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Jeane: In my dream it felt like I was on a river. It must have been somewhere like Egypt (where we recently traveled) because I see that the people are wearing Galabiyas (a traditional Egyptian garment).

It seems as though there are three different things you can do with a boat on this river. I think one is that you can go up or down the river, and another is that you can go across the river. The third thing to do, especially if you hire a guide (it’s difficult without a guide), is just swirl by yourself from one spot to another, wearing one of the Galabiyas. But you have to know what spot to swirl from. It seems you can swirl from one spot to another, and another, and another.

Sometimes you can do it kind of invisibly, and sometimes you’re visible. I think you might need a guide if you want to do it invisibly. I’m not sure how it works exactly, but that seems to be the option I’m studying the most, trying to figure out how that works.

John: The theme of this dreaming is, how do you carry yourself, or how is it that you’re able to be  – when you feel okay about everything?

In other words, there’s a way of carrying yourself, you could call it a manner in which something vibrates through you, that, if you’re attentive to it, sweeps you along into a flow. In that flow you naturally find a spot, if there’s meant to be a spot that’s most natural to you, and from this spot you’re able to go to deeper and deeper depths in this naturalness that you feel inside.

This dream isn’t meant to put you to the test about some personal nuance, or some awkwardness, neurosis, or complex, or anything like that. Instead, it’s a dream that draws your attention to an energetic vibration that you’re carrying, and proceeding through life with. When you see yourself doing this and note it about yourself, you recognize what you’re doing and see that everything is okay as you do it.

If anything, your dream indicates what happens to you, and what’s meant to unfold for you, as you travel deeper within. You’re able to go places and appreciate things in your environment, yet none of it actually impacts, or affects, or sticks on you in a way that pulls you down, or pulls you out of the flow.

So you’re able to use everything that happens around you as part of that flow – as a wholeness. You’re able to enjoy all of that and, in so doing, you just keep spiraling more and more within this resonance.

I guess it was important for you to see yourself in this way, not having to try and do anything in particular. When you’re able to be like that you find yourself a part of a natural overall flow – there’s no resistance from you that prevents it. You find that the things you enjoy carry that quality, and you go about, doing the things that interest you. You carry this manner as a way of effortlessly being.

In this image, it’s not a specific matter of being situated in some way. It’s just a matter of you going ahead and allowing yourself to appreciate what you feel, in relationship to the activities you do, which are just part of a greater flow. You don’t attach any personal indulgence on it, which would cause you to disconnect.

Instead, you’re putting your attention upon something that opens up more and more from within and, as you go through life, there’s a kind of joyousness to it all. So I guess the dream is showing you that you can have a sense of joy, appreciation, and you can resonate with that, and that alone enables you to free flow through life in a natural way.

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Jeane: In this next dream, I’m working in a large office that’s all on one level of a building. There’s been a problem with a few of the employees and there’s a sense that they’re going to be let go.

I notice that one of them, an older woman, has gone in to talk to the people that are shaking things up. She comes back and goes through the papers in her desk. I think she might have initially thought it would just be some reorganizing, but now she realizes that she’s being let go.  

She’s putting some papers together without quite understanding it. She’s marking them and putting them in a box; she’s getting them in order.

Then I notice to the left of her is a younger woman, whom I’ve known since high school, and she’s also putting things together to leave. This surprises me. She’s sweet.

Before she leaves, she’s gathering together some photographs. She seems to have greater acceptance about the changes, so I think I’ll ask her for a photograph. I’m also going to help her carry her stuff out to her car.

At the same time, I remember that I haven’t bought my car yet (see What Next?). That’s when the dream ended.

John: So, this dream is giving you additional information on how you can let things go, as a continuation from the dream earlier in the night. There’s a further refinement here: What is it that you want to hold on to?

In this imagery we see there are two different parts in you that you have to contend with. The first part is an older, stodgier aspect that we see fiddling with the paperwork. This aspect is concerned with certain areas and wants to noodle over them – she’s shuffling papers, marking some of them, and putting some in a box.

The important thing here is the feeling of what that’s like to noodle over these things as you make this transition: it’s not the detail of it, but the feeling that it’s a clumsier way to proceed.

With the younger woman, her whole approach is in the images. She realizes that if she drops the image, she makes the transition. She’s working on gathering up the images, or the pictures, that hold her back in terms of how she sees herself.

This aspect of you understands that how she finds herself – the situation she’s in – is based on the types of images that she has embraced in her life. That’s how she sees herself relative to any scenario she finds herself in. If she can drop the images she can make a natural transition. It’s the old images that confuse and limit her. 

Yesterday’s dream just saw you letting go – you sold one car but didn’t replace it with another. That way, you allowed a space for something new to emerge. This second dream gives you clear information on the easiest way to do that, which is to let go of images from the past.

The older woman shows a more fussy way of letting go, by examining the nuances of everything and weighing each one. But if you can let go of the images themselves – i.e., defining yourself by your career, or relationships, or nationality, or gender – you can actually move much faster.

You are in a process of sorting things out – you are in a transition. And what remains between where you are and where you’re going is the stuff that keeps you mired and confused. But this process is speaking loud and clear, and you’re being directed to know the right way to follow that process.

