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107df_bThese dreams offer some iconic imagery, in the form of people endowed with magical powers and people flying. Yet they also cut to the heart of the matter of human purpose, and that has to do with a human correcting things in the environment – energetically first and foremost. It has been portrayed that God is perfect and that the universe is completely natural, but everything is relative, and the human can help improve everything it touches in life by using its intentions and energetic connections to make things better. When we do that, it is a connection to the true magic of life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in my first dream… actually, I lost my first dream or two. I think they involved some kind of chase, but I don’t remember them.

In this next dream it’s like there’s this older man and this younger man that have gotten together that are magicians, or they have magic, and they seem to be after myself and a man that I’m with, an older man also.

So they seem to be after us, and it’s like when they catch up with us, especially the young man, he’s kind of fighting me, and the older man’s maybe confronting the other older man. It’s like they want to destroy us with their magic, but I suddenly remember that their magic actually came from the older man – who was also me.

It happened years ago when they both maybe had been drinking and they’d fallen down in this subway or something. They were sleeping next to each other and me as this older man had given the other man this magic because it was too much, didn’t want to deal with it or something. Of course now they don’t know that, but now I’ve realized that so when the younger man comes to try to imprison or use magic against me, at first I kind of gently try to dissuade him, but then once I know that he only has the magic because I gave it to him I can take it away. I can have it again, or I can take it away.

John: The dream is portraying an effect that’s being compelled for you to catch up with, or to bring out, from your first dream that you lost that involved the chase scene. It involves having to be shaken, or there’s a catching up with that. And of course the challenge is to catch up with that, or it to catch you, or come through. And when it comes through you’re able to endow or bestow, through the way you are, certain things, and it happens to the environment that you’re in.

The question you should have is, you have a sense of that, do you feel a heightened closeness to it as a result of the dream?

Jeane: I should note that these are the first dreams we’ve had on our first night in the Himalayan Mountains, which is a pretty powerful area.

So in this next dream I’ve been somewhere with you. We went out for the evening. At first when I start to drive back, it’s like I’m in a convertible or something, and I want to get across the railroad tracks before the train comes, but I see that I’ve waited a minute too long and the crossbars have come down – plus I realize my car is maybe on the tracks a bit, that I’m oriented wrong as far as the way I’m facing, so I back up and change position.

Then I realize I still want to get somewhere sooner, so I must abandon the car and I decide I want to fly home. I haven’t been flying lately. I’m with you and you’re not always certain you can fly, and then in the process of going up to a building, or to get a little more height or something, there’s somebody that you totally annoy, another guy, who decides he needs to chase you or hit you or something.

And so now I really need to get you to fly, so I kind of get you to fly but this guy kept getting close to us, like maybe we climb out on a ladder and he wants to try to grab us, but I make us jump and so that gives us that little bit of height that encourages and makes it a little easier to fly.

So we’re flying. You’re still kind of new to flying, so he can kind of see us and try to chase us, and even at one point tries to catch your wrist and bind it to something because he’s really annoyed at whatever you did. But I keep flying and getting us closer to home. And suddenly as I am closer to home there’s a young girl there, and she’s looking at me, and I’ve kind of picked her up and it’s like I want to show her how to fly, too.

And she asks if it’s magic. At first I joke about it being magical, but then I say, “You know, it’s really not magic to know how to fly, but it’s true that there’s magic in the world and this relates to that.”

John: So the thing that you have to flush through is, you carry a sense, in terms of what you have to hold onto inside yourself. The way you presented it, the way that it unfolds, is opposite. The idea of flying is something that comes up from a depth inside of yourself, and it comes up as a depth inside of yourself. It awakens as a depth inside of yourself, it effectuates things from a depth inside of yourself – as a consequence of you being able to accept and pull something into a tranquility or harmony to pull it down.

It’s like the dream is saying, in a scenario way, that you have a way, or have the means, or you have what is necessarily needed to be able to take energetics – using me as an example – that are not appropriate for the situation, or off in some regard, and bring it into a calm. And that bringing that into a calm, or into a cadence, into an alignment, causes the release of magic into the world, causes the sensation of a flying, which is the masculine element releasing.

So you’re describing something that’s almost really difficult to put into words because we’re not used to talking about, or looking at something like this, or speaking of something like this. We’re used to the idea that theres something about the feminine nature that, in order for her to be who she is meant to be, in order to catch up with her own inner magic, that she has to somehow or another accommodate, be excited by, hold a continuity towards, and to, things that are in her environment.

If she reacts, she isn’t doing that, and is instead putting herself in harm’s way – just like the vehicle on the railroad tracks. The energy is coming, the train is flowing. When she is able to accommodate and bring something down and through, meaning giving something so that that can happen, letting go so that that can happen, then she keeps things from getting beat up.

