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Connection-stringsEnergy is intelligence, and, if we connect to an energy, we can receive its intelligence – if we are able to translate it. This may sound far out, but we do it all the time. When we major in a subject at college, or pursue a passion, we build, over time, connections into that domain of energy. That’s why great insights come to those who dedicate their lives to a subject – they built the connections, and learned how to translate the intelligence. It’s important to be aware of this mechanism, because it’s the way everything works. But, more importantly, it works this way so that the higher parts of creation can guide us as we navigate through an alien world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream I just somehow or another found myself having to realize that the wholeness has to do with something that’s outside of all thought whatsoever. And so, instead of the usual context of taking and pulling out a meditation dream, still using reflective forces, so to speak, of something that I am able to glean from the other side, or identify beyond the dream imagery, I instead went into a space where I was just responding to the flow, not struggling to understand the meaning through a focus and attention.

It was just automatically there, and it was almost like glimpse after glimpse after glimpse, and each one was a sentence in and of itself of what was going on; no thought involved. It was just like everything was flash, flash, flash, flash, and each flash said what it said, nothing more. Next flash, something more, next flash, something more.

And when it was like that there was no thought involved, per se, of a focus and attention of trying to understand the image. The image spoke. The image was like a language, a direct language. There wasn’t the need to zoom in, or tunnel down, to get what was behind it. It was just there, and that is a coming from a knowingness, a wholeness, that is correlated to the stillness at the top, where the in-breath turns to the out-breath.

There it’s direct guidance, not something you fumble with to catch up with the best that you can – and I can’t put a context on it. I found myself just writing a sentence, and then writing another sentence, and writing another sentence, and not knowing even if these sentences came together and made any sense. All I knew was I was going from this, to this, to this, to this, and I didn’t even go back and re-read it, really, because to re-read it would be to try to thread it in a way that steered it so that it said something directly, in keeping with a focus and attention, in regards to an imagery that was based upon inflecting through the dream. Didn’t do that.

This was too direct, which meant that it was more in the stillness of the interval, or at least towards it more, of where the in-breath turns to the out-breath; not angelic, and not Jinn. And, when I dreamt this, that’s why I was real curious what you would dream to see if you automatically went into this new modality,however, what you did is you expressed the story of manifestation, what it’s like to be, you know, plop, in manifestation, aspiring to stare at this, and stare at that, knowing somehow or another that there had to be more, and that something more would’ve been the breaking to a stillness interval where the out-breath turns to the in-breath, which would have been infinitesimal. And, if you would’ve hit it, you would’ve been infused – but you didn’t quite let go.

Because you didn’t quite let go, you suffered. Your dream is a suffering dream. If you would’ve hit it you would’ve hit a tremendous energy. You wouldn’t have probably been able to handle it and would’ve had to fall back into that other, but that’s what you have to somehow or another be able to catch and hold onto. And you need, almost as a slingshot effect, the in-breath. But, prior to hitting that, you’re overly indulged, and still affected, and poisoned by just out-breath that’s strung out in the encompassed unfoldment of concretized matter, that is portrayed as a traveling away from God.

The other slingshots you into traveling towards God, as an in-breath, and that is the spiritual illusion side of yourself when you start doing that, because, again, you don’t really catch up with the pure light, but that sweet longing causes you to travel as far as that can possibly carry you, until you get caught up in thought-upon-thought again.

That’s why it starts off as infinitesimal, and then the thoughts come in immediately. At some point it’s more than just this infinitesimal, split second glimpse or something. It’s a little bit more, and so that quality that creates like a kind of big bang effect, imploding you towards the essence of yourself where the in-breath turns to the out-breath, you’re questing for that to happen yet. You’re sensing it.

It’s just like there’s the statement in Sufism that the watcher role is an important role. The watcher role is where it stands, and stares, and somehow or another it gets it, it gleans it. Somehow or another, in the standing and the staring, it lets go. You didn’t quite hit the letting go there.

