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radiate-energyWhat does it mean to exude an energy? In simple terms, we can understand that a lion exudes the essence of a lion, or that a mother can exude the essence of motherhood, or that a nurse can exude the essence of care. For a human, to exude means that the energy of something lives with that person, so when they express themselves, the energy is radiated out from them. And, as humans, we can choose what we want to radiate into life. Then, through years of thoughts, actions, and intentions, that energy can come to be with us. That energy can then be transferred to others through us, as a service into life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the sleep dream, it’s like I’m standing there near Dean. Dean is standing, and he is saying something. And he is saying something to everybody, which is like a group that’s standing off, in kind of like almost like a listening student-teacher mode, but I happen to be standing near him.

And so Dean has apparently said something that has a kind of, what you could say, an epiphany aspect to it, and then he throws in a laughter, a joyousness, that exudes it as he says it. And, as he says it, he then takes his arm out and, just like I was holding my arm over you, he then extends his arm over my waist. I suddenly, spontaneously, as he does this, to keep from being knocked around, take my hands down over his arm, and he then spins me off the ground in a circle – as he is continuing, almost without paying any attention to what he’s doing. It’s just his exuding. As he is continuing to have his focus on the group, there is this aside motion in which I am spun off the ground.

So in being spun off the ground, you know as an image, then as I am continuing to sleep is when I came to see what this was about. I’m still in my sleep. I don’t wake up to this. It’s still in my sleep, and I come to realize, I come to see, I come to wander almost in a kind of mindfulness in my sleep, and realize that there is an energetic that comes from a focus and attention that may have something that is said, in an outer capacity way, but behind what is said in an outer capacity way is a whole other depth. And to catch up with that depth is to be spun, and not sit there and contend, or noodle, with that in some sort of in-between capacity mannerism, or way, which means that all questions just automatically have to simultaneously fall away – as if there is just a complete, total letting go – which is akin to what laughter is like.

And that is why, if you look at this in a lesser octave way, that is why if you are capable of sitting before such an energy and let your questions sit in the etheric, as opposed to articulating them, because in the articulation there is kind of a doubt, or a barrier, that has to be punched through. That’s why it’s a question. It’s something that’s missed in the acuity of the energetic. If you’re able to sit, they just get flecked away. It’s almost as if they get answered.

But if you were to just sit, and totally sit, and then take this to a greater and greater speed, what’s really going on is you’re just being spun into that vibration; not the ideas behind it that are the building blocks that tweak you towards a closer, and better, and clearer insight about something. No, that’s the capacity of still working with the mind, in relationship to how the mind is always having to sort something out. That’s still a sorting out in relationship to where you stand in relationship to this. You have to just completely let go so that what is said is of no significance, and no importance.

It’s like talking about having recorded the teacher one day, thinking that what she was saying was so profound that he could then stop and have it translated into a way of looking at it that you could then, by slowing it down, you could go and you can maybe see and catch up with some of the profoundness of what she was saying – as if what she was saying is profound.

But what you were experiencing that was profound was the energetic, because then when you stopped, and took down, and looked at what she said you found out that maybe she was just talking about the weather the whole time. And, yet, through all of that was the energetic.

So that’s what you were doing when you were looking at the this over here that was deemed to be profound, and that that over there is deemed to again to be something significant, but what is the distinction between this and that? To what degree do they comport, and that comporting has to drop to a spinning.

That’s a profoundness. Instead of continuing to have the machinations about this, and machinations about that, it just suddenly goes “poof,” and it all melts away. Very deep vibratory realization and, of course, that’s how I did it in my sleep dream to catch up to being able to see what you were doing in terms of your vibratoriness.

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2e2sWe can say that the universe is in process. Energies of all sorts are moving through different states of matter and purity as the universe unfolds toward its fulfillment. The human plays a role in this by also processing energies, and can do that process consciously. The closer we are aligned to universal purpose, the closer our processes mimic creation’s. And that is when we can become one with It. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember a little bit of the dream later in the morning and, in that dream, it seems to me like this area of the condo, where you and I live, is kind of expanded, and there’s other people here, and I’m doing something.

