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5322At one time or another, we all find ourselves developing set patterns, or operating only within our comfort zones. And, of course, we only learn and grow when we are stretching ourselves into new territories, where we almost always find that we have abilities and skills that we never imagined. It is just as easy to create such comfort zones on our spiritual path because the challenges of growth can be intimidating. It’s helpful, then, to know that we are actually designed to be able to enter into new domains and be able to handle them as we go. And the more we do it, the better we become at that process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, I’m coming to realize that it seems that my meditation dreams are really, really difficult and peculiar to pull out because they seem so far away. And then when I come to bed it seems like the profoundness of what I dream, and my understanding of it, and how that opens up seems to be where the dynamic is at – as opposed to the meditation dream.

But if I didn’t have the meditation effect, to begin with if I wasn’t going into something like that, where you just come to bed, the dreams that I would have per se could only go so far because I wouldn’t have established a quality of a type of letting go that is possible in the meditation scenario, whereby something at a depth is able to probe, or go, even though my recognition of what that is about is extremely limited.

And so in a cause/effect kind of world, because that is so much different, it would seem that what I dream, and what I pull out in my dreams, is where the action is, but I know that if I didn’t do this other that the actions of the dreams would somehow or another get compromised because there would be a slow swallowing up, in terms of the outer dynamic effect upon things, and man’s need, the human need mannerism, that loves to take and just get by according to the lowest common denominator of relatability.

So I guess we’ll do our best with the meditation dream, and then show how the dreams, which seem to push something to another point, ensue. So to begin with, in the first meditation dream, I’m a woman who’s looking for a job in an organization with a lot of different departments and independent skills.

I’m a woman, and I have spoken with an interviewer in a company, and an interest has developed over what I have to offer. Now I used to work at this place. It is a very large kind of place that provides everything, and deals with everything, imaginable, and I’ve come in on the ground floor level to relate to this interviewer, and not realizing that whatever I’m doing with this interviewer permeates throughout everything.

And so I’m on the verge of leaving the building when the placement person says that there is an interest in hiring me for an independent agency in the organization. In other words, all I did was an interview, yet whatever I did seemed to permeate the whole place.

So I look up above and comment that I hope this isn’t the insurance department, that I had been at, because I notice that the interest is coming from the top floor area where ironically is the place, you know in this particular top floor area, is the place where I had worked before. So I had been with an employer, up above there, who was in insurance.

But that’s in the past and I have an interest that extends to a number of different ways, and things that I feel I need to contend with, so I am looking to make a change to accentuate another part of such a beingness.

To be of interest by the same person I have worked for before would not just be ironic, but it would also be counterproductive to how I need to unfold. I’m ready for another unfoldment adventure, but what comes up is a surprise to me: standing at the top of the stairway, looking down, trying to get a better look at what is to be hired, and what they are hiring, is a woman who is an accountant. I am surprised, but then I inflect inside and, even though I was looking at something slightly different inside, by inflecting inside I notice that I am able to do that.

And so basically what the dream is kind of indicating that one has to be careful in a process, and in an unfoldment, to not be selling themselves short by staying in the same motif – because then you fail to realize that there is more inside of yourself, that is going on, that needs to come out. And it’s too easy to get settled in to something that seems relevant, and significant, and not bring to bear what is more important.

And what is more important is a wholeness and overallness that’s inclusive, that takes in a mutability of a flow that can go through you, in that you are connected to everything. And that you can’t be annihilating things, and you need to be able to go to whatever level, in whatever way, and whatever means that there is, and break the stigma of any kind of set trance.

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In today’s world, it could actually be considered a nightmare to have an image where you are trying to access something on a computer and you can’t remember the password. It shows how the language of our dreams comes from our daily life; that’s why we often miss their deeper meaning. So the unconscious takes the daily event, of which we understand the feeling quite well, and uses it to tell us another story. In this example, there’s a need to fit into a cult-like situation, and also the feeling that something more can be accessed. And this is our situation exactly – we just need to find our password. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember part of one dream, and in it I’m a young woman, and another young woman and I seem to have become members of this cult, run by a man. And we’ve gone to live where they live, mostly other women there. And I’m trying to do something to fit in because I know, in a sense, that sometimes this cult member if they think that you’re a spy, or just if they think that you’re not useful to the cult, that he might kill you.

And I study things that they’re sorting out, and I study something that I can do on the computer, and I realize that in order like to communicate back to where I came from, I can do that on the computer at some point, but there’s two passwords that I need for different computer programs.

And it’s like I have one password, but I can’t remember the other. I’m working hard at remembering that second password, but I’m also going through and helping him sort through things, and doing things that are making me somewhat useful with the group, in terms of what I can sort through, or know, while trying to keep a little bit of a low profile at the same time.

And so it’s kind of like this dance of trying to keep part of what I know concealed, and part at the same time be useful to the group, but not stand out. So that seems to be the main thing that the dream is about.

John: What you’re talking about is a precursor to something, and what you’re describing is a scenario in which something is meant to change. In other words, the reason why it’s considered like a cult is that it’s set in its own way – and from this something more dynamic is meant to happen.

You’re not the spark plug to that dynamic that happens. Instead you’re support to whatever that is. And just sitting in this situation almost suggests that something more needs to be pulled through. Can you pull that through? Or does it have to happen in a capacity outside of yourself? And what’s odd about this is, should it happen, if it were to happen, is there time? Is permission granted.

