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The TowerWe have spoken about the idea that higher energies have greater requirements, meaning that if a thing is a finer energy, it can’t mix with lower, coarser energies. Said another way, the energies of kindness can’t live with the energies of cruelty. That’s the point of development: to make us finer, energetically, so that we become an attraction to ever more higher energies. But, of course, there can be the temptation to misuse such development for our own personal benefit, which is a contradiction to the idea of being in service to something greater. This is the story of those who rise up in the world for altruistic reasons, yet come crashing down because their ego gets in the way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the meditation there’s a way that I have, at my disposal, that enables me to do things with greater ease. The dilemma I have is I have gotten dependent upon kind of an outer means, and yet, on the inner, I’m looking forward to availing myself of doing it in this other way.

So, in other words, it’s like I’m dreaming both inner and outer. It’s the oddity of it. On the inner I can see how something can be done with ease, and how there is a quality to the way of doing things that makes everything flow. And it’s almost like I can feel that, I can feel how it could be like that, and yet then in the outer, when I’m in the outer, I am the way I am and I can just report to myself in the outer, almost as if this other is trying to leak through, that there is a better way of doing this. In other words, in the meditation dream, I have it easier because at my disposal is an energetic that, in an inner capacity, I’ve got accustomed to going to.

So, in the meditation dream, the effect in the outer is seen to be about 3%, only able to bring about 3% across. This effect is able to change, and it’s a tremendous 3% because it’s able to change unfolding consequences just by the fact that there is this kind of essence that’s leaked through.

So what is interesting is this effect is in the hands of my shadow. In other words, the other side now is my shadow, which is hanging out in an inner zone while I’m going about in manifestation. It’s kind of like a strange way of dreaming this, where Carl Jung had to dream something where he saw a yogi sitting by a tree and, when he came up close to him, he realized the yogi had the face that was him. And then he realized that if the yogi woke up, then how could he be? What was the dreamer, and what was the dream, kind of thing?

Well, that’s kind of how this is. I’ve got this inner thing that’s an aliveness inside of me, kind of like a shadow, but the effect of that can come across and can touch the outer, and can be brought into the outer, and can affect the outer. And this inner quality is where total at ease and peace exists, even if it’s just 3% that something comes out it can change the way things are. It can affect the way things are. Otherwise, they’re pretty dense, and pretty serious, and you’re caught up in your senses.

So in the outer there is this need to justify that I can lean upon things in the outer. In other words, I’m trying to justify that I can go through the things in the outer; I can lean upon the things in the outer. I can do this as my motif, but that’s not the way the shadow part, or this other part, in the inner plane or my higher self decides, it decides it all has to go – so it is destroyed.

I winced in not having this at my disposal when I could have used it to make things easier in the outer. So the inner got destroyed. The 3% got destroyed is what got destroyed. It’s like I was using it, but maybe misusing it or something, and now all of a sudden it’s gone away. My 3% goes away.

So my higher self saw this as being a limitation in that I was going more and more a sway in the outer, applying it to make my life easier. I was not meant to use it in that capacity. Use in this way leads to an imbalance and inadvertent ungroundedness. So my higher self, seen in this dream as a friend, destroys it. It was okay, but not if the effect is going to change the meaningfulness of the process. So what is going on? Isn’t that interesting? This is a deep theme isn’t it?

So what is going on? The energetic that I am waking up to needs to be in an inner/outer cohesion. If not, there is a problem. The problem shows up in the outer in that the unfoldment deviates into a personal abstraction. To deviate means a closeness of the heart in the outer level has gone askew. At the inner, higher-self level, the importance of the heart being in a more real place – meaning unfolding closer to the essence made manifest – not getting lost in the outer reflections, is the predominating note.

So when I lose it in the outer, in other words, get caught up in things in the outer, yet still have access to a little more energetic of something, that being a bit of a violation because it’s not supposed to be used to make the outer easier to accommodate, because the outer is just a reflection. So when I lose it in the outer, the higher-self, coming from the plane of the soul, has to honor that plane, has to honor that as the realness, so it has to destroy that which is being bastardized.

So the meaning of this dream is an inner awakening is only able to be in the outer, from the perspective of the higher self, if it brings a heartfelt closeness to the situation. If it doesn’t, then the result is wayward and needs to be obliterated, in other words, because then you’re misusing it or whatever. Or, to put it another way, the dream is saying that I am only allowed to use the access I have to bring about a greater overall awakening.

