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John: In this first image, I’m trying to show another person how to distinguish between the variations and types of energetic projections that come from the casinos, because casinos can have a number of different levels to them. Some features, such as the theater shows, are interesting, and then there are other aspects that just kind of suck you in.

To begin with, I set aside, for reference, the projections that are most obvious in terms of what the casinos project about themselves. Yet to gain a greater perspective, I’m also isolating the projections that aren’t so apparent, which portray the casino energetic in ways that aren’t so flattering.

In other words, I’m seeing both the positive and the negative. I’m trying to examine everything up and down, back and forth, and in and out. The object is to generate a more balanced image by taking into account the opposite polarities.

Then, I take this one step further to reach that which is important to all of life, which lies deeper still beneath the surface. In other words, I’m not just trying to find the middle ground or the balance between the positive and negative. What we’re really meant to do is shift into, and find, that all of the surface detail sits within, or is encompassed by, a greater energetic.  

Everything we see is an aspect of a greater energetic that comes from somewhere else, and we need to be attuned to that. But we humans, being in a physical body, tend to see everything as good or bad in relation to us personally, which is huge a distraction from what’s really at play.

As we develop, we try to find the point of balance, where we can fit in and be okay with things, and then further on we have to shift again and appreciate the whole for what it is.

In the next dream image, I’m trying to understand what a friend of mine is seeking in terms of his inner path. He’s written down 92,000 words for a book. I’m not sure that that many words are meaningful. Maybe its a deviation in me, so I’m trying to look at the rawness of it all.  

As I look, I’m surprised to see he’s written down every little thing. He’s writing it all down because even he seems to know that he’s got to document everything – not knowing what will be meaningful once he pulls it all together.  

As I look at what he’s done I flinch a bit, not knowing what can be edited, so I find myself reading it to see if there’s a flow. There’s got to be a central flow. I realize that the text is fairly benign and choked down without a lot of energy, but maybe if it’s pulled together then the flow of it will be important. I’m trying to look at the overall context to understand if it’s important or not.

In both dreams, I’m seeking to catch up with what is meaningful to my soul, energetically, and to how I’m meant to be in relationship to the soul. In your dreams you were trying to catch up with your soul by taking on the overall, which had you removing the coal from the basement, then coming to know what was truly explosive and overwhelming, and then knowing how to get that quieted down. Ultimately you reached a point which led to a purity and a stillness; it died to the world and yet still wasn’t really dead (for the full discussion of this thread, see Coal into Diamonds, An Explosive Situation, and The Greatest Freedom).

That was an amazing image you ended with: were those aspects really dead? Or did they sit in a state of purity within the overall energy? In my first dream, I know there’s something more there, but I need to take in the whole picture first before I’m able to identify the underlying thread that’s evolving in terms of life.

The casino image represents how we can be drawn off on tangents in life – seeing and being attracted by only the shiny surfaces and missing the deeper meaning of things.

In the second image, I’ve documented everything (92,000 words) that can be experienced in terms of outer life and now I need to find, within that, the flow. The approach in both dreams involves recognizing an inner flow within the context of outer scenarios and reflections.

I’m developing the understanding that the outer world is merely a symbolic reflection of the inner worlds. To break through the bewilderment of these outer reflections, I need to identify the underlying thread that’s in motion from within. I know that there’s an energetic vibration there, even though it may not be readily apparent.

The steps I’ve taken to sort this out have been depicted by the levels of attraction of the casino and the documentation of everything that’s happened to me for years and years. From each image, I’m seeing other levels lying beneath what I seek to reach. To reach these more subtle levels, I need to let go of the indulgences, misunderstandings, and personal involvements that hang over these outer portrayals.

The subtlety of the inner is beneath it all and reachable if the outer reflections that affect the mind and the senses are set aside. Only in this way, like a letting go, can I become free and able to see the more meaningful aspects or qualities that lie behind the energetic projections.

In other words, first we have to see the projections, and then we have to go behind them to see what is causing them. When we’re able to sift through all these levels, it means we’re developing a greater meaningfulness in life.

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John: I think it’s worth continuing the discussion from yesterday (see Full of Myself) because it’s such a fundamental and important topic. What we are delving into is the constant battle we face, as humans, to let go of our personal expectations – our vision of how things should be – and to see life as it really is, in all of its multifaceted outplay.

So to recap the dream images, the best way I can describe them is that I would see something that was easy to define, easy to look at, and then I would consider how those images left me feeling. The simple images may have allowed me to feel safe, in the sense that nothing was being challenged, yet at the same time they left me feeling stifled, never really knowing what was going on because they were too cut and dried.

Then I was also seeing images in which there were three, four, five – who knows how many – possibilities and combinations, and with those I couldn’t feel comfortable. I couldn’t dumb them down to fit my worldview.

And it was the more complex images that, when accepted by me, enabled me to take something into account in a greater way. They were all intertwined, and I understood that they had to be intertwined, rather than minimizing them in order for me to feel more comfortable with myself.

