Reciprocal Intertwining

0ceIs it realistic to think that this universe is here for us to do with it as we please? Or does it make more sense that whatever created us has designed us to serve some purpose that furthers its greater purpose? Said another way, it can’t be a one-way street: humans are designed to be in service to the greater whole and, in fact, we are the most important piece in that process. And when we respond to the call to be intertwined with what is around us, we gain the intelligence there waiting to be tapped. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then, in the next dream it’s just this little scenario where there’s like three men talking, and two of the men have approached the third man. And what has happened is that at the job where they all worked some people were given money and some of those people almost like you had a feeling they… you wouldn’t say they lost their money, but they immediately kind of loaned it to the one man that’s approached these two men right now. And you have a feeling he was even behind how everyone got money assuming that then they would loan it back to him, or he would get it back somehow.

So they’ve approached this other man because he hasn’t loaned them back the money. He has the money and instead of like loaning it out to this man that was behind how they got it, or doing anything else, he’s kind of letting his money grow or kind of treating it like his own. He’s not playing the game, and they’ve kind of approached him and he’s kind of looking at them like that may be the game they’re playing, but he’s not sure it makes any sense to him.

He’s not particularly going to loan out money unless he’s made money. He might loan out money with the money he made, but he’s not going to do it with this money that he was given, like he’s just not going to play whatever little game it is that everybody else is playing because he sees that as a losing game financially.

John: It’s an interesting contrast because in the outer world, trying to take and do things with one’s resources where something just is expended, is kind of a losing sum game because over a long course of time or over a period of time, unless there’s some sort of reciprocal intertwining that exists you’re not really necessarily being who and how you need to be.

The ideal of course is to play the game where the money revolves back and forth and back and forth and that’s the relationship, a relationship that’s essential to you being part of all that there is, and the recognition of how that is intertwined.

The idea of doing it when you can, or casually, is kind of a problem or dilemma or peculiarity because then it doesn’t necessarily have the heart that comes across. If you could just readily do it and it doesn’t have the potency and meaning, then the heart isn’t there either, meaning the intertwining, the connection, because it’s easy to do something in kind of an aloof way – whenever you’re aloof you’re separate.

So your dream is focusing and causing you to look at how it is that one takes and becomes… because it’s using money as the symbol of power or energy and it’s showing how that principle ideally needs to be in life in a way that facilitates a greater overall flow. And, ultimately of course, that can lead to the point where you are connected to everything that exists, that you are intertwined with everything that exists, that you keep doing it… that there is something about the process of opening yourself up, and availing of yourself in a way that facilitates, enhances the whole, and you being part of the whole.

If you’re doing it as if you’re not, then it doesn’t go anywhere. But you have to do it in a way so that something is… in other words, it doesn’t work if it results in just a one-way expression that ultimately goes flat. It has to be something that continues to reverberate or echo in turn.

There is a higher octave to this, too. The higher octave is that there’s a way of working and doing it invisibly so that you leave everything free as well, and yet at the same time you have an attention upon it all and, in that regard, it can be like a type of consciousness that is able to touch something that’s unconscious and help it to become more conscious or more aware. And that there is a linkage that enables that to happen, and that, too, would be a proper use of energy, or money, as you’re using as the expression.

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Nothing Is Insignificant

A201It can seem amazing sometimes, when we look back on the path we have taken in our lives, to see how certain episodes make perfect sense in hindsight because they supplied us with the missing pieces that played a greater role later on. That idea isn’t just about job skills or the understanding of relationships, but also in the energetic levels of our life. Everything is first and foremost an energy, and all our worldly interactions give us useful experiences that can become integral to our further journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Seems I had like three dreams. In the second dream, it’s like I’ve gone back and I’m visiting where I used to work. In the dream level, it’s actually very different than anywhere in the world.