In other words, it’s showing you not to try to use all of your “old standards” for dealing with change. The next step will come naturally to you when you clear away some cobwebs, and the easiest way is to drop the images that no longer apply.

The images that you drop are images from your past. It’s your past that creates the confusion, and you know this. I mean, you’re telling yourself, you’re coaching yourself, and you’re aligning yourself. It’s much simpler to just look at the pictures and drop the ones that create the confusion.

The result is that what is then meant to be, can become visible – new images can be shown to you.  It’s the difference between being guided by personal ideas of how things should be, or being guided by the flow of the way things are and will be.

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Jeane: In the very beginning of last night’s dream, I felt like I was wandering around the parking garage in the building of the condo we are looking at in Las Vegas. I’m going back and forth in a circular motion. 

The dream version of the parking garage had circular islands, and I’m trying to either locate something or I’m trying to move between that garage area and somewhere inside the building.

That motion seemed to go on for a long time and then I had another dream.

In this dream I’m with a younger man – I don’t know him very well – and I’m going to visit a woman who’s living in a place in the city. My parents are there also. Then we decide to leave for a minute.

When we return, everyone else has left and the woman is sleeping in bed with a very muscular man. We realize that we’re in her space, without her knowledge, so we decide to just quietly sneak out before she knows we’re there.

In doing so, we set off an alarm. There’s a back area with a wall to climb over, but the woman and man find us. We then have to sit and talk with them, so I say we’ll pay for the expense of setting off the alarm. It turns out it’s going to be quite expensive.

Next I go somewhere with her. She’s apparently in a dance troupe, and we go to where all the dancers are, including the director of the troupe. They are all wearing red and this interests me.

Then the director comes over to me and indicates that he expects me to try out for the dance troupe next year. I joke about it because I feel like I’m not really a dancer, and I’m older, but he still seems to have the expectation that I will be joining next year.

John: What this woman represents is a greater wholeness in life that takes into account all kinds of levels.

In the dream you’re trying to conduct yourself in a way that limits you in terms of what is possible. When you do that, then you don’t dance with life or follow the flow of life. We’re meant to be able to take in everything that’s possible to experience. Your dream has you confronting this choice.

In other words, you’ve come into a space and you’re seeking to proceed only in accordance with certain established veils or mannerisms that you have told yourself are important. The nature of them is to “not disturb.”

You take the view that you’re only allowed to do certain things. What you fail to realize is that the images, what is visible to you in the outer, are something that you’re meant to experience in an all-inclusive sense. In finding yourself in the parking garage (underground), you’re attempting to go to the depths of yourself, to a place in which there’s something to be understood or figured out about the greater context.

As you move around (circular motion), you are trying to catch up with something that you can sense or feel about yourself that’s just out of reach of the perceptions you’re trying to work with. Those perceptions – as you understand them – have to do with the personal, and then what your mind is able to make out of that.

So you’re trying to understand something, but you aren’t quite figuring it out. Still, you have a perception that there’s more to it than what is readily apparent. Thus you go into the second dream to help you sort that out.

There you see yourself trying to understand something with a more masculine approach, represented by the young man accompanying you. Instead, you learn that such an approach actually conceals and veils things from you, and you find yourself in a state that sneaks around and fails to take into account the actual space you’re in (the other woman’s apartment).

This shows that you’re choosing to carry with you a particular set of definitions for the space you’re in. When you get shocked or surprised (the woman is asleep with a man, everyone else is gone, the alarm goes off), it shows you have been caught short because these set definitions have now been introduced into a much wider space in yourself. With these self-limitations, you are unable to answer the greater call of the overall – that’s when you realize that there’s a dance you have been invited to, which is the flow of life that you need to respond to in yourself.

The dream describes a process that can lead you out from your set definitions (letting go), into a space that you normally exclude yourself from by (unconscious) choice. If you can be free and let go and find yourself able to accept that space without having to tread lightly (not disturb), that’s when the space can open up to a whole (dance) flow that you hadn’t imagined you could participate in.

This is the sort of dream that’s a precursor to coming to an understanding, a knowing, about something that isn’t generally possible, and isn’t possible at all when you set your personal definitions upon a space and try to keep things in check, i.e., just the way they are.

Once you stir something up, you set off more than what you wanted to handle; you were more comfortable and in control in your hidden way, able to duck out of sight and to keep certain things outside of your comprehension in terms of the overall.

Once that got set loose, once that came to the forefront, that’s when you become overwhelmed. On another level, though, you have to now take into account even more of what is going on than what you would have been inclined to accept and appreciate.

When you take into account a greater whole, it leads to the threshold of an understanding as to what is really going on. You can’t understand what is going on when you are carefully controlling the way you approach or view something. That takes you out of a flow. That takes you out of the dance of life. That keeps you from allowing a process to unfold.

When you allow a process to unfold, you’re invoking the information needed to be safe within that greater overall space. You’re invoking an inner sense of knowing that is outside of your personal perspective.

Once part of the greater overall, you can actually come to have a sense of what is transpiring, of what everything is about, and what something is meant to be. Or, as it is said, you’re starting to catch up with the signs of God.

Everything is meaningful. When you limit yourself to your personal perspective, it is you who is deciding what is meaningful and important, and therefore shutting down everything else you choose not to contend with. When you do that, you stifle your own gain, you stifle your own growth, and your suffering becomes greater.

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