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We’ve often spoken about the human systems that are constantly trying to realign and rebalance us as we careen through our lives. And dreams play an important role in this. In this example, a home that is viewed as sacred is used to set the scene. But all is not serene there. So the attempt is made to climb to the heights again, but the road is blocked. Certain aspects within us, that we hold on to, can become anchors that prevent us from soaring. Many are held in the solar plexus area of the body and one way to ease their grip is through working with the breath.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My first dream I woke up like with a sore neck, and a headache, and the dream it’s like I’ve been at Jerry’s house and I had been spending the night in a little room there. And at one point when I’m in the room I suddenly notice these creatures, these kind of thin, phosphorescent creatures crawling in through the keyhole, or coming down a wall or something. They almost look like those science pictures you see when people blow up what bacteria looks like in your stomach or something, you know, except they’re two or three feet long.

So I leave the room and get them to come and look, because I’m not sure what to do about them. Of course when they come you can’t see them right away, but I know they’re in the room. But it’s time for me to leave anyway, besides the fact I’m a little creeped out by these things that seem to be able to get into the room.

I go to where I’m staying and when I get to the house where I’m at I think I realize that I need to go back; maybe I’ve left something there, it might even be my car. And my nephew comes along to give me a ride back to their house, and it’s confusing. You can’t quite see the route that you go, and there’s some construction going on kind of higher on a hill, and he decides that’s the shortest way to get over the hill to their house.

I try to tell him that it isn’t, but he doesn’t seem to want to listen, and I’m on the back of his motorbike. But we get up there and pretty soon the trail is running out and we’re lost, because even though it looked like it was an easy way back to their house, it actually was confusing with the construction and all.

So we have to turn around and go back down to where our house is. I’m thinking about a simpler road back to their house, and I think that’s when I woke up with the headache. And I also at that point did something to cleanse the energy in the room a bit because I almost felt like maybe some of the reason I was feeling the way I was that the hotel room may have had a lot of energy in it or something.

John: I don’t know you picked Jerry’s house other than the fact that I suppose it’s deemed to be something that’s like a kind of sacred space, but the sacred space, for you, isn’t able to magnify or manifest into something further because you’re carrying inside of yourself repressed in like the Hora center, or solar plexus, or something you are carrying something that extremely repressed there.

The dream is saying that you basically have done this to some degree. We have a transcendent quality in our nature, and we try to find an emptiness there in the expanse of things, and that there is more and more emphasis in trying to go into that now, as shown by the fact that you’re having human beings who haven’t even had a chance yet to live life and develop a certain dharmic unfoldment that generally causes a type of solidification of their nature, to which they then have to let go or release that in order to be able to come to an epiphany inside of themselves, which is something that generally happens when a person gets to be 50-60 years old that they can have this kind of awareness breakthrough.

Prior to that they’re caught in a definition of themselves, a signature of their beingness, and that drowns out the overall, in common, intertwined essence that we all carry. And what is surprising is that in this day and age you’re running into people who are like in their 20’s, who are really young, who haven’t had a chance to find out who they are really, take on some dharmic mannerism and run it to some limit before they have an about face, and then rise up from that to have a letting go breakthrough.

So he’s seeing that, and as a consequence of seeing that he understands a little differently than other teachers have been able to clearly present it, that there is something else besides the transcendent and the imminent. And, of course, he describes the expansiveness and the emptiness there as transcendent, and then he describes the heart quality as imminent. And that that is a quality that pulls or moves one towards merging.

And then he describes the human element that is the solar plexus and the Hara center of one’s nature, to where things accumulate as another area in which an emptiness has to occur, and that is an emptiness that doesn’t occur usually for the longest time in a human being’s unfoldment, not until they’re 50 or 60. And when something like that occurs it takes the signature note of the individual, in other words that has gone off and lived in a dharmic way, it takes that signature note and turns it around into something that then becomes a quality having let go and into the whole.

