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spaces-self-storageIn Jeane’s dream, she sees herself returning to a storage space from an earlier point in her life. The question is, does she need or want what has been left there? This is a question for anyone on the path, as we wrestle with letting go of old ways and patterns, and surrender to something higher. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I’ll start with a dream I had yesterday when I fell asleep in the afternoon. In that dream, I was going to visit an apartment where I used to live. It seemed like it was maybe on the second floor, and I was going to visit it because the people living there were moving out, and I had left some things in a storage room that was right next to the screen door on the porch where you went into the apartment.

The first time I went over, I just kind of snuck over in a way. I wanted to look when no one was around. I went into the storage unit and looked around to see what I’d left there, and there were some tall vases, just plain white glass vases, and some things in the storage room.

It feels like when I’m ready to leave there’s a little enclosure around the porch and the landlady must have a large dog and it comes, and I’m afraid it might bite me. But if I put my hands behind me it’s more like it just sticks its muzzle against my hands. You think it might nip, but it doesn’t.

The second time I go back the landlady spies me and I didn’t really want to be seen. I didn’t know her very well. I don’t know if she knew that I’d left some stuff in storage, so I don’t whether it’ll be okay to take it, or if I just need to let go of it, like maybe I’ve taken a look at it; maybe it’s stuff that I should just let go of.

I don’t know. I just tell her why I’m there. I explain, and then I know as I’m leaving again I’m dealing with the dog; it doesn’t quite nip, but it kind of presses against you before I go out the gate.

John: What your dream is doing is, this is causing you to note the quality upon which you have to feel yourself. In other words, this is an energetic that you can note in a lower, almost like utilizing a lower gravity self side of yourself, which is through the dog.

In other words, he’s the one that creates the “unawares” so to speak, as you go and take a look at something that you have established as an entitlement from long ago. You don’t currently have it. You let it go on purpose. You put it into storage.

You can go back now and you could retrieve it if you want, and if you do you have to take on a certain perspective in terms of retrieving this. You can do this, but you have to also note what this does in terms of how it affects you in terms of a disposition, or a perspective, or a way of seeing yourself.

The dilemma with something like this, is you chose to step away from this part of an outer/inner trait and development for a reason, long ago, as part of surrender and freeing yourself to be simple and nonattached.

Or in other words not have your attention weighed down because you wanted to make sure that you were focused upon something on an inner, deeper, other level that wouldn’t be distracted by a tendency in one’s nature to take on the mannerism, or appearance, or thought process of certain things that, once received, acquired, or maintained, one tends to look at and establish even a sense of security or something in terms of their image, self image, over such objects as part of their general, natural, overall being that such objects can come with.

Or you can let go of them, and become more empty and free, so that you make sure that you hear more readily, without that getting in the way, what you seek and want to experience and note inside of you.

Well, in the dream, it’s as if the point has come where you can go and you can now take back on those parts and, in doing so, you have to observe the lower-self trait, which is this dog, but the dog is a friend, and you are meant to be able to have a relationship with that part of yourself that can function energetically, and this way too.

In other words, it’s man’s friend, when before perhaps it was something that posed itself as a distraction. It is said that when you go on a path, certain karmas, and certain patterns, and certain natures that afflicted one, are pretty much absorbed or taken away.

It’s implied or said that the teacher kind of picks those up, so that you no longer continue to spiral out of control, because the teacher can see that this little bit of comfort or relief, once given, can enable you, through a backdoor process, to start to touch the depths of yourself.

It’s the same principle, in a roundabout way, of the missionaries in the West coming in and clothing, and feeding, and housing, the Indians, more or less thinking that they could put them in to a particular position where they would be receptive to the Christian ideas.

That’s the gross way of saying it. I don’t know that it actually worked, but that was the concept. But in this line of teaching, the idea that you are overwhelmed by activities that you have gotten caught in, and gotten lost in, if those are set aside, or taken on so to speak, by the teacher, in other words absorbed by the teacher, that you then can listen more with your heart and then realign yourself.

Now, it is also said that at some point in time those are then fed back to you, and they’re fed back to you when you have developed a certain consciousness to know how to carry those without them somehow or another grabbing your identity and sweeping you up in a particular way so that you are then lost again, and unable to hear that inner linkage or inner connection in the way that you need to always be able to hear it.

So it’s an interesting dream in that the theme of the vibration is one in which you are paying attention to what it feels like to take on a particular quality, or image, or mannerism, which is something that you have earned or have established as something from long ago, in your nature, as a way of being, that was set aside in order for you to experience the world, or life, or yourself, differently.

And now it’s time to bring that back and include that, as opposed to keeping it, so to speak, repressed or, using the prior example, taken on so to speak by the teacher, so that it wouldn’t affect your way of being.

But it also could have been actually repressed, because a person can do this to themselves as well, where they recognize that something was more than what their nature could naturally carry, in terms of the way they wanted to see themselves, which was a way that wanted to be more conscious, or more free.

