Making Waves

Jeane: My dreams last night took place in Egypt, and the last dream particularly seemed to involve a chase.

As it begins, it seems I’m involved in the newspaper business, or I know someone in the business that’s coming after me. So my plan is to go after them and expose both that person and their son.

Because they are after me, I first have to go back and tell some people I know who have always wanted to expose these other people. I tell them I’m ready to do it now.

I know those people are going to come at me hard once we start exposing what they’re doing. When the struggle begins, I can never again be sure who is a friend or a foe. I can go somewhere and find it has already been taken over by the others and my group has to flee.

We find ourselves on a houseboat at some point – it almost seems like we’re in the arctic – and when I get on, part of it is boarded up. As I try to get in, I see a note on the door with the words: “Read me.” The note makes it clear that there is danger if we enter.

Another time I’m somewhere else – it feels like there’s a shift in energy at this point – and I’m with a group of women. We all go into different dressing rooms and we’re putting on special outfits to go visit a tribe.

But I immediately figure out that this tribe isn’t like the others. It isn’t represented properly, and if we women go there we might even become second or third wives, or be used or abused. So I have to break the others free from wearing the outfits, or being taken away.

Then we’re on the run again. It felt like one of those dreams where I was on the run most of the time. There were a few people I could trust, but it often seemed that when I arrived at a new place the others were already there ahead of me. I was constantly trying to sort out whom I could trust and then act accordingly.

John: If we put this image together with your prior dream (see Finding a Way In), we see the connection in terms of the aliveness of an energy that’s hidden here in Egypt. Yesterday’s dream was about making that connection to the hidden energy, and today’s dream is about broadcasting it.

In other words, you’re sensing something at the heart of what is here in this land. But you’re seeing that it’s mostly hidden by the noise of the life at the surface of things, i.e., the craziness of the marketplace and the hustling of the tourists by the locals. The spirituality is lost. The real energy is not being broadcast and, in some respect, you find yourself in the role of having to do something about it.

But, of course, there’s danger in that. The idea of broadcasting to others is shown in the reference to the newspaper business, which is a way of reaching a mass of people. But the powers-that-be, so to speak, want to silence you as quickly as you want to get the word out.

It’s very much like current life, in Egypt but everywhere else to some degree, where the truth is vigorously denied and buried by the cultural apparatus. When anything tries to awaken or change, it is fiercely resisted.

So we find ourselves in an ancient and magical land, but one that has been under a male-dominated society for a long time. Women have been suppressed. And in your imagery, a group of women are putting on “special” outfits to meet with the “tribe.” Yet in your wisdom, you realize that it’s a type of trap where the freedom of the feminine would be in jeopardy.

You’re trying to avoid the abuse and misuse of the feminine energy as you try to bring it through – in an overall way – to help rebalance and awaken the energy that’s hidden. The consequences of this effort leave you on the run or, in some instances, cause you to stand out. But what is trying to stop you is powerful, too, as shown in its ability to beat you to the next destination.

This is why in real life most profound changes begin subtly, under the radar. That way, what opposes it won’t even notice until it’s too late. That’s a more subtle type of broadcasting.

You could also say this image could apply to Las Vegas, in the sense that it too has an energy that radiates out, or broadcasts, from the land, but that essence is lost in the neon lights, the glitter, and the noise of life there.

In both instances, the energy behind these places is profound and, in a sense, wants to be recognized by humans. If it awakens in us, the effect becomes more profound. At the same time, there can be a second aspect to the need to flee, and that’s where something comes out and then you have to take responsibility for it, for its effect. That can cause you to have to take a step back, to flee.

In other words, the broadcasting has to play itself out against the issue of its noticeability. It’s an interesting thing, the theme of broadcasting and what it means. It’s about how to bring something through so that it can be heard, but even the hearing has to be specialized. You’re describing it in terms of a greater overallness, which is the feminine view. You’re taking the whole thing on.

The Third Wheel

John: The next dream has more specific imagery and is tied in with the first dream (see Breaking Through).

This time I’m traveling somewhere with two other men. I’m not sure where we’re going. 

One of the other men has a presence about him – he just seems to know where things are going and I feel I can trust that. The other man is more impulsive. He gets impatient and pushes to keep moving forward.

I’m the third part of this trio. I like the pace of the first man, who creates an allowance that exists energetically. With him, everything seems to proceed smoothly, and there is time to catch up with one’s self.

But just when I reach a state where I almost get something, that’s when the other man gets impulsive, pushing for a shift, urging us to go forward. That unsettles me, throwing me off from my normal way of being present in the flow.

