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i3332sOne of our early moments of consciousness is our realization that we are a separate being from everything else around us; that there is an us and a them, an individual and a universe. And in that separation there is our way, which is personal view of the world. And then there is everything else that is going on in the universe, seemingly unrelated to our journey. But this brings us to the point of it all: we are meant to find our unique way (not personal way) to interact with the everything; to be in process with everything. In this way our separateness recedes, and our connection is made. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the first dream it’s about wanting to fly somewhere, but the cost of airline tickets is really high.

So there’s two or three ways one can get a ticket. One is you can enter this contest and, if you win the contest, then you get the ticket for very little. But, if you lose the contest, you have to pay the full price, which is like $13,000. And I’m deliberating what to do because it feels like there’s a middle way, too, but you have to be careful because I think someone else can enter you in the contest.

It seems like there’s a possibility somebody else can kind of toss you in the contest, and then you either win or you end up paying full fare. I’m looking for a third way that maybe you can get on the plane for a little less, too. That was the first dream.

John: What is happening is you’re trying to figure out if there’s a way of balancing expansive and contractive states, which is a condition that everyone goes through, has to contend with in life.

Often the way it’s experienced is you’re trying to find a state that’s lighter, that feels lighter, and then therefore is more conducive to one’s nature, and that can be a type of expansive state. But what you’re noticing, in terms of feeling the parameters of things, is that this is all still within the realms, or the domain, of a mind that creates these kinds of images, and causes one to aspire to something more by reconciling those images.

In other words, there’s still motion there. There’s still motion. And the third way, that’s the non-motion way; it’s the instantaneous way. It’s not going to make any sense to the mind and, if you don’t do it, then you’re thrown back in to having to contend with this either this way, or that way.

So people in the outer world, who have a recognition of a soul moving around inside of them, are caught up in having to try to understand, or come to grips with, this quality of beingness that they can denote inside of themselves in various ways. Some ways are denser than others, some are subtler, but all of them have to do with a quality that one sees themselves as having in relationship to existence.

And whatever that quality is, keeps one from doing it this third way, which is kind of a way in which the fun of the outer and the inner is taken out of it, and something can just be in a kind of overall oneness where you don’t have any personal prerogative or such moving around, and you don’t then have it going into a greater density, or some scopality, of spiritual illusion.

It was like the guy that is on American Idol that came up and was kind of the meditator, or something, and worked in the world with voice therapy, and the idea that he could use sound to penetrate things and to cause an effect, or a change, in the environment. And he worked with people in relationship to that because he noticed that the dexterity upon which they were able to be, in terms of sound, had a lot to do with awakening.

The problem was he heard something from deep, deep, deep inside, but he didn’t have any ambidexterity with it. He was still trying to play with it in some modality and, as a consequence, he couldn’t know what he couldn’t know. He couldn’t realize that his understanding of how voice is only goes to a particular streamlined parameter that he was capable of looking at, and therefore he didn’t have the dexterity to really know what singing is all about, and using a voice in a whole other melodious way, that also is penetrative, and effective, in terms of opening something up.

He was caught within his spiritual illusion, and he was not able to shift, or change, and therefore was veiled from actually recognizing this whole other way. This whole other way to him, he heard it differently. Now what’s interesting is he did hear something, and he did hear something really, really deeply, but in order to be effective, in order to bring it through, in order to be all penetrative, he needed to let go further.

So the theme of the dreaming has to do with a quality of letting go, and that there is such a thing as a letting go to where there is a third way – and it will not make sense to the mind. In other words, something can roll off of a roof and hit the ground, a body can roll off the roof and hit the ground, fall from a great distance above and, with the right focus and attention, be uninjured, or can lay on a bed of nails and be uninjured.

There is a third way, but it is a different kind of conditional… is a different place to be, that isn’t noodling around in a sorting-out fashion of this, or that, of expanse and contraction, of sense of inner, sense of outer. You have to get beyond all of that in order to have the full ambidexterity, because if you’re looking at this or that, this or that, you’re imclined to be making choices, or distinctions. And what if everything, no matter how ridiculous, is also sane? It’s just that we have come to define what is sane, and, therefore, have put ourselves into a kind of perdition.

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humming-bird-in-a-cageA bird in a cage seems a simple enough image for denoting something that isn’t as free as it was meant to be. Yet, in the dream world, that thing is always a part of us, because we are all the characters in our dreams. Combine that with the image of being overfed, or overstuffed, and we can see what is trapping the spirit that wants to fly free – and it is the indulgence in planetary foods, i.e., the things we like to do and spend our time at, but that are things that only give physical satisfaction and ignore the desires and needs of the spirit. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream, it’s like there’s a group of us in one of those old time saloons that maybe has two stories to it, and we have these little cages with birds in them. It’s like there’s a contest going on to see who can win something, by how they’re raising or feeding their birds; who can get the birds to eat the most or something.

I remember going over and looking at one man’s cage and realizing that the little birdie he had in there was actually like a rather wild bird. But he’s like a gambler, and whatever he’s feeding those wild birds it’s like they win the contest – because he can get them to eat more, or grow faster, or whatever.

But, at the same time, within a short period of time, one of his birds dies. So whatever he was feeding he could win a contest with it, but it doesn’t feel like they survive well. That was the first dream.

