The Dreamer

Who is the dreamer and who is the dreamed? Well, we are all the characters in our dreams, each character showing us a different facet of ourselves. We can think of these stories that unfold from our unconscious, while we sleep, to be fables, whether cautionary tales or inner guidance, that show us a depth and nuance to ourselves that we usually aren’t able to see during the day. So we receive guidance each night to make the next day more productive on our journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the next dream, I’m just moving around casually and I happen to run into a woman who thinks that maybe I should be introduced to more of the things in her world. 

So she introduces me and, so to speak, passes me along to another woman who is curious about the fact that I dream. I tell her the dream about driving a Volkswagen at level eight in the sky. And that I drop down to the fourth level, which is the heart level, and that I’m still being passed by trucks on the superhighway in the sky. 

And then I point out how the teacher indicated, and kept pointing out, that I need to just keep coming down. Somehow, this story endears her to me. In a touching way, she hugs me. And then I am then brought to her group, which is like a type of Sufi group, where in the group is another person, she has indicated, also dreams. 

I’d also mentioned to her that dreamers travel to other levels in order to see. So that was part of this dream, the importance of it is in going to other levels. So as I came into the group, or come before the group, I am suddenly observing a person that she mentioned, who is the dreamer of the group. She’s also told me that what he says can be a type of unbeknownst profoundness, or something. In other words, there’s something odd about him, you just can’t label him or put him down because he comes from somewhere, somehow. 

And so, as I’m listening to him, I see what she means. He talks and talks about things this way and that way, and that others seem to listen to him, but, deep down, it doesn’t do anything for me, or reach any kind of significant conclusion, or completion. Yet, for them, not knowing that there is meant to be something more, they go along with it because they don’t know what to make out of it. 

So when there is a lull in his diatribe, I ask him, have you had a dream lately? He brightens up as he tells me a dream. I’m assuming that no one else, including him, because it’s not being held by others properly and it therefore bars him a bit, is coming to grips with what this dream means. 

So, as I hear the dream, I actually am hearing this dream from a kind of quality of going still. And so the first thing I say, observing this to be a type of warning dream that he isn’t adhering to, I say, doesn’t that worry you? And then I say, if this were my dream, I would stop everything for a while and take heed. In other words, I’d quit talking, I wouldn’t do anything. I’d quit all the action. 

And, to my surprise, he hears that. So then I ask him to go over the first part of the dream. And then when I hear it again I mention to him that this part applies to the collective. He confirms and agrees. 

And then I leave and I go from this place to what’s kind of like a corridor. And, in this corridor, from up above it’s almost like flood conditions from above; it’s coming down. And this corridor is like a highway. It’s like a road, in other words, and this road turns and turns and turns. And it’s all lined in by a concrete wall. And down this road is this huge torrent of water, like a river of water. 

And so the car I’m in, that he’s driving, somehow is going up this. I can’t believe it because it’s such a force coming down, it’s like whitewater coming down, it’s driving in the face of this as if it’s a flood. And, at one point, it almost comes up over the front window, it’s splashing up so much in it’s wild rage. 

And when he gets to the top there’s like a little town up there, quiet little town, very quaint. And so there is this whole intensity, and no symptom of it either. It’s just a quaint little town at the top. And what I see happening there is kind of a curiosity for me. And this is exemplified by the fact that I come out of a building and there’s like the need to open and close the door to a pink car that is in the way, that, somehow or another, by opening and closing the door of this pink car it makes my movement, as I’ve come out of a building and am walking up a sidewalk, it somehow is part of that process of making that work better. 

And the dreamer who had driven me up here is behind me, just kind of following along, now like a type of shadow. And then the owner of this car seems to take insult that I would touch his car. He’s trying to get my attention, as if I shouldn’t have touched his car. But I’m in one of those states where I don’t even notice it. I don’t even notice him. I’m just walking along, I have no idea that he’s attempting to catch up with me, and, at one point, I’m told by this other dreamer that he was reaching out to grab my shoulder and just missed grabbing it. 

So, as I hear this, suddenly this guy shows up. To look at him, and for him to be concerned in the way he seems to be concerned, he has the look and the act of an idiot. And he makes no sense; what he is talking about I take to be kind of a non-issue event. No one makes a big deal out of something like that. I mean, nothing affected the car whatsoever. 

So I try to push him out of my way, as he is too close, and his nose – I must have touched his nose – and his nose nearly comes off. So I haven’t time for this weirdness from him. So I say to him, get the hell out of my face, or the next time I’m going to let you have it. 

So the meaning of the dream is, this dream is pointing out that I am not a person who is understood like I think. I need to stop, settle back, recognize that I am seen in kind of an anomaly way. That I need to denote what is going on around me, accept that I am accessing other levels that are overwhelming to others. And that I still have a ways to go before I am able to take in what is going on in a way that keeps my nose out of this, or that, because the other levels I am accessing aren’t there for others. 

The primary purpose of the dream is to teach me the principle of witnessing, and to get me to realize that feelings portray the personal self and not the underlying stillness. Everything sorts itself out when I witness from a stillness. To be acting out, or reacting, misses the memo from this deeper, underlying presence.

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The Space of Creation

John: We’re continuing the conversation about your dream yesterday, The Adventure. The imagery ends with you about to begin a chase scene, taking with you what you found in the hidden rooms and hidden boxes – things you will need for the journey.