The significance is, to dwell upon problem solving is not what serving the higher self on a soul level is all about. To awaken from the projective outer slumber is needed at this time. With that in mind, as an inner principle, I am not allowed to make things easier if in doing so leads to a waywardness. The way things are devised to unfold in the outer is beyond my frame of reference. My frame of reference needs to be upon facilitating the inner into outer awakening, and not in paying attention to extraneous nuances.

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On a spiritual journey, it often seems that there are so many things to think about, and remember, and understand that it can seem overwhelming. But the truth of it is much simpler: we are designed to make this journey, and everything that is natural is designed to support us in this journey. The difficulty is that we have been born into a situation that is completely detached from this truth. So our work is in dropping all the acquired concepts that separate us from what is natural, and that begins with our view that the universe is here for us, instead of us being here for the universe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So I do something quite similar to what I did the other day, which was I look at something one way in the meditation dream, and then I took and I flip it over and look at it almost as how it would look in the outer in which it can have an absurdity to it. And so there’s a depth in one way of looking at it and an absurdity in another. There’s something in terms of how to see the flip side of each.

Well, in the meditation dream, I am shown the state of beingness needed for a letting go to naturally be there. In other words, I’m trying to describe your third way. In other words, you don’t just retreat into a deeper innerness and then utilize that as a tool, just like there’s some people who can retreat into a wealth effect, and use that as a vehicle or weapon of modality.

The state of beingness needed to experience a more expansive reality requires a letting go of the way we carry ourselves. There’s five or six steps and one of the steps, after the concentration, there’s the Dhyana step and then Samadhi. In other words, these are various steps in a process of unfoldment and, when you really look at the definition of Dhyana, Dhyana incorporates this concentration.

And so Dhyana is both inner and outer, and it’s the Samadhi that gives you the altered states where you shut down the senses then for something more. But Dhyana, strictly speaking, is a type of meditation that can be done with eyes wide open and you do things in the outer, as well as eyes closed and doing something, and going somewhere, and being somewhere on the inner, with the higher states of the shutting down of the senses being the Samadhi component.

In other words, we already know this as something that normally isn’t talked about because then that gets confusing to a person who has to have a conceptualization of what the spiritual path looks like.

In the meditation dream I experienced and dealt with being able to hear what is going on, in the overall universe, by dropping expectations or basically dropping the concentration. For example, in the dream I am on an elevator that has 18 floors. I am on the 11th floor. The elevator comes to the 11th floor. I want to go into a vibration and letting go that will take me to a subtler level, which is the levels above the 11th floor.

I don’t push any buttons. I have to be in that state, and then the elevator will have a tendency to go there. Otherwise it will go to a lower level that is denser.

So in this dream each floor level is a subtler, and subtler, inner surrender, in terms of each upper floor level. Such a letting go touches the vibration behind going to an even more subtle level. This is again trying to put words to how you do it this third way that you had in your dream.

If I am in an indulged state, and am unable to let go of a kind of motif, that energetic will cause me to drop, and influence my beingness, and cause it to go down. In fact, this is interesting that I would dream it this way because this is also described in the Upanishads. One of the oldest Upanishads indicates that what happens is that a human being’s soul gets to a level of a type of freedom, in which it can like take and go into an overallness or an aboveness or something like that, which is a level of being that has a whole greater sense about itself.

As it flows in this zone, it is said to be burning up its good works. I mean this is the way the Upanishad presents it. Again, it’s not necessarily true but it’s trying to portray a system in terms of the creator and manifestation. So as that happens, as its good works or whatever its qualities are that it has released, and broken free of, as a certain heaviness is still there and it comes upon one more, and more, and more, then it’s said that you start falling. And it’s like developing a gravity, or a heaviness, and you then descend back into the physical.

And then, of course, the Upanishads is trying to lay this out in terms of thousands of years and how all of this process kind of works and whatnot, and it’s kind of an interesting portrayal. And here I’m dreaming of this in a type of similitude, in that if I can let go and be in a naturally let go state I have access to the subtler levels above the 11th floor. Or otherwise if I get on the elevator, the elevator is going to go to where my weight and burdens still carry me, which will carry me back down, down into the density, or into a south direction rather than up, or a north direction.

