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When we understand that we are all the characters in our dreams, it becomes easier to understand the internal power struggles that are constantly detouring us from the path we think we are on. And this is why personal development is so important: unless we can consciously align ourselves, internally, so that all the different parts of us are in agreement with our principles and our purposes, we are always subject to the whims of one of our inner aspects that suddenly wants to be in charge. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now in the rest of my sleep dreams I go through this thing in which there is no rectification that appears to be allowed. I further define the above, though, but without any rectification shown as being allowed. 

So, in the first dream, it starts off with two other people, one is big and powerful, the other is young and more of a smart aleck rascal. The smart aleck rascal, when the opportunity presents itself, just helps himself to things from others. But he does this usually with stealth. This is the approach he gets away with because the evidence is not readily apparent. I know it, but others tend to let it slide. 

So, as circumstances would have it, I’ve left a cookie out in the open. And there are others now around, and they know that that’s my cookie, and it’s left out in the open and I’ve taken a bite out of it or something even. 

And this guy grabs it in front of everyone in the room and eats it. He grins knowing full well what he has done; in other words, he just blatantly does it. I announce to everyone that this is 10 points against him, and I point at him. And I indicate everyone needs to mark the ledger accordingly, because that’s what this guy is about. 

This guy takes this as if it’s a challenge or something, and he brings out the muscle of this other guy who’s in another area. This guy is huge. He has a punch that if he hits you with it, you’re in bad shape. They’re standing in a doorway ready to stand righteous over what they obviously did, whether we like it or not. 

So I put my hand on this big guy’s left fist. Another person puts his weight against mine because we don’t want him jabbing out. This guy pushes out with his left fist and the power pushes us back. He is a huge clumsy looking oaf that has so much force and power that to go up against him without a plan is asking for trouble. 

In the fight that ensues, I’m dealing with the thief. In other words, because they both step forward. And it’s not like the thief is that big of a problem, it’s this big protection that he has. So I’m trying to push him to one side, and I have a champion who’s trying to land a punch to hurt the oaf. Well he can hit the oaf, but that doesn’t seem to faze him. And he isn’t successful; in other words, you can’t hurt him. 

And as far as I am able to see the fight go, before it shifts, he is yet able to avoid this guy’s strong right that he just throws with so much power, but it’s not necessarily a fast punch. I’m able to keep pushing at the thief, and, when the opportunity presents itself, disrupt the oaf’s left jab. However, the way this guy is going it’s only a matter of time before he gets one punch. When he throws the right it’s devastating if it ever lands. And yet you can hit him, but it doesn’t seem to faze him. So one is going to have to trip him, or do something. 

And that’s kind of how it’s left as it shifts to another format. What is going on is now being redefined. It’s as if it is directed to be from a gray haired, aunt-like woman; in other words, she’s behind it all now. And this misdirection changes the demeanor and context of the transaction, and of the vibe. Who can go up against Aunt Matilda, or something, you know? She’s always the sweet one. 

I wake up wondering which will prevail: this misdirection that seems innocent enough, or the blatancy that occurred in front of everyone? So the symbolism and the scenario is the powerful guy is the benefactor. The whippersnapper, who has no compunction, is taking advantage of things. The sweet aunt is the story that is supposed to make everything that was done to us okay.

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A shaman will tell you that the insight they have about plants and their medicinal qualities comes from an energetic connection to the plant, rather than trial and error experimentation. And this points to a great truth in life: the energy within all things contains the intelligence of that thing. If we want to understand something, we can connect to its intelligence. We do it already in subtle ways, but we can also practice this in ourselves and become much better. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the theme of the dreaming was about the idea that you have an aliveness, and this aliveness is something that is in everything that exists, including that which is tangible. And tangible includes even thoughts, and tangible includes even vibrations, and images within those vibrations, if those images are properly sorted out in terms of the right focus and attention.

The dilemma that typically occurs is that the images correspond a lot to the seed thought of something coming through, and it can be kind of reflectively confusing to the same degree that all of those thoughts can seem disconsolate and not necessarily come down and invoke the principle of the correlation in matter. 

