The Inner Language

dream-22Something in us knows, something in us is smarter and more connected to the universe than our conscious brain. Much of the work of spiritual development is to stop listening exclusively to our rational mind and instead connect to the inner parts of us that do know and are connected. And if we listen closely, we can hear its subtle guidance all the time.(At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The way I dreamt about this sort of thing was, first of all, I went to the extreme of being kind of separate, so the image I see in the meditation dream accentuates the vibe of covering up an imbalance I see and, in covering it up, I’m seeking to rewrite history. I don’t think one can do that, but that’s what I’m trying to do – and that creates a type of separation and an aloneness.

So I’m concerned after this effort to change the appearance of what is going on, or has occurred, for the image that I’m having to contend with is something’s been shot, and shot right between the eyes. You know, in the forehead. And when I’m trying to change things, or to rearrange the appearance, or to soften it, or whatever, what I’m doing is I’m covering this up.

I’m putting something that looks like a postage stamp over the top of it. And there’s something about this thing that I put on there it has stick ‘em, it’ll stick. And it somehow or another helps to close the wound, or to fix that, or to cover it up. And this stamp has something to it like the glue or whatever that is part of this process, so that when it’s all said and done, you don’t even notice that that had occurred.

I’m hiding it, I’m covering it up. It has occurred, so this is a bit of a lie as far as an expression goes, because a forensic expert trying to figure out what has occurred, if there are suspicions or something, might discover a kind of substance there, a foreign substance, that has changed things a bit and, therefore, realize that there is foul play going on.

Well I’m looking at a step-by-step way that these clues could start coming out that would lead to the evidence that would point to me as the murderer. Isn’t that an odd dream?

So in this dream, a vibe that is off, is accentuated. In other words, the imbalance is accentuated. By having to feel this weigh upon me, I will hopefully notice how my perception is being clouded. In other words, I’m doing strange things because I’m not thinking clearly because the vibe is off.

In other words, one’s not in sync or in flow with the outer environment around you, and you can know that, you can see that about yourself. By trying to cover up the seriousness of a mistake that is on the verge of blowing up in my face, what I’m doing is adopting a mannerism. I call it “distraught,” but there might be a better word because what it does is you feel this, but then you’re stymied, you’re stuck, you’re frozen.

You don’t know how to change it, either, because you don’t have the clarity or the succinctness in your nature. It just kind of leaves you in a trance. It clouds your inner sense of a knowingness and, instead of being able to function from a place of clarity, you adopt almost a blind hope or wishful thinking.

So the dream is saying to me, if you are sincere in seeking consciousness then do not go along with the situation that continues to maintain constant weight upon your overall being. Adhere to the clarity. In other words, you kind of have a sense of a flow. Reckon and beckon towards that, and let that talk to how you need to be, or what you need to do, or whatever.

Do what I have to do to remain open to a natural knowingness. Know how to let go of indulgences that compromise the inevitable. To be able to let go to whatever it is that is to happen when I have made an energetic miscue – this is where I notice that I always get stuck.

I am bound to get stuck from time to time and, when I do, I just need to face the issue before it buries you. In other words, if you stay stuck then you go dumber and dumber, and dumber and dumber and, at the very beginning, you have a sense that you’ve gone astray a bit.

So I am able to denote the need to realize that I am on a tangent if I listen to an innerness that speaks to me in a subtle way. And this innerness does this with kind of some little slight flinch, or stab to the heart, that occurs as a type of impulse. And that’s like a way in which it’s reacting to something that isn’t quite right, or it can be something that explodes openly. So I am being trained to, little-by-little, adhere to the quiet inner language that manifests as a kind of energetic inner voice.

But first things first. I have to recognize the heebie-jeebie accentuated uneasiness that is clouding my connective clarity, and strive for a clarity as being an inner flow. And instead, of course, I seem to be figuring out ways to rationalize or to make it work and, therefore, not accepting the degree to which I’m slaughtering life’s energy.

So, that’s the first dream.

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