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2001: A Space Odyssey

The human is the only life form on this planet that can aspire above the planet. In saying that, it is not meant in the sense of space travel in a rocket ship, it is meant in the way of graduating above this planet after our time here. A planet is a safe ecology for beginners, who make mistakes constantly. We are here to make our mistakes, yet learn the ways of the universe so that we can one day become a part of it – a part of the whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This is a short dream. I’m talking with a friend, who is a person with which I always pay my bills with him immediately. So there’s a closeness. Everything is kept close; in other words, there’s no gap. Everything is happening straight away; I always paid my bills immediately. There’s a connection, then, that exists, because this is a way of symbolically describing a connection, a merged connection, that I have with him – and then through him, to another person.

In other words, he’s like introducing me to someone else. Now, I hold him, and deal with him differently. This other person is still an aspect that there are veils, or a holding back from. Or, to put it another way, my friend vouches for me. So, in terms of this other person, there’s kind of a trust, and so there’s kind of a way of relating.

But my close friend has also indicated, to this other person, how our relationship works. So I say to my friend, “Oh, I wish you hadn’t done that. I hope you haven’t started something, in that your friend gets the idea that he can horsewhip me if I do not treat him the same way as I treat you,” meaning I pay everything immediately.

He laughs, saying, “Oh, no.” But of course it’s a joke, it’s a sense of humor, because he knows that’s the better way of being.

Meaning, of course, that is how it should be. The inference being: I may like being purposefully distant, but that is not a desirable thing in an overall purpose that is really a One Beingness.

Now this dream, it seemed like I kept having to go into it and into it because this is the type of dream that was a little bit like a meditation, where it’s hard for me to pull out, because there was a depth there, and yet it was trying to just do it in a Simple Simon way in the dream. And I kept throwing away the Simple Simon components, and so I made it very difficult to catch the punchline.

So I see myself getting travel documents from the source that has trouble getting these travel documents for themselves. It was like the feminine having trouble pulling something up all on their own, out of the amnesia. But I have no trouble contending with what I need, but that isn’t so for her, so she comments that she is thankful I did this, and something to the effect that this was like a guide to a breakthrough.

My comment back: “Well, no it’s just something born noble.”

The question is: what is born noble? And what it means is that the illusory veil is drawn away, and then something revealed behind that is what’s really real.

And so, I seem to be confused by that for hours, trying to sleep; who knows what the distance in the gap was? And then all sudden this observation came through: an awareness is uplifted when a correspondence occurs. What I mean by correspondence is a kind of communion. A communion is a touching that occurs within. The falling back, or the imposition of veils, after a quickening of a kind of union communion is like a drowsiness – much like the effect of mood, which changes the atmosphere.

So, what am I not remembering? There was a revealing, within, about the natural uplifting that is effortless as an effect of atmosphere that permeates into the whole. I cannot say much about that because I am still relating too much with empathic nature that is a reflective, outer sensitivity, instead of with the all-encompassing overall wholeness, in which everything is put into the heart.

In other words, what happened was it was almost like going to a dialogue in a discourse of seeing how you can walk into an atmosphere, and, if you’re receptive in the right way and don’t have your thoughts, and your moods, and your attitudes that you’re holding onto too rigidly, something just can be lifted in that atmosphere. Just lifted.

And that lifting is the fact that, if in the atmosphere, that atmosphere, in it’s wholeness, everything is included within the heart of the whole, and each person has that connection to the heart of the whole, to do that is a true letting go that results in something just going “poof,” being lifted.

Otherwise, there’s that repelling and the kundalini and all that other weirdness is there. So I do not have access to this depth of a quality of letting go. So, as a result, I wasn’t able to notice, or take in, all of an understanding of what it’s like to be in a greater stillness – and how do you see in this greater stillness?

The capacity to have everything in the heart, which is the oneness of being that sustains and retains. And when you break that, you break that sustaining and retaining, that’s when you noodle around. And we do it in a reflective outer way, which means, then, we can still have the sensitivity, not quite able to do it justice, in terms of everything in the whole heart. And then you have your empathic aspect of that as an offshoot, it’s kind of a derivative.

And that all is a form that leads to up and down, up and down. It’s another kind of up and down. It’s nice to have that because it leads to insight, but it’s not sustainable because it’s not put into the heart, it’s not retained properly, so it leads to exhaustion and tiredness.

