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John: Yesterday we heard your dream (see Into the Woods), and saw how it described a journey between two places – the house you are staying in and the meeting place with the teacher. In between these two places is a darkness that you are having trouble navigating on your own.

That’s where you’re friend comes in. She is a part of you, and she represents the means by which you can develop a certain sight, or understanding – at the depth of your being – that enables you to navigate in the darkness intuitively; by hearing or just knowing.

In other words, the unfolding of the spiritual part of one’s self – the higher self – occurs through a light that you can’t see. There is a gap that exists between these two points: you are whole and complete as a part of Creation, yet you’re in a state of amnesia, too, because of the darkness between the higher and lower parts of yourself. We are all, for the most part, strangers to higher selves.

Still, you have the feeling that something important is beckoning, is calling you, which is shown by the meeting house where the teacher is. The whole zone in-between is full of darkness. It’s full of trauma, it’s full of fear. It’s full of all the qualities that cause one to be veiled and lost to oneself.

And you mentioned that you have seen this meeting place before in your dreams, and needed help to find your way along the dark path. So you are being shown your lower self (the house you are staying in) and your higher self (the meeting place and teacher), and the darkness in between is the veil that has been created through fears, patterns, and the general disconnection we get from our cultural training.

But our systems are always trying to awaken us to ourselves. So the dream repeats, giving you the same hint, and offering you guidance. You are at a point that could be bliss, because the mystics spoke of this point where the in-breath turns into the out-breath as a point of bliss. (In the other direction, where the out-breath turns into the in-breath, it is described as a point of longing.)

But you are at a point where you can’t really hear the guidance of your higher self because it sits in an unconscious zone. So you find yourself telling the teacher that you can’t hear him. In other words, you’re not getting the memo. You’re not getting the connection. The teacher represents the higher self in your nature, but you’re not able to gain the awareness being offered.

Why not? Because you’re still depending on “things.” Among other things, you’re depending upon some quality of light or understanding from “your friend” in order to make your way back and forth to this place in Creation. In other words, you have your abstractions, and therefore you can’t properly listen.

You can’t properly gauge the two points. Ideally, if you gauge the two points, they’re one and the same. But you don’t know that because you have the higher self and the lower self and there’s all of that darkness in between that keeps you veiled.

This also is a good dream from the standpoint of the question “Why do dream work?” Well, this is why you do dream work: so that you can come to know these points, that they are accessible by all of us, and to bring awareness and light to the darkness that prevents us from knowing.

In that process, you can actually raise your energetic – you begin to work with higher energies. You raise your inner sense of power. You also speed up, because higher energies move faster, and that allows you to access even more from within.

In the dream work process, and in this particular example, you’re given an image that shows you the polarities, and because you are on a path, you understand you are being beckoned to something important, in terms of the higher self, even though you can’t quite hear the teacher. At least you know that the teacher is trying to get your attention and to communicate something you need to hear.

The dream also shows that you need to be able to go back and forth, between your higher and lower self. You need to light that pathway, and connection, until such time as they might merge into one.



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Jeane: So I had a lot of little dreams that I think were influenced by a book I am reading. In the earliest dream I am a Western woman in an Arab country where women wear veils, as in Saudi Arabia. When I went out in society there, by myself, I was afraid of being seen, and afraid of how they would react to me not wearing a veil. I move from the outside (where it felt like it was mostly masculine) to a room inside where there are women (when women are inside with each other they can take their veils off). Then things shift and I am inside a room with you and something happens where we are going to go outside and I am concerned again about being seen and how people will react.

John: This is an interesting image because what you are describing is literally on the outside – which means outside of yourself – in the overall. All of us are spirit energy that is embedded in matter, and when you go inside (in a dream) you’re going into the territory where the spirit energy can be seen and recognized as awakened. That territory is represented by the feminine nature. On the inside, the feminine carries everything in balance and she can be awakened and made more conscious. But on the outside part of yourself (in a dream), the spirit energy is more masculine, because it is more off the ground; it is not embedded in matter. In the outer masculine territory, things are veiled. It is only when you are grounded in terms of your role, or the quality of yourself as matter, only then are you in that state and able to feel safe.

It is the state in which the out-breath turns into the in-breath. In this particular case it’s a deeper longing, but one that is natural. If you were to identify it as having a quality beyond being “natural,” I would say that the vibration shows that you are going to have to go from where you feel comfortable (where the other women are), into the masculine territory. You are going to have to go out from yourself into the masculine zone. That is where the feminine in-breath takes something back.

So what you are describing energetically is a particular quality, or a particular state of clarity that is part of a cycle in creation. You are describing the part of the cycle that has to do with what it feels like to find yourself inside of physical matter, which is described as the out-breath fully into creation. You are picking this up basically without any real attention on it except that you feel something isn’t quite right on the outside. You feel the need to be veiled there. You see that, and seek the comfort in the house, only to realize that you can’t stay in the house and you are going to have to go back out into the zone again. You’re going to have to give up your safe haven. So you feel very susceptible, because you are being pulled out of your comfort zone.

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