In being forced to accept the multiplicity of images, knowing that they all fit and had something to do with what was really going on, I saw myself developing an ability to see the greater truth that is always available to us. I had a sense of the past, the present, and the future – especially in terms of what was designed to unfold.

We human beings cannot easily sit by in situations that confront us with circumstances that seem overwhelming. We can’t help but try to control the situation, or make choices, in ways that soothe our sense of wellbeing; when we do that, we deny things (information) that we don’t understand.

When we feel that sense of being overwhelmed, or that feeling of discomfort, we have one of two choices: we can either get away from it because it’s too chaotic to assimilate, or we can somehow allow ourselves to go with it and, in the process, gain access to a greater dimensionality.

Take, for example, our move to Las Vegas. It would be very easy to dismiss this city just because of its reputation and all that comes with it. Yet to do so would be to reject what is the underlying cause that has given this space in the desert an energy that is known worldwide.

The simple view would be to think that gambling and casinos are what give Las Vegas its energy – its pizzazz. But it’s really the fundamental energy of this place that allows it to happen. It’s unlikely that this city could have succeeded, in such a way, anywhere else.

So to dismiss it outright is to cut us off from the underlying energy that gives it life. A more complex view would say that there’s something more deeply significant going on here that draws people from around the world.

Examining these dreams has helped me to understand what it means to be more inclusive. In the simple dream images I felt some security, and dismissing Las Vegas as a place to live because of a simple view of it would have the same effect – I’d be closing myself off to the greater possibilities that brought us here in the first place.

So when we “bottom line” things that we encounter in life, we likely gain a fleeting sense of security – we risk less. In taking into account the multiplicity of life, we may feel momentarily confused, but in that scrambled condition we can develop the sight to perceive, and take in, and understand things that aren’t possible when we’re functioning only according to our own personal judgments and biases.

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John: We’ve been examining what it means to surrender to the flow of life (see Playing it Safe). When we resist that, by being a slave to our own personal involvements, psychologies, and patterns, we disconnect from everything else in the universe. That’s how we deceive ourselves.

But, if we can get out of our own way, we then somehow gain access to natural knowings about what to do next. Said another way, we are more able to appreciate the flow if we take personal aspects out of the equation and connect strictly to what is natural (universal), or predesigned, in terms of Divine Will.

The closeness of the connection is determined by the degree to which we are able to step aside from our ego-based experience and instead participate more like a natural, living organism in what is unfolding. 

It’s an aliveness, and it comes with catching up with Divine Will, beginning from our inner selves and reflecting that into the outer world, and then it begins to work from the outer world into our inner lives. That is the whole cycle of creation, when a human being is living as they’re meant to live – open to the heart of hearts of life itself.

Basically humans have come to believe, through our self-centered view of life, that our safety is based in our personal protections. But those become the veils of illusion – they’re like our own personal filters – which prevent us from seeing and experiencing the whole of life.

The removal of these veils leads to us to an understanding about the evolution of the soul in the greater scheme of things. Said another way, it’s like the light from within rises up to touch the light of Divine Will, which comes down to touch the spiritual, universal essence imbedded within each of us.

I have this dream image in which there is a great big pot of soup, or stew, being cooked. It’s a huge melting pot of things, and there is a cook. The cook from time to time steps aside to gather more ingredients, or more components.

When that happens, as I’m sitting around watching the cook work, I’m compelled to step forward and stir the pot a bit so it doesn’t burn – but only while the cook is away. It’s like a natural ebb and flow between us, as I step forward and recede.

It’s an interesting little image because I don’t see myself as the cook, but I still do have a role in the process of creating this whole pot of things. The cook never asks for my involvement, I just naturally respond to the need.

What’s obvious to me, in terms of what this image means relative to our ongoing transition here in Las Vegas, is that everywhere we go things are constantly being redesigned in terms of their various functions within the greater Las Vegas environment. It’s an ongoing evolution – nothing is static in terms of the elements of the city fulfilling their roles to the utmost of their possibility.

So part of this message is to understand that nothing is to be denied, that everything is part of the mix, and it’s just a matter of being able to handle that, of being able to work with that, and to not become overwhelmed (which is when our ego protections fill the gap created by such disconnections).

The magic, of course, is in working with all the ingredients that can be added that can cause or allow something to unfold or happen. We can (safely) get lost in that magic as life flows this way and that, just as there is magic in the ways of Las Vegas. We can see everything as a flow of light.

Las Vegas already does its best to simulate the flow of light – that’s what’s so intriguing about it. But who is able to pierce the veils, because each person tends to go off into their own little octave? As a consequence, we might appreciate it in a certain linear way, or sometimes get a little overwhelmed because we see ourselves as not catching up because we’re not in the flow of it.

Whether we are speaking of a city, or of a spiritual journey, humans are not meant to impose their personal expectations on life as it exists and is flowing. We are meant to include ourselves in the flow, knowing that we carry all the protection we need through our deeper connection to Divine Will.

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