In my dream, I hit the interval where the in-breath turns to the out-breath, and was shocked because I really wanted some sort of focus and attention, and steerage, and there was none. It just was a direct straightaway without any noodling to determine this or that.

Well, that’s what it’s like to catch up with, and to be in touch with, the true mirroring that is pouring into life before the thought-upon-thought, and beyond the angelic, which is this stillness of the in-breath to the out-breath.

And so probably my dream, my sleep dream, will get into portraying it better, but the meditation dream, for the heck of it I even labeled what it was: I said, “From another zone than mind.”

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shutter-focusIn this dream, the image of a family reunion reminds us that we are all the characters in our dreams. So to bring everyone together is an important event because to truly become connected, and to be in the flow, one needs to have all their inner lives in alignment – to a singular purpose. We can see in the outer world that successful people often have a singular focus to achieve their success. It’s true of an inner, spiritual path as well. Our decisions and actions need to be viewed through the singular lens of what we are in service toward. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in this first dream I’m trying to reach a feeling where everything gets to be as it needs to be. In other words, there’s a feeling that’s like that, where everything is as it needs to be.

So in this dream, as I am seeking this, I notice that whenever you’re seeking something, or trying to get something to happen – instead of just being in it – that you are also in-between; you’re in a state of flux, reaching to find the tranquility.

So as I am wrestling inside what I seem to be doing is trying to catch up with relatives, in other words other parts of myself, that are in some other motif of mannerism or, in other words, they’re going to and fro doing what they feel is important in their life. And the setting that this is happening in is that I’m trying to come together and function as a family or, in other words, all the parts of myself in terms of relating, or being able to relate, to what is going on around us.

So anyway, I am unable to relate naturally when I react because the situation is unsold. In other words the parts are somewhere else. And so the way this is depicted in the dream is I go over to what is a main house, like a family house of the relatives. They’re all younger and I’m kind of an older guy that is traveling around to see the relatives or something.

So I go over to this main house thinking that what I seek is going to be there – but my timing is off. Everyone is gone, and the sense I have is I just miss them. So I wander around the yard pondering what to do next because there was nobody there.

Suddenly some of these relatives have come back from whatever it is that they were doing, but I can’t get comfortable. In other words, they’re still in a space in which they’re free flowing, or whatever they’ve been doing, and I can’t get comfortable in a way that I need to feel to get the focus to come together.

Although it’s nice to be together, because a moment earlier this is what I was seeking to reach, a togetherness like this, and now that the reunion is occurring and the relatives have gathered or are gathering, I realize that that doesn’t necessarily equate or turn into the tranquility that I seek – which has me baffled. And it’s almost as if they have to hang out to try to get this to come together because they’re young and I’m the older one in this group.

So I’ve gone into this ranch house that is situated on a hillside. It even has a tilt to it, like it’s an old house and it tilts a little bit. It’s not level as it sits on the hillside and it looks out over an expanse, which is this huge ranch environment it is in. Old house, been there for a long time, and carries the basics however, holds down the basics, the presence, or the setting.

The whole sense of the place is that the current conditions there have been getting by, but my presence is like creating a state of flux in which there needs to be a coming together. So I carry kind a particular vibe that presides, and exudes, and extends over the situation.

In other words, what’s happening is this dream is depicting me as someone who has a presence that can come into a situation and, based upon how it is that I’m carrying myself and feeling, I can effect that situation.

And the situation that I have come into is a situation in which there are the younger parts of myself living in kind of a natural way in life that seem to be okay with how things flow, they’re isolated from others in this rural ranch setting. And when I come into the situation with the mannerism that I carry, that I project energetically, is strong enough that it quiets everything. It interrupts the free flow, it causes something to be pent up or stifled even, because I’m carrying this specific, or specialized, or peculiarized, or vibe that exudes out as an inner energetic, an energetic that is situated on an edge trying to communicate what it feels needs to be made known. But I’m on an edge with it, but still the power is there besides, and it kind of affects the atmosphere.