And this dream opens up three levels of information, and on these other levels you can’t reduce what you find there back to the mundane. In other words, having followed the thread from the beginning of the dream, you’ve developed something deeper, and then reached a point where you become entwined with the inner space itself.

However, the process that you’re in – the insight you are accessing – isn’t something that’s meant to be obvious or apparent or understandable to anyone who can pop their head in and try to understand it.

In fact, they probably have no right to understand it because they don’t have it in them to view life in such a way, so all it will do is confuse them, and create more complexities and problems. They might not be able to handle the energetics of it – they’ll be overwhelmed.

And when someone gets overwhelmed by energetics, the tendency is to create a stigma that gets in the way, that puts a barrier in place that doesn’t need to be there. These come in the form of judgment, expectation, attitude, or mood, and that’s just the sort of thing that can haunt a person in the way of a chase, where things pop their heads up.

However none of that will occur if you’re able to hold a hiddenness, because your understanding of things is transcending three levels.

First we see the level of the path, or thread, in terms of the rollercoaster. Here, a part of you recognizes that as too much, so you work around that in a gentler way. This accesses the second level, where you take responsibility for gathering up certain things that are useful, or necessary, or that need to be held onto to facilitate the whole process.

Then you realize that there’s an even deeper level, found in the second set of boxes, and this is where the heads pop in to get a glimpse of what it’s all about. But at this level it no longer has to do with what you’re maintaining, or what’s unfolding that’s literally described, it’s about something that you’re intertwined with – the effect comes to you but also from you – and this you must do in a hiddenness.

We’re all linked to all of these levels naturally, but we need to be a certain way in ourselves to access them. So you are having an effect, just by “catching up” energetically with the space you’re in.

At the third level, you strip away that outer appearance and reach a type of connection that’s… well, the only way to describe it is to say it’s hidden and intertwined but nothing can really be known about it in language, so to speak, because you’re working with something that’s in a hiddenness itself. Yet you know that you’re in the hiddenness.

Only others who are in the hiddenness can see you in the hiddenness. You can try as much as you like to try to tell others about the hiddenness, but they won’t really get it. They might be amazed, but they’ll also try to define it and pigeonhole it through the details. The only way for them to understand it is to bring it down a level to where they are. But once you do that, the true essence of it is lost.

The jewelry that you gathered up is actually a lower-level way of saying that you have found a deeper value at a higher level. The jewelry is a lower-level trace of a higher-level connection that you have intertwined with. It’s almost a cellular connection, in a way.

In other words, it’s outside of matter, as we know it. It’s a space and you’re affecting things in it. Said another way, you’re approaching the epicenter of Creation as a space.

The Adventure

Jeane: I wasn’t able to pull much from this dream, I only have an impression of it.

It seemed to involve an amusement ride – like a roller coaster – but it was indoors. I wasn’t very willing to take a ride, because it had that section that turns you upside down.

That’s the first impression.

Then I had a dream that involves several people and we’re all fairly young. It’s a chase or adventure where we’re running somewhere. Then a few of us are selected and we’re able to go up into a hidden area.

We have a certain amount of time to go through some boxes and pick out some things. In this case it happens to be jewelry that we can wear and it’s from a specific country – silver and garnets.

We have to choose the pieces we can wear and leave the ones we can’t. My niece is with us and I wonder whether I should put on the heart-shaped one, but it doesn’t seem right. Then my niece puts on one earring and I put on the other and we’ll wear those.

Next the chase begins. The dream then changes slightly. I’m with a young boy and we’re told we should go up into a certain area and that we have to do so very quickly. There we find the hidden boxes and this time they have to do with Japan…

John: So right off the bat you’re dealing with multiple levels, which is becoming more common in our dreaming.

To begin with, the first image of the roller coaster is like looking at a path, or following a path. In this particular instance you looked at it, but you didn’t want to experience the part that loops you upside down and around. You basically just said no to that.

Okay, then what happens?

Jeane: Well, we went into a secret room and there were hidden boxes. We could select things to take out and the first boxes had to do with a certain type of jewelry.

In the second case it was objects from Japan, and other people kept popping their heads into the room and we had to pop their heads back down because we didn’t want them to see the objects because next there was going to be a chase.

John: Yes, even though you might not realize it, you’re still working with the first part of the dream (the roller coaster) – you’re just working on another level of it.

In other words, the first part of the dream has the image of the roller coaster, which is something that can whip you around and turn you upside down. It can be very wrenching. So you said no to that, and the dream shifted to a different level that takes a gentler approach.

You take the gentler approach in order to hold, or to maintain, something, rather that wrenching it apart. The roller coaster begins a vibrational thread, and the scenario with the jewelry is another aspect of that thread.

As I listen, you’re describing what you’re doing to try to hold something together in relationship to a quality of that thread. And what happens? You are able to find things of value (by opening the hidden boxes).

So then, you must protect these valuable things, or defend them from attack?

Jeane: No, I don’t think they’ll be attacked, but I have the sense that these are objects that we’ll need when we take off and are chased. They’re going to help with where we’re going, and we don’t want other people to catch up with them.

In the case of the objects from Japan, we don’t want other people to see what we’ve got. People keep popping their strange little round heads up into the space, and we’ve got push them back down and then select something really fast and get on our way.

It’s an adventure and we’re going to have certain tools that can help us on our way. But we don’t want everyone else to see what we’ve got.

Tomorrow we’ll see how this adventure turns out…