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Mario Duguay

We know that there is energy in all things. And the more condensed these energies are, the slower the energies move. So all matter, from dirt to humans, has a speed associated with it. And the higher we go in our development, the more we are able to relate to the energies at higher speeds, because higher, faster energies are less condensed. So even though we are in a physical body, we are designed, as humans, to connect to the higher energies in life. And higher energies are, by definition, closer to the purer realms of human purpose and causation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my dream, one of the things is that sometimes I seem to slip between being the man in the dream, and sometimes the woman. It’s kind of confusing that way. But, initially, when the dream starts out, it’s like in a city like New York where they have a lot of brownstone apartments, and it seems like I have a room on one side of town, but on the other side of town I’m visiting a family.

It’s a Filipino family and they seem to take care of the people that live in that building. And they have a daughter about my age that I’m interested in, and we’re going to go out somewhere, but when we go out into the city I take her into an area of the city that’s opposite of where she lives. But I know she wants to go on her own back to the apartment, but I’m concerned about her getting taken advantage of by someone there. But it’s because she wants to go into that area of the city, I go with her; but then we seem to overshoot the area.

We end up instead on some land that goes out into the water. There’s a whole little village there, but it’s kind of cut off by more water from the area of the city that we wanted to be in. So we try heading in the right direction, but we end up on a log in the river. We kind of get dunked and wet, but then we get the log upright and it feels like we’re almost like wanting to paddle to catch up to a little boat that would take us to the shore, or maybe we’re just going to go there on a log.

That part I wasn’t sure how we did it, but I have the impression that, in that process, we get together. In the next scene in the dream, she’s gone back to visit her family in the city, but now she has a 1-year-old baby with her, a little boy.

Then I’m coming to see the family, but I’m having a little apprehension that they’re going to be upset that I’m the father of the boy, because I think because they’re Filipino or something maybe they see us as not appropriate to get together. Plus we haven’t been married, but we had been someplace where there was some kind of a ceremony. It wasn’t quite a marriage, but it was like some kind of a promise ceremony. That’s all I remember of the dream.

John: So the thing to note in this dream, that every part that you could remember of this dream, had a sadness to it.

And there’s a reason for the sadness, and the sadness is that you’re catching up with a recognition, you’re catching up with a knowing, a knowing that is based upon being able to see how something is in matter, as matter, but as matter in terms of sound.

Everything that you dreamt was a rising up of a vibration, and the recognition of that vibration, this time, was such that you had to look at it and experience it as something that wasn’t a letting go. You had to experience it as a type of manifestation, or flow, or unfoldment. And the reason why this was a manifestation and unfoldment that you could see, in a black-and-white way, in a denser way, is that you’re closing in on an aspect of manifestation that is based on sound.

In other words, when you go about and you see yourself as separate, and you’re functioning in some way that just goes this way and that way, you can look at that as an ambivalency, in an ambivalent state. But when you get to a point when you can’t look at anything ambivalently, because you’re causing it, and you’re causing it based upon a type of catching up with the heartfulness.

And you’re catching up with the heartfulness, but you’re catching up to it as something that is caused by sound. First of all, everything is created out of sound, and when you catch up with the fact that you are playing with sound, on a very, very subtle level, you’re going about and your consciousness is catching up with the recognition of something as sound.

The reason why you can remember a dream is that you can hear it. This is funny. This is really funny what we’re describing here. Is yes, you have the ability to have an inflection of sight that causes you to see the thing, and that is like coming from somewhere now as an aspect of unfoldment that is very, very, very fast – and faster than what you can catch up with. But what you can catch up with, and that you can feel in depth, what touches you, what has a heartfulness, is sound.

Sound has a heartfulness, and sound is what creates in this manifestation, and so the reason why the dream had all these little sensations of pain is because you may not know this, or may not realize this, but you have caught up with it understanding, of a heartfelt understanding, because you’re catching up with the responsibility of sound. Very, very peculiar kind of thing.

