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What does it mean to be connected in a spiritual sense? When we are involved in life personally, i.e., why does it always rain on my day off?, we are using the dial-up connection to the universal – we may get a few bits of intelligence, but mostly we see the spinning icon. When we understand that we are a part of, and play a part in, the process of the universal unfolding we can connect to the universal, which supports all things that support It. This is the fastest connection, and it’s always downloading more intelligence data. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the meditation dream, that sets the tone of this, might be interesting in terms of pulling it together because what you dreamt was how this applies, and works, and comes through you. And what I dreamt in my sleep is how something applies or comes to me. 

But then that something that comes, or applies, or catches up is introduced or invoked inside oneself, the process by which that takes place – in other words, the schematic for something like that – is what the meditation dream was about. And it was short, and I could have written up a lot more about it, but it was so understandable at the time that I had to force myself to keep writing more, or try to write more, because I really understood what it meant. 

My meditation dream had a repeat quality to it. And, in the dream, there is a deep-seated part of myself that is correlated to all there is. Now it’s not noticeable, this deep-seated part that’s correlated to all there is, if you’re off on your own tangents. In other words, I do not have an access to all there is because the need to know dictates. In other words, the action and the stuff that you do gets in the way, in terms of how it is that I’m karmically intertwined. 

My access and need to do is confined. In other words, if it’s karmically intertwined, it’s confined, you have to get outside of your natural nature of how it is that you go about this way or that. Or to put this in another way, there are elements in life that are connected to me, but not karmically controlled. These aspects are free to break a connection and go their separate way from the greater whole. 

So I’m wondering if it should be made known that there are those who are factored into the world as being at the epicenter of change? If so, are such individuals born or made? Or if somehow or another there’s something about your nature that, instead of going off and trying to do this, that, or the other in terms of some sort of karmic unfoldment, or quality, like a Dharma or something that you catch up with, that you somehow hear a different drummer that takes you outside of the personal. And when you go outside of the personal you access a greater wholeness. 

In your particular case, it described how you may have probed out, that could be considered in maybe an outer-consequence way, but the result was that this led to a quality of letting go that enabled something to be given to you that caused you then to open up to so much more. 

And, in my particular case, I had to stop and be still. And then by stopping and being still I could see something dorment that was there to open up, to be there. And so that part, in other words, the part that is either born or made or whatever that’s at the epicenter of change, you know, that can shape things in the world or whatever, is something I need to observe more closely. 

And it seems that we all have this quality in us that enables us to be at the epicenter, but that doesn’t mean we can just do that, or hit this big show inside of ourself that has this overallness, whether we can do this automatically. We’re able to see ourselves there, in other words, in this place, when we are able to see that we can get out of our personal way, in other words, when we’re out of our personal way, and we are able to see how everything around us is included in the whole. 

You can’t do that if you’re always coming off in the personal motif. You can’t do this if you’re talking all the time, which is where it started off, that was deemed an embarrassment. We cannot say that, however, if we see a personal self-aggrandizement that is adamant at getting its way.

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We’ve all the heard the mantra that challenges and setbacks are opportunities in disguise. And, when we ponder this idea, we can see that it is only when we are in it, when we are feeling the emotions and personal involvements, that we can make a new decision to change our way out. Many times we just let the intensity subside and eventually fade away, but it is when we are fully triggered that there is the most potent opportunity to make a new intention. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the next dream, I am in a place where there is no light. I go into this dark and dire atmosphere to try to find more life. What I find is that the duress is depressing. But, even so, there is still hope. 

But a hope for potential change has been discarded in a bathroom. I take from the bathroom garbage, to a place where I can be by myself, three eggs that are so dirty you can hardly recognize them as eggs. I found these eggs in the bathroom. I was in need of finding some eggs because I needed something to light my lantern. And I came across these eggs, and because I desperately needed something to bring out some light, I guess I had no choice but to resort to these inadvertently thrown away filthy eggs. 

So I rescue the eggs from the trash, I take the eggs through a restaurant outside, I’m looking to find a place where I can be alone, where I can sit and be with the eggs. It’s recently rained outside, so I still have to contend with that factor where I can do all this comfortably. Or quietly. 

And what I’m doing is I’m seeking light within each egg, or what I’m doing is just trying to put the eggs into like a type of flashlight – to power the flashlight with these eggs. It requires, really it holds four batteries, or four eggs, but the fourth one was so bad that I just took three of them. I figured I can make three of them turn on the thing even if I had one bad battery. There was a degree to which, how low I was going to stoop, in terms of these filthy eggs? 

So the dilemma is, in this dream, the wayward conditions I find are lost from who I am, but there’s still hope. In other words, I have my concept of who I am behind it, because I don’t like certain things when they come out – but sometimes that’s okay. 

