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Woman opening curtains in the roomOften in dream work we talk about lifting the veils to certain insights, inner truths, or awakenings. Yet, sometimes, we are still in the process of putting them up – here those veils appear in the form of curtains for a room – usually as a way to protect some sensitive inner place that is in danger of being brought out into the open. But in the unveiling of inner aspects we free ourselves up for something new; it is a letting go process that allows us to move forward. By understanding this, we can stop the hanging of the curtains before they are firmly in place. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had one dream in which I was at a house that belonged to my niece and I’m there with my sister. And there are also people there from a store where they make curtains. And my niece had asked me about what kind of curtains I guess she should put up in a guest room, and so I had an idea of exactly what type of curtains and I think I’d even talked to the people from the store and we’ve made some measurements

Well, then we go up to the room and now my niece has a different idea, like she’s going to put up I think yellow curtains of some kind. But then when we all get together, my niece has definitely made up her mind for a third kind of curtains, and she’s already going around and measuring for those. They’re more beige. 

I probably have a little bit the energy of like, sometimes you wonder why someone asks you what you think because they already have such definite ideas on what they’re going to do. Plus, I’d had some people from the store measure and I realize that my niece had also measured but she probably is not going to be able to complete them yet – maybe she has to wait until she has the money.

And then I’m wondering if maybe I should have them made up for her. I don’t know yet. I realize I have really fond memories of this guest room because I guess you and I had stayed there, and maybe, I don’t know for some reason, we made love on the stairs going up to them or something, and so I have good feelings about this room.

But I’m also wondering if I need to go look in the room and make any last measurements, or see what else maybe needs to be done, or ask her about it, but then I go and I open up the door into the room and I see my sister in there sleeping, so I just quietly shut the door to the room, like there’s nothing I can really do further right now. That was one dream.

John: The dream is about veils. You’re using curtains as your issue of veils, and veils are important. Veils are important in terms of protecting the consciousness, and at the same time they keep one from reaching a particular kind of awareness inside of themselves.

What you’re contemplating in your dream is the degree of the veils, which is an amazing and interesting approach, or at least seeing the distinguishment of the veils between one color veil versus another color veil, versus another color veil. And all of it is displacing a sequence of events, or creating a whole scenario of time unfoldment, which is the veils.

It’s as if something is meant to be remembered, or awakened, and so the consequence of these veils is the distinguishing, or determining, or dividing factor in terms of how something is to transition. It’s interesting that you look at it as a standpoint of veils.


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veilslogoOften the hardest aspect of spiritual development is the ongoing need to face one’s own inner psychologies and defense mechanisms that have built up over a lifetime. We do this not to rid ourselves of them, or to cure ourselves of them – they served a purpose at some point, but no longer do. We do this to recognize the effect they have on everything we do and process, and that effect acts as a veil when we remain blind to it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The immediate effect and importance of my meditation experience is to put me in touch with the power of thought and how that affects my ability to let go of reflective outer conditions. Power of thought.

In the dream, I am observing the nature of three parts of myself. Two are calm, the third is expressively vibrant. This expressively loud condition, although it’s less significant in importance than the other two parts of myself, dictates the flow. In other words, because the other two parts are quiet, and whenever in life you have something that’s louder, it predominates. In other words, things rise to that denominator, subtler steps aside and works more as a mirror, if you can see it, or catch it, as a hint.

Because this part is dictating the flow, the ability to surrender to an essence or something, or be in a place where the perception to the innerness is appreciated, is blocked out or smothered out. You’d call it a block. What I am seeing is just how helpless I am when the energetic is speeded up and is firing off into the outer, especially in relationship to where you have to also hold a quietness that can inflect. You can be speeded up, but as long as you can pull the string on that and still inflect back from the speeded up instead of just being caught in the momentum of the speeding up. If you can’t then the other two parts of yourself, or the other aspects of yourself that are quieter, get thrown asunder because this speeded up way causes you to become too expansive and it takes over in terms of the effect of your clarity.

Because I am both speaking and am synaptically imposing myself upon the outer, in other words, when you’re speeded up and reacting it’s like a type of speaking something into life, and then when that is flowing out of you, and there’s a momentum of that energetic, you’re making an impression upon the outer. And people who tend to do that are often caught in thinking that that’s the way they have to be, and the more you think you have to be that way, or see yourself that way, the harder it is to take that into an emptiness or a quietness, because that’s a block. It has its impressions in you. You filter with that, as if that’s a necessary tool. I suppose in a strange way you could say it’s a defense mechanism, but a defense mechanism is usually used to hide, and this is something that you’ve taken on thinking that you need.

