The Agency

swad4If we are looking for a job, we are usually hired to fill the need of some corporate situation; i.e., we are the answer to that need. So, when we ask ourselves the question: why am I here?, we can say the same thing. We are the answer to a need of the universe at this time. We may not know exactly what that means, or entails, but, if we stay open in our lives, we will listen to the urges and feel the nudges that can take us to where we need to be – and are meant to be. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So this is going on, with its complexities, because sometimes you don’t move all in one direction, you can go other directions. But sometimes, as I said, you don’t move or get involved at all. And then just about near the end of the day, when I think it’s time to go home, I notice my dad has gone into it looks like an agency that has a casting call for people for parts. And that’s what it feels like sometimes we’re doing is it’s like we get calls for things.

So I’m surprised to see dad do that. So I want to make sure what that agency’s like, and then I suddenly hear that that agency, if you go in there and you get a call, you don’t get to go home or anything, they just send you right off. And apparently they picked dad as one of the people, they’re going to be sending him to Japan.

Well, even though the agency maybe is closed, but I walk through the door and they seem to let me, and whoever’s ever with me, in. I guess they’ll talk to us for some parts they have, too. It gives me a second to just check in with dad. But he says he’s always wanted to revisit Japan.

But I noticed somebody that’s with that group, they kind of fall down a hill as they’re taking them down to put them on a bus or something. A few people go over to help him. I’m not sure about it, but I realize I just have to respect that if he wants to go to Japan, but I’m still interested in checking out what’s happening with the agency. So I’m staying in the waiting room to see if I get a call to check them out. Anyway, that was when I woke up.

John: So your dad in this example represents the higher self, represents an energy coming into life, that in the totality of whatever it is that is needing to wake up in life has no idea what that is, necessarily, other than the fact that he is coming into life.

So, he goes to an agency to see what what it is that is there for him, and he has his ideas about how to act out, perhaps, but when he goes into the agency none of that works out quite like he might have imagined. Because it is recognized, and he has to recognize, that he has chosen to come to the agency to be placed, in life, not according to his personal predilections, but in relationship to whatever the need might be.

Now, deep down, his needs is the agency’s need, he just doesn’t know that. And so, when he comes to the agency, the need is for him to go and awaken something in the east. In other words, to open something up so that something more can transpire.

So all of that is part of you, and you see this going on, and you have your focus and attention on things that have to do with your dad, the nobility of something that is necessary and needed in life. And so you yourself are sitting there saying, okay, my turn. In other words, you get the hint – aha – you’re looking to follow traditional things as well.

So let’s put that in relationship to three ways of acting. There are those those that come into life and try to figure out what their piece of the action is. And so they’re trying to look and see what’s going on, and how they can carve that out – uniquely for themselves – in the most personal way. In other words, they think that they’re acting on the problem before it had become a problem, that way they are able to act in the hiddenness as if they’re hiding a piece of the action, and being able to develop a personal.

And then there are those who come into life and they’re not necessarily sure what they want to do. But as they look around, and are affected by the ups and downs of things happening in manifestation, they figure out a way of acting in accordance with that. Those can be interesting and very good people, but their appeal, in terms of their attention, only goes so far. It is only something that is recognized and seen by those who have the same similitude with them, that function in life in that same regard.

Then there’s a third type that comes down into life, and this third type is purposely veiled, so that they don’t even know they’re in an amnesia. And they’re wandering around, pondering how it is that they’re supposed to be. And, as circumstances would have it, something is pent up inside of them. Something is latent.

So when they go into the agency of things they get sent, or commissioned, to do this, that, or the other only to find out that what awakens there is something that isn’t what they, deep down, find that they really kind of would have liked to have done. They just didn’t quite get it at the time that they came down. They didn’t realize that there was that importance, latent and hidden.

And so, when they act, they are acting in the midst of things that is already all askew, and all astir. They’ve come down to the agency, and instead of having their idea of how to contend with things, the overall effect of it all is already in full swing. And so they get placed where they’re neither east nor west, where they take in the beginning and the end, simultaneously, and that’s what they really wanted to do all along.

And that is what is going on in life right now, in terms of how things are shifting. That’s how the shift is occurring. And that’s why hardly anybody notices it, or sees it, because they’re inclined to work in either the first way, or the second way.

The first way is the most personal, that’s where you are carving out your piece of the action. The second way is in-between, where you’re doing your concept of spiritual things. You have your idea of why you came here, and what you’re going to do, and what you’re not going to do – and so you’re bicycling about.

And the third way is, deep down, you really don’t want any of it; you want something else. But you don’t know what it is that you want. And so that pent-up quality, then, is something that shakes, and comes in, whether you want to call it a type of longing, however you want to call it, and, as a result, what ends up opening up is something that can effectually do the work. And it is hidden, and it is protected. And when it surfaces and gets placed, it is what you really wanted to do and didn’t know it.

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