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Like the sun, all light offers a form of healing and cleansing. We may think that we have to tortuously overcome our deep psychologies, but we can also expose them to the cleansing light of higher energies and higher processes. As we have noted before, the low and the coarse cannot live with the higher vibrations of the fine and bright. If we maintain ourselves at a higher vibration, these lower elements can be minimized and made inconsequential. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So once in a while when I dream something, and it’s hard to pull out and go somewhere, then I actually come to bed and I can’t necessarily sleep because I’m on that channel or something. I’m not able to get grounded enough. It requires a certain rootedness, too. 

I was actually wondering, okay, now I’ve zipped too much into the stillness again, and it requires a certain aspect of holding the breath so that you don’t take and tear something up, because that’s why I was looking at a cow and stuff like that, things need to pull the continuity of something down. Otherwise, that’s not in a proper surreal either. 

So the meditation dream’s a repeat. And it was almost like hard to write up because it’s a repeat. But I realized that I was looking at things in a much deeper way. In other words,

I was looking at more light, is what I was looking at. So apparently, there is something I’m not understanding from the priors that I had. 

Well, in this dream, there is an overall clarity in which everything vibrates with insight, and does so as a simultaneous oneness. Well, the reason why that is the issue is the full expanse of light.

In other words, I was seeing the full expanse of light, I knew that what I was experiencing, everything went into that light. And it was too much for me to take in. So I’m having to go at this in degrees; learn to go at it in degrees.

In your dream, the second dream, was you were doing it more in the outer, but you somehow or another weren’t reaching the composite, you were still having to learn what the degrees were.

So I do not want to be burned by the light, and I also do not want to sell myself short. So the evolutionary constant I know is that light is consciousness. And that the more light I’m able to grasp, the more my beingness awakens.

Well, in the dream, I am able to elude my handlers that want what they think I need and is best for me. In other words, this could be the collective stuff and all of that that bugs you, that’s caught in your synapses, all of that. And so I’m able to probe out from this in a way in which I go where others do not willingly follow.

And there I find the raging waters of the subconscious to be even more intense. To go on, I have to navigate my way around a chasm, to another world within, where one can be free to expand their consciousness more and more, which means to aspire to more light. And it means to have to deal with a threshold intensity.

And so in the dream, if I reach a point where nothing limits, or can catch up and touch me, this being a place where I’m able to go beyond the deepest tumultuous river channels to the inner of the inner, and the other world therein, where there is light that consumes all barriers in that it rises along all barriers as a transforming energetic – this is when change is readily possible, and a new design will flow. 

In other words, it’s like if you were looking at a mountain and a mountain was an obstacle or a big hill, it would all be flickered in light, just like it was on fire, just like it had a natural fire all the time. And so, to be able to see and access something like that means any change you want to do is readily there.

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How often in life do we get to skip a step? When we begin to understand the nature of process itself, we can see that every journey has its requirements. When we do leave out an element, we will find that we often have to go back and add it at a later point. The masculine and feminine aspects of our inner lives also have different views on this, and different methodologies. When we are consciously aware of this, these differences can help us have a more balanced approach to anything. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my first dream, I kind of see a globe, and then there’s three people. It’s like it’s Nicole Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban, and a man who’s a general. 

And they’ve each been given a group of troops. And they know that they’re going to have three moves, and this is what they’ll have to make changes. But I guess all the rules weren’t explained to them ahead of time, because you suddenly discover that it’s almost like the moves are actually tied to the number of men that you use, in the sense that, immediately, we discover that both the men deployed so many men on their first moves, that they’re not really going to have access to the second and third move. 

Whereas with Nicole, she didn’t deploy that many men on her first move. So she’s still going to have two moves available to her – one of which is forgiveness. So that was that dream.

John:  Yes, you’re using dreams more literally. I mean, you’re doing the same thing, except the way I had to look at it was in relationship to how you notice that light, aspects of light, either opened up or didn’t open up. Because it was a repeat dream for me. 

And what you’re doing is a repeat dream, in terms of I had seen how everything is embedded in terms of information as quality of light. And that the more light you access, the more you access in terms of everything that’s going on, because it is all caught in the light.

What you’re doing is you are having a sense, in a grounded sense, in the same way of how it is that the components of life and things work, shift, and shape and whatnot, you have a sense, you have a feel of the flow. And so you might say you were working with the qualities of masculine in which it didn’t stay and bring everything all the way down and through. 

One of the reasons why something connected more in terms of it all, was Nicole Kidman held onto… See what you’re talking about when you’re talking about that sort of thing is you’re talking about a certain use of the breath, you know, in order to take and function in the outer. Forgiveness is a trait, and compassion and whatnot, it’s a trait that brings the breath all the way down into life. You find it by bringing it all the way down into life. 

And that Keith Urban, or whatever, the masculine tends not to bring it all the way down into life. But bringing it all the way down into life is what causes you to have the ability to effectuate change – and can effectuate with so much more.

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In the outer world we know how important it is, to a child’s future, what they learn at a young age. In this dream, the dreamer is teaching younger aspects of herself in the arts of life. This is how our unconscious speaks to us when we dream, by presenting a situation that has a certain relationship to one of our inner processes. It’s a great service for us to be able to see these scenarios, because we don’t always realize that we are one of our greatest teachers and guides. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The earlier dream I had, I think all I remember about is it seemed to be in the martial arts studio. I think I’m trying to help with some of the younger kids there, and observing how some of the seniors’ teachers are working with the kids. That’s the only thing I remember about it. I don’t remember many of the specifics. 

John: You were working with younger kids?

Jeane: Yes, sometimes I was working with the younger kids, and sometimes I was observing the senior students and how they work with the kids – that’s the part I remember.

John: So again, that had a quality to it where there’s a part where you’re learning, or grasping, something, and then there’s a part where you’re living it out – and, to some degree, learning how to wash it out of your system.

Because when you take and you live out an energy for the benefit of someone else, where it doesn’t have the same degree of personal overtones to it, it has a liberating or softening effect. 

It’s when you’re doing things where you think you have to do something where there is a personal cognition that you have to catch up with, that’s when you’re treading dangerously because that’s when you’re sorting something out, as if you can bifurcate it for yourself. And that’s a very, very dangerous thing because that gets into a denser quality. The taking, then, and trying to pass an understanding, or a flow, on to others frees you up again.

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