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Ever since we saw The Wizard of Oz we have known that all appearances are not as they seem. But in the case of our external life, the “man” behind the curtain is the energetic realms which power the visible, manifest world. In fact, nothing can appear in the physical world without first existing in the energetic world. So, if we want to know the truth of anything, we will be closer to it when we connect to the energetic essence of what we are dealing with. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So that’s the first dream; it doesn’t stop. See, it’s showing that everything’s alive. That’s how I knew that my dreams were alive because you’re making the animate and it was all fitting together. 

In the next image there’s a lot of commotion in the front of a room. This is a room where a lot of people have gathered. To begin with, my attention and the attention of everyone in the room is upon the interaction and dialogue in the front of the room. It’s like at a conference, you know, where everyone’s eyes are turned to the front, only in this case there are questions and dialogue that’s going on, and it’s all happening in the front. 

Suddenly, I realize that this is the wrong place to put the attention. The force and power is in the back of the room, what is in the front of the room is a front for appearance purposes. When I get it, and turn my attention to that which is in the back of the room, that is when I experience the non-superficial power that isn’t a going-nowhere show. 

In other words, the front is a misdirection, and in the back is where the action is held in track, what’s directing it. So, this dream inflects that appearances can be deceiving. In the dream, I am initially paying attention to the upfront appearances. As I let go of that I see that such appearances are not what is going on. Quietly hidden in the back, where no one is looking, hidden in a powerful presence way, is the dynamic at play. 

In the next image I see a garment on a hanger. To take the garment off the hanger, you have to unlock a release on the hanger. A price tag is attached to a string and it extends from the garment. When the garment is released from the hanger, the release locks in place, and catches and conceals the price tag. 

The price tag is pulled off; there’s just the string and the garment. So the price tag is left behind. And it’s underneath the latch, so you can even see what the price is. You can’t look at the hanger and even figure out the price. 

The meaning is, like the first two sleep dreams, additional evidence of value is at issue in terms of a transaction.

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Do our dreams exaggerate? Yes and no. Our dreams are trying to communicate with us, but are we listening? We know in daily life we often have to raise our voice or create some drama to get the attention of someone else. In our dreams, if we don’t respond to the subtle hints (given in prior dreams) our unconscious will create a little drama to get our attention. Here we see an aspect of the dreamer chained to the floor in a rundown motel, and, even when freed, the person delivers bitter fruit. But the possibility exists to find the proper time to pick this fruit. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, it starts off where I’m trying to find Wanda. I do not know why, other than that, there is some issue we have in common that needs to be worked out. In other words, all I know is I’m trying to find Wanda because it has to do with some issue that has to be worked out. 

I’m in the general area where she should be located or at. And there’s a garden out front and other buildings. And I’m not sure just where she is, and I’m looking for her. And you go one way and I go another way, trying to find her. I walk into an area where there’s an old motel, and the door is open. 

And all I know is that long ago – and this part is a reoccurring dream – I used to stay in this funky old hotel. The rooms were really funky. And it was not even clean. And the most down and out people, vibrationally, would stay in this place. And you could be invisible staying in this place, but it was not in keeping with the overall general atmosphere that is more even than that. 

In other words, I remember it as depressing, as dirty, as quite small in those days; only those who were totally down and out would stay there. Yet I would stay there for some reason, even though I wasn’t necessarily as down and out as they were; this was long ago. 

Anyway, I come to something that is like this and, to my surprise, there’s a door that’s open, and there is Wanda chained to the floor. Apparently she had flipped out towards some border guards or something, and they took it out on her, putting her in manacles and chaining her to the floor; just left the door open. She couldn’t go anywhere. 

So I call out to you as you’re wandering around looking for her, too, and then I tell Wanda, I know what this was like, as I had an ex-wife who used to flip off and get herself into trouble like this until she left the authorities no choice but to chain and shackle her. 

So I release Wanda, and as we are walking about the grounds she’s giving me things from the garden, vegetables and stuff. And the vegetables are fine. But she’s also given me some plums, and the plums aren’t very good. The vegetables are fine, but the plums are kind of small and a little sour. And she comments that, there is only this now, all the more complete plums have been picked. 

