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alchemical_cosmosFollowing on from yesterday’s post (see Being True to One’s Self), the imagery continues to plunge Jeane into a kind of chaos or mayhem. The purpose of such images is to demonstrate the need to hold the inner connection no matter what happens. Easier said than done, of course, but the struggle to maintain our connections to our higher self is a fundamental process on the spiritual path. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The next scene it feels like I’ve ridden with Dad downtown, but he gets going pretty fast and there’s a lot of snow, and he kind of goes up on the side of a hill of snow that’s been piled there.

So I pop up out of the car and I end up on the top of the snow, maybe slide down, and Dad’s gone on. He hasn’t quite noticed that I popped out of the car, so he’s gone on down around the corner.

I go looking for him, but I’m not sure where he’s gone. You know, I go around the service station and then it feels like I go to the event that we’re all going to, which is maybe at a church where they’re serving food and again there are a lot of people.

When I get there I tuck my purse around this little corner into a little cupboard, so then I can go on about, noticing the food they’re gathering and all the people that are around. And then I seem to go across the street and my sister and my niece and some other people are at a restaurant, and I look at what they’re being served.

Meanwhile, it feels like Dad has taken off. He’s forgotten he’s supposed to give me a ride back home. I’ve gone over to this building that’s actually like a treatment center building. I’ve gone to look in there, and I remember I’m standing between two elevators. And the elevator doors open and there are two people on one side, and there are some doctors talking right by me that had come out of a room. They’ve opened up a door and I can see the people in there must be getting detoxed or something because I can smell a whiff of marijuana or something and there are some people on the floor.

That must be where people come in when they need to get detoxed. The doctors have left and I’m not sure which elevator to take, the one on the right, or the one on the left? Well, then one on the left arrives first and I get in. There’s just one person in there, and I push the button.

The elevator does this very weird trip up. You feel like it actually is going, I don’t know, not in a straight line but it does kind of a swirl going up. It goes way up to like the ninth floor or something.

Then the door opens and the gal gets out that I realized must have been a patient. She was even lying on the floor when she talked with me. And so goes in somewhere and I look around. Maybe I even talk to some people on that floor.

For some reason I feel like I have my purse, or my phone, or something with me, and she took it, so I look and there may even be an exit on the ninth floor, but I realize I need to go back down to the ground floor.

Even though I’m dubious about it, I think I take the same elevator down. I’m looking around to see if I can do something about locating my purse, because even though she took something, I remember that I’d actually put the purse behind a cupboard, so I went and I found that.

And then it felt like I’ve lost my phone, but then I find my phone in my pocket and I go to see where my sister was at the restaurant and I realize they’d eaten these kind of interesting salads and I have phoned my niece or my dad to come and pick me up again from the house, but I decided before I go there I’m going to take one of these salads up with me and I’m having someone prepare that salad, I think, before I leave.

John: The dream has all kinds of things that have to be sorted out, to try to bring them into some sort of focus. So, the whole thing has to do, again, with discrimination, and how you place your energy and your attention in terms of your overall center of gravity to things.

And maybe the best way of describing it is that you have to have your attention in such a way so that it doesn’t get bifurcated by this, that, and the other around you. And the purpose of a dream like this is to get you to recognize that you actually have to hold on and feel the vibration – and not lose that vibration – as you go about and you do things. Otherwise you end up identifying with the activities that you’re doing.
And when you end up identifying with the activities that you do, then you don’t do other things that you would ordinarily be able to do, and would kind of do, as mannerisms and actions and conduct that you still feel you have a responsibility towards.

So what you’re doing is you’re talking about multiple levels of veiling yourself. In other words, it starts off where you have a responsibility towards your dad in some sense. The fact that you are putting your focus towards a responsibility towards your dad, is also a deviation or bifurcation of the energy from a greater vibration of an overallness that you can feel.

But you choose to do that. You choose to take on that responsibility even though it is a bifurcation from the one singular note or whatever that you could be experiencing.

You then go into further deviations of yourself when you have all of this other activity and mayhem going on, which then occupies and takes up your attention. So that now, even your responsibility towards your dad is turned into another kind of mayhem, because all of this other veils you again, and gets in the road in terms of grabbing your attention, so that whatever was important about how you are aiming your overall focus of beingness, has gotten disarrayed yet again.

