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the-sacredThe vulture was considered a sacred symbol in ancient Egypt, and other cultures, because, among all animals, it could ingest things in their most foul state and transform them into food. Or, said another way, the vulture is among the greatest cleaners of coarse energy, able to transform it into something higher, something that can give life. Because energetically, as a rule, the coarse destroys the fine. So when we see the vulture on the tomb of King Tut, we can infer that he had such a human development that he could clean coarser energies because of the energies that were with him. This is high development, but something we are all capable of – even in a simple act of kindness or compassion, for a start – and a capability that this world sorely needs. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now don’t lose track of what that dream did and, instead, ponder: is that dream any different than this dream, which his an entirely different storyline. And don’t let the bizarreness of the storyline cause you to cringe too much and miss it.

In the world, there is a coffee, that I’m able to drink, that is incredible. But this world suffered an earthquake, which changed things. Everyone still drinks the coffee as something that is needed, but they don’t know how to fully appreciate it because it’s contaminated.

For me to live in such a world, I have to knowingly let go and be part of an aspect in which this contamination exists, or endure this contamination because this is what is true for everyone in this world, but I also know better. Yet to be in this world, amidst the people here, I have to hold this space as something in this world, but not part of it. Not part of the contamination, per se; in other words, the two don’t necessarily twine in terms of some sort of balance. It’s not like that.

So I do that. I have the coffee, the pure, black, hot coffee that in this state is not contaminated, and can’t get diseased. And so, can I take this and be in the world, amidst the conditions that are here, and not lose the purity of this coffee?

So the way I do it is I have a way of pouring myself the pure coffee each morning, and then I am able to take and stick my spoon into a garbage can of common waste – of the collective society – and take a spoonful or or two of that and put it in the coffee. At first I would really cringe over having to do this, but seemed to be able to get away with it and not get sick, because deep down I could distinguish the purity of the coffee amidst the collective contamination that existed, and that the hot coffee was what made the difference because it could absorb and transform the contamination.

But little by little this exposure was breaking me down. I started reaching into the garbage for the coffee now, instead of it being poured somewhere else, and it wasn’t always as hot and fresh there. And then I would stick my spoon in and come up with waste from the garbage basket, but I still seemed to be getting by, at least maybe not noticing the degree to which that might be pulling me down. Because I was still in the world, but suddenly I knew that things were not meant to continue like that. The coffee has to be hot, and it has to be pure, and to take away the hotness takes away what is needed to absorb the dust that I am able to imbibe and transform.

So, to begin with, when I put my spoon in the garbage, I wasn’t sure just what would end up having to be mixed into the cup of coffee. That would be where the cringing would come in, but something about my focus and attention was such that when I was having, so to speak, a good run in the world, meaning able to be somewhere else, the spoonfuls that would come from the trash would like particles of dust and dirt. They wouldn’t be some untransformable rubbish.

Suddenly the day arrived, where when I reached into the garbage for my hot cup of coffee, what came up in my hand was not coffee but some other drink, and it was cold. It wasn’t hot. It was like a mocha; something too much had happened. It was different. I was suspecting that I may have been getting impressions and not getting coffee that was hot for quite some time now, but at least I was still getting coffee. But it was a coffee that, you might say, didn’t quite have what it took anymore. Yet I continued the practice of putting the dirt and the rest of the garbage by the spoonful into it – and gotten away with it – up until now.

But to now not have coffee, let alone it not being hot, in other words, not some little semblance left, but some other drink to put the dirt into, that shocked me. I had to stop. It meant that the ways of the world in terms of what was accessible from within had changed, that something had happened. I was shocked by what I saw and woke up from the dream.

Meaning: The inner and outer are possible in this loci, but to cope a person that is in this world, or is part of this world, in terms of the physical presences in this world, meaning that they as a physical presence they’re able to be with everyone else, must also be fully conscious of the true inner soul that is not affected by the density of things here.

This is something very difficult. It’s a really fine line in terms of holding that which is real in this place, while simultaneously being here amidst the dust and dirt of it all, and able to transform it, or to be able to not be affected by it which is the same thing as transforming it.

This dream is suggesting at the very end that such condition is shifting, quite how is not revealed other than to say the other drink that is not pure coffee, is cold, is something else. I’m not sure how that happened, nor am I sure that I can do anything about changing the ways, in some way, because something now is no longer being revealed.

The deeper meaning is that, in the world, there is a longing everywhere that I’m able to denote and this enables me to bear the heat and burden of the times. The heat and the longing are correlated. However, when the longing subsides, or goes into a combobulation, like a mixing, the effect is not the same. First it starts to cool, and the shift is subtle. And then when it is something entirely different, that’s when I realize the process has gotten lost, it’s gotten hidden and it’s lost the quality, the heat of something that’s the longing, too, and that the outer prevailing conditions have finally got to me.

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Sometimes we feel we are completely separate from others and the world around us. And, if we examine that feeling, we may get the sense that we actually have shrunk, energetically, into ourselves, often as a means, we think, of protection. And then there is the opposite moment, when we feel excellent, alive, and connected to everything and everyone. The only thing that has really changed is our energetic presence, which we project or don’t project. But when we do project it out, we can get a glimpse of what is possible if we realize we are not separate from the universe and can expand ourselves into it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I was really lost last night. I have this dream where I’ve gone with Dad and these four boys I seem to be… Wait a minute, part of the first dream, another dream came back. 

