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The urge to take responsibility for things is a good one. But, as with all of our intentions, we can elevate our reasoning. We can take responsibility because we know no one else will, or we’ve developed a pattern to do so, or many other reasons. But an elevated view of responsibility is to always seek to improve the world, or situation, we find, because that’s what the universe is also trying to do in all situations. When we pattern ourselves after universal laws and logic, we move closer to the flow of life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, for some reason, I only remember the last scene of my last dream. And, in that scene, it’s like I’ve gone downstairs where I’m living. And even though I have to go out somewhere soon, because I think it’s time for an evening meal or something, I realize that there’s this row of laundry machines, and there’s all this laundry I have to do. 

And that I must have even come down and started something because there’s some wet clothes on the floor. And so even though my time may be limited, I’m suddenly picking up those wet clothes and putting them into one of the machines and trying to get organized, because I realized that if I want to get things done that I really do have to get the laundry done. 

Even if no one thinks I have any time, I just have to start picking up that room and getting the laundry taken care of. That’s the only scene I remember.

John: So the whole thing was the idea of having to do something, and just the compelled vibration of having to do that. So, well, it gives you a chance to accentuate the vibration of all of that, so that you can see to what degree it influences your ability to be at rest, or at peace.

Anything that hits our nature too loudly, in terms of what has to be done, or thoughts of this, that or the other, puts pressure on how it is that we’re able to let go. The deeper the involvement, the greater, you might say, the illusion of it all, in terms of how one finds themselves having to indulge.

Like the movie we saw, American Sniper, it can get to such an indulgence that you can’t even free-flow naturally, in the ordinary environment, because your synapses get affected by grooves or something that get carved into your makeup, and you can’t free-flow; that you’re on some channel and you just can’t shake it. 

So the reason for dreaming like that is to give yourself a chance to experience the degree to which you get caught up in having to carry some sort of responsibility mannerism or intensity. The idea being to note what that does to a quality of the stillness of heart that just kind of sits there somewhere. 

And you have to look at the pros and cons of the satisfaction of that. There’s a degree of satisfaction for getting something done, versus the degree to which one is intensified to having to contend to do that. You just have to look at that whole thing because somehow you sort from that to a way of doing things in a way that lets go of the driven propensity.

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1-780101There have likely been more words written, throughout human history, about spiritual and religious pursuits than about any other subject. And there’s only one reason that would be true: because we’ve lost our innate understanding, and our natural connections, to help us on our way. No form of life requires an instruction book, which is what most religious tracts actually are, because everything needed to fulfill their possibility is already born in them, is already part of their design. Perhaps, then, it is best to trust the system that created us, and to also trust the body, mind, and spirit we have been given to fulfill our birthright. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So it feels like I kind of left pondering the design I could see, of how the sewer was supposed to run, and whether people wanted to try it that way, or try it another way. And then I had a brief dream where it feels like I’m in a house, and I feel like I’m more of a visitor, but I have some laundry I have to get done.

And so I go over, and I don’t know if it’s my mother or just another woman there, or somebody else in the background, the people that live there, they’ve already put in a main load of laundry but there seems to be a little space on top of the laundry machine where I can add in some extra clothes. So I’ve kind of stuffed some clothes in there, and I guess they’re going to fall down into the laundry machine to get washed at some point. That’s the way it works with that laundry.

I also see that I can go next door, or several doors down, and that’s where my cousin and his wife are living; maybe I could try putting some clothes in the laundry down there. But I look at that scenario and then I realize, then, I’d be kind of running back and forth between even two or three houses, because there’s several other laundry machines around. It’s probably better for me to stay on the one and see if this is going to work out, or not, so I would be there to take them out when they needed to be taken out. And then it feels like I go back to looking at the four line dots, and how they get hooked up again.

John: So what you’re doing is, again, when you’re trying to take and hook up all these dots and whatnot, you’re doing something in kind of an aloneness way. And when you’re taking and you’re looking at how everything intertwines, in other words, where you can take and go out into life and play with things in an intertwined capacity, in other words, putting laundry in that all mixes up with the laundry that’s there and whatnot, the only way that you know how to do that, the only way that you can naturally do that, is if you hold a particular quality, depth note, depth space inside of yourself where that innerness is able to then flow.

You could do all of that as part of a listening to an inner flow, an inner quality, and you can take and mix the clothes up, put clothes in there and go into a very complicated scenario in which you could have your ideas about what would be an answer, just like you could have your ideas about how to play with those dots, but it’s better to have a vibratory sense and try to permeate that into the atmosphere. And when you do that, then everything can fall into an order.