If she looks at something that’s not right and doesn’t, in her own way, figure out how to handle that, then she doesn’t break free, she doesn’t fly either.

The idea of flying is kind of a masculine thing from the standpoint that you’re used to looking at flying as something which is off the ground, that is a quality of misaligned perception. But you’re using the word flying in the opposite direction. You’re using the word flying as something that arises out of having taken and accommodated the different energetics in the environment, accommodated those in such a way, absorbed those, accepted those, were okay with all of that, in such a way without reaction, so that the pent up energetic of something more, that can happen in manifestation, the flying now, which is magical, can happen.

And that, as you do this, this is actually being done into life. In other words, life is effectuated by this. This is kind of like, if the theme of being alive has something to do with changing of the dream, this is what changes the dream. What gets absorbed, what gets brought into a cadence, and a balance, it doesn’t feel like it’s haunted, or chased, or trying to shake something out, or figure out anything anymore. And then something totally unexpected, and magical, then something just changes.

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ima097gesDo our dreams reflect our life, or does our life reflect our dreams. You could say the scenarios of both types of stories unfold in ways that help us grow, and provide opportunities for us to get what we need to learn or understand. And in that process, what we generate from within ourselves is usually a form of creating a release of something that we already have in us as a capability, but it just needs the circumstance and effort to release it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember the one dream. In this dream I’m with a man, I’ve like traveled with him to somewhere in the south where his family lives where we’re staying at a house where his brother is.

I don’t remember as much about that, except sometimes going into a room that we stayed in and at some point it dawns on me that while I’m thinking about, you know, when we’re going to leave and come back where I live and everything, that he really wants us to stay and live down there. And, although I don’t particularly want to do that, and he hasn’t really talked about any of the details of it yet, I’m trying to figure out what to do about that because it’s like if he’s staying there I have to figure out, even if I wanted to leave, you know, how to get back, which means I probably need to go get a job or something, or maybe I need to go get a job anyway, if I’m going to stay there.

I have a feeling I don’t really want to live there a long time, and maybe his thought is we’d be living with his brother or his family, too, and I’m not awfully happy with that thought. But I decide, you know, maybe I need to go look around and see about a job.

It feels like I go down to this resort and I look around, and I see it’s a resort that has a couple levels to it. And this town has one main street where everything happens and maybe it’s along a river or something and it’s southern, and when I go into this motel I go downstairs in the motel where people stay, and then upstairs there’s lots of activity and I notice that they serve them cookies in some of the areas at night, too, although some of the cookies are burnt because I go and look at them.

And I run into somebody that I used to know and, as part of her work there at the motel, she sometimes gives massages to people that are staying there. And I’m thinking, well, I could do that. You know, I have some experience with massage, but not a lot. But it doesn’t really require a professional, and I seem to be kind of heavyset in this dream, and I’m looking around at what I’m wearing, and I’m wondering what other things I could do, and I think about maybe some of the agencies in town, and what experience do I have that would translate? Because I don’t necessarily have any of my credentials and stuff with me, but I do have experience.

And I look at some of the people that are staying at the hotel, I finally go and find the people that are running it, and we start having a dialogue about what I might be able to do. And I realize that they like that I’d grown up in a family business because that means that maybe I’d be trustworthy around handling the money, or at least know what’s involved, that you have to do a lot of multitasking. That’s about all I remember. It wasn’t a very exciting dream.

John: Well, two-thirds of the dream was the endeavor to try to figure out how to take something that needed to awaken, and bring it through.

And the first part of the dream had to do with it being imbedded in kind of needing to somehow or another find a means of being able to release. And so when you have that sense, the feminine has that sense, it needs to reach a point whereby something processes, or comes out, or flows as a type of coming out.

In other words, the feminine nature seeks something all the time as kind of a latent quality knowing that it has to connect, or be connected, in life by way of something that comes up from the depths of itself and flows. In other words, it’s meant to be a container energy that is in flow, or in harmony, with the outer.

If that nature is required to sit in an unfulfilled capacity, deep down inside it is always looking for a means to find a release whereby something then is able to go back, or plug in. The sensation is an in-breath sensation, an in-breath sensation that is held in check by basically a dullness or something, that exists in the nature of living in an illusionary state. The Kundalini energy of something at a depth with inside, that goes through that dilemma, involves the energy having to rise up, having to be released, so to speak, from its imbedded state in manifestation.

That’s the nature, and that’s the means of the feminine flow – and that’s an in-breath. And prior to hitting that, you were hitting a state in which there was a type of frustration at the beginning of the dream because something more needed to happen, and then you spent the rest of the dream figuring out how to create that release.