What that means is, if you were to take and if you’re able to look at everything in a black-and-white and separate way, you veil your heart from having to experience it, experience the flow of sound. So what is given into life is man’s ability to catch up with a flow and, in that flow, is it’s a water element and that water element, that water element of a flow has behind it the ability to hear the sound of the universe – and when you speed up, that sound rings in your ears.

What you don’t know, or what you’re now coming to know, is that if you really could take in that sound in a way in which you see it for what it is, that that sound is your creative ability. And if you were to peel back just that ringing sound, were to peel that back… in other words, people go on a spiritual path and they get to a point where as you get stiller and stiller and quieter and quieter certain things open up, a certain recognitional vibration permeates through all things, and within that permeating through all things there are qualities of that vibration.

There’s qualities of light, there’s qualities of sound, there’s even a quality of taste. And when you just start looking at the quality of sound, you’re looking at the quality of something that can leave this heart really, really, really sad, really sad.

So let’s say that a person goes about and they take and they do things that completely are unsettled to them, and hurt the heart or whatever, because they’ve gone off askew in terms of their bouncing around – of which they have no idea that they’re bouncing around in terms of flipping sound energy this way and that way. And so they’re exhausted. And so what they do then is they try to go and they have to try to soothe their way out of that.

And so if you can catch up with the idea that sound can soothe you, you can actually take and you can listen to the sound of the universe, so to speak, the sound behind your ears, the sound that you can hear just as an aspect of a quality of stillness. And then you realize that goes nowhere.

You don’t understand it. It goes nowhere. To actually go to where you can catch up then with the inflections of light, of a sight and a light, you come to a point where you can kind of let the sound go for a little bit. It’s there, but you don’t dwell on it. So you actually are going to a type of stillness so that something even faster can happen.

And when you go to a stillness so something even faster can happen, that’s where you get the inflections of light. And that’s where you get the images that are your dream images.

When you’re looking at sound and your perception of the sound is such that it’s just a day-to-day thing, that’s not too bad as a dumbness to carry around, you can handle that. But what if you catch up with the sound where, as you’re going through something in life, what if you suddenly have a light bulb moment, so to speak, where you realize that everything you do, and how you are, is sound oriented. And if you could set aside that sound, you can stop the reverb of a pattern of your beingness. And that we grow by being able to change the note, change the vibration.

Well, initially what happens is this: In your dream, you get to where there’s a part of you that you can’t bring back to this side, but that you can see where maybe you’re a man or a woman, or a this or a that doing this or that or the other, in the dream – but it doesn’t pull through, it doesn’t pull back in terms of what’s going on.

If you get to the point where it pulls back to this side to where, okay, you all of a sudden see what’s going on, that seeing what’s going on has to do with a reconciliation of the energy, a taking account of a responsibility on a vibratory level.

So this whole idea that a human being is something that is causing everything in the environment, and everything in existence, and all to be as it is, when you fall back and feel the vibration of that, when you reconcile that quality, it’s a hard one on the heart.

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0022xxsMostly we think of ourselves as feeling “normal,” or as feeling tired, but we actually are changing speeds all the time. Sometimes we are the tailgater, other days we are the meandering driver. It’s good to have an awareness of our speeds, particularly in relation to the people closest to us, because they will have shifting speeds, too, which will affect one person’s ability to relate to the other person. And, in our spiritual journey, we are also learning to incorporate the quicker speeds of higher energy into our system in a balanced way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my meditation dream, I had to look at this in terms of having to look at it as an overall spatiality. I have to look at the polarities, the ends. In other words as if, in a masculine way, you’re still looking at something going from one point to another point – instead of just holding an overall space.

The stillness and the holding of the overall space is really where it’s at, on some level, but the masculine way still flaunts about. That’s its nature, just like the feminine acts like it’s being left behind, or rejected, in some fashion.