So everyone here is familiar, they all are accustomed with the ranching day-to-day operations and they free flow with that, but with my presence it’s like they are suddenly having to kind of defer to see what more needs to happen, or what is to come out of all of this, to their attention, that seems to be something that would be like a bit of guidance or alteration of how they have been taking things in life – but they’re waiting to see how that is portrayed.

Because I’m on a bit of an edge, a little off, I’m seeking to figure out how it is that I catch up to what I realize needs to be communicated by me. In other words, I don’t just make this stuff up; it kind of comes through me.

The silence of this coming together is broken when it is noticed; who knows where this town is at because the place is pretty isolated, but all of a sudden there are people gathering in the yard and what looks to be happening is something is shaping up for kind of a neighborhood dance or party or something, a gathering, reception. And there are a lot of single women who are there and they’re noticing that the guys in the house are pretty young and single and available, and they’re trying to get their attention to ask them to dance.

In other words it’s reversed, the women are going to ask the guys inside the house to dance. And so this kind of energy is running counter to the seriousness and the mannerism that I’m carrying, and that has created the stifling energy, the somber energy, as they situate to see what this is going to be all about, what it is that I have to communicate.

So because I notice what is happening out the side window, there’s just this one window in which you see all of that gathered over there on the side, or coming together, that I can’t help but realize that how I am, in terms of trying to catch up with something to communicate, there’s something about that that’s stifled and now it’s even being negated, by choice, by what is taking place outside.

Because inside the theme is somber and something is waiting in terms of my nature that’s kind of pent up, hoping for a clarity to break through. And it’s like everyone has even given me space to get this to come out, to bring it through. I even see a person who looks away, careful not to disturb me as he offers me a sandwich and, of course, he’s reserved like this so he doesn’t interfere or affect what is necessary to happen next, that has to come out of me, getting off of this edge, and communicating something that I carry, that I feel, that they’re going to have to take in, that will affect the ordinary free flow that they’ve been used to in not a bad setting, actually. I mean they have been getting by out there by themselves just fine; it’s me coming in that’s kind of, in their openness, has kind of changed things a bit.

So, as I said, there’s this stifling vibe to the suspense. I break this up because I can tell there is no flow and, therefore, no clarity can come through. So I say, in terms of seeing the spontaneous gathering that is happening in what I had assumed was an extremely isolated and very sparsely populated area, which is now outside teeming with people who have gathered and come over to this setting, that this is such a contrast, and there’s a freedom and joy and happiness and liveliness in that, that this stifling suspense needs to be dropped. That there is a flow that has come together from the focus that is groping about yet seeking the peace in terms of it all. In other words something coming through, the idea being to reach a completion, or peace, or communicate something that adds more.

I suddenly realize it feels right to just let go to the flow outside and see where that is going. What is meant to be can either wait, or be found, in the letting go of the stifling suspense. In other words, I need to open up to the pent up flow that has arrived unexpectedly. In other words, my pent up flow is there that’s unnatural. What is happening is almost like coming to meet that. In other words, if I didn’t carry something that’s building inside, this other wouldn’t happen, either.

So the meaning is that the underlying vibe behind this dream is that of coming to grips with what needs to be. The problem with such a quest is there is no way of determining what it is that will directly satisfy the need. Everything around me has gotten subjected to the state that I am carrying which is of a stifling suspense – attentive to gleaning a guidance that lies just out of touch. And those in this space with me are giving me a lot of space as they patiently wait for what needs to unfold.

What I am meant to understand is there is no answer if the flow is repressed, and there cannot be a flow without a common focus. As these two variables come together, a realization occurs simultaneously. This occurs as a release of the pent up suspense breaks out of a stupor to a flow that opens up everything to be as it needs to be.