So, I am setting in motion an energetic and thoughts, which are going to make life difficult as I seek to connect to the emptiness of matter to awaken the essence. So, when you’re speeded up that’s pretty hard to do; it can be hard to do, but you can do it. I’m instead awakening things, you know momentum does that, too, with my energetic state, but I do it with a certain kind of influence. The influence is a bias of my personal way of being that is okay providing I know how to let go of this exuding synaptic effect so the subtler, deeper essence can come through, too, so basically behind all of it, it is able to predominate.

This is an example of how consciousness is dictated by the lowest common denominator of our being, and if we are relying upon something, or holding onto something, that is the lowest common denominator in our being, and that’s how we filter out, and maintain, or sustain something in terms of what we consider our well being. A lot of good spiritual practice to quiet the other two parts of my being gets blown apart by the loudness of a single area that I’m still enamored with.

So there was a subtle innerness that wants to be perceivable, but there is still something that’s more speeded up, a third area, and, as a result, going into somewhere deep with the two areas that were quiet wasn’t possible because I was under the dictums of this speeded up, non-letting go characteristic. In the outer environment I’m, in I notice the loudness.

Everything in the world is colored by this. It is a state that gets in the way of the silence and emptiness that is at the epicenter of all life. Mankind is by and large affected by such characteristics, and it is rare for a person to be able to set this aside so the quiet, subtler essence of their being can come out. It is even rarer for a person to be able to take the quiet subtler essence of their being and cause a reflection to a deeper essence to mirror across. This is hard and a rare condition because such consciousness is easily drowned out by the loudness of the energetic firing off that seeks to pull the consciousness to this denominator. If I am not empty and able to step aside from the spell-like projection, I will be affected and this leaves one in a state in which the lower common denominator presides.

The dream in my meditation state was important because rarely does one slow down enough to see the synaptic biases that they have put on as an energetic cloak. See, the theme of the dreaming is things that are blockages, and I’m looking at where I’m most susceptible in terms of being able to sort out the different effects, and in doing so I was able to get to a sight made possible only when this loudness is quieted, and isn’t creating problems reflectively.

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light_body1Through the imagery of John’s dream, he is able to describe the difference between being separate and disconnected from the universe – being caught in the denseness of the physical life – and being connected and in tune with the natural knowing and guidance that we all can access. Awakening this inner connection to universal guidance is what a spiritual path is all about. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What I did differently, is I saw the pitfalls of where you blink, or react, in terms of how bad it is in the Whole. In other words, when you’re not able to be in sync and in flow, how extremely shocking and bad it can be to the Whole.

In the dream, I’m presented with three very slow choices, which are heavy energy choices, to choose from, which are ways of dealing with the situation. And so I select one of the slow choices.

And the reason why it’s considered and deemed a slow choice is because there isn’t much energetic vibration connected to it. It’s weighed down by a heaviness of the situation, which strains the situation. It keeps you from having a dexterity and a fluidity.

As a consequence, a choice like that really doesn’t solve anything. It’s kind of like the head-in-the-sand kind of mannerism, and when it’s contracted like that, because it’s a vibrational stagnation, the possibilities don’t open up. They’re not available, either, on an energetic level.

Typically, whatever you do there lacks dexterity. It’s generally a mannerism that’s kind of futile. It’s a heavy energy, it’s a slow energy, and it’s an energy in which you crack and get crushed very easily because you have no reserve in terms of a sense of well being.

And then at the same time, I also see three faster and more vibrant choices, and I notice that when you make one of them, things progress because there is a magnetism that flows in this area. Maybe magnetism isn’t the right word, but something just opens up in the ethers, and things just kind of come together and they exceed, because it’s on an energetic level, where you’re flowing with the vibrancy of things, can exceed what you could possibly comprehend, which means then that you’re kind of connected to a natural flow or a natural knowingness.

It’s as if you know what you do not know, because you have the right focus and attention. And so if you were to look back at this after the fact, it would be as if you acquired what you needed, even though, if you’re really honest with yourself, you don’t have any memory of how that worked, because it’s not like you made the choices that made it work.

On this low energy deal, you’re left trying to fend with your own devices, and on something like this your devices are less tangible because the inflections come and you act off of the energetic moreso, as opposed to the flinching, which leaves you scrambling in your mind and in your head, and developing defense mechanisms, and wounds, and everything else in that other, slower area.

It works that way because of the energetic aliveness that just somehow or another, because everything else is denser, it has its way of moving about a space, and the answers you need are, so to speak, in the energy, and come to one as needed.

Like I mentioned earlier, choices made under the lower energy area drain you, and what’s interesting is we’re also playing with the principle of four. In other words, you’re going one, two, three so if you keep making choices one, two, three, all low energy choices, the fourth is going to be a catastrophe.

