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i78esWe may not always realize how much of the stress in our lives comes from a deep feeling of loneliness. Why would that be, even if we are surrounded by family and friends? Our strongest urge, which is built into our design, is to connect to the universe we have been born into. That is the connection we truly seek, and all other connections become a substitute for the universal one, which means they will never really fulfill the ache we feel inside. To be on a path is to find that connection, which offers the only true peace and settlement we will ever know. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: First of all I’ll go to the meditation dream. I see myself accomplishing the objective, which is to stop the doingness, and that effect leads to what I know it’s going to lead to. It leads to a stillness, a stillness that is everywhere. And then I suddenly go into shock.

Now suddenly there’s nothing to see. Existence as me is no more. I hadn’t realized that it could be like that, and I find myself scrambling to come up with a way in the nothingness, because all of a sudden when I went into shock I went into shock because all vibration disappeared, and when all vibration disappeared, I disappeared – and so what is there?

And so I wake up unable to find a cope-ability, or any capabilities, unable to find anything, in the absolute emptiness. In other words, it’s just a void, not even a vibration. It’s the epitome of true death. I can find no relatability that exists, whether positive or negative, there’s just nothing because I don’t exist – so there is no longer a knower and known. I can’t say anything about anything anymore because there isn’t a functional beingness for that.

So then I have the consequence. To glimpse absolute death is shocking. It can’t be done. My definition of death always carried a reference to a vibration. In other words, there was always a permeating vibration. You didn’t really die. You went to the other side, or something. To be without a vibration is a void without any cognitive at all, and so, when it was like that, I mean the epitome of where there’s really a true despair, a true breaking down of it all, that is when I got it. God is in the soul, or in that vibration. And the heart knows no death. It has to embody the universal soul of all of existence, or of all of everything. Since the soul never dies, God is everywhere.

So the conclusion is, since there is no death, because apparently there is always a beingness that aspires, that’s why there is no death, that means that the path of peace is a never-ending need for access, for access. Aspiring to access, peace is to engage the reflective that comes out of the essence, which is like the thoughts. Reflections don’t exist separate from the essence. There is nothing but essence, therefore essence is our definition of peace. Peace and essence are synonymous.

So anyway, what is the significance of this dream? Manifestation was not designed to be an angelic, sacred, in its absolute way that way, as the heart would like. Manifestation reflects or portrays the reflective consciousness of man in creation, while at the same time it embodies a deeper inner truth and essence that can be experienced, in spite of the misuse and abuse, or of the collective consciousness of things that are thoughts-upon-thoughts in disarray, is another way that one could kind of say it.

So I have to put my focus and attention upon what is important. If I fail to see the beauty that transcends the ignorance and views, I will remain wounded and out of touch. From the first dream I am able to see that I cannot ignore the vibrational essence of my beingness. This vibration radiates out over all I look out over.

There is plenty of evidence regarding how dire everything is. In the meditation dream, I reach a point where I actually give up, I check out, and lose the vibrational thread, even though that thread may be something that’s beat down, you can hold onto a more conscious aspect and raise something up. If beaten down enough you can actually lose that thread that’s meant to permeate creatively throughout the universe.

Such a vibration is part of the vastness of the heart. If it wasn’t there in the heart in this capacity nothing could exist. In the sleep dream, to be conscious is to accept what is and how I find it, both above and below, without any illusions about it all. You’ve got to be careful how you positively glorify things, yet at the same time, underlying it all is this uplifting, reverent, and divine heartfelt quality that you have to access, that you can’t lose track of, because it lays the seed for a transformation of what has occurred over a long course of misuse and abuse.

The rubbish of the outer is still there. I mean it’s going to take generations to transform this dump. In other words, those cans don’t just go into soil. They’re metal cans and whatnot. It takes a long, long time for them to be absorbed, which is a fact of life and a consequence of man’s mannerisms and attitudes from an unconscious history which is subject to change and transformation when it realizes the aliveness and divinity of a greater inner beingness. In other words, things come from within, the essence is from within, but from without one has been really wayward and unconscious.

So, as in the meditation dream, the heart is meant to sweep over all that there is, and, in doing so, the essence, that essence becomes all-pervasive. This underlying essence is the peace we seek. Outer reflective conditions in manifestation are reflective of both our lower-self and higher-self nature. Manifestation is the means by which we are able to transcend our plight and get closer to the all-pervading essence which permeates revelationally for those with eyes to truly see, and ears to truly hear.

