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As we further our development journey, there are many levels of service we can work through. Sometimes it begins with a form of outward service in the world to help others. Yet at some point the service becomes an internal process, when we begin to hold energetic states to allow something new to happen, or we remain energetically neutral so we don’t add to the energetic unfoldment but allow it its natural outplay. And we can also become a conduit for new energetics, higher energetics, to gain access through us as we hold a space for that process. These are all a part of how humans help other things, and themselves, evolve. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I see a grid, which is put into motion until I cannot keep up with the permutations. For as long as I’m affected by the unfoldment, and the effect in something I am able to look at in a traveling, or visual, way, means I am remaining in the shamanistic side of myself.

I shift into the void when the permutations of the overall grid go into so many… in other words, it just keeps going to where it’s almost like the cellular makeup of things, it’s more than what you can take in or denote – so you have to let go. And when you do, that’s how you go into the void.

I remain in the shamanistic level when I follow the unfoldment in a Fibonacci knowingness. In  other words, he understood Fibonacci because he started talking about the important numbers in relationship to this very same vibrational approach that you’re talking about. Again, it’s this man’s way of trying to describe something that’s a natural flow in the universe. 

To follow the importance of what is seeable, and to do so in a seeable way, such as in three, five, and eight, is in keeping with the repetition pattern of manipulations; it’s a type of manipulation. In other words, it’s better to be able to be in the void, and let something flow through you, than to be in a state of just pure seeingness where you’re taking into account everything. 

And to be denoting this consciously, to be able to pull things out consciously, as it’s happening so nothing can surprise you is shamanistic. And, of course, a really good shaman connects to the earth in a reverent way. The shamanistic awareness within is an amazing presence to have. This is a presence that is able to hold a space. To hold a space involves a fearlessness and focus, and then you’re presented with an additional, greater letting go and trust. Once you’ve mastered that, and can trust from there, and when that occurs you just go into the void. 

So how I came by this. The theme of the dreaming had to do with what is one noting, or how is one sorting something out? You’re sorting something out in terms of what has happened that is significant, and you’re sorting it out in terms of a certain way that you are seeing yourself wanting to be, or needing to be, or aspiring to be, or still affected to be in relationship to what is going on. So you created this type of imaged view, trying to look at it which has to do with being able to hold a space in terms of what is going on in order to try to facilitate an understanding. 

So last night I had a hard time going into the void because I was attenuated to a spaciality – it’s a type of spaciality – that is part of the Fibonacci rhythm of things, like three, five, and eight and these numbers, and it wasn’t falling away. 

So I wasn’t sure, in terms of what was going on, the fear being that perhaps I would be contaminated by an environment of seeing, which is a form of bifurcation within an even greater void, in which the greater void would get lost if I settled into a more in-depth aspect of the bifurcation. 

And so when I realized that that effect wasn’t actually so, then I wanted to take a look at the world around me. In other words, if I’m dreaming this it means I’m feeling something, and if I’m feeling something, I’m acting out in some way even though I may not be conscious that I’m acting out in some way. And so I want to see how the pattern repeats as a scenario in my world around me in the outer.

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We know that our energy affects the ecology around us, or at least we recognize it in other people. Someone who is nervous and fidgety will often make others feel anxious. A person who is ready to get-up-and-go can inspire others to do something. We may consider these states as just a natural way that people express themselves, but on a development journey we can understand that we can also be consciously aware of these states, in ourselves and others, and can choose our response. Sometimes the best way to be is to hold a quietness inside – this provides a reflection to others about their state of being, as well as allowing for something new to come into the mix. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I experience scenario after scenario in which there is an energetic unfoldment. But, in each scenario, there is a person who is able to remain quiet and unaffected by what is going on in the scenario. Can be in the scenario, but not in the scenario. I mean can be there but not in the scenario, whatever the energetic of the scenario is, he has nullified any of that energetic. 

So, in each instance, this person is the one who is able to impress as being more than he seems. He impresses to be more than he seems in terms of expression. In other words, everything has a vibration, and he just carries a presence or something, a magnetism, that is able to affect the scenario and everything in the scenario, by not being part of the scenario’s whatever it is that has an essence that moves around. He describes that as something that is trapped in the muscles, I say it’s trapped in the molecular nature. And he does practices to shake anything that becomes absorptive like that in terms of himself. 

So I see scenario after scenario, and, in every instance, there is a presence that is there that holds the space quietly. That’s a chi vibration. It’s kind of magnetic, but it’s also de-magnetic as a presence because it’s not buying into any of the other. And such a presence is not affected by the scenario; yet it sweeps in the scenario. Nothing surprises it. In fact, it is extremely intrigued, it zooms in with its traveling abilities, if there is any aspect to something that does surprise it. In each instance the vibrational presence that is there is unaffected by what is around it. 

In this presence, however, when you look at it really closely, it draws a focus from you. I mean, it fits nicely with the focus of things. It also works with the flow, so to speak, where as it indicates you don’t want to necessarily write things down because you want to be able to go outside of any gravitational pull. And people’s attempt to try to capture something tends to cause them to get limited. 

And so I feel instead a person who’s being is removed from every scenario I look at. So what is this? Well, it’s called the Yaqui Way, the very first book that Carlos Castaneda wrote, which is the shaman person who is never touched by what is before him, and is able to influence what goes around him dispassionately, by his non-being presence. 