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consciousness1216We’re all familiar with the concept of the unconscious, semi-conscious, and the conscious levels of our inner selves. But how does that show itself in our lives? On a spiritual journey, our systems get information first on an unconscious level, then it can move to the semi-conscious and, if we listen and can pick up on it, that information can become conscious in us. That’s part of what it means to bring things from the inner into the outer. If we don’t bring it into consciousness, it is lost to us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, the only dream I remember, I was on the grounds of where they run the Kentucky Derby. First I’m in one of the business offices meeting with a man who’s involved in the handicapping, and he also has a horse who’s running in the Derby.

And then when I go from his office, I’m actually sometimes driving and sometimes my car turns into my horse, but sometimes it’s a car. I’m kind of driving around the area to find a place to park, and it has to be a little ways out. It’s in a circle, but it’s a ways out because my horse is also going to be running, but not in the Derby because it’s running in one of the other races. I have to park it a little ways further out and again, like I said, sometimes I’m driving my car and sometimes it turns into my horse that’s going to be running in the race.

And as I get closer to where I park, and I’m trying to find the right place to park, I’m studying the whole idea of how the horses are handicapped for how much weight they’ll carry and such and, and how they run in the race, and everything seems to be represented by these lines that go back towards the wall where I’m studying where to park, and sometimes they link from where I’m going back to the office of the man who’s in charge.

And I’m just trying to find the right place where I’m supposed to park before I go about what I’m supposed to do next, as I kind of study the energy lines, too, that go back and forth, that represent how all of that works there.

John: The oddity of your dream is that, it’s as if when you go to a depth inside, because you’re naturally in manifestation, you go to kind of a place where there’s just the energetic. In other words, it’s kind of like you’re playing with the displacement of energy.

In other words, in the outer, the energetic that is at hand takes and unfolds in a particular way. And on the inner, there’s just the energetic that is in existence, that is in place, and it can be displaced at a deep enough level in the inner, it’s displaced from an outer consequence, or unfoldment.

So I guess this is your way of seeing how it is, that the way that you somehow see yourself, or perceive yourself, or understand vibrations of yourself, that what it is that you’re about can be looked at in an inner way as just vibrations and energy lines. You might say, without the outer, they can kind of even sit latent – or do they sit latent?

Is the outer just the illusionary reflection for those vibrations to unfold, and that otherwise they are there but sit in maybe some sort of imaginal or something, that can’t run its course? Well, it just shows that there has to be many, many levels to things that, at the highest self of one’s self, you can be in just the overall energetic in a larger wholeness capacity – that’s the macrocosm. At the microcosm of yourself ,it unfolds as an aspect of manifestation.

Interesting how you did this displacement. The dream is told it had the displacement in it. In other words, you’re on the grounds of the Kentucky Derby, and you were actually, in a roundabout way, by being on the grounds there was something intended to happen, but it wasn’t readily apparent. What was readily apparent was whatever you were doing with regards to the owner of the stable, or the grounds, had something to do with the horse, but that horse not necessarily being you, or your horse. But then, ultimately, being your horse and car and the whole works as well.

And then even that gets displaced again by the fact that then there’s all these energy lines that portray what is an intentionality that’s meant to be. If you were to break it down, you could chop things into layers, or levels, a level in which you’re the overall equation, a level in which there is a latent energy that is out of touch, so to speak, but you’re in the vicinity of it, the level in which whatever that energy is, is you, an energy in which it unfolds as both being a horse or as a car, in other words a vehicle that drives or something that takes on motion, a quality level in which you can go back to a stillness and just portray the energy lines of what can be.

That would be like taking and going back inside of one’s self with something that is already, potentiality-wise, on a number of these other levels unfolded, but now back to the energy lines as if you’re still holding onto it in some capacity. It’s like what you’re doing can seem very odd without recognizing what the theme of the dreaming was, and the theme had to do with shaking things through into a conscious clarity from some depth deep within.

What you did is you found yourself kind of like, plop, in all of it, so that you had a bit of a piece of yourself like this, and a bit of a piece of yourself like that, and a bit of a piece of yourself like that, of which it all could be aligned into an unfoldment. It’s kind of like snapshots that can pull together and appear to be a motion picture – and yet each snapshot can appear to be something that is separate in a process, as opposed to an aspect that is intertwined and flowing from beginning to end.

In other words, the levels can seem disjointed, and an unfoldment, or awakening process, can, from the perspective of a person caught in the outer, working with the five senses and their idea of wanting to see something happen, conceptually that is, there can appear to be large veils that sit in between the knowingness.

And yet the theme of the dreaming is showing that it all shakes through in its own way, over time it shakes through. But at any given moment in time, when you are caught up in something, it can appear to be awkward.

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