It’s like there’s some work you’re doing, and I’m trying to do something where I bring something back and forth to you – but you don’t quite feel like it’s pulling together yet. And I remember going out into the living room, and there were three or four beds in the living room, and when I glance down towards the door I notice that my niece’s husband had gotten up and was walking through there. But then I came back over here, to try to stay focused on whatever it was we were doing, and I think that was when I woke up.

I just don’t recall some of the details of what it was we were doing. There was you and I and other people, and so I had a sense of going back and forth trying to pull something together.

John: That seems to have been the general energy of the dreaming last night, in that the back and forth that you were doing was kind of an in and an out. And although it doesn’t seem like a big thing, because it’s so simple, what we have been doing has been mostly contending with the out, which means the bringing of a consciousness through – which is the same thing as saying that we are able to recognize, in the reflective outer, something more.

But what has changed and what is subtly different, in terms of the getting up and the moving about, and the recognizing of other people sleeping in the place, or whatever all that is, is that you’re now contending with the in.

What is the in, and what is the out? Well, the out is where consciousness wakes up to understand something through the greater teacher, the reflective. The in is the process in which the essence of one’s being rises up and lives that essence quality. And when that essence quality is lived, that essence quality creates the reflections, generates the reflections.

So, in the out, you’re responding to the reflections, from the standpoint that you see the essence of the divine from the greater outer, from the reflections themselves, almost as a reciprocal reverberation. In the in, the living of that essence, the connecting to that essence, causes a generation. You, then, become the creator, and you generate those reflections.

So the dilemma, of course, is even though this was just a simple little thing, it’s very, very confusing because what you have is the need to catch up with the understanding of the whole out-breath, and the whole in-breath, because the out-breath, or the heightened awareness of the divine in the reflections, is accentuated at the interval. It’s the longing. It’s accentuated at the interval where the out-breath turns to the in-breath.

At the other interval, where you are living something – which is often called the going home of the breath back to its source – the living of something is where the reflections get generated. It’s where they’re manufactured. That’s where they’re created. And that, of course, is accentuated in the interval where the in-breath turns to the out-breath. That’s the state of bliss, and bliss incorporates the love of the essence for its creation and all of that.

So what makes the awkwardness in your dream is the vibration of the in-breath, and the vibration of the out-breath. It’s a lot to reconcile when all of a sudden the two polarities, the North Pole and the South Pole of one’s beingness, kind of come through in this fell swoop manner. You’re used to just the South Pole of yourself, so to speak South Pole, being the awakening quality that one comes to grips with revelationally, in the reflective, and seen through the reflective. That’s pretty wild.

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12-sBeing human puts us in a unique position: we are able to bring higher, finer, energies into the coarser physical realms. Nothing else can do that, and it is part of our birthright and possibility, not to mention an aspect of our ability to serve something higher than ourselves. And this is where our consciousness and freedom of choice become interesting, because each of us can be the access way for different energies, because of our passions, intentions, and actions. In this way, what we can offer the universe is completely individual and unique. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream, I am seeking to determine from the other zones, in other words or levels or whatever you want to call them, how something is going on, or what is going on. An imbalance in that regard exists in the physical world.

I’m not trying to figure out the inner essence like you’re doing. I’m not trying to figure that imbalance out. I’m instead interested in the inner level, or levels, and how to recognize that, or perhaps even fix that if something needs to be fixed. If I see the same imbalance in the reflective outer I ponder what that might be in terms of what is really going on on the inner.

So when I stare in the inner, to the degree to which I’m ungrounded or something in the outer, and dismiss the outer, I’m finding myself trying to see the little equivocation or imbalanced note that I’m able to pick up, I’m trying to see that on the inner. And then when I see something that seems a little equivocated on the inner, I try to look even further on the inner.