And so they could give it away at that particular point in time, and then everything would sit in kind of abeyance to see what unfolded in terms of their development, before it would be something that would have to be given back, or received back.


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In a spiritual journey, we seek to let go, more and more, of the ego aspects of our lives, as a way to surrender to our higher selves, to our higher connections. Here, John’s dream shows him being pursued, but by an invisible pursuer who can track his every move. There’s no escape. It’s a struggle between keeping oneself separate, or integrating into the Oneness of everything. Our higher self knows, even when we aren’t fully conscious of what we still cling to for a sense of safety. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream, I have to creep through the nuances that throw me around at the beginning, in order to catch up with the fact that I have this understanding underneath it all.

In my dream, I find that I am running away from a pursuer. This pursuer is a long way back. In other words, it’s like I’m on the opposite edge of town, and there’s a way that I can look across to the far, far hillside on the other side of town.

And there’s a speck that you could see on this hillside, and I know that that small speck, that you can’t actually make out, is the pursuer coming. This town is sitting in a very mountainous area, down low in a crevice, and on this far side is this huge mountain.

I have a friend with me, as well as a dog that I have as a companion, To my friend I point out that there’s the pursuer, I can see him. Now, I also know that this pursuer has a telescopic camera and he uses this camera to sweep the area, taking pictures. And then he studies those pictures to see if there is anything out of order.

He’s exceptionally good at this because he can tell the slightest little thing that’s out of balance, and that enables him to zoom in on me. And so when I see him of course I can step back behind the building again. He’s looking for the slightest little thing that’s out of semblance, and from there he’ll get his clue as to how to catch up with me.

This dog I have with me suddenly gets on a type of water scooter and he goes scooting up and down the creek. I say to my friend, “Will this guy with the telescope, will he recognize the vehicle as something that belongs to me?”

My friend says yes, so I realize the dog has given us away. Another friend inside, so to speak -because that’s what a dog is – has kind of given me away. I realize that part of me is out in the open, so I have to abandon it. So before the dog comes back, I immediately cross the street with my friend because I see the side hill at that far edge of town that one can climb up on.

There’s a building built right next to this rock ledge that we need to get up on, so we climb up on the side of the building, up on the top of the building, as we proceed to make our exit up that mountainside.

On top of this old building are a number of old guard dogs that are sleeping, and we don’t seem to disturb them. And then there’s this mangy, skinny, bloodied-looking dog that won’t leave us alone, so I kill it with a pitchfork.

I ask my friend if that will be a clue to the pursuer, and he says yes. As I continue on with my friend I realize that whatever it is that I do, I’m unable to seem to hide everything from being visualized, or seen, or recognized.

I wake up hyperventilating a bit like I’m out of breath; I am in an intense state of apprehension. In other words, how do you pull this off? Every little thing you do creates something.

The scenario for the dream is, what I’m feeling that is triggering this dream, is I spent today amidst the Sufis. They’re very conscious but they act kind of stupid at times, and it bugs me a little bit, so I kind of play act and go along with that. But deep down I know that I’m leaking, that the inner secrets of my mannerisms is only pretentious because I know when I’m talking to someone I am not actually able to be myself, and my normal self would ignore them, not even deal with them.

I don’t really relate to them so what the heck, at least not on the outer level of appearances. This sets up this quality where I’m always hiding something and I find myself getting into conversations that I consider meaningless, and the insights I offer provide clues to where my perception is really at, which isn’t their perception necessarily, because I don’t necessarily go along with how they approach, or are going through life. And whatever I might say only disturbs because, so what, they have their perceptions so what.

To the degree that I vary my nature, just a single iota, where even though I say and act one way, I’m still seeing myself as separate; I’m not buying what they say 100%. And those who I am around, I also see as being like spies because they have this higher self that sees through all of that, and no matter how I think I am, I can’t hide from this higher self of theirs. I am exposed.

This exists because there’s this inner connection and flow that is visible and all-inclusive as an inner consciousness. So as I notice inside me the little vagaries that are irresponsible and not as real as I would like them to be, this is a leaking. It’s a leaking to their higher self, to their intuition, or however you would describe that.

They can pick up on that, maybe not at the time, but when they settle back and go into that space, they know, because those subtle clues expose me. So no matter how careful I am, and what I devise within, or come up with as a pretentious awareness, or even revealing bits and pieces of what I see in terms of the outer, that they may not see, this sight somehow is actually meaningless because it’s a manifestation. And it flipped back on me and everything I feel and project is made known in this all-pervasive seeing light of overall consciousness.

In my dream I know I cannot hide, that my pursuer is just too skillful and, no matter what I do, I am leaving energetic ripples that tell on me. In other words, the higher self can know, and I can’t be subtle enough. My issues leak out. And because these irresponsible mannerisms lack the truly sincere and gracious openness and inner connection to all there is, in some manner or another, I am tracking myself down with these vagaries.

