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portal-of-lightIt’s easy to look at the boundaries of our skin and think we end there. And, of course, physically we do. But what about the boundary of the universe? Energetically, that is our only limit. And that puts human beings in the middle of a grand unfolding, in which what we do, what we think, and what we connect to energetically in our lives matters. It makes a difference, just as one bad cell can become a disease. That’s why all religions and spiritual pursuits ultimately point to a person choosing the higher purposes of life, because otherwise we become a diseased cell within the higher system (and all healthy systems in the universe seek to rid themselves of disease). (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So before I went into meditation, the seed thought for the night was established through the following statement, this comes from David Spangler, and this following seed thought is added and then we have to see what is revealed in relationship to this seed thought.

And the seed thought is: “When we speak of our incarnations as journeys away from God and spirit, when we think of life as a kind of exile from our real home, when we think of ourselves as divided into souls and personalities, when we think of the physical world as simply an illusion from which we must awaken, we may well be speaking and thinking in a language of separation rather than connection and wholeness-making.”

So that’s the seed thought. So what arose out of that seed thought is a dream in which the energetic of what was taking place has a vibration and a note to it. And it’s also part of you. Everything that is affected is part of you, and you are able to denote that in a world in which there is only this, as David Spangler would say, connection and wholeness-making, for that to be truly so you have to quit keeping the subtle notion of time.

If you drop the subtle notion of time you can’t die. There’s only a soul awareness. It is always with you, which would be the same thing as saying that you’re able to recognize yourself to be all things, or different things, or parts of this, or parts of that, and you’re able to transcend the limitations of space.

But now let’s transcend the limitations of time. And when you do that, the physical body can die and you can have an awareness that still resides in the physical plane. But things have changed even further and, in terms of the veils that are kept based upon expansive and contractive, in other words, the expanse being the ethers, the cosmos, and the contractive being manifestation, when you remove that veil, in other words, everything being wholeness-making, that which is here you are able to live through and know, as if you are still in the conceptualizations that had prevailed of time and space.

Yes, there’s some vibratory truth to it, but it’s fairly well hidden. In the future, where consciousness is going, those veils are being thrown away. The two are intertwined.

When you’re talking soul level, you’re actually talking not just others, but you’re talking in the physical as well. And when you’re talking soul level, you’re talking about effectuating something that transcends in, and over, and upon manifestation.

And a human being is typically, because of the veils kind of confined in terms of what that effect can be. Generally it’s only a temporal effect that can extend during their lifetime, during the magnetic energetic of a world bounded by a here and now, or the physical of time and space, but in the future, as you hone the closeness to the soul level, you will find that there is no time and space.

So what you connect with and catch up with in the physical now, that goes beyond the veils of perception that keep things separated, based upon time and space, once you are able to get beyond that, that’s why it’s important for the energy not to go into the heart, the life force has to go into the soul, and when it goes into the soul it goes out into all of the essence of everything that ever existed because that is you. When it does that, then the veils of time and space drop.

Well in the future, in where we’re going, there’s not going to be the redo overs, you know, where you come back and you have the veils that exist from a prior reincarnation. The word reincarnation again is playing with things in a duality. It’s keeping things in a double, instead of just the wholeness-making, a wholeness-making that is complete.

So where this is going is that ultimately you may drop the physical body, but you’re still going to be in both places – or you will have a soul that will know itself in its overall – and you will have a consciousness of oneness emerging in the world. So it’ll be like the physical can drop away, but not really, in terms of the aspects of a physical are still in cohesion in terms of the senses. But the sense is at a different, subtle level. Do you see what I’m trying to say?

Everything’s going to be there, all in one fell swoop. That is a very radical thought, isn’t it? Who can accept that thought? But that was what came out of this seed thing that I took and made a copy of: “Yet when we speak of our incarnations as journeys away from God and spirit…”, in other words, acting like there’s something on high, the heavens, and then there’s the manifestation.

“When we think of life as a kind of exile from our real home…”, okay, that’s again a this and a that. “When we think of ourselves as divided into souls and personalities…”, again a this and a that, a soul being something more and a personality being our dharma or something. “When we think of the physical world as simply an illusion from which we must awaken…”, in other words, like it’s a bad joke, and when we get through the joke we come to know something else? Which means that the joke falls away because it never really is, it’s not anything. That’s a duality now. “We may well be speaking and thinking in the language of separation, rather than connection and wholeness-making.”

So this set the tone for the dreams.

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