So I’m going from level, to level, to level all the way to the point where eventually it gets to be too much to take in and so I never get the job done. In other words, in the dream, I’m not able to determine why the issue is a problem on the inner levels. I say inner levels because it seems that there was no simple explanation for why something was amiss from any level that I accessed.

The significance is what is interesting is that I was intent upon focusing my attention upon what was going on, in the inner planes of life instead of the outer. I was so intent in this approach that the outer detail is virtually forgotten. I would look and look at the nuances on a given inner level to no avail, as I would realize at some point that a resolution was yet from a still deeper inner level – and on and on it went.

Each step took me more and more into this subtle intangible, further away from visually understanding upon the lower planes of manifestation, of which upon the planes of manifestation I’m being dismissive, even though that’s where I am finding myself is on the physical plane of manifestation, as I am looking to see what is going on in terms of the inner coming into the outer.

And so what I’m noticing is that, when I probe deeper, what is inclined to happen is I even start letting go of some of the prior inner levels in which there can be a kind of experientiality that maybe can be graspable in terms of whatever the imbalance is, and instead I just feel the imbalance or the offness on some of the inner levels. And so I just keep trying to get subtler and subtler in my more transcendent way.

So what is going on is the dismissiveness I have on the planes of manifestation correspond, you know, because if I have that lack of focus there, I will have that lack of focus on the inner, so they correspond to the inner aspect as well. I must look at that and, if I do, I realize that the imbalance here is echoing from yet a deeper level of my beingness.

In other words, if I’m properly grounded that’s not so, but if I’m a little ungrounded then everything stays ungrounded as far and however you look. So the result of the seeking is I am taking the position, and it’s the wrong position to take, of course, but to understand the denser levels I have to go to the inner source. In other words, not realizing that you can peek behind the curtains and see that here, and that’s what’s called getting grounded or being here now.

I’m finding that this approach takes me to more and more intangible inner levels that, as they get my attention, I realize I have to go even deeper into the inner for the reason behind it all to be revealed. A point is reached where I realize that what I seek on the inner is ungraspable because the inner goes on and on, and there is no inner essence part that I can say, ahh-hah, this is it, and everything now makes sense.

So the meaning is, what I seek to know is like saying I am God, and I have a right to know the innermost aspects of the spirit and soul. What I am finding out is that I could access the unfolding inner will, but I am not able at a given point of overall beingness to be the epicenter, or the Will of God, per se. Or, to put it another way, try as I might to explain what is going on upon the inner planes of access, I cannot. These inner planes just go on and on, one subtler level after another.

So the hint is, what good is access to such levels if I do not accept and deal correspondingly with how it is that I am in the outer – and what that is about? I access the will in the outer and it is not really any different than the inner levels, except that this physical plane is where I am at and, as a result, on this level the Will of God is presenting itself reflectively, right in front of me, and is including me in this denser outer process.

So the reason for the dream is, I am being shown that when I dismiss, or disregard, the outer reflective flow, this same ungroundedness demeanor shows up on each corresponding inner level, and the pattern goes on and on within. The Sufi statement of accepting the directive of what God wants and designs as the will for the sake of a home promised on the inner, which is meant to give you both, is as good as it gets in terms of me being able to see around the denser curtains, so to speak, to the inner will; denser curtains, or the fabric of physical existence.

And also the meaning is that I am not accepting, in the outer, all aspects of the Will of God and, as a result, am not able to be at peace in the outer – or any inner level, for that matter, because it goes on and on. You just never get there.

The path to the Kingdom of Heaven, as the saying goes, goes through the densest of all planes. The densest of all planes is physical manifestation. I know this, and it is for that reason that I am here. So the joke is, is that in seeking to understand the outer physical reflective state care must be taken to not annihilate and, by association, dismiss what is going on in the outer. To do so is to be ungrounded, and to be ungrounded like that is to be not attentive to my beingness here as a beingness that is intertwined to the inner, and to the outer, or the above. I am not able to give up one for the other. I need what is going on here for an appreciative correspondence.

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