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Letting go of our personal psychologies and defense mechanisms is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, they may not be a true representation of who we are, or who we want to be, but are a vestige of a reality that might no longer exist. Second, they often work on an unconscious level, so being aware of their outplay helps us evolve. And thirdly, they often create an inner blockage to other, and greater, possibilities. So while on a subtle level we think we are protecting ourselves, we are also limiting what the future can bring in for us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Another little aspect of the dream that I had was, first of all, of course, I had just remembered the very first part. The second part was that where I was at was something very enticing and soothing and interesting, and I declined that and went back and found these empty rooms, of which there were the babies in them. 

But the very first part, that I forgot about, was that I went off to one side and was told there was a person that was asking about me. And so I was curious. That’s interesting, they’re asking about me. And what they were doing was, they were commenting about the fact that they were overhearing me talking all the time. 

And so this woman that was telling me this was actually telling me this to indicate that it wasn’t that they were asking about me because they were interested in something, they were asking and inquiring about me because they were offended by the fact that, in the atmosphere, I was always talking all the time. 

And then there was another aspect in which there was a process that had to be dealt with, or gone through, in terms of the connectivity. And so it was kind of like what Dean does where he breaks people up into doing practices or something. And so, in this particular case, we were required to break up into groups of three. 

And so I kind of hang back just a second, because my inclination is to break out with people that are interesting, and so I end up in a group where it just kind of fumbles together by accident. And it’s in that group, it’s from the shrediments of this group that there’s the catalytic process that confronts or challenges the manner in which I am striking out too much – which was my very first part. 

And then there was the middle part where I now decline the activities in the area that are interesting to me, that catch my attention. And I go off and back to one side, and, lo and behold, think I’m going into empty rooms, but all of the bedrooms I find back there are full of babies like a nursery. And it’s through that quaint aspect of oneself that one comes to recognize something so much more. 

In other words, I’m describing, in my sleep dream, a system by which you catch up with what the theme of the dreaming was about. And, of course, the theme of the dreaming was about going out and getting away from an aspect of where one’s personal mannerism is out in the open in a personal active way or something, is engaged in some way. And for me, it works by going off to one side.

For you, it works by taking and getting involved in something that moves energy around to the point where the East and the West, and the West and the East suddenly there’s no personal and something can come to you – as opposed to you thinking that you’re going to find it.

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It is an inherent tendency of all things to find a state of equilibrium because such a state offers the possibility of operating with maximum efficiency and the least resistance from external forces. Our systems seek to do the same for us, internally. When we have elevated our processes, through development away from personal ego, we can begin to offer this service into the energetic environments we find ourselves in. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I think I did it, too, but we’ll see. In the meditation dream, I’m confronted with the fact that a stabilization of a vibratory quality in life requires the ability to control and contain discombobulated energetics. 

In other words, that’s a way of describing the parameter; in other words, trying to work to a refinement. It has to do with being able to continually work with energetics that are not refined, to know how to stabilize that, to not do something or live with this vibratory nature, in other words, not deal with it. If you don’t quell it – the vibratory nature – or bring the energetic from awarenesses that are offensive, you can’t catch up with a stillness that is healing. 

So you’re playing with levels again, the capacity to ease outer energetics and bring a stillness therein into a natural unfoldment and flow doesn’t know that, in the outer world, this is what takes place. In other words, that you’re doing this all the time, attempting to bring something to a quiet, or a peacefulness, or a stillness, to a natural unfoldment. 

And, in the outer world, this is what you’re always trying to do. You’re always trying to bring this about, even though you wouldn’t admit this to yourself. Or, to say it another way, it is one thing to have a capacity to flow, and another thing to be able to take the penetrative energetic into chaos and bring a stillness to a natural condition. The natural condition is a state that is unaffected by the surroundings. 

So we go through life, we’re affected by everything that we’re doing, but we’re trying, of course, to bring it to another point. To be able to do this in manifestation is to have the ability to penetrate, or to effectuate, a change in life. In other words, we don’t effectuate a change in life if we’re just kind of caught under every little motif that hits us, you know, by the collective. And we just kind of react spontaneously, just like we’re helpless. But when we’re able to recognize that we’re trying to pull all of that to an emptiness, or a stillness, or into the vortex, or more into the 10% or however you wanted to say that, that’s when you’re able to change life. That’s when you change the environment around you. That’s when you’re taking denser energy back more into the subtle, and subtle to the emptiness. 

Most people are like weather vanes, only able to flow in conjunction with the way things are around them. A person who has true spiritual power is able to take wayward energetics that are misaligned, loud, and out of balance, they’re able to take that sort of thing on and effectuate a softening. 