Such revelation is not naïve, or overly angelic, innocently. In other words, it has to hold the vibration, the contrast. It is out of the collective dense unconscious outer reflection and appearances that a seeing and hearing is possible. What ensues is a redeeming, in other words what can ensue, in other words if you don’t just collapse and go like in the meditation dream into a void in which there is no spark whatsoever, what can ensue is a redeeming, reverent, and revelational revelation which heals the pain, suffering, and wounds that prevail in the outer, the outer being again a mirror image reflection of things, reflected into the lower self in terms of what we have done during the unconscious stages of evolvement of our being, in which the essence behind it all was disregarded.

Because if we don’t do that, and the heartfelt vibrations, so it seems from the meditation dream, could get so displaced that, as in the meditation dream, there would be a non-vibrational vacant void. That would be the end of everything.

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M.C. Escher

It seems that when we become good at certain things in our life, there is a process where we learn, and grow, and practice, and hone. Yet, at the point of mastery, we are still letting go of all that work and just being in the moment of what we are doing. We switch from doing, to being. And in whatever process we can achieve that switch, we will have found a certain mastery of the flow of it. And never is that more true than in our spiritual pursuit, where we won’t find our way through understanding the journey only with our brain, but when we begin to live the process with the whole of ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Okay, one dream that I had, that I seem to keep coming back to, it was like I was studying these dots that were in-between two lines, or sometimes they were just out there. But somewhere you knew there were some lines that were boundaries for them.

And what these dots were, and they usually came in pairs, but I’d see at least four of them at a time, is that they would be where you would hook up like a sewer line, or some type of a water line, and they were supposed to be hooked up two at a time.

Well, everybody had their ideas about this, and sometimes people would just hook up to one of them, and they didn’t hook up two at a time. They just didn’t quite hook them up right, and then they’d wait to see how it worked. And I would just keep studying this to see, well, did it work if they tried it that way? Or do you hook up two or more at a time? Or, okay, if we do just go and hook it up the way somebody wants to try, is that going to work, or isn’t it going to work?

And it felt like I would go back and forth studying this and see. Wait, okay, we tried it with just one, is that going to work? As far as I know you’re supposed to do it this other way, the way they’ve already been laid, and I spent a lot of time doing that.

John: The step that one’s being asked to take, at this conference, is to let go of how things work and just go ahead and plug in to a natural flow. That is the way the human condition is able to function in an overallness that’s impossible to sort out. That is so much that it leaves one, by comparison, the condition that one’s in, remains always trying to sort something out, always fumbling about.

And so what you’re doing is you’re taking the principle of an overallness, where you have the energy lines and everything, and you have an ability to catch up with that which is a little more profound than the average person is capable of doing, and you’re able to recognize that there is a way of delving into a flow, or into the depths of that; there is a naturalness there.

And you see the naturalness in composites of four. When in a composite of four, that’s in an ordering in which there is a naturalness, in which you’re able to surrender and flow. But you also note all that’s there, and you can try this way, and that way, the variables, and when you do that you find yourself having to struggle, and contemplate how this can be, and how that can be – which means that you’re making things overly complicated. Because it’s meant to just be a natural flow. When it’s just a natural flow it doesn’t matter what right or wrong is, or anything like that. It’s just a natural flow.

The isolation of things happens when one tries to comprehend how something should be. And you can develop an amazing kind of understanding about it, but that doesn’t necessarily go anywhere, when you can just have the natural flow, if you just surrender to that.

That’s why Lewin is saying that there’s only three things going on: there’s prayer, there’s meditation, and then there is the dhikr, the attention to the name of God, an energized charged condition. And it’s charged by something that’s sourcing from the absolute, or sourcing from the innerness of innerness. In other words, it’s not just a human being anymore.

In other words it’s like, it’s a common misconception, and was kind of thrown out there initially by Lewin, that a teacher is a person just one step further on the path. The path is endless. You just have to flow. You have to let go.

And Lewin is no longer looking at himself as just a mere teacher. He’s actually referring to himself as the guru, and a guru is a very significant term. To be a guru you can’t have the personal intertwinements that could throw something haywire, or off. You have to bring in the full transmission.