What you are dealing with, what the purpose of the dream is doing, is healing you on an energetic level, in terms of the fact that you are seeing, as you’re dreaming, you having this overall quality of your nature that is getting diffused by not being able to hold onto something that keeps it stabilized in terms of what is important.

You’re in a human body, so you’re going to be aiming your attention in an overall sense, in some fashion or another. But you just need to take note on how that comes with a price. And in your particular case, you started with something that for all intents and purposes, in terms of evaluating things, you would say, okay, this is important to me in terms of how I have my overall attention.

But you weren’t able to sustain or maintain that very well because you allowed yourself to be noodled out even further by other little things that were going on, until eventually you’re so diffused that the importance and meaningfulness of how you’re using your overall vibration has gotten dissipated and, as a consequence, your ability to correlate and relate to yourself is getting lost – with each phase.

In other words, because you feel a linkage and a connection to your father, the use of energy in that particular way still can have a way of enhancing or feeding and is not that far astray so that you can’t do both. In other words, it is like the expression, “Head in the clouds and feet on the ground.” But feet on the ground in what regard?

You still have to have the head in the heavens so to speak, or the linkage and connection to something that you know is important that, as you function in life so that you don’t end up all dissipated.

The dream also is a precursor to developing a skill set for magic and changing things. And as the teacher would say, most people can’t really do much damage because their energetic is not refined to the point where it focuses upon being able to shift or to change things. And you had your focus deviated off to one side more than you realized.

And you can monitor all of this. In other words, you feel this, but you’re doing it in an overall way. I look at it specifically, but you have to look at it overall. How is it that you are able to carry the overall and at the same time maintain that connection?

It is a little bit how seed thoughts work. You can have a singular thought that seems harmless in and of itself, that can rise up from the ethers inside you and be fairly attenuated and close to you holding a center with yourself. But then as you start to entertain the thought, the danger, in terms of discrimination, is then that thought leads to this, this, and that and that and that, and pretty soon you’ve lost track of the original place that you started from.

A person that is really diffuse can’t even carry and hold and maintain a conversation. They just drift every which way, they flip flop every which way, because they’re not being true to some listening center inside of them.

What you’re doing is you’ve created this whole slide, energetic slide down, and actually this is a step back. What you’re doing is a step back in order to see how something goes forward. What you’re doing is actually going backwards inside yourself. You actually know better than this, but you’re revisiting it as if it is an old dormant pattern in your nature.

You’re revisiting it so that you can then see, “Well this is why I no longer do it this way. I do know where I want to place my attention.” But it’s useful to see how you look when you get completely diffuse, so that you can realize and recognize that when you do place your attention, however you do that in an overall area of responsibility, that you are making a sacrifice. It does run you full-fledged into sacrificing.

In other words, there is a way of holding yourself in an overallness that does nothing, but we don’t live in a world that does nothing. We live in a world in the outer and you then have to somehow do both. You have to maintain both places.

If you don’t maintain both places, then the value and the orientation that has the discriminating feature inside of you, which is that vibration, gets diffused to the point where all kinds of mayhem occurs around you.

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John: I have a couple little dreams and the first is: I’m in a situation in which the way to make something happen is to press down on a device. Maybe I have to press down three, four, or five times, but if I don’t press down on the device, nothing changes.

It’s like that. When you firmly press down on it you change the flow but, if you don’t, what exists goes on as usual.

I wake up somewhat surprised that nothing has changed and that the current situation continues. But I see that nothing will change unless I take an action to change the way things can unfold. Somehow I’m surprised that it actually works that way. 

This is what I’m being shown in the dream – that things work that way. At first it makes no sense to me – it requires deeper understanding. It’s suggesting that I have an effect upon what unfolds, even though I’m not inclined to believe this as being literally true.

That’s the first dream.

In the second dream I wake up at the end of it when a person makes the following statement to me, “You have a call from all sources of what is going on, and a minute amount of awareness about it.” The person who says this seems to make the statement at a most unusual moment in the dream.

It begins with me sitting around with a number of other guys. I have a Bud Light that I have apparently ordered and I’m drinking it separately, by myself. As I’m drinking it I find myself, out of the blue, ordering a case of Miller Lite to go all around the table.

