What is Real

colorkurvePart of getting to the truth of things is to embrace more than what we like, or are interested in. We must be able to accept all the information possible to give ourselves a better chance of grasping what is real. And that’s possible when we realize that the truth itself is more important than our personal view about it. Knowing the way things are gives us our best possibility in navigating through life’s surprises.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I’ll tell my sleep dreams first because the sleep dreams kind of correspond with this sort of thing. One is like an image of something more that hearkens to the innerness, and then the other is all action and all words. So I’ll start with the one that’s all verbal. One is an image, and one is all verbal.

The one that’s all verbal is this woman has called me up on the phone. She doesn’t believe in dreams, but I talk her into telling me some dreams that she had that night to try and show her that there is something more going on in the dreams that she considers just insignificant.

So the first dream she tells me has to do with a whole state of a closeness and relatability that she has with another person, that goes on and on and on and on and on. And the next dream she tells me is a dream in which she is criticizing, or critical of something. She is reacting. She’s very strict with something.

And so what do the two dreams mean? And she’s convinced, of course, they have no meaning. And I tell her that in the first dream she was overwhelmed by an inner vibration, that she is seeking to look at, that has to do with a soothingness. And then that soothingness is being contrasted in the second dream by that which is critical, and she’s having to reconcile those two. By reconciling those two, she creates an alignment for herself in terms of the inner vibrational essence that she needs to be more rounded with, and take in in a more complete way.

In other words, you don’t just go for the soothingness, you also have to be a realist and take in something that sees things, or appreciates the unfoldment that doesn’t necessarily go according to some sort of script, that also can be firm, and poignant, and probing in terms of its affect upon one.

And you have to align that and contrast that and, if you don’t do that, then each of those dreams is like a quality of amnesia. You dismiss it as having a meaningfulness, and therefore you do not reach, or go beyond, the external effect. You dismiss it, so you don’t relate or correlate yourself to that inner essence that’s waking up – and yet, in her dreams, the game was afoot. That was in motion.

And what’s behind all of that is that inner essence quality trying to come across in two distinct ways, the bringing of that through from behind a reflective world, the bringing of that through to a vibratory presence in her – and that’s soul.

So that was a dream… I’ve never had a dream where I had an all action of dreams told to me, that I then was required to interpret in order to prove a point that there is something behind all of that that is what is real and not what is being reflected.

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