It’s an image of transformation that is an image that has followed a particular pattern or cycle, in a way that is kind of systematic. But something is changed anew, something has speeded up, but you’re finding more and more of this that would be considered cracked or fractured or broken or discombobulated in some fashion that, in the eyes of some teachers, would be that the person needed to get into life, needed to chop wood and carry water, get grounded in some fashion.

The common theory and thinking is that a person has to live life in order to be able to have something that is there in a way that can be offered, which is the idea of dharma, which is a Buddhist idea, which has to do with a person taking and communicating or expressing an aspect of their beingness, and then letting go of that – just like Siddhartha, who went from the opulence and took all of that into – and did this at a young age – into a complete letting go. At least his dharma, in terms of how he was born, rose up early and he did not then proceed in that way, but at the same time he carried, he maintained, he still had some sort of something that had to go through the transformative process.

And so, in the human being, it’s the Hara center where things have to reside, that build up to a point where you finally come and you address them and you deal with them.

Now, Shadin recommends that you breathe deeply into that, breathe deeply into the belly where that stuff is stored. So if you’re going through a traumatic condition, this stuff gets shoved right into the Hara center, and you can tell that it’s happening because your breath always goes shallow. It’s almost as if the trauma is there and it’s being absorbed in the body, and when it’s being absorbed it chokes off the heart, it blocks your access to the merging quality, and it blocks off your transcendent nature, blocks off any sight. And that one has to go to the depths and release that.

So the emptiness is in the transcendent, in the heart, and in the solar plexus area, the Hara center of one’s being. Where I think a dilemma exists is the rootedness to the human condition. You really have to come down to it, and it’s hard for teachers to do that. They can keep trying to portray what’s involved for something to rise up, but you have to come down and you have to experience it, like Mother Teresa in the ghettos. You have to really feel what that is, or you’re not dealing with the solar plexus area of your being and, therefore, are going to remain blighted.

So in your dream you took and you drilled down on whatever it is that’s symbolically significant about the fact of coming towards a spiritual process, or practice, or pattern that there is in the container nature of your being, worms and bugs or something, you have that built up.

And so you’re seeing the visualness of what that’s like to have the Hara center contaminated with something that needs to be in a state of emptiness, and you’re associating it with something that has to do with a way of absorbing or handling a condition, or a situation, but there is something about that, there’s a vibration in that that for you, you’re doing some sort of cover-up.

In other words, you can have the heartfulness, you can have the transcendent quality, but are you somehow or another repressing something? As you get a sense of this, of how you need to accept something, or be in a particular way, or however it is, your sense of it isn’t very good – thus you can’t find your way back there. So it’s not something that can be rationally probed out. You know, it’s not something that you can address in an outer motif mannerism.

It’s something that is exemplified by and within a vibration somehow there, I mean you chose this setting for your image to highlight or portray somehow to yourself something that you should know from that, that is exemplifying this problem for you in the physical level, in the Hara center.

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DHARMA-LABYRINTHIn this continuation of the discussion from yesterday (see What We Run From), John describes the details of the inner struggle between listening to what our systems tell us at a deep level, or letting our ego steer us away from our human purpose. It’s a critical understanding, because when we follow our ego desires we are basically owned by “it.” It is only by raising our consciousness and listening to our inner guidance can we begin take ownership of our life – which then connects us to our purpose. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: For it to become something like a type of guidance you have to let go of it, or absorb it or, in other words, put it into a different kind of dynamic in terms of how it’s affecting you inside.

Well, for one thing, you’re going to be affected in terms of how it is that you sort things out, and how it is that you struggle in life. You’re going to be affected by it, whether you like it or not, and the degree to which it controls you and you don’t catch up with the full essence behind it, the degree to which you are more or less victimized by this – on that level of looking at it, it’s an archetypal energy.

When it’s like an archetypal energy, when you look at it in that motif, you’re looking at something that has a force, and a power, and a dictate that exceeds, in some capacity, control how it is that you evolve.