I take a bottle of Miller Lite and pour it into a glass. As I drink it, I find it’s really good. Another guy asks if the beer can be put into a glass and I kind of nod in the affirmative because that’s what I’ve done: why not put it in a glass?  

But then I go off on a rampage. I had been drinking the Bud out of a bottle and I’m announcing that it’s just absolutely horrible. Who ordered this stuff? I say, never let me order this ever again. It’s nearly undrinkable.

My demonstrative, reactionary behavior causes a scene. I’m so loud it’s obvious to everyone, and they can see that I’m serious. I’m so over-the-top about this beer being bad that everyone just starts laughing and laughing. 

I sell them completely on the idea that it’s bad because I really believe it. They find it funny that I’m drinking something that’s that horrible. Then one guy, who had been laughing with everyone else, looks at me in a strange, somewhat serious way, and makes the statement that jars me awake: “You have a call from all sources of what is going on, and a minute amount of awareness about it. “

What does this show me? These two dreams are a continuation of the ideas expressed in the dream earlier that night (see A Touch of Mink).

Next time we’ll look at how all three play off the same central themes.

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John: In following up from our discussion yesterday (see A Twisted Tale), an unknown man was chasing you and, when you reached what you considered a safe hiding place, there was a black cat there with a broken tail. Initially, it might not seem apparent that the cat has now embodied the energy that was chasing you.

First of all it’s interesting that you accept the black cat with the broken tail as a normal thing; you aren’t thrown off by it, you just want to reattach the tail. So you accept the cat and work to help it instead of being frightened and alarmed. Then the cat disappears and the man, who was after you, appears in its place and he now has the broken tail.

But the anxiety you feel is not in dealing with the man who had been chasing you (which might have been a normal reaction), but in effectively repairing the broken tail without hurting the man. So what you originally were running away from has now become something that you are dealing with. You’re trying to figure out how to affect this energy, or fix it, in a way that does no harm.

So I see this as dream about intertwining and linkage. It has a lot of depth to it, for you, in terms of showing what you’re able to take on, or experience, or relate to. If you had kept running from it, it would have shown unwillingness on your part to accommodate whatever energetic was trying to connect with you.

It’s also in keeping with my dreams and wondering about our move to Las Vegas, and how to deal with the over-the-top energy without being swept away by it.

It’s human nature to try to only deal with things that we feel have a cadence or balance to them. We don’t naturally move toward the things that challenge or obstruct us. We don’t want to continually fight with the elements in our environment. So we either run away from those things, or we stay and try to deal with them – to accommodate them into who we are, and in a way that fits with what is comfortable for us.

These processes are always occurring on an energetic level, yet when you accept the process of a spiritual journey, there comes a level of development where one actually looks to go into the energies that represent a type of darkness, in an effort to shed light on them and free them up in us.

At the beginning you might avoid the darkness, but then you can actually begin to enter the darkness and work with it. That process can resolve, uplift, or cause things to happen that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. That’s what you’re doing in your dream – entering the darkness.

Again, we have had to accommodate the energies of Las Vegas in our efforts to relocate here. The dreams we are having show that process evolving – they can show us exactly where we are.

Our concern in coming here was not the living arrangements or the comfort level, but how do we maintain our level of inner connection in the midst of this crazy city? Externally it’s hard to imagine one could live a spiritual life in this environment.

Yet the longer we are here, the more our systems are finding their balance, through our meditation and our dream work. And the challenge of it will actually make us stronger in our endeavor.

It has been said that the days of the yogi on the mountain top are over, meaning that spirituality in today’s world needs to be done by living life in the midst of the culture, and managing whatever life throws at us in a spiritual way. That’s the only way real change can come to the human race and the culture itself.

So this is what I’ve been pondering, even before we arrived here, and now you’re having a dream that indicates that something has disturbed you, yet when you try to go to your grandparent’s house, and then your neighbor’s, to avoid it, you find the darkness is right there with you.

Even though you might not realize what that darkness is, when you come to realize that the darkness is part of something that you’re trying to avoid, or suppress, you can work with that. And you can do it without being hurt by it, or without you hurting it. Even if some hurt happens, that’s okay because it’s all part of fixing something internally, which can then become, through you, part of the external world. That’s healing.

That’s an interesting, complex, even shamanistic kind of dream.

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