John: So the nature of the dreaming last night had to do with the tenuousness in which the innerness, or the connection inside, how tenuous that actually is. That it doesn’t take much, just a very slight thing and you can lose it, or start losing it.

I mean that was how the dreams started last night, was where there could be something that could happen, that could cause you to begin the process of letting go of the attunement that needs to be maintained in order for a process from within to open up, or to awaken.

And so in your dream you are a person who has this treasure in a cage. It’s housed inside of you. That’s the bird, the little bird. And you’ve been led to believe, on the basis of your senses and, therefore, the way you’re reflective understanding is in terms of the outer, that there are things that you can do that are okay in the outer. And so you get caught in the indulgences in the outer. And when you get caught in the indulgences, as if that is something that is there for you to do, like the world is your oyster and handed to you to more or less take on to whatever degree you want to take it on.

What you are doing when you take it on, is you are getting that aspect, you’re eating or indulging in that aspect, the outer, more and more, and you’re doing it to the expense of that little spark, your own little light inside, or in your dream the little bird that is in the cage, or the soul that is housed within the physical nature of the body. And you kill the awakening process by virtue of such indulgences.

Now that’s just the template. You’re dreaming the template. In other words, it’s like you’re using that to strike the note, because it’s almost as if there’s a question that’s raised, and then this is how you start, you raise the question, and then the additional dreams off of this will show that there is still that process trying to break through, and break through, and break through. But you seem to be starting this off with a dream showing how the amnesia can set in to the point where you lose connection to what is real.

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ima32gesThe dream we discussed yesterday was set on a college campus (see Two Spaces). As that dream image shifts, what is being learned, or studied, has become about the energy of a place. And we often don’t realize how finely tuned our systems are at identifying and connecting with the energies around us, but when we do become aware of that, a whole new level of experience and understanding can open up for us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, then when the dream shifts, I’m outdoors. The man who can read the old writings and carvings is nearby.

And I’m aware that there’s a contest going on, and it’ll be a contest that has to be completed within this one quarter that I’m at school. And I’m standing outside near a hillside where all this rock is coming down, just like at the quarry, and I know the contest has something to do with figuring out the energy, or what all this means.

And I can tell it’s a contest, too, because I look down on a couple of the rocks at my feet and some people have left two cellphones set out there in the sun, and I realize these cellphones are set out there either to take pictures or to record, because it is a contest and everybody wants to figure out what it is about the energy there, or what it means.

So I just have to be aware there are kind of other people in the game, so to speak. But my focus is on what I’m going to do to kind of figure this out. That was the end of the dream.

John: What you’re doing there is you’re showing how one set of energy becomes the precursor almost for another set of energy, so that something more, that normally would be considered ordinary, or no big deal would be made out of it, can then be seen more in terms of what it is.

In other words, it’s like because you now have the ability to recognize a connection and cohesiveness in terms of how everything comes together, and plays a role, and has a part, and there are qualities and traits there that exist that you wouldn’t normally be paying any attention to, like in the past or something, like for example this guy that has the ability to uncover something ancient and old and understand it with his carvings and such like that.

In other words, that part is now able to be augmented, or added, to the quality of your being in a way that it invokes something further. In other words, when you go into the outer and you have that aspect rubbing off on you as an energetic presence, it becomes like a precursor energy. In other words, just like when I meditate and have a meditation dream I set the tone for something that then can unfold when I come to bed in terms of subsequent dreams that have all kinds of additional meaningfulness that explode from that, that have been activated in some fashion, that is somewhat surprising. Or when one is touched during the day by something that has a profound meaningfulness, and at night then in terms of the sorting of it out, or however it is that that is getting processed or being recognized, comes a whole sequence of images that add and compliment and take you to the next step of awakening.

Well, that’s kind of what this is like. In other words, you take and because you have this understanding or this connection with this guy that can understand something ancient and old, that this sets the note and the tone so that you now can look at something that is of a whole other quality that you normally may have disregarded in the past because your attention would have been in other things. You’re now able to look at it in a whole different way, and in this way that you are looking at it, you’re looking at it from the standpoint of a listening center. In other words, you feel the vibratory meaningfulness, but in creation you listen. You listen for the sound, the note, the tone, what is this about that can be there that has a profoundness that comes across?

And so you’re taking and you’re putting yourself in this placement, or in other words there’s a part of you that is in the recognition of the greater whole, the greater mystery of the energetic of the whole, and that is being refined and defined. It’s being understood. In other words, you’re seeking it out. In other words, you’re not just dismissing it like you might have done, in terms of the university of old, where you just went there and everything was all jumbled together in terms of the classmates and stuff, and each person was just going about what they were going about to get their degree.

But now there is a whole other intrigue and mystery in life that has peaked, in terms of how you are and who you are, that fits the entire process of your beingness. In other words, you may have gone to the college and whatnot for a particular agenda long ago, but now as you come back you come to see the higher octave of it all in terms of what is meant to open up. In other words, almost as a potentiality is part of the deeper design of how it is, and who you are, in relationship to the whole.

In other words, you’re using the rock quarry and the energetic that’s there, that normally you may not have given any heed to before, but because of something having tweaked this area so that you can now take it in and roll it around, you now can take into account so much more in the horizon of life than you could have otherwise when you were just still kind of going about finding your basic way. Now you’re able to resolve mysteries that are opening up; the meaningfulness of wonders that exist, that you can now realize as higher octaves of yourself – which you couldn’t have denoted or taken into account before.

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