Is That All?

Jeane: I had a lot of dreams last night but I had trouble pulling them out. I remember the ends of some of them, but they don’t seem to mean much.

In the first series of images, I’m asking someone: “Is that all?”

They answer, “No.” Then they want to show me something. I go out to the street and look. It’s nighttime and I see that there are broken pieces of things scattered on the pavement, as if there has been a car accident.  

I look a little further and then I see your business partner, and he has been in a car accident. He has a gray van with printing on the side and he carries rugs in the back.

There are pieces scattered everywhere and some warning cones have been set up. Your partner is sitting over to the side and holding his head.

That was the last image I saw after a whole series of dreams. It felt more like an afterthought. It was weird.

John: The key to unlocking the significance of this dream image is your question, “Is that all?” You’re trying to pull into your nature a masculine aspect, because deep inside you have come to know that if you can pull that in, you’ll be able to realize much more. If you don’t pull it in, something will remain hurt, incomplete, or shattered, as seen by the scattered pieces from the accident.

It makes me wonder what would create a scenario like this. I was thinking about how when a kundalini energy opens up, if it has to go through a certain “prostitute” door, the arising energy will become a craving rather than a need. Well, you don’t show any craving in this imagery.

The craving is something that occurs as a result of confusion, as a consequence of not knowing how to stay in, or to maintain, a flow in what is opening up. In your case, some part of your higher self has suddenly gotten the memo that it needs more information, in terms of what is going on, in order to align that energy. That’s when you are led out to see something more.

Something in you already corresponds to that, so it doesn’t cause confusion. This keeps you from crashing and burning, or keeps the energy from having any ill effect upon your nature.

It’s an interesting image of the feminine nature from a higher-self perspective. It’s not uncommon for people to clamor for a planetary relationship in an effort to make their lives more interesting. Instead, you slingshot this into a spiritual connotation – you’re recognizing that whatever is touching your life in various ways is having an influence on you that is causing you to make adjustments.

So something has been touched, or awakened, inside of you. That thing that has awakened emerges as a facilitator. You’re trying to align to this, or facilitate its emergence, because if it cannot come through, or if it is forced to stay dormant because it’s not getting the seeds or triggers that brings it to life, it will have a tendency to crack up.

So, like the man on the side of the road near the pieces in the street, it’s all sitting there. It’s waiting for you. It’s a very unusual image, actually – a fabulous dream image.