So what is going on is this dream is unwinding a pent up energetic, which is a barrier and suspense that stands in the way of catching up with the inner peace. The dream is also suggesting that I am able to come out of this pent up stifling quality when I relate to the energetic that is unfolding around me. In other words, before something more could happen something else has to give way.

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0834The end of John’s night of dreaming shows that all his dreams were looking at different aspects of the same territory (see Awakening Process and A Systematic Approach). And what they all seem to point to is the idea that connecting to the wholeness, or the oneness, requires letting go of our personalized separateness and embracing the universal. But what is critical to that process is that we access this through the heart. That is what can bring the wholeness together through us, and through our living of it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And when I went to sleep all of that then jumped to what would be like the third or the fourth.

And in this dream there is a being whose conduct appears to others to be robotic. To me this being seems to be almost okay when I pick it up and carry it close to me. In other words, it’s almost like it’s not quite human. And in the environment I am in, there are things going on around me that, if I indulged and just look at these other things and mannerisms going on around me, there would be the tendency in which I would suffer great harm because I would be affected by those things.

But I sense that, about the environment. But this robotic woman-like thing seems to find a fascination in terms of not doing the typical in terms of the hoodlum, crook, outlaw and whatnot guy that seems to be in the environment too, and there might be more than one of them – to which I am the innocent person.

So it’s like I’m being played with. I’m not harmed by the guy who is out of control. Technically she has got to be careful, too, because she might be all pretense. In other words, she’s doing this stuff, allowing to jump into my arms and to be carried off the ground. And then she goes to this extreme of burying her head into my shoulder.

And out of the corner of my eye I can see this guy smiling because he really knows what she’s really like and that I’m being somehow duped or fooled. But somehow this process of her doing this antic with me is keeping me out of harm’s way, too; otherwise I just probably would have been smashed.

And she keeps doing this because it is soothing. It’s kind of soothing to me and she seems to be really soothed by it, although this guy considers it kind of humorous, that it’s an antic or something. I would have probably been polished off if it hadn’t been for being played with like this. Well, that’s how he sees things, and her antics are just seen as antics. He doesn’t allow such things to touch him, they’re just antics.

As time progresses this woman gets to a point where she is to leave. There is a door there for her to go through. I carry her to the door, but I must set her down as she is to go through the door. I can’t go through the door with her. What I can’t help but notice is that as much as I wanted to continue soothing her, and she enjoyed being soothed, she is able to take that and note that for herself, the soothingness quality, as part of her and go through the door.

And the meaning is, last night the theme of the dreaming was that of looking at the process of how consciousness evolves. First I come to see around me that there is a reason why things are done in the way they are done, that the reason has to do with an unfoldment, an approach that has stood the test of time, that is very productive.

When you get on that vernacular, or into that understanding, or into that unfoldment instead of just being caught up in the day-to-day outer. And then second I come to realize that even though there is this general approach, there are parts of me that require careful and special handling. It is important that all energetic aspects of my being awaken, and every part of who I am is important to the whole.

In the third dream I am shown that the feminine quality of living in the soothingness of the heart is what becomes me naturally. When the time comes that I am able to embody this naturally, I am able to go through the door, which in this case means that I am free of wayward predilections because I embody within that which is real, and what life is about. And it is like a letting go of everything, maybe you could even call it a nothingness, as the essence behind it all.

But it’s not really a nothingness because it’s this heartfelt condition that’s all inclusive. And when in this heartfelt state the mannerisms, ways, patterns, attitudes, or whatever you would call as predilections are now intertwined, meaning absorbed beyond personal recognition, within this soothing heartfelt center.

So my dreams last night portrayed a three, or maybe even call it a four step process if you looked at going through the door and embodying all of that as the last step. And then I wake up from that. What’s interesting about the dreaming is I dream it and see it like this, you dream it as just an overall consequence unfolding dream. You don’t differentiate the bits and the pieces and the components.

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