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1000If we want to understand how a machine works, we can take it apart and see what makes it go. But what do we do if we want to understand living things – things we can’t take apart?  Well, we have to connect to them, in the same way that a shaman or medicine man in the past learned to connect to the healing essences of plants. And if we want to connect to something energetically, we have to do it from the essence in us to the essence in it, which means energy to energy. But, of course, we have to become quiet enough in ourselves to receive and translate that communication. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I find myself holding off from responding to an issue in which there is an invoking of an outer response. In other words, it’s an outer trying to get my attention, and so I’m holding off responding to it. And I hold off because I know, deep inside, that the response cannot be an in-sync reply. In other words, you can’t respond to the outer: reflections cannot meet reflections.

So I hold back, and do not reciprocate outwardly, because there’s something inside of me – and I consider it like the soul or something – which is refusing to move. It wants to just stay still. It won’t buy into this outer that is trying to grab my attention.

So I find myself surrendered to the inner stillness. In other words, I just can’t bite; that motion just doesn’t grab me. And so what does that mean? Does it mean that the outer vibrations are somehow or another absorbed by the stillness, or into the heart? And that my mind, that normally buys into the outer reflections, just cannot do it? In other words, there’s something that has gotten more meaningful, in terms of staying still with a more all-consuming heartfulness.

So that causes me to wonder: what is this stillness? And I come to ponder it as relating to the plane of the soul, which is where surrender and nonbeing come together, and where everything is absorbed. The outer is absorbed by this encompassing heart, or something.

In other words, the reflections aren’t separate. The reflections can all be taken within. And so, in other words, there’s always going to be reflections, but the reflections, you don’t take them with you in bizarreness, the reflections stay as manifestation still, in terms of the degree to which something has to act out vibrationally, with images.

And you’re always noting the degree of true stillness by looking at the greater teacher of the outer, that is manifestation, but you don’t try to change the outer in order to get to the inner. Such a mindset, in which the outer vibratoriness and corresponding images are something that you can bring with you into the plane of the soul, it just isn’t so because they are reflections. They veil the heart from the inner. They vie for the heart.

So what happened is, in my meditation dream, I was able to not reciprocally react because I was on the plane of the universal soul where stillness is natural. Now the alternative to that, of course, is an outer reflective in which the senses portray the reflective physical and the result, then, of something like that is kind of an ego orientation floundering as manifestation. In other words, putting out the vibrations and the images because vibrations and images are correlated. Or, to put it another way, manifestation exists as an outer reflection in which vibrations correspond to created images.

And so this has caused me to notice a psychic illusion. To visualize, within, an outer future unfoldment involves the taking of a vibratory energetic from the stillness into physical manifestation, and doing it this time in which you stop time, as if irrelevant. In other words, manifestation is a conditional reflection involving time and vibration which, densed down, becomes physical space.

So psychic inflections are a deviation in one of two ways in terms of the stillness. They are a deviation in that you can have a psychic quality in which you transcend time, so that you can come to see things backwards and forwards, and up and about, that’s a psychic trait. Or you can take and you could still be buying into time, but you can get rid of vibrations, in which case if you can get rid of the vibrations that then manifest into something physical because they constellate as something dense in the outer, if you can get rid of the vibrations, you know that have their way of having to live something through in a reflective denseness, then you can do things like transport or move objects. In other words, you can transcend space. So psychic abilities have to do with playing on the edges of time and space, that are important as foundational points to a vibrational imaged manifestation.

And so what has happened is it’s causing me to denote the subtler levels of vibration in relationship to looking at the stillness, in terms of looking at the stillness, in terms of the components that come out, that are the reflective manifestation. Thus you hold the stillness, and then the manifestation reflects differently. It’s just how it is.

It reflects to the degree to which it still imparts that which still has to be lived, and it still has to be imaged. It still is something that you’re not quite fully able to let go of. It still reflects that. You don’t come to the stillness by playing with the reflective outer.

So that’s an important distinction, and I can see how this can happen, in terms of a perception, because the out-breath looks like you’re bringing something down into it, and so, as an out-breath it’s like, you know, there’s a momentum and whatnot. It’s easy to catch this as something that is meant to impact the outer – but, no, it’s from the inner. That other creates a diversity where there is the seeing and hearing of things that are unfolding, but the unfoldment is reflectively oriented to the inner awakening.

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In our culture, we tend to lump masculine and feminine traits into two genders and seem surprised when the lines blur. But we are all a combination of both masculine and feminine gender traits, with one usually being dominant. Yet that doesn’t mean everything we do should be dominated by a singular viewpoint; like everything else we discover, there is a natural state of balance and a reason to use all the diversity we find in ourselves to navigate the many circumstances we find ourselves in. And, on a spiritual journey, there is another aspect that continually dominates, and that is our personal involvement, or the feeling that this whole “life” thing is about us. It’s really not about us, but rather about how we can fit into the whole of it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my dream, it’s like I’m supposed to go help with a trial, but when I go there it’s like they want to disqualify me from being the prosecutor, or the questioner, without telling me why or putting me in a secondary role.