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i00esWe all have psychologies that may cause us to say or do certain things, that, afterward, we may regret as being out of character. But we often do such things to create a desired effect: to impress others, or to make someone like us, or to draw attention to ourselves. These moments illustrate what it is to move outside of who we are – and the more we know who we are, the less this happens. To be centered in ourselves, and choosing who we are, and what we want to be like, means we act from inside ourselves in whatever we do on the outside. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.

Jeane: I had one dream that evolved into another, or went on, I guess I should say. And the first dream, my memory of it is like I with other people. And then sometimes we’re chosen to do certain things.

But it’s like if you’re chosen to do something, you might suddenly find yourself in Florida, being active in some way. But other times the trick is to know not to go anywhere, and just to stay still in one place. And then it feels like you’re more centralized.

And much of the dream seems to be kind of making these decisions between when you act, and when you just kind of are quiet, or you step aside. And that evolves into a dream where this is all going on….

John: That actually is the theme. And so what you’re saying is that you’re presented with the situation in which you decide when it is that you take action, in relationship to something in the world, in terms of the environment that you find yourself in.

Do you stay in one place, or do you come out and go to Florida or something? Sometimes you may go somewhere, sometimes you may stay still.

So, let me just throw the seed thought in before you tell your dream. What if there are three ways of making a decision? What if one way is to be really bright, and you can see a problem before it has really gotten into manifestation. Let’s say you can see it, you can see it before it’s constellated into the environment.

And so you can act pre the fact, and you can go and deal with it so it never does go anywhere, never does come out. You can act ahead of time; you can pre-strike it, so to speak.

And then, what if there is another way, in which the problem is there, it’s happening, and your intelligence is such that you now see it, and you act upon it. And you act upon it as it’s a problem in a steady, consistent way.

And then, what if there is a way in which a problem comes up, and you ignore it? You ignore it because, even though you get it, and maybe four or five people around you – out of ten – get it. There’s still four or five others that don’t quite really get it, that still don’t quite see it.

So you let it be. And you let it be. And it gets worse, and worse, and worse, and worse, until it gets so bad, until it stinks up the place so bad that everybody gets it. Everybody is sitting agitated by it. And that is when you act.

So there are three ways of acting. Only you reduced it into a decision of: do you go somewhere, do you go to Florida, or do you stay where you’re at?

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65720Before learning about the energetic causes of things, it is easy to assume all human knowledge has been accrued through the centuries by trial and error, i.e., if you make tea with this plant, it heals you, and making tea with that plant can kill you. But that’s not the way of it. Every form of life is an energetic intelligence, and, if you connect to those intelligences, you can know, intuitively, the properties of anything. This is the way of the human design; trial and error is the method of the uninitiated. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, first from the meditation dream, on the inner, in other words, from my meditation dreams on the inner, on the inner side of self, and the veils of a reflective outer, in other words, I have the sense of the reflective outer, and I’m dreaming on the inner, in other words, accommodating the reflective outer, and what has happened is I’ve reached a familiarity with life’s unfoldment process.

In other words, I don’t fight it. It all makes sense to me. In other words, I come to know, for example, that even though I am veiled, and cannot directly see things, in terms of what’s really going on, I am able to know when change is occurring in life.

It is as if I see flickers of light on the other side of a door, and this causes me, little by little, to know what is afoot. These little bitty inflections, I suppose if you were to put it into kind of Sufi terms where they talk about states and stations, those would be states, being able to catch inflections from the flickers.

You go through little things, then, like little epiphanies. And it is little by little those sort of things that cause you to know, and recognize, to realize, to answer the question of what’s going on.

And then, in another dream, a bomb goes off, in a phone booth, and scatters debris from the phone book everywhere.

And the meaning of these dreams is that even though that which goes on in the outer is reflective, and not physically connected to the stillness essence behind it all, there is a way, from what is not revealed, to see what is going on in terms of the inner plane.

The process of going through life, with its veils, is to get closer to who we really are. And we notice this as possible when we are able to perceive beyond, and through, outer appearances, veils and all, the essence from which it all begins and/or arises.

So I’m on the cusp of this other that you dreamt. This dream is on the cusp of it. It’s close, but on the cusp of it. It’s talking about it, then it goes into it in the sleep dream.

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