On the dream level, it’s like a therapist that I knew and liked is moving into the office I moved out of. So I go to visit her and her office is actually a large room she is sharing with a man who’s there, and I’m looking at how they have their furniture arranged in terms of their desk and where clients would sit. And I feel like they have it kind of have it at the wrong angle, so that when they’re both there and they both have a client, I don’t know how they’re going to have enough space or privacy with these two rooms that are kind of adjoining rooms. It’s similar to like a large room they’re breaking up with furniture.

And so I’m studying their whole arrangement and even maybe make a suggestion even though it’s no longer my business, but how they could arrange it, so that when they both have a client in there it’s working better. But I just have to back off of that, because that’s up to them how they arrange it now, since it’s no longer my office.

And then, as I approach the man, I find out that he also speaks French. And he’s very interested in my being involved with me in organizing some large event, and it would include people who are French-speaking. At first I kind of back off, because I’ve retired now, you know, so I don’t really want to be busy and do seminars and stuff anymore.

But he must have got me, because the next scene is I’m at this very large conference center. It’s just a huge audience and it’s obviously the end of the conference that we had, and he’s there. And he’s thanking the people that organized it, and he’s thanked this man that was with me, and now he wants me to stand up and get acknowledged. And when I stand up, he comes over and gives me a little hug, and he’s going to give me a kiss, but we know when this guy kisses somebody, he kisses them for a long time. So he’s going to wait and kiss me later and I’m probably trying to avoid that.

And then I’m kind of looking out over how large the audience is. And then I’m thinking that I have to meet him later with the other people, so that the organizers can split up how all the finances went for the conference and send everybody’s check out. And it feels like I have to go to his apartment where he and his wife are, someone to do that, and that’s kind of when that dream ends.

John: Before all the distraction, the important part was, or the part that indicated that something was new, in this particular dream, what has happened is you have gone into doing something, perhaps maybe even unbeknownst to its importance at some point in time in your life. In other words, you used to do this sort of thing and so you kind of have a natural sense of how it’s to be done.

And in a way, you know, a person once they do something, kind of like points it out-of-sight and out-of-mind and attempts to move on – as if whatever it was that they had done is in the past and that everything has changed – but there was something important about the energetic and the vibration in terms of what was done that is meant to aim and open up to something so much more.

So you come back with some hints and some clues, because to begin with, when you initially did it, you just did it. You didn’t think anything of it, but you gained a certain understanding by just doing it. So when you come back and look at how something is being done now in terms of the process, you actually have some insight that you didn’t realize that you had. And that insight is an energetic note or quality about it that can take in and make that which is meant to be come clearer, and to the point even more. And that you’re never really done with it once you have connected and found that energetic note, even though you found it in kind of an outward way, to the point that you didn’t actually notice it hardly. It just kind of unfolded.

Now when you come back to that, you realize that it’s more than something that’s just unfolded. That you have to live with, that you have to bring it through, that you have to, you know, you cannot just walk or step or close the book to this awareness that you opened up to your surprise and that you embody and carry.

Now, where the dream gets confusing is whenever you come to know something, you also come to invoke more energy. And when you invoke more energy, there can be a distraction or something that clouds or veils what is meant to occur or can occur.

And, in this particular case, the first part was what was important because it points out that you have access to something that is extremely relevant and needed, and that you know more than what you realized that you know, and that you can live that and demonstrate that. And it’s not as insignificant as you would maybe, per chance, be inclined to think where you would just say okay, that’s in the past. That you now have something to offer.

But in that making something to offer, you get into a distraction in terms of the kundalini energy, in terms of outward kundalini energy, instead of the inward kundalini energy that evokes something from within and brings and holds the note forward into life. You just start going into the abstraction of that because that sort of thing awakens simultaneously with the process of an awareness. And that, as it awakens simultaneously, threatens to affect the focus and attention and the clarity of what was occurring.

You run the risk of mixing a denser energetic in with the subtler energetic and thereby blurring out or obliterating the importance of the subtler energetic that has you able to be just natural and aware of far more than you realize.

