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donaIf we believe that we are capable of having life beyond this physical body, then we will have to concede that we are fundamentally energy, rather than matter. And, as has been said, matter changes and decays; energy, when it is in a state of pure energy, stays the same as it is forever. So for us to get closer to who and what we really are, it helps to begin to see the physical world around us as the theater of possibility, for us to change and evolve our energetic state. That way, when we change out of this physical body, our energy has evolved. That is the work we come here to do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream, I went back and had to look at something that seemed like a pattern that I clearly understood, so I didn’t want to look at it again, didn’t want to report it, because it was mundane. But it was almost like I had to go back and re-remind myself that things actually work that way, based upon maybe something that had caused a doubt or something to arise. And the doubts that arise are basically these ideas that we can take that affects things by our loudness, or way of trying to say something about what is occurring around us, as our mind sense appearance to things are.

That’s the doubt, and that when you take that doubt out, so that you don’t have to function in that way, then you come to recognize that without that holding it together, things just fall into light and sound. And when they fall into light and sound, they have a different value. They immediately plummet to an empty space, into an emptiness. They lose their density, and you can’t handle that, and so then immediately it gets reconcretized, remagnetized, so to speak, to holding itself into a plane of concretized physicality.

When you let go, and when you shift, then it loses its density, in that regard, because it is a spatiality that is a greater wholeness. In other words, to go from a concretized state to something that is sound, it’s hard to say that you went to sound, or you went to light, because once you actually hit pure sound you’re just a blink away from pure light, a split second away from light, which is a surprise to me.

I was trying to make definite boundaries, but instead the definite veil is between something that’s concretized, and then, when you break that, and once it hits pure sound, it’s no longer concretized so that that sound and light have close proximity to each other. If you don’t blink, or however you’d say that, you wouldn’t notice that it wasn’t just all light. And yet there was the sound very, very subtly there.

However, because a person keeps pounding down the concretized sound, the closest that they come to understanding sound, as a general rule, is by noticing its effect in terms of how it pulls things, like music pulls things, just like music pulls the soul, draws something, and can draw a change, and that change can draw a subtle shift.

It’s not quite breaking into actual sound and light, but it has a movement that draws the soul, so to speak, still staying stuck within the paradigm of things. And yet people seem to think that that is steps towards consciousness. It has to fall away, because that is a pacifier, just like there’s all these pacifiers. You have music, it’s a pacifier, TV is a pacifier. You have all of these pacifiers. If you can let go of all of these pacifiers that you lean on, and indulge your attention into, and your senses into, in soothing ways or whatever, you will notice that it is quite possible to have out of time experiences that can jump so much that you can have the flash of light, which really had a sound level to it, but you flashed right through that. You flashed through that sound level right to the light so quick that you hardly noticed the difference.

So to have an experience like that fries the synapses, so that in my sleep dreams then, I had a hard time. I had a hard time relating in my sleep dream. I had a hard time relating because I could never figure out what time it was. I had lost the ability to figure out time. If I looked at a watch it just wouldn’t register right.

And then if I had a sense of what I thought was time, and then tried to confirm it by calling the operator, I couldn’t get the operator on the line. The operator would never pick up the phone to tell me what she thought the time was. And then I would find out that the systems were down. And on and on and on it went.

In other words, it was one of those deals in which the orientation that normally is there, is not there. If I look up the ceiling is falling. Bits of it are just kind of changing and dropping.

The principle thing of magnetization is what makes it real is the opposite of what everybody thinks. It’s the letting go of it. As long as you hold onto the magnetism, you’re lost in it, you’re caught in it, you’re trapped in it. When you let go of it, you fall into a silence.

To step back from the vibratory loudness is to have the potential flicker into the transmit of light and sound. I am describing manifestation as a plane impacted by ever changing aspects of sound and light, much like music affects the outer atmosphere. To break the concretized conditioning is to experience the sound light as an inner essence, which is discombobulating to the outwardly-oriented sensor.

So the theme of the night was to experience the sound light outside of its concretized and magnified outer polarity.

