En Garde

Fencing sport competition. Duel. Dark black background. Sporting Women.The world is littered with terrible stories of what people were willing to undergo, or worse, to impose upon others, because they were so convinced of the rightness of their position. The mechanism of deep commitment is a good one, and natural to us, it’s just that it mostly get used in the wrong way. What such passion should be used for is to defend ourselves from anything that tries to derail us from our spiritual, or purposeful, path – something greater than ourselves – rather than to defend any manmade concept or our personal identity. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.) This post was originally published in September 2018.

Jeane: My first dream has a duel-like quality to it. In other words, there’s a man and a woman in a rectangular room, with no furniture, and other people can come and observe. I think there’s even like a one-way mirror or something. And they’re across from each other, and it feels like they’re about to engage in a duel, and that the stakes are pretty high. And it has to do with one’s reputation more than anything else.

The duel I guess will be verbal. There’s someone that comes to observe and see if some words or things that he’d spoken were going to be used, but then the man who begins it’s almost like he just walks around with a certain intent and so you can tell that he’s saying something. He’s directing energy in a certain way, but it’s all nonverbal, and there just seem to be several episodes of this going back and forth.

At one point when the woman kind of begins another round of this, she’s so certain about her position or something, she’s even willing to give up what she’d gotten in a divorce settlement, not from the person she’s dueling, in her life. It’s almost like she’s willing to give up all these things she’s had. I guess just because she feels like her point is really correct.

And so that’s the most I think in some ways I can say about the dream, because there would be times when you were expecting to see what the kind of battle between them looked like, but it was all nonverbal.

John: This is a dream that’s pointing out how you can get caught up in taking on an absolute-type position inside yourself, and little things can have an absolute quality to them in that you don’t mean it to be that way, but they can get a hold of you and affect how you see yourself, or perceive yourself, in terms of relatability.

The need to have to express yourself in a particular way, or to look a particular way, or to be interesting in a particular way, those are all afflictions that can get a hold of one’s attention and cause one to project, or feel that they have to project, a particular appearance or mannerism.

When you get like that, or when you carry that quality of having to maintain an appearance in a particular way, that appearance, that mannerism, is what is important. Any need to have to maintain something like that stands in the way of letting go.

What’s interesting is the time that you have a dream like [we’re currently seeing the teacher]. When it comes to the teacher, can you really be empty? If he were to talk to you, can you really relate in a way that doesn’t have to put on a particular kind of mannerism, as a veil, that you’re comfortable wearing – or think that you need to wear? Can you really be open and free, or do you have to come from a particular identification in order to be comfortable around someone who leaves things so wide open that that can be unnerving to your nature?

So it’s a dream in which, what aspect of a nature, or mannerism, are you still holding onto, and projecting? And having to then feel that, to recognize that. And it even has kind of like a shadow effect in there, in that whatever it is and however it is that you project yourself, still with the idea that that’s how you’re expected, or you feel that you’re having to expect yourself to be taken in as an appearance, to the degree to which you do that, sometimes that’s considered okay, as long as you watch that.

And you watch what you’re doing to distinguish yourself from the total letting go. You’ll notice if you listen to people they all do that, each person does that, and the ability to take and be immersed in a space, and an overallness, requires you to let go of a context or mannerism that you maintain or feel that you have to portray yourself.

And thus are these various techniques to try to get you to realize that what you’re doing is just a matter of projection that stands in the way of being in a state of totality, in an overallness, like the technique of listening to someone to the point where you actually can be who they are. You can assimilate who they really are as an essence.

Which means rather than reacting or having your mannerisms that come up on your own that get in the way, as they are projecting their mannerisms, you learn to recognize how to hear them, to be them, at a deeper point of essence – by just being totally receptive to where they’re coming from. That’s being a good listener, but more than being a good listener you’re getting out of the way of yourself in terms of how you have to respond or appear.

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Entwined, or Entangled?

webIt seems to be coming up more and more these days, this territory of being able to hold something on an inner level no matter what is happening around us. This ability is important because it allows us to be balanced when things around us are in upheaval. That helps us, and it helps those around us. And it is something that we have to constantly choose to uphold, rather than just being swept along by outside forces. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.) This post was originally published in November 2016.

Jeane: I just seem to have this one dream in which I didn’t feel like much was happening.

I had gone to live in kind of a little more desolate area on the property. It almost felt like a ranch. The property was owned by the people that ran the ranch, so they had a little house that they rented, so you could almost walk from their house to where this little house was. And this little house is just one of those little ones that’s about a kitchen and living room all run together, and maybe a small bedroom and a bathroom and everything in there is rented, including the stove,

And it’s very simple, and it feels like when I’m ready to move out my sister’s going to move in, and there’s snow on the ground at that time of year. And I go to town one day and I come back because I’m moving the next day, and I’m looking around, and I’ve noticed that while I was gone to town that the landlords moved the stove out.