One could almost say that an aspect of that really just sitting there as an energetic that makes you different than someone else, the degree to which you find yourself evolving in terms of relating how it is that you choose to relate to life, you can even say it has a dharmic effect.

Because there is something about that latent energetic vibration that triggers thought processes, and mannerisms, because you’re having to respond to it, and relate to it, that end up shaping how it is that you choose to define yourself in relationship to life itself. And so you could say that that even has a dharmic effect.

The degree to which it has a world effect is not able to be properly reached until you can step aside from the mannerism in which it causes you to be swayed one way or another. In other words, this is all a matter of a kind of focus.

So this energetic that is all inside of you, at a depth inside of you, you have to relate to it in an ever gradual way to the point where you catch up with this energy as something that you’re able to handle and carry so that it doesn’t keep the reverb going.

When it reverbs and when it finds you constantly repeating and repeating, and going this way, and that way, and wherever you go, there is this whole sort of thing then, that’s like thinking, in other words, because this whole sort of thing, in its energetic, affects how you’re thinking works as well.

Because this is an energetic that is what is at the core of how it is that you tend to see yourself, and feel yourself, and so your thoughts even come off of this. And so you can go along and if you get into your thoughts, and you just let your thoughts run, and they reverb and reverb over and over and over again, the next thing you know is those thoughts take you outside of a greater motif of yourself and you are accentuating the pattern, a reverb pattern, that then will have you conducting yourself in a certain way in the outer.

If you don’t face the energy you will also find yourself reverbing back and forth and back and forth, anyway, over and over and over again in a particular way. And at some point in time you realize that you’re a prisoner of this kind of synaptic mannerism of yourself.

But eventually, or ultimately, you get to the point where you recognize that this energy that is flowing through you is something even more. In other words, the way your dream is now looked at is that this is the fount upon which the inner exists. And that is an innerness that flows into the outer, and it can’t flow in the outer when you are simply something that is noodled about, and manipulated about, and acting in some fashion as if you have no integrity whatsoever other than to be thrown around by this sort of thing.

And, in that regard, it also then colludes, or can be colluding, because it gets caught up in how you sense perceive, too, and then your sense perception gets caught up into the mind and now all of a sudden it’s all an aspect of your ego – in terms of whether you do it this way or that way in terms of how you see yourself for your own sense of well being.

So this is a very interesting dynamic that has all of these component parts, but the ability to take and look at all of these little parts is possible now simply because one’s at a threshold with this, a threshold in which the way that one is needing to appreciate it and to work with it is as a vehicle for shifting things in life – as the inner coming into the outer.

And to view that you have to get away from the personifications that is also part of how this energy normally is handled. You have to get beyond it, or otherwise that’s the reverb that you just keep seeing and it dissipates its force when it’s just an energy that reverbs through your senses, and your mind, and caught in your ego.

And then it’s all an aspect of the reflective, and then it’s an aspect of self image, and it’s an aspect then of the collective. You have to get beyond that. You have to still that, you have to quiet that, and then you come to own that energy – instead of it having its synaptic influence over you.

In other words, what’s really interesting about this energy is to look at the traits upon which you blink out, or blink in it, as opposed to own it. When something is going on in which the energetic in the environment is speeded up, or you suddenly get excited and feel that you need to say this, or do this, or respond in a particular way, the response you’re really coming from, that you think is important in terms of what there is to communicate, comes from this place.

It’s as if you want to communicate something. That’s why you’re doing it. Now, if you backed up and didn’t just unleash it like that, you would actually then take that energy and its sense of power, and emanate it instead. You would actually take that energy and fall back into, perhaps, the attunement that could even listen more to what it is actually trying to say, or do, on a deeper inner teaching and/or guidance level.

That is why, for example, it is said that when you’re in front of a teacher and as you’re listening you have these questions. If you can hold those questions inside of yourself, they’ll get answered. If you can’t hold those questions inside of yourself, then what you’re doing is you’re coming from this space, that question is coming from that space, the question has a doubt, that’s why it is venting in that way. It’s not held, it’s not owned. If it were held, if it were owned, you would have a greater awareness from what that vibration is all about in terms of what it has, and is able, in an intertwined way, to say to you.