But the time comes when this dynamic is no longer like a door to have to go through, you go through it, and it comes all the way down and through. And thus you can end up with, as your dream suggests, you can end up with something that is quickened as an aliveness that is experienceable, on this side, that touches that which is on the other side, instead of there being this seemingly arm’s length distance where something comes into life from somewhere else. 

And that which comes into life from somewhere else is deemed a miracle, and then what it sets off as a spark in life is deemed the degree to which something participates. But if you take the expression “light coming down and touching light, and light rising up to touch light,” if you follow it all the way through, you end up with the same/same – you have above and below coming together. 

What you dreamt was something that pulled all of that together. And that’s the theme of the dream, of a cycle, of life. And then you can take and you could break this down to every degree that you look at it under a microscope. You can say that everything in the physical has an aliveness about it, it’s just a question of being able to unlock that aliveness that, with animate eyes, stays as an animate, non-aliveness. 

And you have to unlock the aliveness even of what you’re able to see, within, in a dream context, because that too is real. It’s outside of maybe a physical context, but that’s because you have caught up with it in both the inner and in the outer, and thus you have a relationship and a dynamic that can occur even in a dream – and that can tell you things. And you can see that in its whole symbolic dynamic. 

So you laid a very interesting foundation in that you took and went ahead and you discovered in your dream something in a very basic, dynamic, natural overall way. I take and I play with this, in terms of you might say the nervous system mannerism of it, that then comes across more as a dream content approach. And that, too, is real, but it’s harder for people to accept that it’s real and that’s why people don’t believe in their dreams.

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We’ve seen in recent dreams how the ability to zig and zag, or to keep a motion and flow, prevents being stuck or locked into a situation. Another way to think of this is, if we stay in one place (in ourselves) long enough, dust will begin to gather; everything thrives better with a circulation of energies moving about. For some of us this is more natural than others, and our dreams can show us which character type we are. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So this next dream involves you directly. In this dream, you and I have parked in front of a store. In other words, this is a store that is open normally in the daytime, and it’s nighttime. And so it’s after hours for this store to be operating, and you get out to go into a supermarket or something, and I stay in the car and wait for you to do what you got to do and to come back.

Suddenly, there’s movement in this store. In other words, the store has decided to take advantage of this area where all kinds of people come at this hour of the night. They mill around, it’s nice outside and whatnot. So they start doing these antics behind the illusion of this glass to try to get people’s attention. But I just ignore it. I just wait for you to finish whatever you’re doing in the nearby supermarket store. 

Suddenly, a guy comes out and gets on a loudspeaker and says that his runners are going to round people up. And they’re going to get on all of these buses, and there is bus after bus arriving now and stopping; they’re going to round everybody up and they’re going to transport them all to some other area. 

Well, it makes sense to him to do that, but I see no reason. I’m fine where I’m at, you’re getting what needs to be gotten, and when you come out, we leave. So to avoid being disturbed, I decide to drive around, thus making myself unapproachable. And instead of the car, now, it’s a motorcycle. And a motorcycle can kind of go this way, and that way. It doesn’t have to just stay on a given street. 

And I start off thinking I’ll go around the block. But, no, if I go around the block, I might miss you, plus this is a big block and it’s very cut up and very strange. It’s dark out, I could get lost. Plus, I don’t feel that I know the area that well. So I feel I have to be careful. So I just try to take the bike, avoiding people and whatnot. I just try to do that waiting for you to pop out of the store. 

Suddenly you come out and you’re baffled. You can’t see where I’m at. I try to wave, you don’t see. And, for some reason, I am not coming out from where I’m at to greet you, to pick you up. And you’re starting to turn around now. I’m acting like, if I move I will be found out, and so I’m frozen. 

So the dream is about drifting away; it has to do with being able to zig and zag. But I don’t know how to do that, in terms of waiting, to keep something from affecting something too overly much. And so it’s not something I know how to do very well. So a focus, attention and flow that is going on around me, but I don’t relate to – and I’m not willing to be affected by – yet I am affected because I don’t have the ability to zig and zag.

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