You don’t have to be the person that bicycles this way and that way to figure things out. It’s not going to work that way. The human condition is important from the standpoint that the human condition is something that we embody, and that we carry, and we don’t take this human condition as if it’s off to one side and try to steer it back into things. What we do is we just accept the human condition as it is, automatically, almost like in an osmosis of the overallness. The only way to do that is to adhere to something inside one’s self that sweeps a vibration.

All of these things come together: the prayer comes together with the meditation, because you’re kind of in a constant state of prayer, you’re in a constant state of meditation, you can be in a constant state of dhikr – which is a holding of something energized. But you kind of work at those as if there’s those three things that lead to the fourth, which is the wholeness, in which all of that comes together, and so you’re going back, you’re trying to take a step back, in your dreams, to try to find your way, so to speak, in terms of how to be – and you’re not allowed to do that without getting lost.

Jeane: Then it felt like the very last dream I had, when I fell back to sleep this morning, I’m in the same section of houses, the three houses that seemed not too far from each other. And, in the main one, it feels like I’m trying to find clothes now. Maybe the clothes have been washed, but I’m trying to find some clothes to wear for where I have to go.

And then I look in different places, because some clothes have been pressed and are neat, and some clothes they look neat but they’ve been worn before, and I’m trying to decide, like some of the clothes that have been worn before they don’t need pressing, but I do know they’ve been worn and they haven’t been washed yet. But they could be put on right away, but would that be appropriate to wear to the place where I’m going? Because I have to go back to a school, or somewhere, and I’m not sure. That would be the fastest, but there’s other clothes that I have washed, but are they pressed enough? I have to go look at them, and I think that was what I was dreaming when the alarm went off.

John: So in this dream you were spending most of your time trying to figure out how to attire yourself?

All of that still is working with the same energetic motif, or vibration, of a spirit energy, in which you’re trying to ascertain or sort something out in relationship to the overall.

At one particular point it was probably a pretty interesting step to be able to see the Ley lines, or the vibration lines, and then to see the depth of things included in the overallness – and how you could delve into that. But what happened is you developed a pattern in which you didn’t just delve into that with the right vibration. In other words, it’s like which comes first, the chicken or the egg? You’ve got to hold the vibration. You’ve got to hold the sense, and then it’s all there. And so you don’t quite have the right sense, and so you’re trying to figure something out in the first dream.

In the second dream, you’re still trying to figure out how to blend the clothes together, as opposed to realizing you could just throw them in and hold a particular space and they will all come together, in other words, having a trust in terms of a quality of how it is that you’re able to feel something in a manner of reverence.

That way you’re adhering to this inner, as it is in the outer, because the outer place is it can flow, is for it to flow in. And, in the last dream, instead of you having a sense that automatically knows, that dresses according to the vibration that you automatically feel, you’re trying to steer the vibration around to help you make distinctions in relationship to what would be appropriate as an attire.

And the thing that doesn’t jar other people is when you hold the invisible quality of this vibration behind the breath, and when you hold a quality of light, or softness, of the prayer meditative state of yourself, that doesn’t jar other people. What jars other people is when you’re caught up and bicycling around in your way, as they’re bicycling around in their way.

This just kind of leaves something in kind of a general overallness that can leave them a little bewildered, because they don’t get the edification necessarily that they seek. And if you’re trying to attire yourself to what they would like to see, then you’re very close to having to appeal to the edification of what it is that they seek as well, and you’re not able to hold this quality, and this space. It’s the only real thing going on. The rest of it is all kind of a waywardness.

So what your dreams were doing was showing you how you would step back. The process that happens is we have trapped in our synapses patterns, and mannerisms, that we readily fall back upon. And you can be speeded up to a particular point, but then it can be over the top – just like it takes awhile to make a soul pregnant, or however that expression is – you then find yourself, when you take a step back, you find yourself then where you come to see where you resort to how you sort it out – as opposed to realizing that there doesn’t have to be any sorting out on your part. It’s already sorted out. You can trust in the system, so to speak.

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1_x cThe nature of being a part of a wholeness, or a oneness, is that the whole of it must be accepted. What we don’t want to accept, or where we resist, are the points in us that need to be let go of – or we will keep ourselves separated. That doesn’t mean we have to “like” everything, because part of what a human being can do as a service to creation is to clean the wholeness, through intention, through example, and energetically. In fact, we are always either cleaning or dirtying our environment energetically. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my dream, we live next door to C and D, but it’s more like they’re Brownstones or something because I seem to climb up some stairs when I go to their unit. And I have a key to their unit and go in and out of it, and then I go other places in the community, too.