The hope is based upon accessing from a depth within an energetic clarity that awakens my beingness from an intolerant stinginess, maybe even stinginess isn’t the right word. But it’s an attitudinal thing. And so what is that? I hadn’t really fully sorted this out yet. Maybe there wasn’t anything wrong with it. A person finds that if they go into a certain state of bewilderment and confusion, and allow themselves to go into that, that they have access to something inside that will turn that around and flip that around and make something more out of that. In other words, we have become so compartmentalised that all of the stuff that affects us is actually positive, even though we perceive every time something throws us off a bit it’s negative, because it is an opportunity to take on more. But we have defined ourselves to such degree, we do this in ways that aren’t apparent, we have to be able to accommodate everything. 

And then there’s another dream I had, which is to find my way wasn’t easy. There initially was no place to go. I somehow felt my way in an area where it was so crowded you couldn’t move. I stumbled upon a blocked off place where no one was allowed because this area was volatile and could slide again. I was desperate enough to take a chance on this unstable and slippery slope, having nothing to lose, because there was nowhere else to go. 

Where I went along with others that followed me, all of us hoping for a second chance, is a place we all knew was a gamble. That’s another way of pointing out a certain kind of, well, you have to have a certain kind of courage in terms of being able to confront things because there’s a whole bunch of things that you have to deal with that don’t make sense to you, necessarily, in terms of how you are inclined to see yourself. And these things come up as you’re breaking out into the open in terms of realizing and coming to grips with more and more that is going on. 

All the fragments are significant and interesting. What’s not interesting, what is a problem, is when some fragment owns you, and you can’t move, you become linearized. But if the fragments hit you and then there’s something always more behind it, so one has to be careful what they annihilate again, in terms of even the negative fragments. It’s kind of a common thing to have certain areas about what you can and can’t do, and will and won’t do, or look at or however, and you carry that to too great of an extreme and pretty soon there isn’t much that you can do. You’ve isolated yourself, you’ve put yourself into an oxygen tank of some sort.

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Many may find that different aspects of their personality or character are set free in the presence of another: one person triggers our sense of humor, one person makes us feel very relaxed, one person eases our fears, another inspires us. We could call these energetic allowances, and it happens from our energy system reading and responding to the energy system of another. This is mostly done unconsciously, but on our development path we can raise this to a level of skill into the world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It’s funny we had to dream in these strange ways because, in my dream, initially, I see myself as having a seat that is back away – it’s near the front, but back away, like four rows or something or five rows from where Gee is to speak.

Then, all of a sudden, something happens and a big shift occurs. It’s as if something has to be redesigned in relationship to all of that. And I see right up to the far, far left, where he would sit, so close and so much to the far left that I just see his side face, real close, as he would be speaking out to everybody. 

And then I also see myself as somehow or another being around him, in which he is pointing out a particular kind of energy, and he gives it a name, and this energy is a person that I know, and he says, it will be interesting to see how this energy effect unfolds on the future. And then, in the dream, it’s like in the traveling of the dream, it’s like I am meant to return something to him. And it’s like a substance that you put in your hands and you can mush around just like putty or something, like a secret substance, that makes no sense to me why it is that I am to return this to him. 

So I go over to where he’s staying, and the back door of this suite area happens to be open. I go in the back door, I go into all of the rooms of the suite and look around. In one case, I go into a room that’s a picture of somebody that’s like a kid or younger brother or something that I’d never seen before, and this is where his bed and stuff is at. 

And then I take this little substance and I leave it in his room. And then I notice having explored around that there’s something wrong, it could work better, in terms of something that’s like an oven or a microwave or something that’s in the place. I don’t actually see it, per se, it’s just that I know how to make that particular thing work better. And that I can take and add some feature that I can do right there on the spot, it just comes to me, that makes this function better. 

But then I realize that it would be better if this had been built into it rather than done in this particular way, and so I carried a kind of an edge at the fact that once I’ve seen this, why it is that others don’t see this automatically – because it’s a very simple thing. I call the CEO of the company that makes this item, and I don’t plan on giving out my name, but I end up doing so because I end up finding out that I realize that maybe I have to show them how to do this so that all of the items that they make from here on in the future have this built into them

So I offer to go to where it is that they produce these and show them how it is that this can be done in a very, very simple built-in way, that will really enhance the product and will cost very, very little to do, and will be an enhancement to what they offer. And that’s what I dreamt.

So the meaning of it: the theme of the dreaming is about having a special and secret approach which facilitates the way things unfold. In this dream, the connection is such that I am able to take what is taken for granted, which is an energetic that is seemingly wayward, and bring it forward. 

Although I initially hold back with this, what I see is an access that seems to have no bounds. And the whole process involves, in terms of the steps of things, actually even returning to the teacher the secret substance I was given. And it is said that everyone is given something from a teacher, and then that removes a particular kind of block or something so that a person can catch up with themselves better.

I didn’t know that you actually gave it back, because that’s what you do in this dream. And I can’t imagine what he could possibly use that for unless it’s to apparently do something that furthers it in some capacity that is his business, because, to me, it seems like a Silly Putty or something.

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