And then I figure out finally that it’s because either the opposing counsel, or the person that’s coming up, is somebody that I knew, or had a relationship with, or they think I want to be in relationship with, and that this would taint how everyone was looking at the questioning.

So I’m frustrated with this because I don’t feel like it should really make a difference. Then I see that everything is targeted towards making me forget. And then that starts becoming the reality – everything seems to be targeted towards even making me forget the dream, and it’s so frustrating that I have to fight to even remember this part which you think would stand out because there was a certain amount of emotions.

So it is like that just becomes the outer reality then where I really have to struggle to even remember this tiny bit.

John: What’s happening is as the prosecutor you’re being the masculine. In other words, the prosecutor is a person that takes and goes out and brings in the inflections, and the thoughts, and the sparks, and the energetic that takes and quickens something out of its dormancy, enlightens in that regard, makes something more alive, and more real, and more tangible. 

That’s the nature of the masculine, and that’s what you’re doing as the prosecutor. However, the need is to keep you repressed, which then takes you back into the condition of the feminine. The feminine is a person that takes and doesn’t quite see what is going on around it, and is affected by things that it can’t sort itself through and find the greater picture in life.

And so your dream is indicating that this happens to you when you are overpowered by the idea of something being personal, too personal, and so you are shut down by the fact of them causing this indulgence, this limiting feature, to be used as a means to keep you from invoking, and exciting, and causing something to be seen by a normal, natural, masculine quality expression.

So to keep you from finding this other side, or fullness, of yourself, you are being shown that this is lost, or goes away, or is inaccessible to you when you indulge in what is said to be personal mannerisms that contract and hold you down in a kind of compaction. 

That’s the nature of manifestation. Manifestation is something that has been slowed down with an energetic in such a way so that it is of a sound quality, as opposed to something in a more speeded-up realm, that is not necessarily grounded as a consequence, that comes and appears in the nature of light. Yet light and sound are one and the same.

And so the masculine part of yourself that has this quality of being the prosecutor, or the means of bringing something through that quickens, and awakens, and stirs, and jars, and invokes the situation to have a whole other way of coming out of its condition – that is working with the principle of something coming down into life.

And, by contrast, you find yourself constrained because of personal limitations that are placed upon you, that keep you contracted, so that you don’t wake up to that or, as the dream is indicating, find the means inside of yourself to quicken yourself, so that that which is whole and complete inside of yourself you are able to awaken, all on your own, with your own inner masculine.

Isn’t that an interesting dream? 

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76B4We mostly think about whether things are right for us: other people, our careers, where we live. But we have to flip that narrative around if we want to connect at universal levels: we have to ask ourselves, what are we right for, energetically? If we are full of judgment and criticism, we will only attract more of the same into our lives. And if we are full of compassion and kindness, that too will respond to our efforts. The problem is, coarse energies will come at a moment’s notice – they’re not picky – while finer energies have to learn to trust us, which can only happen if we are consistent in our intentions and efforts. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, when I woke up I lost my dream, but I think that one of the reasons I lost it is it seemed to be an energetic dream, like I was trying to get myself in some kind of right space energetically. 

And so the image was almost an image of moving into an energy, or trying to move into an energy, or moving with an energy, so it wasn’t really like kind of a storyline or anything that I could pull out.

John: What you were doing is you were scoping inside of yourself to try to find the flow, or attunement, that echoes from within, that puts you back into a kind of cadence. Those kind of energetic experiences are best experienced in meditation, then the dream world can take something like that that is a bit incoherent, and kind of patch it together, or give it some substance, an aspect or a quality of substance through imagery and such.

But as an energetic alone, it’s too great of an expanse or something of one’s nature, as pure energy, to make much out of. And it’s useful to have something symbolic that can come along and kind of show you what the energetic is all about.

So what you had was the energetic that takes and gives you a sense of how you’re probing to catch up with, or be in, a place of comfortability. You’re reaching and questing for that and, of course, you’ve been announcing that, or you’ve been saying that, that you can’t quite get in your body, or you can’t quite get this way and you can’t quite get that way.

And yet this place, area, feels good to you. It’s an interesting interlude, but you’re not able to get grounded or rooted in how it is that you are meant to be. And that’s a type of uneasiness that one carries, or a quality of feeling off-the-ground or something, and it plagues you.

It’s a type of longing again, in that one has to go into that – to allow one’s self to be carried into that – in order to discover, in order to reach, what is acting like a magnet on the other side. However, if one doesn’t take and try to probe that, or isn’t making efforts to change, it’s not a change per se, but a recognition, a seeing of something that is creating an echo about one’s nature.

One doesn’t make an effort to try to see where that is coming from, from deep within, that is now affecting the outer. Then one walks around imbalanced and it can be extremely frustrating, and your mind goes all over the place trying to understand what to make out of it, whether you conclude that it’s living in the wrong place, or that you’re skipping something, or that you need something else.

You can go around and around, except when you’re needled like this from inside, probed and pushed like this, as if something is inside there needing to open up. The answer lies there, not in anything that you can do as a fidgetation to try to ameliorate, because the chances are, whatever it is that you would do would dumb-down a state that is attempting to come through with its loudness in a way that has been held back for a long, long time.

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