It’s a very peculiar kind of depiction in that you’re describing an interval in which everything is kind of paused and, when things are paused, they kind of go around and around. That’s why it’s cult-like. It’s like sitting with something yet to come, yet to happen. And yet how can it happen because the memo hasn’t come through. The thing to embrace hasn’t opened up, and is seen as being like a password.

An image like this means something is stifled for some reason. I guess it is suggesting that in the situatedness something remains dormant and isn’t connecting like it could. Something is sitting dormant that isn’t connecting like it could. And so you feel the dormancy as something that is you call it like a cult. It’s like a cult vibration, which means that there’s a life behind it but you don’t know what it is.

You feel the vibration only, but because you don’t know where the flow is it sits in kind of a controlled waiting. And in that controlled waiting there’s an absenteeism of your being, in terms of a flow, and something that is like that in which you’re not engaged seems to be lying there waiting for a precursor of some sort to come through. I guess it can have the sense of being kind of like in a cult, construed off to one side. It feels sitting in a cult. It feels like it’s sitting in an absentee state.

And the only thing that can change that is something that would come along and break the trance, and from the trance being broken, then an unfoldment would be able to occur. That’s an unusual image.

Within that is a sense of giving up even, but it’s a giving up in a waiting way. But where the sadness could come is: how long can one wait? It feels like something more active is on the horizon. The activity is scary because you have to come up with, or know, or recognize what it is that is meant to break loose.

In other words, there’s all kinds of things and they can diverge this way, and they can diverge that way, but what is it that’s meant to break loose? Something is meant to break loose.

Now what happens is a person takes and they go off and they can experience something that feels like they are stalled out, like in a cult, and then that something more dynamic is on the horizon. Permission is given, a password is given, and something can break free. But then, when it breaks free, one has to properly hear and know what it is that has broken free. Because it’s got an active sense, but the way that it’s meant to unfold is unsorted out. In other words, the permission of whatever that is is not revealed.

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voices-in-my-head.jpgOffice politics can be difficult to navigate – so many personalities and so many different agendas. And this is true of the many lives in us, as well, with all the different parts of our masculine and feminine lives, the part of us that wants to stay in shape and the part that wants to sleep late, or the part that wants to keep the status quo against the part that wants to make a spiritual journey. They are all inside of us, and each needs some attention. Yet, ultimately, we must become the boss of all these lives in order to get where we are trying to go. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just pulled out my last dream. I was pretty tired after a long drive.

And, in that dream it’s like there’s a man who runs his own business, and there are actually two women he’s seeing, one who’s kind of helping him in the business, but doing so from a sense of a little insecurity and trying to establish her place, maybe even get him to marry her, and there’s another woman who comes in and it feels like she’s kind of his shadow, with a similar dynamic, but maybe not as much power. 

I seem to come on the scene, and the other woman had been hoping the man would marry her, but I know the man and I will be married. But meanwhile it’s like at first she’s trying to keep me out some by kind of making statements like, I don’t really even understand the quarterlies, and she’s right in a way. 

I mean, I can come in and I can look at the quarterlies and stuff at some point, but there hasn’t been any reason to do that. The man wants me to come in the office and scratch his back while they’re meeting, and I think that’s presumptuous. 

I think I do it, but I’m annoyed. And I just see all of this chaos going on and how we’re relating and it feels like then I feel like have to kind of suck it up and start establishing some order there, because sometimes an old pattern would be to take a feminine like that and kick her out, but on the other hand she has worked in the business, and she’s done something, so even if I establish my place there should be a place for her, too. 

It’s just going to be a bit of work, for sure, and there are little things they’re doing to sabotage me now and then that I have to be aware of and sidestep. And then the man’s being, the masculine’s being, kind of presumptuous and I have to do something about that, too, so it just feels like my dream included a lot of work.

John: Well, for some strange reason you make some sort of bigger deal than you’re supposed to, and you need to quit doing that – in terms of appearances, or a type of indulgence.

It’s almost as if you make something out of that as if it means something else, and whatever you do in terms of that, if you’re not careful, you orient your life around that, and that limits who you are, and that precludes you from being free, because then your energetic gets subordinate to the characteristics and qualities of such a nature that you are holding and projecting as a type of aliveness that will make your life meaningful.

Well, the thing of it is, is in the dream you are finding yourself nauseated by that. And it’s as if maybe you’ve spent your lifetimes doing something like this, and you now know that this sort of supporting of something, for a particular kind of well being, demeans a greater trait inside of yourself that can just come out and do something on its own for what it is.

And so you’re coming to recognize, you’re coming to look at the components of what you had always done in relationship to this other part that has its own sense, from which is emerging some sense on its own, to take on a dynamic that is who you really are, that you’ve never given yourself quite the permission to do because you have kept yourself in some sort of subjective conceptualization, in terms of what would, and needed, to ultimately unfold.

And now you realize – the heck with those notions or ideas. That just keeps you in some sort of trance. And that you can take and, for a change of pace, drop all of that because of the nausea you see all around you in terms of things like that, and then it’s as if as soon as that drops away a whole other dimension, or dynamic, is able to open up in terms of how you’re able to live.

Isn’t that interesting?


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