In the dream, I do not know the difference between an innerness that encompasses all there is, and an outerness that is out of sync and reflective. In other words, when you’re deep in a dream, you don’t know that there’s the outerness, you just look at everything as an innerness. And that’s why you come to know that when something is out of balance that you’re meant to bring it into something that’s a singular way; a stillness.

In a deep dream you just know that it’s meant to be like that, it’s in the outer that you have this different view of things because everything seems separate when you’re working just off of your senses and bicycling about as best you can – or so you think. 

It is from the all-pervading oneness of the inner I am responding. In other words, this is what I see in the dream, when you’re in the inner. In the outer, of course, you form a different conclusion, you think that what you do is significant in your differentiated ways. 

So, in the dream, I do not know how great a phenomenon that is. In other words, to live in a capacity that goes into an overallness, that is the overallness. Or, to put this another way, when I wake up to the outer only – when my orientation is in the outer – I will find that I am in an atmosphere where everything is out of control and reflecting a denseness that is stifling. Yet I buy into the stifling because I don’t know any better.

To be able to automatically absorb such a state of chaos and confusion, and revel in an all-encompassing macrocosmic intertwined stillness, is to embody the spiritual consciousness of a heart as the epicenter of all of existence.

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There are many things to be concerned with, in the outer, in terms of what has control over our lives. On the inner, we have similar issues that can be particularly problematic because we are often unaware of their impact on how we engage with life. These issues are an effect of our shadow life, the energies and psychologies that have embedded themselves in our being and that get trotted out for certain applicable scenarios. Becoming aware of how, and why, they arise in us is the beginning of a deeper healing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I’m still having that pattern of just remembering a bit of the last dream, but knowing I’m dreaming more than that. And, in this dream, I seem to be somewhere where there are people who come into town, and they convince the other people around them to put on these bracelets, on your left wrist, I think. 

So, I’m kind of studying all this out. And I realize that as we go out and about, that the person can control the people through the bracelets to a certain degree, like he can push a button and it causes their arm to go up. Or maybe it could even cause them to act in a different way, or maybe become armed in some way. But it begins to control their behavior. 

And I’m watching the different ways these bracelets then control their behavior, or he can cause it to control their behavior, or even maybe blow them up, or blow other people up or something. And I’m wondering about how one can get these bracelets off people.

John: Well, the theme of the dreaming had to do with inharmoniousness discombobulation, and you took it into how it is more deeply embedded in matter, in that the way that we pent up reactions, or dense energies and everything else, in our molecular makeup is another way of looking at the fact that a human being can never ever really know what’s going on because this sort of stuff controls them. It causes reactions that are reflected in the outer, that are based upon what is pent up in a hidden capacity way.

The dream is also kind of a continuation of what has been occurring earlier in dreams in which there was the recognition of how there is a type of center in oneself that is like a vortex, or something in which you go into, or everything falls into. And it’s like an empty space, and it’s also like a light that cannot be seen from which then radiates out all of the other prisms from that, that make up the subtler to denser qualities of one’s nature. 

What you did in your dream is you didn’t deal with the etheric vibration, so to speak, even though you symbolically reference it by the fact that there is something about the bracelet, or, to put it in other words, or something about the way things get pent up into the molecular nature of our being that cause us to have to respond in a way that is unnatural to how it is that we were created and designed. 

Which begs the question, then, of how is it that we were created and designed? Well, we were created and designed to have access to the will of God. To have access to the will of God is to be able to sort of having a connection to an unseen light. In other words, it’s a natural flow that’s able to come through a person without the discombobulation and intolerances that are built into a density, a structure of matter. 

Or, you might say, the molecular makeup of things. And to have an access to the will of God can lead to a point of an emptiness in which you are something other than a human being, in that you really can know what is going on. Otherwise, you sit in a world in which everything is so much bigger than what the five senses can comprehend, in terms of trying to sift and to sort things out within the time and space continuum, you go around in a bewildered condition. 

So you took in your dream and you just kind of dealt with the subject matter in a plop, like a frog in water, blunt sort of way. In other words, you were able to see yourself as not able to be free in terms of what goes on with you – not affected by something else. 

And, of course, we’ve described this something else as the denseness, the discombobulation, the lack of the subtle awareness and connectivity that gets to the point of the emptiness that leads to a kind of seeing and hearing that is possible in terms of something that comes through you, that’s an aspect of the flow, which really is another way of saying that you can come to know the hidden light.

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