So if I’m in an indulged state and am unable to let go, the energetic will influence my beingness and cause one to go down. However, to awaken to a greater perceptive beingness that is able to take in more of life, I need to let go of a set conditionality that affects my state of being.

The meditation dream is introducing into the overall the state of being required to experience the existence of subtler levels of beingness. A person cannot experience subtle levels of beingness when stuck in a modality in which the demeanor is being conceptually restricted. What is needed to go to more subtle levels, in terms of being able to go above the 11th floor, involves a letting go to a deeper emptiness within which there is a natural free flow able to be there.

So the punch line is, the meditation dream in which I pondered what it took to be receptive to an above the 11th floor inner adventure, in a type of outer world, too, was provided as a healing image to experience subtler levels of beingness on the path of an intertwined oneness.

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solsoHow do we, in our inner selves, become one? How does anything become one? Perhaps a clue lies in the idea that individual parts can come together under the umbrella of something larger. Our organs have their individual roles, but they have come together for the purposes of our physical body. And if we then add a singular purpose to our life, such as human purpose or being in service to something greater than ourselves, then that is a larger umbrella to bring unison to all the parts. Just like the universe and its unfolding has a purpose that we can become a component part within. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So my way of doing what you did, without a scenario thing that one could put their finger on as behind that sort of imagery unfoldment, in which you were noting a greater overall and such, and at the same time also recognizing the importance of the outer, is that in the meditation dream I am in a packaging center where the need is to gather up, and put together, various components into shipping boxes for transportation purposes.

That’s kind of where I find myself. But that is not where my attention lies. My attention lies as a need, in the scenario, that is not such a direct focus for me. In other words, I’m able to see the various components, and I can relate to an aliveness in terms of the components, and I can do this so much so that I’m able to bring an awakening of the building block components that, when these parts are to be gathered up for the next step in an ever unfolding process, I know this energizing young energy. In other words, these components are like a young energy, which means that it’s something that is coming into life.

So, in the dream, because each of the trait aspects has an aliveness that I touched with my beingness, when it comes to these traits and components being packaged into containers for the next step, that is where a problem lies. In other words, how do you do this? Because you’re playing with energy, yet you live in a reflective outer where there’s the physicality. I do not know how to package items up for shipping, a perception that these components think I embody that distinguishes them from me.

In other words, this is like I’m in an outer so I have this confusion, where on a deeper, inner level I know these traits, I can experience these traits, and feel these traits in my bones. But then when you take these traits and try to play them out into an outer, bifurcated world, it’s as if something is distinguished differently – but it’s not.

In other words, you have to be able to bring something all the way through in terms of an inner into outer. Or, in other words, instead the aspect traits that have been awakened into their useful inner aliveness are, when brought together, as I look out over things I know about a lot of the awakened components than is usual. In other words, this is the deeper part where I can see beyond what the song and dance of something is.

Because I have seen them for how they are to be, from what was a more asleep state, in other words, or an inner state, these alive and recently awakened component parts of myself in manifestation are able to look across from where they are gathered up and see me. Isn’t that interesting?

So, I am on another level of the overall beingness. They are excited to be brought together like this, eager to see what is next in the unfolding process. As these traits and characteristic components get to meeting each other, as being similarly situated in a process, they look across at me being at their aliveness as a kind of creator.

There isn’t a lot of them, as I would’ve been inclined to imagine, but what there is has come together. They’ve come together, they have something in common with the way they’ve awoken as a young energy, and those that I know is a young energy – though there are other energies there. They have come together in kind of an interesting fact that there they are, in a similitude, and I know more than is typical. Usually on this level I am deemed by them as being on another level of overall beingness – but that is not true. They are wrong about this aspect of the process when it comes to me.

They suddenly get it. The getting it is for what looks to be like something in the neighborhood of seven traits, in which I know the names of them, and they kind of know me, maybe completely or maybe I’m just vaguely familiar. And so I am to be an equal with them all. In other words, I’m standing there looking at them, and then eventually I join them.

That surprises them. At least that surprises the ones that I am familiar with, which is about seven, or 40%, of the trait components that have come together like that, of which I find myself placing myself not in some other level or place, but in their midst. I do this in a kind of overall capacity that treats each of them as unique as I am a brethren therein. To them it comes as a surprise. For me it is a fresh new aliveness that is exciting.

So the meaning of this, this is the next installation in the theme of what is involved for the inner and outer to come together as one.

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