In other words, you didn’t get it the first time, you continued to fuddle in the second time, you’re continuing to not come in sync and in balance and in flow on the third go around, the fourth is going to be a disaster.

That’s how it works. Things work as a completion. Who’s to say well, that’s a good completion or a bad completion? In the schematic of energy that’s a disaster though, in terms of in the physical, and that’s when wounds and veils dictate. Choices made under an energetic flow, which are the higher energy, that has the breakthrough and awakens something from some sort of heartfelt unexpected, they are like a windfall or good fortune.

You can’t explain why that is. That’s where you connect to the synchronicity and the coincidences, and things just seem to kind of rearrange for the well being, or if they’re rearranging for the well being, then you would say that in the physical context of things, results are kind of magical.

You can’t take credit for them, yet they happen for you because you’re in a flow, or the insights that you need that come to you at the last second, that kind of save the day of things, function a little bit like a wisdom from within. How is it derived? I don’t know. It inflected through, and so how do you explain the breakthrough when it functions like that?

Essentially my dreaming is thus pointing out the degrees, in other words, the two extremes and why it’s important to have a connection that holds to something inside, which has the space, and the depth, and the linkage, and the intertwining, and the connectivity so that things are much greater than could possibly be imagined.

Because you’re no longer walking around having pushed that energy aside, or lost that energy, so that you’re in a slow state trying to fend for yourself, which means that you’re stabbing in your heart, limiting yourself, making choices that are of your own motif and not realizing, not accepting the degree to which you’re haywire.

You’re doing it once, and could be doing it twice, could be doing it three times, and the fourth time is a catastrophe. Catastrophes hit in different ways. Catastrophes can hit even in a physical sensation. In other words, because we are attuned, and we take all of it in. Everything that you do to the heart, if you do this other kind of thing, it slams the heart with the wounds and veils.

The body has to absorb that, and sometimes that’s not good for the body. If you flow and connect with this other, then you awaken from inside of yourself, kind of like an energetic guidance that is kind of best described as affinity, and an attunement, to an aliveness that’s like a light body. And in that is the information, the creativity, the wisdom, and the magic.

And the other sits there kind of on a coping level that this other has covered, as opposed to it being choked out, blocked off, because you’re stabbing yourself again, staying in this dense way with no access to the light body and therefore, very low energy, very strained and drained.

And so if you’re looking at the two extremes it’s kind of like at some point you have this wake-up call that says, why don’t I access the information of the universe, which I’m all intertwined and connected with? Why don’t I stay there? Why can’t I figure out how to stay there, because that’s where all of it is made known?

It’s not made known when you take and you see something that doesn’t copacetically work or function in terms of some perception or mannerism that you want to try to hold onto, and as you hold onto it, you try to gear it, or steer it, or gauge it. That will never work.

And the thing is, all of this keeps tightening up, which means that once you kind of know that you have to intertwine, and you have to link with things, and if you find yourself not doing it, and you know you should be doing it, and there’s the echo inside of you that you can, and know how to, and have the consciousness that should be doing it, as you backslide away from that, it’s almost like the intensity of what you can experience in the backsliding, if you don’t take it to heart, it’s intensified. And if you do take it to heart, then it helps to springboard you deeper into the connection that you need to have.

What is this connection? Actually, this is a very odd way of catching up with the dream about merging, because it is like a type of merging, and your dream is the same way. You’re agreeing that you can take and cope with, or merge with, the aspects of the outer, because you can cope with it, you can work with it, you have a resource that’s willing to work with it, you’re not going to get sucked into it to the point where everything’s going to get all bound up, and you’re going to get zapped.

You have that fluid space inside you that you own, or at least you have, own probably is the wrong word, at least you have a recognition of because if you didn’t have a recognition of even in your dream, your overall would be something in which you’re having to fight, and scramble, and contend with things because something is not copacetic in terms of the Whole that you have imagined, or designed.

Your whole thing has the overall vibration to it, and mine has the narrow slice and dice that hits hard. What’s really, really interesting is that there’s always a counter to everything. It’s like speaking strictly of this approach where you’re getting hit with things like this, you actually are making little wounds, and slices, and scars in the heart – and you can overdo it.

It can be dangerous, and you can kill yourself, or hurt yourself, and make yourself ill. However, if you overcome it, the flip side of that does soften you, does bring you around to something that twines and connects and creates the linkage, it facilitates the linkage. It’s all designed to work, although it’s a pretty tough little role to have to play, holding an overall space, or working with the idiosyncrasies, masculine idiosyncrasies, feminine in the overall.

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