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2e2sWe can say that the universe is in process. Energies of all sorts are moving through different states of matter and purity as the universe unfolds toward its fulfillment. The human plays a role in this by also processing energies, and can do that process consciously. The closer we are aligned to universal purpose, the closer our processes mimic creation’s. And that is when we can become one with It. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember a little bit of the dream later in the morning and, in that dream, it seems to me like this area of the condo, where you and I live, is kind of expanded, and there’s other people here, and I’m doing something.

It’s like there’s some work you’re doing, and I’m trying to do something where I bring something back and forth to you – but you don’t quite feel like it’s pulling together yet. And I remember going out into the living room, and there were three or four beds in the living room, and when I glance down towards the door I notice that my niece’s husband had gotten up and was walking through there. But then I came back over here, to try to stay focused on whatever it was we were doing, and I think that was when I woke up.

I just don’t recall some of the details of what it was we were doing. There was you and I and other people, and so I had a sense of going back and forth trying to pull something together.

John: That seems to have been the general energy of the dreaming last night, in that the back and forth that you were doing was kind of an in and an out. And although it doesn’t seem like a big thing, because it’s so simple, what we have been doing has been mostly contending with the out, which means the bringing of a consciousness through – which is the same thing as saying that we are able to recognize, in the reflective outer, something more.

But what has changed and what is subtly different, in terms of the getting up and the moving about, and the recognizing of other people sleeping in the place, or whatever all that is, is that you’re now contending with the in.

What is the in, and what is the out? Well, the out is where consciousness wakes up to understand something through the greater teacher, the reflective. The in is the process in which the essence of one’s being rises up and lives that essence quality. And when that essence quality is lived, that essence quality creates the reflections, generates the reflections.

So, in the out, you’re responding to the reflections, from the standpoint that you see the essence of the divine from the greater outer, from the reflections themselves, almost as a reciprocal reverberation. In the in, the living of that essence, the connecting to that essence, causes a generation. You, then, become the creator, and you generate those reflections.

So the dilemma, of course, is even though this was just a simple little thing, it’s very, very confusing because what you have is the need to catch up with the understanding of the whole out-breath, and the whole in-breath, because the out-breath, or the heightened awareness of the divine in the reflections, is accentuated at the interval. It’s the longing. It’s accentuated at the interval where the out-breath turns to the in-breath.

At the other interval, where you are living something – which is often called the going home of the breath back to its source – the living of something is where the reflections get generated. It’s where they’re manufactured. That’s where they’re created. And that, of course, is accentuated in the interval where the in-breath turns to the out-breath. That’s the state of bliss, and bliss incorporates the love of the essence for its creation and all of that.

So what makes the awkwardness in your dream is the vibration of the in-breath, and the vibration of the out-breath. It’s a lot to reconcile when all of a sudden the two polarities, the North Pole and the South Pole of one’s beingness, kind of come through in this fell swoop manner. You’re used to just the South Pole of yourself, so to speak South Pole, being the awakening quality that one comes to grips with revelationally, in the reflective, and seen through the reflective. That’s pretty wild.

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PlantingaTree_0This imagery brings up an important aspect of spiritual development: the personal responsibility required. Being conscious doesn’t just mean being awake, it means developing a greater consciousness about our thoughts and actions. And when we begin to do that, then the issue of greater responsibility comes up, because a conscious act carries the weight (and energetic potency) of our choosing, whether it takes the form of a public action, or whether it’s an internal thought about another person or thing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had some additional dreams but they just popped out. The only thing I remember is my impression: it feels like I’m maybe with you and there’s some energy in two different columns and I’m trying to figure out – it’s almost like which column to implant or kind of hang with. So I kind of plant one energy and then maybe the other behind it more, and then I bring one forward and set the other back.

I’m trying to figure out how these columns should go, almost like which one to be in more than the other. That’s the most I could describe it.

John: The theme of this last little bit of dreaming had to do with a type of taking a responsibility for energetic expression. In other words, you’re looking at it in terms of an unfoldment when you’re putting it into columns and stuff like that.