So, in the meditation dream, because of the way my Kundalini energy was speeded up at the party that was in the building here, and during a very engaging day with our water leak and all of that stuff, it actually solved itself interestingly when one didn’t get thrown asunder. So I was having trouble, in the meditation, of quieting myself and I decided to lie down to see if that would make a difference – and that’s when an amazing thing happened.

Once in a while I’d have to do something to break up a pattern, or routine, and the only thing I know how to do, when I’m not just going somewhere, is to sometimes lie down or change my position. And, when I changed my position, I was still attentive to a focus, the idea of a focus of a letting go, and so suddenly I was dreaming that I was paying attention to an energetic focus in which I left the raciness in one place, and focused on a pointedness of being still. Almost as if there’s the arrow inside of myself as the prime directive, an arrow to the stillness, and yet a link and connection to the raciness yet.

In other words, almost as if I was feeling the polarities, and the result was a sense of both places I guess is where you’d say that. I had a sense of what I was leaving behind, the Kundalini energy, and there was the adherence to a thread that delved into the letting go.

Normally, if you go into a letting go, you’re in a letting go and all of that other is gone, and then something emerges out of the letting go and that’s your meditation dream. But, in this case, it was like an experience in which I had a sense of both places yet, which means that the depth of letting go is compromised because of the nature of which the senses had come alive in the outer.

And I observed the thread of letting go as if I was looking at myself lying there in a quandary, and the experience was profound because my natural awareness was enhanced by the focus that I could see and what I was like in an uncontrollable aliveness, out of control subject to getting lost in an outer flow. In other words, both states were experiential.

In other words, when you get carried away and speeded up in the outer it’s easy where you get too over the top, yet I’m aware of a type of stillness that I was able to maintain a kind of auric spatiality of beingness, that I was able to maintain yesterday. And so, in the dream now, I’m looking at it from the inner. You might say this outer was like a scenario that points to what that is like in terms of a depth from within.

Now what I found profound in observing this is that, even though I may not have gone somewhere real profound to the degree of where you let go and you’re just gone; I mean it’s not like I wasn’t gone. I let go, and then I was aware of this other. Normally I’m not aware of anything when I let go, and I could appreciate the letting go, and the essence of an excitable inflating fire and air energy being able to put this into an attentive spatiality.

So what is going on is I am able to be in the inner and the outer if I hold deeply to the thread of singular focus letting go. In other words, I can do that in a letting go. Now what I’m talking about is what it is like when the senses in the outer are afire, and then directed to stop. When the Kundalini energy is taken on in full force, and then brought to arrest, it is possible to be able to note the expanse as a spatiality – which is opposite of getting consumed by an out of control outer vibrationalism.

So the meaning is, to bring inner into outer in a meaningful way it is necessary to take in the outer vibratoriness and, in doing so, place it into the heart as an experience of inner stillness. In doing so, I am breathing the outer senses as a Kundalini energy to be absorbed as an inner space of heart stillness.

In other words, the outer is louder, it invokes and follows a lot of the mental reflective and all of that side, and it’s denser, and then the heart is stiller and subtler. This is done in the outer when the engaged energetic senses fire up, then are breathed in as an in-breath light.

The opposite condition, in other words, to point out what it’s like to talk about it as a density, the opposite condition is to pay attention to and react to the outer senses, compelling the heart to shrink defensively, you know that’s when you go stupid. But I am able to be truly vulnerable by not having to react in this human condition pattern when I am able to exact an inner focus of stillness as the in-breath takes in the liquid light of a divine sense array.

The result is a joyful dance like inner exhilaration in that in this in-breath so much gets healed. Everything around you gets healed when you do that. That is what awakening to the intertwined wholeness is all about.