Yeah, the dream that’s come back it’s like I’m near the… it’s almost like a seashore, and I’m in a house with my sister and there’s some young girls around and some other people. There’s some guys, too, and it feels like when I go outside this little girl and I both get fascinated by the fact that the waves will come up and suddenly they’ll form into really huge waves. 

Except suddenly I see this wave form that looks more like a wave that is as tall as a house, and the little girl has gone out and is standing right next to it, and I think it’s going to crash down and sweep her away. But instead it just stays there and then it recedes.

But I go and get her because I don’t feel like she should stay there in case the wave had gone the other way it would’ve taken her, so we were going to go to our next place but I’m talking to her that she has to stay closer to me. 

We’re both kind of fascinated by going down in the water and seeing a big wave come, and maybe it breaks over us and then it goes back out, but I need to keep her closer now so that, you know, we don’t get swept away.

And that’s all I remember of that first dream.

John: Well the fact that your mind started working really quick and shut off the vibration, so that you nearly forgot it, was actually part of the dream. In other words, the way that it’s part of the dream is that it has to do with how you become, or what you do, or the way that you turn your attention when you fail to acknowledge something that needs to be taken into account. 

In other words, you have a capacity, a part of you has the means by which it is able to stretch out and experience the depth and degree to which something is being affected, or that’s being put to some extreme state or condition. And that can be fearful. And that you can come to the conclusion that you need to step back and hide from that. 

Part of you that feels it should step back and hide from that is like the part that wants to remain safe and secure. When you do things that keep yourself safe and secure, that’s when you give credence to the mind and the vibration of that which keeps you from experiencing the greater overall quality of everything that is all around you. 

If you don’t do that, then you’re confronted as if you can be destroyed, or overwhelmed. A part of you can just naturally stand there in the face of that, but another part of you considers that to be something that one shouldn’t do. 

Now the part of you that can just stand in the face of that also has what’s necessary inside to be able to just stand there in the face of that and see, observe, and watch that – and doesn’t get hurt. 

But the part of you that tries to work with the principles in the way that it controls, feels that that should not occur, that you should remain separate and away from all of that. So when you pull yourself separate and away from all of that, that is when you lower the energetic vibration to the point where you get the effect that can block out your ability to remember. 

In other words, you’re presented with an option of being able to stand in the face of all that there is, and being able to absorb, and to handle, and take it all in as a greater part of yourself. And in the dream you choose the alternative. And by choosing the alternative, you take yourself out of a magnificence of life and, as a consequence, when you take yourself out and you go back to the energetic of security and safety, that is a place where your mind comes up actively again and then it snuffs out, or obliterates, your ability to recognize, and appreciate, and be part of what is real. 

What is real always appears to be on this edge in which it’s taking into account, and is part of, and is quite present with that which is unfolding in the instant of time. And there is nothing that it needs to hide from. It only hides from things when it seeks a security.

And, in this particular case, like I said the thoughts and the process that nearly wiped it out is an aspect of this whole dumbing-down process of trying to step back, when you have this whole capacity that needs to stay the course.

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d233adIn a dream, a house can be considered the inner domain of our life, a place with many levels and many rooms, depending on the story being told. And while the idea of new people moving into the privacy of our home might seem unreasonable, it can be indicative of a new aspect opening up for us. So the best response is to make the new guests welcome, and help them get settled in and comfortable, because we want them to stay for a long time.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My next dream I think it has two little segments in it. In the first I’ve gone back and I seem to be staying, or living, in an apartment complex I’ve lived in before, which has several room compartments to it.

But while I’m in the back part of the apartment unit, talking to whomever is there with me, I notice that the landlord is letting some people move in to a front part of my apartment. At first I go up and look and I can’t quite tell if maybe there’s just a room that opens up to another unit and that room is open, so I’m seeing it, you know, the door slides open, or is she actually moving people into the front part of my unit, without having talked to me about it?

So I can’t really quite tell what she’s done, but it seems to be done anyway. It’s kind of a wealthy couple. I don’t know them. I’m not quite sure how to relate to all of that.

It seems to be a done deal, however I feel about it.

John: So, the key to this dream is that you should try to relate to whatever that is that’s the couple or whatever who have moved in, is because it’s just like in my dream. What’s happening now is, the dynamics by which you blocked, or stopped, a certain thing from being able to happen, or changes and shifts to be able to occur, you’re no longer doing that because you don’t have the shadow dynamics and the peculiarities that get in the road and keep you going around and around

And so the dynamics of what this young couple is all about is important for you to look at, because it’s now depicting an aspect of you in an overall way, which you’ve been able to catch up with as a consequence of not having those barriers, and those resistances, and defense mechanisms sitting in the way.

Because this is something that whenever there is something that is just suddenly there, like in your house, you have to look at it and recognize it as something more about you, just like you can have dreams in which you discover other rooms, and various sizes and shapes, and dimensions and peculiarities about the house.

Well, now it’s not a question of those kinds of dreams so much as it’s that you’re opening up to a greater beingness that you have to now accommodate about yourself, which may have been veiled from you – your ability to see it, and recognize it, and appreciate it before, but now that it’s there, you just need to embrace it for what it is, and how it is, because that’s you in a way that you had veiled before.

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