So this energetic is at all of these different levels and the deepest level is a level in which you work at it not having a control. In other words, not being something in which you’re totally out of control in regards to it. Which means that you may think that those are your thoughts, but your actions and your conduct that just respond to it in this willy nilly, herky-jerky, over and over way that you drink up as being okay, this is what I’m about, is very selfish, and very defined, and a definition which you are embracing. And in the embracing you’re personifying it, and in the personifying of it, you’re establishing a kind of ego center.

You back away from this ego center. You quell this all the time. It’s not like this energy is going to go away. Like I say, at a deep, deep, deep level it’s like a thought of God or something. It’s something upon which you’re even, so to speak, under orders, or of which there is a guidance from within that can be reached in terms of it.

But you can’t find any of that if you’re responding with it in a way that just lives itself out reflectively in the outer motif through mind and senses. You have to go into the essence of it, which is a stillness and which is a quietness and from which, then, there is a language even tied into it . And then that language, and they even say dreams are like languages of the soul.

This is a dream that’s like that. I mean it is describing to you this quality. And at this level now it is describing to you how it is that you’re meant to be able to relate to it in order to utilize it in a capacity that is possible now – in terms of the greater whole.

But if viewed strictly as something that agitates you, throws you around, draws you magnetically to this, that, or the other and not able to quite sort that out, but continuously having something like that affecting you. Then what you’re doing is reverbing, and reverbing, and reverbing instead of taking this energy and holding it, and having it, as a means and a vehicle upon which some aspect of you is accentuated.

It’s almost like if you are able to hold this, maintain it in some fashion, into a state of quietness, it’s almost like you weaponized it, in terms of the power that can come through you, and touch and affect things. Otherwise it is just bled out all over the place in terms of you being something that is meshed into the outer, and this energetic that you have fits within the outer, but in a lower-octave way. You need to raise the reason why it’s always okay in terms of how it is that you function.

This is because it is designed that way, it’s just that you need to come into the higher octave of what that is about in terms of this inner being, this vibration, that is like a type of chase energy, being something that if you don’t stiff arm, or keep a distance from, is part of an owning of who it is, and what it is, that you’re really all about.

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inner-light-Marta-AbelIn this dream, John feels the need to go outside, but is afraid he won’t be able to return inside. What he needs is an energetic key that will grant him access to wherever he needs to go. And this key is already in him – he just needs to recognize this and trust in it. When we carry our inner light out into the world, we are protected by the grace of the universe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in my dream, I put myself into a situation, and when I do so, an energetic in my nature comes alive from this energetic in which things are revealed. I guess what I’m saying is I’m kind of like in a type of trance, because my focus and attention is not necessarily in the way that other people would have their focus and attention.

In other words, it’s an aliveness that is about my nature. Now, there are two types of aliveness in this aliveness. There’s the type of aliveness in which you feel that something needs to happen, is going to happen, and you have a sense of it, and it’s kind of like in the bones as a kind of intuition that hasn’t yet manifested. And then there’s another kind of aliveness that is kind of like a way that you can naturally bring something through, that you’re meant to be able to bring something through.

There’s nothing special about it, necessarily. Everyone has this sort of thing. It’s can they figure out, and find out, what it is that’s unique that they can take and touch life with. And so I describe it as an aliveness, a little bit like a cat-like energy, in that just like a cat can purr, imagine the purring goes to kind of almost like a flicker of light on the fur, and from this tingle things are revealed.

And so the dream is, that I’m in a house but the situation is such that the scene requires me to leave the house. In the house, I’m embodying a sense of something that I can’t put my finger on, which is meant to be. If it’s left to my own predilection, I might just sit with it and sit with it, but that’s not what I’m able to do, and so obviously I’m concerned if I have to leave the house because I’m not sure if I will know how to get back in. 