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king-adSometimes, as we near the very thing we want, we can then feel the greatest urge to run away. Because what we are heading for has power in it, and, as we get closer to the power, we begin to see and understand what that power will require of us, and what we will have to give up, and what we will have to do, and how we will have to be, to hold on to such power. Ultimately, if we stay with it, it will be the best trade-off imaginable – the best deal in the universe, in fact – yet we will still experience fear as we let go to it more and more. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the dream that I remember, I seem like I’m in my 20s or something, and I’m traveling with a troop of people that travel by horseback and with tents. It’s like there’s a king or someone who’s in charge, and I share a tent, but sleeping on separate cots with a woman and another man who, it feels like there’s something they want from me, but as long as I can kind of sleep in my separate cot, and a I have a certain protection from the king, it’s like they can’t take it yet.

So I’m always kind of on the lookout because as long as I can kind of keep that little bit of distance it feels like whatever I have is more protected. And I did have at least one special horse also, and it’s like the king needs me in whatever conflict it is that he has going on so, I have a certain amount of protection although I have to be really careful to make sure they don’t try to creep into my bed at night, or something, because there’s something that they want to steal.

And then it feels like after some significant battle, where everything is a little more relaxed, I have this feeling that, you know, in this more relaxed state like the king might kind of back off, and maybe whatever they want to do that they might get away with it.

So I manage to sneak off. I go down a trail that they don’t notice. It’s more deserted, and not many people traveling on it, but in order to really get away so that they don’t notice, it’s like I have to leave my favorite horse behind.

And there’s another horse that I take, that I travel with, and after going on this kind of odd, more deserted trail, then I also go down a different direction, and I have something with me that seems to mow; I pretend almost like I’m mowing a trail with some kind of a mower but, of course, I’m not really mowing the way you would if you were clearing a whole trail. I’m just doing one single patch down to get as far as I can from where they are so I can make a getaway.

The only thing I’m sad about is it feels like I have to leave the horse that I would usually ride behind because, if I had taken that horse, they would have noticed me. So I have another horse, or another vehicle with me, to make my getaway. That’s all I really remember of the dreaming.

John: Well, the setting you’re in is a setting that, if you were able to truly accept it, and see it for all that it is, is a setting in which there’s a wholeness. In other words, you’re traveling under the sphere of power, under the protection of power. And power is energy, and energy is light, and light is clarity. And you have the auspices that come from the top down.

In other words, the whole caravan of things, the whole movement, the whole action is under the guidance of the king. However, for whatever particular reason, there is something about you that doesn’t quite get the significance of the spatiality that you’re in. And you feel that you have some personal prerogatives that you can turn to, that you can place at your disposal, and, when you do that, you break the overallness that you’re in – which is easy to do because you’re not truly getting it.

In other words, you have little aspects that are still rising up inside of you to give you an opinion about this, and an opinion about that. So you’re not really realizing the fullness, or the wholeness, or the oneness. And so, to the degree that you go out and try to create your own thread, or make your own path, you give up on power.

You lose the pristine fine line of the connection, which is represented by your special horse, and you have to go off in ways that still have a certain power to them, but they’re of a more limited, personal, and designed capacity. And that sort of thing keeps you in an amnesia, or distant, from how it is that you could be.

In other words, it’s like the position you’re in, in the setting of the dream, has a potentiality about it – if you could let go and just fully take it in, knowing that you are part of all of that in every aspect and regard and, therefore, the aliveness, the action of that, is complete in and of itself. If you were able to truly note that as your beingness, that is connected to an inner knowingness, and therefore you are okay with the exclusive oneness and overallness, everything would be fine.

But for whatever reason that memo isn’t quite all there, isn’t loud enough, and so you go off on your own and create veils as you follow your own personal prerogative. But,,, there’s still the thread of a horse in that sense and there’s always the possibility of backtracking your steps because you are making an extension, or a spoke, that extends off. And so it’s not like you can really get away. You’re just extending outwardly, which is not like you can actually really get away.

In other words, you could backtrack that spoke to where you come to know the true inner action of your beingness, and/or it’s like something could happen yet to where it could still stalk, or haunt, you because it’s not like you have your favorite horse. You’ve left the favorite horse back there, so it’s not like what you have can actually go very far, or go very fast.

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