took into account the overall integrated systemology; that he needed to incorporate the opinion of the superiors or he would not get it because, in other words, this was a bigger equation. 

I even told him that, at times, when everything was in sync, I could be seen as doing more standing around than work – because that would be the need. In other words, to be watching and helping to make sure the flow is fine, to step back and feel the flow.

Well, the reason for the dream is the dream indicates that when a person is intertwined and working within the fabric of an overall, attentive to taking into account the multiple levels at play, that the value to the physical world of manifestation and how it places upon things in an overt, invisible manner, when it doesn’t see that, then it sees that person as expendable, or as an impediment.  

It doesn’t recognize the subtler intangibility of things because it doesn’t know how to measure the value on a level of subtle effect – based upon intentional intertwined linkage.

And so then I push this to the next step, because I am doing things, so he could be looking at the little things that I do and say well, you know, I don’t do it as fast as this person, or as fast as that person, and the ideal of an operation that’s flowing smoothly is to reach a consciousness where I do not appear to do anything because I exist as in flow with the entire equation. I am everything therein, as seen from an inner level, not from the outer mind that perceives and reviews the world in a retentive, linear fashion only.

This is a living in the outer that exemplifies a development on the inner that recognizes the need to integrate and to flow, and that everything must integrate and flow.

Now we’re at a level, or at a point, where the integration and the flow has to include others, or the lineage, because it all works in a connected, intertwined mode, from beginning to end. That it’s no longer viewed, or seen, as something estranged out there, at the end of a line or something. It all has a visibility.

And that’s the importance of also being able to be in connectivity with the group, because the group is all doing things in its way that are unique. Maybe they still see themselves as separate or whatever, but the component pieces all pull towards something, just like on the X-Factor, working with the groups all of those pieces all pull to something even though by themselves they may not quite do the trick, and it makes a greater whole that way.

So that seems to be the schematic that I’m under, and I think it’s also the schematic that you’re under. You have dreamt it twice now of having to deal with something in an overall consequence that has to do with the tone, or a manner, or a mood, or a sensation of a place. And whenever you bring in the ideals of Indians, that’s what you’re doing is you’re bringing in something that has set the note of the place, even though the vagaries over time have deviated from that.

You’re going back to the schematic of the Whole, and having to see that you are that – and not the tangential mannerisms.

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detail-van-vleugelsIn today’s dream, John finds himself as the odd man out, being in a group with three other women. The women see, and represent, the Wholeness of the situation. The masculine sees, and represents, the particulars, or the details of things. A balance of both views is required to maintain the safety of the overall. Finding this balance is a huge struggle within each developing person. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, my dream works with the particularity of something. In other words, you have the general motif, and I have the set responsibility.

And so the way it shows itself up is, I’m one of the four people who have the responsibility to ensure that the guidelines governing the workings of a body, which I am part of, have no conflicts of interest.

This body is composed, these inner workings, the inner responsibility is made up of three women and me. In other words, we’re like the higher order that makes sure that the will of the overall body is free and clear from any conflict in terms in terms of how it’s put together.

Because we have to be clear about this, and it’s very subtle at times, we tend to remain kind of in an inner sanctum within ourselves, so it’s considered an honor and a noble thing when we go out into the courtyard or something amongst the people. And the people are always excited to see us and will stand around waiting if we’re supposed to come out at some appointed time.

Our duty as the inner sanctum, the four of us, is to make sure that the fabric of the society is not only not affected by anyone with a presence that is not right, but also with an interest like in the Whole, an ownership interest or a place in the Whole that contaminates the overall freedom and flow and functionality.

The image is, I see us filing out to their welcome, and we’re going like in a lineup, and it’s kind of two women go first, and then there’s me, and then there is another woman. I’m the only guy, and I would have been perfectly happy, and would have preferred if it were possible to have stayed back and let the women come out, but that is not how it works. We are the leadership team.

So, we file out amongst the people and the crowd is ecstatic to see us, but I see myself cringing with embarrassment. I can hardly look anybody in the eye. I’m very, very self-conscious. These three women do not seem to be aware consciously of anything being askew, but I’m aware of it, and I do not feel worthy to be there and would prefer to hide.

I cannot look these people in the eye because, from my inner positioning of being able to see something from within, I see a problem in the way that the order of the body is put together, and it has to do with a type of ownership interest that conflicts with what we all deem responsible. In other words where there isn’t a contaminate that sits there at a deep inner level that prevents something from being as dynamic as it’s meant to be – and I’m aware of it.

But all the women don’t seem to be aware of it, because they don’t look at things that way. They’re looking at the overall energetic of how something needs to be in the Whole, but I’m aware of this undermining little component. And I see it as my responsibility, and my duty, to make sure that that’s not there – and it’s there. So I’m feeling so bad about this, it is all I can do to show my face.

I could see in the eyes of the people that they trust us explicitly, and are standing out there to greet us and honor us, which is how it’s meant to be. In other words, that’s how it’s set up to be. It works like that.

It’s an odd position to be in, because I know that the women are in the right space to be swept up in this coming together or communion with the people, but I’m not. I’m having an extremely hard time justifying just being there because of this guilt, or self-conscious, that I carry because what I know is sitting there.

It may not be a problem yet, but it has to be fixed or it will be, and it’s my role to have seen this, and I missed it, and there it is, affecting the overall system. So for as long as this remains an imbalance, I can’t do anything but see myself as holding back in this self-conscious embarrassment, restraint, and shame.

To come out before the people while this still exists to me is out of place, as if I’ve let everyone down, even though they don’t know it, don’t see it yet. That doesn’t matter; I see it and that is where it matters, in terms of my heart.

In writing what this is like, I write: the vibration is that I’m aware of an inner energetic imbalance that has to do with a detail regarding the order of things that has its aliveness, this detail, and that detail is such that it could destabilize the Whole.

But what’s awkward is, at this point in time, I seem to be alone in this. The three women comrades are amnesic to this. I mean, they don’t look at the detail and specifics of things. They look at how the overallness is and they tend to feel that they’re handling that.

I mean, this detail really, really bugs me. They’re okay, and the people are euphoric, and they have a right to be euphoric, and they’re carrying themselves as they need to carry themselves as they go out amongst the people. It’s just me that’s tenuous.

In other words, what I see is I can’t really look at them in the eyes, because I see the impending problem. In other words, I see that in between, and as long as it remains, I’m not able to be in a place that is able to merge, or to come through, in a way that connects like it’s meant to be.

In other words, if I’m able to put together a system and a process that flows, and this is very, very difficult and this is a problem that always exists when you have to function like this, is that you’re always rolling things around to see if you have it right.

And the problem with rolling things around to see if you have it right is, you can easily get caught up in the detail and screw up, because it’s important to also feel the overallness of what is right in the Whole, which is that feminine quality.

The masculine is that intangible fourth element that makes how something is to be felt and carried in the Whole. It’s what makes it complete. It’s what makes it secure. It’s what makes it safe. It’s what makes it balanced.

The feminine carries the overall vibration that everybody can abide in and be in, but the masculine is what safeguards it and makes it okay, makes it so that it’s sustainable. And what I’m seeing is not sustainable, and it may be okay now, but I know that it won’t be in the future.

I know that this is a latent problem, and I’m not sure what to do about it. I haven’t solved it, and of course I also know that the problem with solving it has to do with somehow or another being able to step back from it, too.

In other words, this is tricky because you have to make huge shifts too, so you can’t get too caught up in the way something is, as a sense of overall feel to it. You can’t get too caught up in that, because you have to be cognizant of how this little thing can distort, or disrupt, or change the overallness – even though it hasn’t done that yet.

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