And so I’m looking and realizing that, yes, it can be kind of interesting to try to understand why it is that things get pulled and tugged this way, and that way, and there are people here who are overwhelmed by kundalini energy and such, but that’s part of the process, that’s part of the tugging, that’s part of the download that’s happening, and they will sort that out.

There is a greater design towards sorting it out. One can take and look at trying to understand that, just like you can try to look to understand all of the energetic points that lie in between two parallel lines, two Ley lines of life. You can look to try to understand that, but the understanding of that, by going from this, to this, to that, to that, as opposed to holding one’s self in a wholeness, taking each one on as a wholeness, as a greater overallness – and you can do that with the dhikr. You can hold that overallness by a certain quality that you can touch that with, with the dhikr.

But if you lose that vibration, then you can still try to needle along, but you’re going one at a time, two at a time, and you’re messing around in which you are actually tearing yourself up if you attempt to do that – and you’re making this whole thing complicated.

Because what that image is also about is a means of being able to delve in. You have this in-between, and this vacuous space in-between is something you could delve into like water. You can go to the depths of something there, but you’re not going to go to the depths trying to figure it out.

Like the gal I was talking to the other day, wonderful, wonderful person, but is trying to understand the meaning of what it is that she senses in order to find a sense of peacefulness for herself – and you never can find that peacefulness. That kundalini energy that you have will sort itself out, if you surrender. You have to surrender to a naturalness; a naturalness that flows within.

Your human condition works when it works in that capacity. It doesn’t work when it is constantly having to follow a path, or to try to be in a particular way, or to have a grasp of something in a particular light of understanding. Those lights of understanding get in the way of the heart.

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Mario Duguay

We know that there is energy in all things. And the more condensed these energies are, the slower the energies move. So all matter, from dirt to humans, has a speed associated with it. And the higher we go in our development, the more we are able to relate to the energies at higher speeds, because higher, faster energies are less condensed. So even though we are in a physical body, we are designed, as humans, to connect to the higher energies in life. And higher energies are, by definition, closer to the purer realms of human purpose and causation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my dream, one of the things is that sometimes I seem to slip between being the man in the dream, and sometimes the woman. It’s kind of confusing that way. But, initially, when the dream starts out, it’s like in a city like New York where they have a lot of brownstone apartments, and it seems like I have a room on one side of town, but on the other side of town I’m visiting a family.

It’s a Filipino family and they seem to take care of the people that live in that building. And they have a daughter about my age that I’m interested in, and we’re going to go out somewhere, but when we go out into the city I take her into an area of the city that’s opposite of where she lives. But I know she wants to go on her own back to the apartment, but I’m concerned about her getting taken advantage of by someone there. But it’s because she wants to go into that area of the city, I go with her; but then we seem to overshoot the area.

We end up instead on some land that goes out into the water. There’s a whole little village there, but it’s kind of cut off by more water from the area of the city that we wanted to be in. So we try heading in the right direction, but we end up on a log in the river. We kind of get dunked and wet, but then we get the log upright and it feels like we’re almost like wanting to paddle to catch up to a little boat that would take us to the shore, or maybe we’re just going to go there on a log.

That part I wasn’t sure how we did it, but I have the impression that, in that process, we get together. In the next scene in the dream, she’s gone back to visit her family in the city, but now she has a 1-year-old baby with her, a little boy.

Then I’m coming to see the family, but I’m having a little apprehension that they’re going to be upset that I’m the father of the boy, because I think because they’re Filipino or something maybe they see us as not appropriate to get together. Plus we haven’t been married, but we had been someplace where there was some kind of a ceremony. It wasn’t quite a marriage, but it was like some kind of a promise ceremony. That’s all I remember of the dream.

John: So the thing to note in this dream, that every part that you could remember of this dream, had a sadness to it.

And there’s a reason for the sadness, and the sadness is that you’re catching up with a recognition, you’re catching up with a knowing, a knowing that is based upon being able to see how something is in matter, as matter, but as matter in terms of sound.

Everything that you dreamt was a rising up of a vibration, and the recognition of that vibration, this time, was such that you had to look at it and experience it as something that wasn’t a letting go. You had to experience it as a type of manifestation, or flow, or unfoldment. And the reason why this was a manifestation and unfoldment that you could see, in a black-and-white way, in a denser way, is that you’re closing in on an aspect of manifestation that is based on sound.