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Our True Place

univers07_960_720Mostly we live in a state of denial or ignorance of our true human purpose. And it is not about being enthralled with the temptations of the physical world, but it is about accepting our role as an intermediary between the spiritual realms and the realms of matter. The human is able to make that connection and linkage, for the benefit of the whole universe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The macrocosm is like the ocean of things. And extracting that through, being able to somehow or another know that, in terms of the sequence of fullness, that it’s also a nothingness.

Able to hold that note. Accessing the will of God, you’re able to recognize how in some infinitesimal way, something can be helped. And it’s always helped in relationship to a part of yourself. In other words, the borrowing or the paying forward or however you’d see that, is on behalf of another. And that other is on behalf of parts of yourself that are caught in, you know, you might say, the bad joke of being in creation.

And this is how you work it out. This is how you work through it. So that you break the cycle of reincarnation of always having to come back and contend and contend. Because every vibration that is outside of the singular thing that is going on has to live itself through.

And in order to keep it from having to live itself through and cause you to have to keep repeating and repeating and repeating, you have to catch up with that one thing, that is the only thing that is going on. That’s why Rumi has in his poem, that if there was 99 things to do or 100 things to do, if there’s 100 things to do and you did the 99 things perfectly, but didn’t do that one thing that you were meant to do, then you’ve wasted your life. And that one thing is this kind of note or quality.

It’s the principle behind the idea of doing the dhikr is to try to put yourself into an affinity with this one key thing that is going on, that exists in all of life. That is the underlayment for everything else that is reflecting. But you identify with the outer, and by identifying with the outer, then you let go of that note. Because the denseness of things in the outer gain and grab your attention; then that causes a person to have to suffer, and the transcending of the suffering is the saintly path. But beyond the saintly path, in other words, the recognition of the ocean, and then still able to be the microcosm in the macrocosm, the ability to kind of somehow do that, is mastery. And even that, then, leads to something else, that’s also in a type of invisibility, which is the ability to sense and see something in terms of outer reflections.

You can tend to sense and to see it in terms of the flicker of things, but the part that I’m struggling with in terms of the sense of seeing this stuff in terms of the flicker of things, is I still have this “doom and gloom” quality in me in that this gets dangerously close to everything going to getting blasted to smithereens. In other words, holding the central note in which there’s nothing going on, and yet then there’s the reflections of things going on, and then that changes the way the reflections are to some degree. There’s the sense and the fear that this is getting dangerously close to blowing everything to smithereens. Because to the degree that other, if it were to ever quit going on, quit being an estranged, off to one side, and it were to actually go into the nothingness, then the world could be destroyed.

The semblance of the world is held together by people’s notionalities and mannerisms that are in kind of a deviated waywardness, and those thoughts create. And of course, they haven’t done a very good job of being very, because they’ve lost the linkage to where and what is properly intended underneath it all, and it has gotten to the point where it has really created a huge complexity towards it all. If that complexity got completely taken out, how could you have creation or manifestation?

So, this is a conundrum. You know, it’s almost as if the underlayment of this whole thing, the saintly quality, is in and of itself, an ideal. An ideal that is somewhere else, that takes us outside and puts us, you know, in terms of our home, at a place that’s at the top of the breath. But where the in-breath turns to the out-breath, that’s our true home. But our breath comes down and we’re in creation. And so if we’re going to be in creation, we can’t deny that because the breath has to go up and it has to go down. It has to be that way. We are that way. We are set into this motif.

That means we have to be able to know our true place. Somewhere else being outside of manifestation, which is reflective of this central note. And at the same time, have a duty within the manifestation by which something can be pulled out as a microcosm to the emptiness that has a way of being touched. A way of being seen. And then not identifying with that, noting it however, and then even slipping to another dimension inside of one’s self where one can see where that thought goes.

When that thought sits there, in the face of a central vibration of it all, the one thing of it all, when it sits in relationship to that, that eventually falls apart, even though it’s denser. The subtler eventually, wins through.

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