The stove is part of what you rent. Other things were mine, but maybe I was leaving like I had a barbecue or something. I think I was leaving that for my sister, and I have these special keys that fit the door, or fit other things, and I’m taking those keys off the keychain to either pass to the sister in front of the landlord, and then I feel like I’ll mention to them something about the stove that they could just move it back in because that’ll be part of what she rents.

But maybe she needs to talk about that with them, and that I just have a few things to load in my car and then I’ll be going. That’s like the whole dream. It’s very quiet in a way.

John: It seems like the dream needs to continue.

Jeane: I know. That’s what I felt like, too, but I couldn’t get back to sleep.

John: Because the theme of the dreaming had to do with being able to hold a kind of presence or awareness in which you let go of things in the outer, you let things happen in the outer. You have the ability to let things happen in the outer because you have an inner quality within that is able to intertwine and effectuate the changes from afar, or basically through the ethers, or from within.

So where I would have thought the dream needed to continue would have been, it wasn’t really clear that the stove would be put back into the cabin as an essential component to this being able to be passed on to another. And so, how you actually handle that was not how you’re meant to actually handle that. It needed more following up it would seem.

Had I had this dream in relationship to the way things were unfolding last night, I would have had to come to the realization and recognition that if I try to micromanage, or get too intense over, the issue I actually lose a certain perspective or sight because I do not intertwine or work with the innerness in this other capacity that is possible. So what I’m wondering is if you picked up on the vibe, but not completely.

So there’s a little bit of confusion over how you’re… and for you it’s more of a confusion over how far you need to carry your scope of attention. For me the bigger issue is letting go. For you, you can just let go and act like it should go to someone else as a responsibility, but I can’t look at it that way. I have to look at it from the standpoint that it either gets handled, and I have to overindulge to make that happen, which I am shown destroys a cadence and an unfoldment both in myself and in others, or I have the wisdom to know how to step back and hold a space in which something then comes through, or flows through.

And in some instances, even when that doesn’t happen, I need to have that trust in a greater whole – as if there’s some other power that knows better. That power, of course, is all inside of me, but I can’t catch up with that understanding inside of me if I’m flinching and reacting all the time. And it’s hard not to keep flinching and reacting when you have this reflective domino effect that can occur on the outer, and it may be insignificant or meaningless in terms of the scheme of an inner unfoldment, but you don’t necessarily get that inner unfoldment memo when you’re indulged, and caught up in something, and thinking that it needs to be this or that, and can’t see the forest for the trees because you’ve gotten so entangled, rather than intertwined.

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Confirmed for Liftoff

When things are about to change, we often feel worse than ever. This can be because our unconscious has already sensed the changes ahead, but the rest of us is still struggling through the old ways. This can make us feel as if we aren’t getting anywhere, when the shift is closer at hand. This is why it can be important to listen to all the signals we are picking up: on one level we may feel disheartened, but on another level we may have a knowing that better things are just around the corner. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream, to portray what I’m able to remember, it starts off in a flashcard way. It starts off with me observing a little guy who’s staying at a urinal, and I’m standing maybe three or four feet behind him. And it’s like the guy is, say, four feet tall, and I’m six foot tall. He’s not paying any attention to this as he’s standing at the urinal.

Well, I already know what this dream is supposed to be about, and it’s starting out with that as the initial image. I know that the dream was about a transformation and change. So I’m curious to see what’s going to happen next. 

So this little guy, who no longer seems to be such a little guy when he returns to the workforce, you know before he was just like really wimpish, is talking to other colleagues about something that is afoot, that is about to happen in his life. So as I am realizing and recognizing, and I’m knowing – so I’m needing to try to watch to see if I can see this more – from the inner dream that I couldn’t pull out images from, but knowing that something is changing, or is afoot in a soothing way. 

I listen and watch knowing that something is shifting, and I’m going to have to see this like in kind of this whole side show flashcard way. In other words, I know from the sensations and aspects that I had been feeling, plus other events within that I don’t pull out, that it bodes for something to be happening.

In the final image – and what I have to do is block out everything else that’s happening around me, it’s almost like I’m standing off 12 feet away, or 20 feet away or something. And he’s talking to someone, and there’s other noise and stuff going on, so I have to fight my way through that to listen as he is further explaining to a colleague the change that is coming for him. And I overhear him say that the liftoff date has been set. 

It’s about a year from now or so. And what’s gonna happen is that he’s all excited about, that’s firmed up as a go, is that he and his fiance blast off into outer space. 

So the meaning is, this is a dream about a shift and change in how I will be unfolding consciously in the future. Currently I am being pissed on as if a wimp who is unconsciously relieving himself, but the best one can. You know, going through life the best one can, and this is the treatment that I’m being subjected to as I unfold. 

I know it isn’t like it appears and I’m eager to see what is being implied. I’m shown that a transformation is coming. I’ve been feeling this as imminent in terms of prior dream sensations, the details of such dreams being something I don’t remember. So I’m watching and waiting, and while watching and waiting I’m attentive to the changes within, like flashcard inflections, that are there to help me zoom in, or zero in, upon a shift that is destined to unfold.

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