In other words, when you go about and you see yourself as separate, and you’re functioning in some way that just goes this way and that way, you can look at that as an ambivalency, in an ambivalent state. But when you get to a point when you can’t look at anything ambivalently, because you’re causing it, and you’re causing it based upon a type of catching up with the heartfulness.

And you’re catching up with the heartfulness, but you’re catching up to it as something that is caused by sound. First of all, everything is created out of sound, and when you catch up with the fact that you are playing with sound, on a very, very subtle level, you’re going about and your consciousness is catching up with the recognition of something as sound.

The reason why you can remember a dream is that you can hear it. This is funny. This is really funny what we’re describing here. Is yes, you have the ability to have an inflection of sight that causes you to see the thing, and that is like coming from somewhere now as an aspect of unfoldment that is very, very, very fast – and faster than what you can catch up with. But what you can catch up with, and that you can feel in depth, what touches you, what has a heartfulness, is sound.

Sound has a heartfulness, and sound is what creates in this manifestation, and so the reason why the dream had all these little sensations of pain is because you may not know this, or may not realize this, but you have caught up with it understanding, of a heartfelt understanding, because you’re catching up with the responsibility of sound. Very, very peculiar kind of thing.

What that means is, if you were to take and if you’re able to look at everything in a black-and-white and separate way, you veil your heart from having to experience it, experience the flow of sound. So what is given into life is man’s ability to catch up with a flow and, in that flow, is it’s a water element and that water element, that water element of a flow has behind it the ability to hear the sound of the universe – and when you speed up, that sound rings in your ears.

What you don’t know, or what you’re now coming to know, is that if you really could take in that sound in a way in which you see it for what it is, that that sound is your creative ability. And if you were to peel back just that ringing sound, were to peel that back… in other words, people go on a spiritual path and they get to a point where as you get stiller and stiller and quieter and quieter certain things open up, a certain recognitional vibration permeates through all things, and within that permeating through all things there are qualities of that vibration.

There’s qualities of light, there’s qualities of sound, there’s even a quality of taste. And when you just start looking at the quality of sound, you’re looking at the quality of something that can leave this heart really, really, really sad, really sad.

So let’s say that a person goes about and they take and they do things that completely are unsettled to them, and hurt the heart or whatever, because they’ve gone off askew in terms of their bouncing around – of which they have no idea that they’re bouncing around in terms of flipping sound energy this way and that way. And so they’re exhausted. And so what they do then is they try to go and they have to try to soothe their way out of that.

And so if you can catch up with the idea that sound can soothe you, you can actually take and you can listen to the sound of the universe, so to speak, the sound behind your ears, the sound that you can hear just as an aspect of a quality of stillness. And then you realize that goes nowhere.

You don’t understand it. It goes nowhere. To actually go to where you can catch up then with the inflections of light, of a sight and a light, you come to a point where you can kind of let the sound go for a little bit. It’s there, but you don’t dwell on it. So you actually are going to a type of stillness so that something even faster can happen.

And when you go to a stillness so something even faster can happen, that’s where you get the inflections of light. And that’s where you get the images that are your dream images.

When you’re looking at sound and your perception of the sound is such that it’s just a day-to-day thing, that’s not too bad as a dumbness to carry around, you can handle that. But what if you catch up with the sound where, as you’re going through something in life, what if you suddenly have a light bulb moment, so to speak, where you realize that everything you do, and how you are, is sound oriented. And if you could set aside that sound, you can stop the reverb of a pattern of your beingness. And that we grow by being able to change the note, change the vibration.

Well, initially what happens is this: In your dream, you get to where there’s a part of you that you can’t bring back to this side, but that you can see where maybe you’re a man or a woman, or a this or a that doing this or that or the other, in the dream – but it doesn’t pull through, it doesn’t pull back in terms of what’s going on.

If you get to the point where it pulls back to this side to where, okay, you all of a sudden see what’s going on, that seeing what’s going on has to do with a reconciliation of the energy, a taking account of a responsibility on a vibratory level.

So this whole idea that a human being is something that is causing everything in the environment, and everything in existence, and all to be as it is, when you fall back and feel the vibration of that, when you reconcile that quality, it’s a hard one on the heart.

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