A person points out that I have a couple of magnetic devices on my being that will open the door to let me back in. I am told that they work as long as the lights are left on. In other words, there’s something about the presence of the house with the lights on.

And this light also has to do with like that tingle, and that little thing that I describe that’s cat-like, which can almost be to the touch of the fur of the cat. As long as that’s there, everything opens up and I can come back into this house.  

I cringe a bit when another person, who is also inside the house with me and is going out with me, a person I don’t know, reaches over and takes off of me, just like it’s attached to me, a fob so he can get back in. 

He says his means of coming and going, it’s like it has lost its charge, and so what I have still has that charge. I’m surprised to hear all of this, because this isn’t something I naturally know. In other words, I don’t look at myself like this. 

And so I’m realizing that when I go outside of the house, go out into things and hold this light in my nature, that’s when this stuff actually is able to come alive. It doesn’t come alive if I just sit in the house. 

If I just sit in the house, I have the forboding sense of something coming to pass at some particular point in time, but then the in-betweenness of that, that causes the electrical linkage connection that opens doors, and has a means of being at the attunement of it happening, that remains dormant unless I have to leave the scenario I’m in and then go outside of the house.

So I don’t see this about myself. I seem to know, based upon an inner intuition feel I have, that there is this other that’s so much more, and that’s where my attention is, and that this will make itself known to one as needed. But both make themselves known because, when you get going then, what needs to be there to bridge the barrier has to come through by taking and going out, and holding the light at the same time, and by holding the light I hold the keys to the electrical thing.

And I’m told this, as if I don’t seem to know this about myself, and another person who seems to know that I reflect, or represent that, just comes and takes and reaches over and grabs something off of me just like it’s stuck to me, and that’s his means to get back in because his thing has lost its charge.

The meaning is that I’m realizing that my beingness is given what it needs to cope in life. I just need to throw myself into a situation and it reveals itself as needed. In other words, the situation that you throw yourself into is a situation that’s your duty, or dharmic nature, so to speak, kind of compels you to be able to do, in terms of bringing something forth into life, however that dharmic situation is.  

In other words, you’re in creation, so you do do something, and what you do is magical – when you incorporate the light that is on the other side. And this condition exists for as long as I carry a magnetic light to my being – that things just are protected, or in this space. I am also shown that this light is more light that I realize.

Because I leave it on, I have it at my disposal. In other words, when it’s there, it’s at my disposal. And to my surprise, I can come and go with ease with it. In other words, you don’t have to sit and try to protect it as if there’s something more important, and therefore it stays amnesic because there’s something in your bones that you feel that’s even more significant, so you sit in kind of a controlled waiting or something.

Others around me can avail themselves of this light as well. This is a light that those around me seem to recognize as existing. I seem to be a bit amnesic to this recognition. This light in my nature radiates with ease. I’m so surprised when I am told about this, by the fact that my stuff works. It goes back and forth if I need to go back and forth. I’m not as cut off as I want to pout or pretend.

I can accept that there is a depth within, which carries a forboding sense of what is meant to unfold, even though I can’t tell myself or anyone else the particularity of what that is. I just have a sense I am able to trust.

I can tell that, but to reach into and beyond this sense, or to the in-betweenness, I have to throw myself into the situations of life and marvel at what opens up because this aliveness is still flickering. It’s just that subtle.

So I already seem to know I have an intangible sense about the future that is imbedded as part of my nature. Okay, that’s the forboding. That’s the part that’s the deep imprint, but then there’s this in-between of course, and the dream covers the interconnectivity that is the precursor linkage to this. I am shown that I embody a light that radiates this about me.

As long as I am in touch with this light, that it remains on, so to speak, I have at my disposal, as part of my being, as if I tingle with it, a natural key to come and go at ease or, in other words, things work for me as if I paid a price of admission. Other people can’t do this.

I can just do whatever it is that is part of however it is that I’m situated.

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