She no more than that says that and we kind of walk underneath a plum tree, and I realize, yes, they are a little bit bigger, but they’re still not quite adequate. So I tell her she shouldn’t give anyone plums that are small and not fully ripe, and are a bit bitter in taste, when there are so many wonderful vegetables at her disposal. 

Although I am saddened to find her in this condition, I’m in another way relieved because I know that I can relieve her of her strife. I just hadn’t realized just how dire it had become. I, too, am glad because I have the means to affect such a situation, and disregard a better way of being that I can’t access now. I am oftentimes given permission. Generally there has to be permission that is given before rectification is allowed. 

So the meaning is I’m contending with an affliction that is influencing my coping ability in life. I come across as bitter and not as tasteful as I need to be. I’m meant to be a fertile crescent, but that isn’t possible as my reactionariness causes a feedback loop that chains me to the floor in isolation – as life passes me by if I am not rescued. Now the interesting thing is that even though there was this dilemma, and is this dilemma, a rectification is allowed, but a permission has to be given.

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When we are truly enjoying ourselves with friends, it usually has a very natural sense of flow, with no discordant moments or awkward feelings. It happens when we are harmonically synched up, and the energy is all at a similar frequency. If, however, any one person gets in a mood, or gets upset, it can throw off the greater flow for everyone. Now extrapolate this to us and the universe, where we think everything should unfold according to our needs and timing, rather that according to universal design.(At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream, I’m holding my attention as intently as I can to keep from losing a sensation. I hold it, and I hold it. I’m not moving, staying in tune with a zeroed-in focus to the sense and sensation. 

So, as the dream progresses, when I pick up a woman who is coming home and has arrived from her trip, the setting is such that she is also meeting her boyfriend at the same time. We’re both to meet her at the same time. The pent-up energetic that I’m harboring within, which comes from holding and staying intensely in a focus, comes out. It is as if this sensation had to percolate. 

See, I have an imbalance in the fire energy. I need to hold that in a continuity and a balance or my fire comes out. The ability to touch in that kind of place of a firing out is easily skewered. So it is as if this energetic had to percolate, so to speak, and let off steam. It’s too much; in other words, it just came gushing out. 

So as I go up to greet her, he’s going up to greet her. And my mannerism was too much for the situation. The situation was a woman who had just arrived at a depot is to be simultaneously greeted, because we’re both waiting for her. And the flow to that reception, from me, is overwhelming. It is natural to experience that, in other words, something welling up within that is pent up, but not natural when what is pent-up is coming across too loudly, or too quickly, or too abruptly, or in a way that can’t be handled. That’s not proper zigzagging.

So, in the dream, I need to step back so that things are absorbed. She greets me and her boyfriend simultaneously, she can only handle so much. In other words, the moment needs to be recognized in terms of what is going on in the situation because she can’t meet and greet us both simultaneously if there isn’t adequate space and timing. 

My problem in the dream is knowing how to settle back. I need to let her boyfriend come into the equation, not overwhelm the situation with my presence. When that is done properly, she picks up the flow by saying to her boyfriend, I thought we should take you with us to an ice cream parlor that is on the way where we are going. That is relieving to hear because it indicates I am being taken into account, which apparently I need or I feel left out and am hurt.

So what is missing? In this dream, I am remiss when it comes to tying together a flow. The tying together is meant to be in keeping with the overall unfoldment. My sense of flow is too much. It isn’t the flow that is important, or my sense of things isn’t what is important, it’s the overall general flow that’s important, that takes into account the big picture. So, as a result, what occurs becomes over the top, and a balance and evenness are lacking. 

I do not know how to let what needs to occur, occur as it needs. To not allow this to unfold naturally, that is what is missing. Or the meaning is, in terms of what is missing, the dream is pointing out that I need to take in a situation with a rhythm that is in keeping with the pent-up energy that is in the atmosphere. To flow too much with a thread that is behind an energetic unfoldment is to be over the top, and when over the top I shut off or overwhelm the inner into outer dynamic and take a naturally unfolding scenario into such a pitch that it cannot keep up without there being something that gets frazzled.

A temperance is needed for the flow and attention to embody the overall wholeness. I must greet each aspect in the dream as me, and, when I do, I will immediately know the overall sensation’s timing and flow.

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