This is the pragmatic mannerism in spiritual evolution. Such magnetism permeates the surrounding environment because it remains still and unaffected by that which comes into its space. In other words, it establishes a space, and then it is able to be dispassionate in that. And anything that comes into that space, it’s never fooled by anything, meaning it takes the position where the intrigue, in terms of growing, is if something new can come in. 

So those who come before such a presence remain active, while that remains dispassionately still. And what is active in a person? Most people have, to some degree, the in-breath and the out-breath and they’re caught by a certain angelic side. 

So there is a difference between dispassionately still and a heartfulness. The dispassionately still is able to transcend the aging process, in that the energetic embedded in everyone else’s molecular beingness is in a state of rest with him. Thus, he is able to travel without the limitations of the physical. Don Juan did that; this person can do this. This person has mastered the effect of the elements over his body and is able to be in an unmitigated condition. 

Carlos Castaneda got to the point, as well, except as he reached a particular point, his inclination was wanting to go to the other side. This guy doesn’t go to the other side, he brings it down. That part is important. But it’s done in a way that you got to watch out for because it better have the heart there.

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We can view the image of going back and forth from different levels. We could see it as the concept of reincarnation. We could apply it to the idea that we connect with higher energies and bring them through into life, into the physical. But a key element of this type of journeying is the repetition of it, and we know that when we do things repetitively we learn more and more each time. We hone and we refine; we get better at everything we do repetitively. And this is the nature of our development. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream, which I don’t remember that much detail of, but it lasted a lot of the night, just seem to be involved in watching, or discussing, or paying attention to some kind of a Qi Gong class. So I kind of remember some of the faces and the people in there who were all part of this class, but I don’t remember anything else. I don’t remember any theme, particularly, except I just knew it did have to do with the Qi Gong and something I was studying. 

The second dream, though, was kind of an odd little dream. It was like, in that dream, there are a number of us that I don’t know if we lived, or if we’re visiting somewhere, and we were having to go between three little villages, I guess they were, or towns, something like that. And you had these little, they’re almost like little putt-putts that went between each town – like you see in India.

I would give people rides. It’s like I didn’t really quite have a group or a home of my own, or a group that I went and did things with, it was just my group. So I would give other people rides to town and back. And I suddenly found, I was discussing it with someone that was someone that I’d known for years and years, I was telling them it was kind of interesting because you couldn’t take more than three people. 

The first time maybe I only took two people – and they were strangers. But then the next time when I’m coming back and forth, it’s like I pick up these people, I would drop maybe two of them off in one town, and the other in the third town. And then I’d let them know when I was coming back, and, more often than not, maybe some of the same people wanted a ride back, so you got to know them a little bit. 

And I did this several times, and I figured out this is actually kind of fun taking people back and forth because you kind of got to know them a little, you knew you were gonna have someone that came back with you. Or sometimes you picked up somebody else you didn’t know. And this was kind of an interesting thing that was going on, and I was enjoying it when I woke up.

John: The thing about what you were dreaming about is you were deducing what it was like, in terms of the vibration of the dojo, you were deducing what it is in the dojo that is magnetically fascinating to you. 

And what you were noticing is that you are capable of learning tools and techniques, or being around a vibration, that can transport things back and forth, that can affect people in a back and forth way. And you’re finding that this is very intriguing and interesting. And it’s in that fascination that you’re drawn to wanting to know more about it, and do more of this sort of thing. 

And it’s the same kind of fascination that they all have. There’s one word that describes what that is that it’s able to do that, it’s dispassionate. In other words, it used the magnetic energy almost in a reverse polarity. In other words, everyone goes around and they feel some sort of passionate energy. But what this is, it has accentuated, it uses focus, it has a certain courage, and what was the other word? Intensity, maybe. 

And what it does is it involves this energetic in a utilized, dispassionate way. You really do have to read the very first Don Juan book because this is what he’s doing. He is journeying, and taking people on the journey. And, in taking them on the journey, they are learning how to take others, how to affect others

It’s an interesting science when it’s done with a dispassionate nature, and it’s actually an accentuation of the third eye. And it’s not a heartfelt energy. When you have a heartfelt energy, you have to contend with the angelic quality of an in-breath. There’s a certain weakness in that. And maintaining the warrior quality of a vibration, and able to then be dispassionate, you develop a chi, you hold the chi that – I don’t believe you take this with you. I think this is an energy that circulates on the physical plane. 

One needs to really look at this in relationship to hungry ghost vibrations. What’s different about this is it has the dispassionate quality to it so that it isn’t as confused as the hungry ghost energy, per se. It functions on more levels. In other words, the human being might have his five senses, one of the things that really, really limits what a person can do is the quality of the in-breath, the angelic side of things. Very little is accomplished by those who dwell on bringing that through. 

And people who develop this side aren’t necessarily fighters. So that whatever your position is in life, nothing overcomes this position that you’re able to adopt and take because you have accentuated the dispassionate nature. And, therefore, de-magnetize the effect of gravity upon you so that you can travel, and that you can cause others – see this is what you were dreaming – you can cause others, you can affect others, in this very same way. Very shamanistically oriented.

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