As a meaning then, deep down, I can’t hide from myself. I am everywhere and I am in all things, even though I like to pretend otherwise as I remain in some cognition or another I still think belongs to me – although inwardly I know this to be untrue. So I’m telling myself that deep down I also know I can’t do that.

In other words, my higher self is telling me, I’m not getting away with that, because it shows; it shows on the higher-self level. And it’s only a matter of time before all of my inhibitions, that show on all these other, higher-self levels, find me out.

I can be as creative as I want, using my freedom of choice to conceal my true whereabouts, but in a world of Oneness this is always visible. The consciousness of all there is resides within me, and I am not able to hide from myself. It is this friend of my true self that will always find me out.

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John: The thing we have to look at in life is a need to realize that we’re playing with a level of magic. And to reach that magic we need to learn how to let go of things without causing too great an indulgence.

An indulgence can come in many ways. It can be nothing more than a tone, or a mannerism, that we take on, as if we’re entitled to take it on. Or it can involve the rising up, in our nature, of anything other than the qualities of attentiveness and compassion. And an indulgence can involve our automated reactions to our life experiences.

My dream is set in medieval times – there are castles and everything. I find myself, and the group I’m with, being overrun by invading forces who have swept through the land and taken over.

Instead of running or retreating, however, our teacher keeps us pressing on into the territory that’s just been taken from us. It’s like we’re ignoring what’s happened and we’re heading right into the enemy’s reinforcements.

The enemy has decimated our position and left us powerless. We don’t even have weapons to defend ourselves. Still, rather than give up, or retreat, or regroup, the teacher has us proceeding along, as if he knows something the invaders don’t.

I can sense that the enemy closely monitors every move we make. They see us out in the open, instead of being wise and pulling back. The teacher seems fully aware of what he’s doing – he even says that we’re getting very close to where we may be subject to an ambush.

I complain about not having any weapons to defend an attack, which seems imminent. The teacher agrees. Our movements are like a display of deep inner faith, because nothing about our circumstances indicates that these are the actions we should take.

Then the dream shifts, and I notice that there’s a veil that separates us from the invading forces. A moment earlier it felt like we were surrounded and our every move was observed. Now it feels like we’re not as helpless as I thought. With this shift, I can see a barrier separating us from the enemy.

I also had an earlier image where I saw a dog lunge forward to take food right out of my hand.

The meaning of these dreams is that there’s a place deep inside in which trust defies the limitations of the outer. They show that, first and foremost, I must trust and abide in my inner connections. If I get too enamored at what I have externally, or I think that I’m holding a particular space (symbolized by territory or food) that’s important, something can come at any moment and take it away from me.

In other words, if my attachments are too heavily based in the physical realms rather than the spiritual realms, then the “invaders” can swoop in and take it. Even the dog, which is a symbol of friendship, will snatch what I hold onto right out of my hand.

However, if I can follow my inner guidance and ignore outer appearances, I can thread myself through any obstacle. It’s when I react to what outer appearances imply or suggest, and let them guide my actions – like retreating in fear – I throw away my inner connection and my trust. Then I can only live in constant fear of losing myself or, I live in a fear in which I do lose myself.

The forces in outer life will always be bigger than I am, because what is hidden actually yields to them, or stays dormant in the presence of them. It is only by me trusting in what is hidden, trusting that I’m in good hands, can I help bring what is hidden out into the open – into life.

Next I have an image that adds information to these dreams. I mean, I could say that something’s missing from the first image because the kind of trust that’s being asked for, few people in their right mind would be able to muster, unless they had “heard” some guidance.

It’s like the story in the Quran where Moses meets the “Servant of God,” later identified as Khidr. Moses asks to accompany him in order to learn, and is told that he has to abide by whatever Khidr does and not question him. Moses agrees, yet each time Khidr takes an action, Moses, shocked by what he sees, always questions what has been done.

It’s not until Moses has broken his promise for the last time and the two must part that Khidr reveals the true compassion behind his actions, a compassion that was hidden from Moses because of his limited viewpoint.

So, in this dream I’m shown a force that has four levels to it. I’m told that the last person to approach this force inadvertently awoke a lion ferocity that had been asleep therein.

As fearful as I feel, I can’t help but notice that the roaring ferocity of the lion is only active on the first level, but that there are three other levels that are still dormant. My sense is that these three levels can only come into being (be awakened) when one has stilled the first level.

In other words, what’s required to pass the first level is to not react to the ferocity of the lion. The law of the lion who is rudely awakened is that he controls the appearance of the present.

In other words, as in the prior image where the invaders seemed to have every visible advantage, there’s still more to consider than what’s immediately discernible. If we react to the most obvious – our external reality, the invaders, a ferocious lion – it becomes the only level we see and experience. In a sense, the strength of our reaction (the ferocity of the lion) confirms it as our reality. Yet that’s a very limited viewpoint that cuts us off from deeper levels of knowing and inner guidance.

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