How you do that, and the way you do that, and what you do there, in terms of how your nature works in that area, is probably what you’re looking at in terms of little nuances that you have to take into account.

My way of doing it has been entirely different in that, because I am such a loner, I actually do not like, a part of me does not like, to get too intertwined with the affairs of others because when you get intertwined with the affairs of others you have to take responsibility for that intertwining. So, as a result, I tend to go the other extreme and hold back even more than is naturally necessary.

So what I have done is, over the years at Christmas, I never give anybody any presents. I kind of deny that process because it creates some sort of obligation, or stigma, or over-involvement that has an effect upon my sense of freedom.

However, that aspect, or that process, also denies me from a sense of involvement and freedom, and I choose to be denied from that sense of involvement and freedom so as not to have to contend with something that requires one to have to take responsibility in terms of the giving process.

Because the way the energetic works is that giving is more than just giving, giving is also in knowing how to properly intertwine and also, in some instances, know how to restrain or pull back. And, as a consequence over the years, I’ve never developed the acuity to know how to make those kinds of energetic shifts.

So it’s awkward for me to go to a party, for example, and leave, so I tend to hang out and be one of the last ones to leave because when I’m one of the first ones to leave then you have to go through the motions of saying goodbye or something. And if you’re one of the last ones you just kind of amble out the door as if it’s just what happens in a process of closure.

But when you’re one of the first ones to leave, it’s like you almost have to make your amends or something, energetically, and that’s something that I don’t like to have to contend with.

So I’m dreaming about this quality of how I have been, and how I’m switching to have to be, or how I am and then how I have changed to go along with having to be, or going along with being – because an aspect of the feminine has opened up – only to find out that in doing that, which is something I must have intuitively known but never really made conscious before, you have to take on the responsibility. If you do something like this you have to take on the responsibility of knowing how to pull back on the energy, or to even take back the energy that you have given if it’s over-the-top or inappropriate.

I guess I had never thought about that before because I conveniently avoided putting myself into situations in which that could possibly come up.

So, in the dream I have this, what looks like a pallet, or maybe a type of Christmas sleigh, and to begin with I’m just going through the motions. I have maybe a few things on the sleigh, but it’s nothing of any consequence because I don’t have my heart in it.

And then something changes and there is a lot of consideration that is put into it and, if anything, I might even be a bit over-the-top. And I guess I attribute that to maybe something changing in my feminine nature to do something like that because normally I would purposely remain and even, if necessary, stab myself by being in a state of avoidance to something like that.

And so since something has changed, I even provide or allow a little energetic space between the gifts so that they integrate without it being too big of a collage. In other words, it keeps a proper energetic distinction if I’m going astray when you’re causing this to occur.

But what is more interesting is because I’m putting attention into it, what I’m doing is having an effect that wouldn’t have been possible before. And, of course, it’s the type of effect that I tend to avoid, and tended to avoid, because when you have an effect that wasn’t possible before there is this other intangible that comes in, this other level of consciousness that can come in, in which you have to know how to toy with the clarity of the energetic to the point where, in some instances, you dumb it down, or take it back, or something, which is something I would have never guessed.

And yet, as I’m seeing it, it makes perfect sense as to why one has to do that, and also why I have avoided doing it, because I wasn’t ready to do that yet. My attention when it gets over-the-top is into the energetic that corresponds now to a need.

The significance of the dream is, in a way, I am going from one extreme to another. I’m putting my energetic nature into the process, when before I was merely going through the motions. The responsibility is complete, but with an energetic twist. I take back a kind of conscious clarity expression that is energetic when it goes over-the-top, or is something that a person isn’t able to properly appreciate yet.

It flickers there, but then something hides it again. And I hadn’t noticed that I knew how to do that before. By not participating, or not putting energetic heart into the process, having to take back that which is too much was not a consideration before.

It appears that I have been purposely avoiding the issue because we’re dealing with the energetic component – this is a necessary aspect in giving – so what I did in the past was one, either not doing it, or two, not having my heart in it, or three, creating a hidden plausible deniability so this can’t create an effect I would have to take responsibility for.

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