The first man is influenced by the urging of the impulsive man, yet he purposely tries to slow things down to give me a chance to catch up with what’s unfolding. 

For example, when we pause in the journey I would read a portion of a book, about heroines (the feminine), and there’s time provided for me to do this. But just when I’m nearly through with a particular chapter, the second man – almost as if he can sense that I’m nearly ready – begins to push for us to move forward, before I can fully digest what I’ve taken in. I really only need a tiny bit more time, but that’s when he pushes harder that we need to move on.

So I feel this pressure, as if I’m the third wheel in the flow, because I am not quite keeping up with what I’m trying to grasp. I’m getting information, but then I’m getting scattered by the disturbance of the impulsive man.

I’m under the impression that, if I’m able to pause and catch up with this matter, then I will know where we are going and what we are trying to do. The way things are going, I’m continually left feeling I’m still a little in the dark. 

It doesn’t work this way on the higher, more vibrant energetic level. This dream is describing the flow of things, and the feeling is one of being pushed and pulled a bit. All three men are aspects of me, and aspects that are trying to guide me. One part is connected and in the flow. A second part needs a pause to catch up, or consider where I’m going. The third man sees that the pause is causing me to become distracted and wants me to push onward – to stay on track.

It is my pausing that carries me back but, in this particular case, this pause has a double effect – as shown in the first dream (see Breaking Through) – in that it can carry me back to an imbalance of feeling. When I pause in the flow, I teeter between falling back into old patterns (the easy, familiar way), and being urged to keep pushing onward into new territory and growth.

That moment of pause is basically me letting go of the energetic I’m connected with, which can guide me to a greater state of knowing. It’s that energetic note that I want to resonate with. When I let go of that note, I fall into lower-self considerations, patterns, and idiosyncrasies that derail me from my journey.

At one point in the dream, as I’m reading the next chapter and the second guide is urging us onward, I come across a word I’ve never seen before. The word is “unpatented” woman. I ask the primary guide, “What is this?” He says, “It’s a woman who reaches the point where she can no longer say “No.” 

This has me dumbfounded, wondering what that means because I’m not reading some sort of soap opera drama, like a romance novel. It’s not like that at all.

So, how does this fit? I know that it’s about some other revelation, which we will explore tomorrow.

Something Wonderful

Jeane: I was dreaming vividly and my dream was repetitious in that I know I dreamed it at least three times with variations. In the variations, a scenario occurred in an outdoor setting. As the scenario ended, someone would be regretting something that they were unable to do. They were thinking that there was something that they couldn’t do or couldn’t touch.

I was telling them that actually they could, and we would go back to this outdoor clearing where there was either a waterfall or it was just something in the sky that would cascade down it – it took a few minutes to get there. I would show them that the process could replay and that was how they could touch it or experience it. It felt like I had that going on about three times.

I wish I had pulled it out more because I think the dream was very specific and interesting.

John: Well, I think I know what’s going on there. You have a…

Jeane: But it felt good.

John: Oh it is good. It’s actually kind of wonderful. In fact, it’s more than wonderful. It’s a relief and a solution to a whole array of things. What’s described here is that there is a part of you that is extremely transformative that you need to bring to the surface of yourself – you need to live it. It’s already something that is part of you and for some reason you’re not carrying it or allowing it through.

So for whatever particular reason you haven’t taken it fully on. That puts it in a state of suspension within you, but it’s showing that it’s not too far away (a few minutes in the dream). Your dream was actually measuring the distance. You were looking first at one variable of it, then another variable of it, and then another variable of it – that’s the repetition. It’s really a process of letting go, of closing the distance, and then it will be right there for you.

But for some reason there is a gap and you have an internal logic that supports the reason for the gap. The distance seems so small, but this transformative aspect is sitting there, dormant, inside of you. Nothing needs to be learned, or understood to let it through. But what’s holding it back is your belief that something needs to be in place first. And if that little thing were present, then you would be able to give it permission to come out.  Pretty strange logic, right?

Jeane: No, that makes perfect sense. It’s just how I feel. If I feel a certain degree of safety, or something else happens, then it can come out, that’s all.

John: Yes, but behind all of this is your perspective of what is there that will come out. You’re looking at a teeny, tiny part of what is coming out. You have no sense of the magnitude of it, and your dream is saying that it’s a huge thing (it’s a waterfall or a cascade from the sky!). The magnitude of it is mind-boggling and you’re thinking it’s a little thing. You’re not catching up to its magnitude.

What you perceive is that it needs a small trickle to set it in motion, but the issue is that the trickle is infinitesimal and what is there to come out is huge. That’s the part you’re missing. You’re not realizing that some little thing is holding up something so enormous, but yet so wonderful!