And one place I go is to this room where there seems to be a man who teaches people martial arts, and they dress in these old black Chinese costumes. Then I go somewhere where I want to get my laundry done.

In the process of all this, and of coming in and out of C and D’s apartment, I become aware that your brother is having an affair with D, and hiding it. And I also seem to have some laundry that I’ve left at her place, that I want to go get, because I was going to take it to the laundromat. But when I go there, I see that someone else has already removed it. And I come down the street and I see C has the laundry bag, and then he has your brother carrying some laundry. And they’re going to the laundromat so I realize that when they get there they’ll realize they have some of my laundry and they’ll sort it out, or I’ll have to go back to their apartment to sort it out myself.

And then I wonder if C knows about your brother now. I can’t quite sort that out. I go back to the apartment and D is sleeping, so I can’t talk with her about the laundry, so I leave there and I think I go to the martial arts place. No, before I go there I go to a doctor’s office because the doctor has a message for me. And the doctor is somebody I don’t know but I seem familiar with the office as I go in and out of there. I have to wait until they finish some exams, and then I go to a desk, and I never am clear what it is he wants to give to me, but on the desk I think I see a couple things that belong to me, like the laundry had already been done and there were two pieces from the laundry that are there on the desk.

And then when I leave I run into D heading home, but I realized I had just seen a locksmith come from her place and somebody’s changed the locks on her door, and I don’t know if she knows that yet. But I continue on back to the martial arts place, and this time the women practicing the martial arts, they seem to pull me over. It feels like I’m going to have to do some of the form with them, whether I really know it or not, because that’s just what the man who’s directing it has indicated.

So I just go over and do the best I can, and then my focus is on getting home because I still need to get back the pieces of laundry from the laundromat that they had been carrying. That seems to be the whole dream, like it just bounced all over the place.

John: The dream is expansive is what the dream is, and the dream is expansive in the way that it is taking on a more all-inclusive overallness.

In other words, instead of a distance existing, in this way or that way, it is closing all of those barriers. What you have is you have instead of there being a division between us and them, you know it’s like a building in which we have access back and forth, the key to C and D’s place, and that there is an intertwining in terms of the overall wholeness to things.

But the key thread to all of it is the laundry. The laundry is portrayed as something that is the means by which you adopt, or take in, where you accept an overallness. In other words, there’s the expanse that’s occurring, in terms of the images of everything in the current environment, but to properly take all of that in you also have to take in to account the overallness of it.

In other words, maybe the way to say it is that, in a relationship sense, the feminine takes on what is in the matrix of the environment that she’s in. So the environment that you’re suddenly in has this greater wholeness to it, a larger inclusiveness of things, and so that larger inclusiveness of things to be natural, you also have to contend with the laundry of it all.

So what would be triggering a dream like that? Well, you could say, for example, that your perspective in terms of a wholeness is expanded when you have your dad around. And you’re taking a look and seeing how you can handle all of it with a certain poise and balance.

So you might say that dream could have a symbolic effect in terms of tweaking you to then look at something in a greater overallness, instead of the aspect of fear getting in the way which is more of a quality that affects the masculine. It affects the feminine, too, but the theme of your dreaming wasn’t surrounded or involved in the aspect of fear. It was involved in the aspect of letting go in a capacity to take on a greater wholeness.

In other words, you didn’t just take on a greater wholeness because that was suddenly what was in front of you, and so you didn’t just do it obligingly. You did it in every aspect, in other words, as the overallness changed you adapted the changes of what occurred there. And, in this particular case, that was exemplified by how your perspective was in relationship to the laundry. Isn’t that interesting?

You dreamt it in a Kundalini way, the Kundalini on the other side. You didn’t dream it in a Kundalini in terms of the magnetism on this side. Your dream took and hi-graded it more, which is interesting. In other words, you dreamt the feminine principle in its greatest degree, which is a concern for things, or the taking in of a greater wholeness.

The feminine nature that is not very well developed gets into the magnetic thing that has a lot of tension because it’s orientation is so limited to such few things that even though it can have a wonderful appearance of a quality to it, it’s not very inclusive. It’s more defined in its dynamic. So your dream was more in keeping to a principle of consciousness as it unfolds outside of the denseness of limitations.

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