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Jeane: In my dreams last night, the impression I have is that I am trying to find something that will complete something else, and it is a struggle.

At one point I have a ticket, or something rectangular – it could even be money. Then I have something circular, and I’m looking for the piece that completes it. 

Somebody is constructing something. I’m annoyed with them. Part of my struggle has to do with shapes, and trying to complete the building of something.

There’s a young masculine energy that might be getting in the way, and that’s why I’m annoyed, but I can’t pull out the details. I was working pretty hard at it.

John: The compelling energetic of the dreaming last night focused on trying to cause something to come into cohesion, or balance.

What you are doing is looking at some limiting barrier, inside, and trying to bring that into alignment. This type of dynamic gets triggered when a person goes through sadness or hurt, or experiences an aching heart, compared with a happier feeling of soaring.

In other words, it’s the feeling of great relief or of a breakthrough. It’s reaching a state of peace, happiness, or joy, when earlier the feeling may have been a quality of sadness, or an aching heart. Between these two states there is the search for the missing pieces, which could manifest as to trying to find something, or to break through a barrier or veil, or to bridge a gap that lies in the way.

If you don’t experience the aching heart (to find the missing piece), or if you don’t have the contrast with something exhilarating and joyful, then you don’t have both polarities to work with. One polarity is an up energy and the other polarity is a down energy (the aching heart). If you don’t go in both directions, or take into account both degrees, then you won’t have a dream like you had last night where you are trying to resolve the difference, so that the two aspects can come together.

This is how veils, or barriers, are transcended in life. The depth and the height are brought together, and the inner and the outer are brought together. By reaching an inner depth, one can then reach the height.

It can almost get to the point where it’s hard to tell which is which. This is the process whereby life is nurtured. To learn to live in this zone – to be able to recognize inside oneself the wisdom of those two polarities – and to live in a zone that pulls them together into wholeness… that’s a human being who connects to everything in life.

That’s what it is all about. That’s what is required. It can only happen through the human – we are designed to process in this way. So this is exactly how we’re meant to live in the human body, rather than spending our time figuring out how to either project or protect our own self-identity.

It’s a state of freedom, really, where we can flow freely. After a certain point of maturity, we can stop letting ourselves get smashed in the depths – the aching heart, or despair, anger, or sadness – of whatever our predilection is, which is just a symptom of us being in a contracted state and shut down.

It’s good if we don’t have to do that. But if we do, then we tend also to the opposite extreme, which isn’t a whole lot different, because that sets us up for a fall. When we soar to these unbelievable heights in terms of a sense of wonderfulness, without the other state pulled together and brought into the in-between, then there’s an imbalance in either direction. Either polarity is a flipside of the same coin.

It’s not a whole lot different when everything is working out wonderfully and you’re riding the wave of that, compared to when everything is all compressed and you’re shut down and in contraction. Technically speaking, those two states are simply thresholds of extremes that are flip sides of each other – the polarities of existence.

The veils all fall away when you bring yourself to face a challenge or overcome what lies in between. When you feel how to do that – and the feeling of how to do that is the actual carrying forth of that energetic – you can penetrate the veils and come that much closer to the truth of things.

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John: In this dream, the overall feeling is of working with space and energy. It feels like, night after night, I’m coming up against something that I’m meant to break through. Yet, because I’m not in the right inner state, I don’t make a breakthrough.

This has a consequence in the outer life because I begin to sweat during my sleep. It’s like something foreign has control over me. I find myself throwing off the covers to cool down.

But it has also caused me to see a reflection inside where I can go back to an earlier point in time. In that space, everything is easier, but it’s bland. It doesn’t carry any clarity with it, but it’s an easy pattern to follow and it stops the sweating.

The problem is that it will repeat and repeat and repeat, because I’m shown this situation as an opportunity to make a breakthrough. When I don’t, it keeps coming back. In other words, what is happening is that I’m given a challenge and an opportunity, but part of me knows there is an easier way out, and that is by slipping into an old and familiar pattern rather than pushing into new territory (and growth).

When I accept the easier way, it takes the pressure off and I stop sweating. But the state it leaves me in has no energy; there’s nothing left for me in it, so it feels like a state of malaise.

In a sense, this happens in our lives all the time. We may see a familiar choice as being easier, even desirable, but when we make it, it leaves us feeling a little empty – a little sad. That’s what this dream feels like. Choosing the old pattern is like opting to stay asleep, or in a state of unconsciousness, and that lacks clarity and vibrancy.

When I don’t break through, I don’t catch the new note – the note that is almost beckoning me to come through to it. Instead of struggling just a bit more, I end up taking a step away from the edge, to a safer place, but one where there’s nothing left to sort, or figure, out.

I’m settling for the repetitive pattern. Thus, I lose the opportunity for a higher state, for a breakthrough, just to ease the stress I experience that causes me to sweat.

That’s the premise of the dream. Does that make sense?

I’ve experienced this before, so I recognized the theme right away. We can’t just ignore what’s in front of us, we either have to deal with it or, sometimes, we take that step back so it’s no longer at a point of consequence. We seek refuge in what is familiar.

When we do that, we lose the potential for new clarity, new light, or a greater sense of knowing that could open up to us. Somehow we know this, that’s why we get this feeling of sadness when we take the easier way – when we settle for the old pattern. Deep down we know we’ve lost something.

When I sweat like that during a dream, it’s almost like purging or cleansing before the breakthrough or shift. Yet I keep stopping short of the breakthrough, so all I get is the discomfort.

And, ultimately, if we want to progress in our lives we have to make these breakthroughs within ourselves. Yes, sometimes we will delay them because some part of us isn’t quite ready, but we will have to follow where the road leads in order to get where we want to go.

Sometimes just surrendering to that truth can make it easier. Because on a certain level, we can’t avoid the lessons we need to learn, we can only delay learning them. When we feel the sadness of these lost opportunities, it can give us the fortitude to push through the next time.

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