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Angelic_moversWe all know that the moon can affect us, whether it is in terms of our mental, emotional, or physical state. Now, of course, it affects the plants and animals as well, but we can choose to be conscious of exactly what the effects are. And it is the same for sun spots. And it is the same for all astrological influences. We may understand these things because there is a long history and record of the way these celestial objects affect us, but in truth we can understand them directly, through our own faculties – it’s just a matter of training our systems. It’s not magic, or the capability of “special” people, it’s an aspect of our design that we have left dormant – but can awaken at any time. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So to talk about my meditation dream is often like trying to tell a new guy about what is going on. And, to do so, I communicate in a non-reflective way. In other words, for it to be non-reflective means that it has to be relatable to the soul, in a oneness, beyond current sense awareness. Or, otherwise, how do you relate, to someone, what is going on?

Because you can’t just define the outer because that’s just an understanding, that’s not describing, or telling a person, what is really going on. So, if what I say is definable, in some outer-awareness sense, then it is something that is grasped by the sense-oriented mind – and it is not an all-pervasive knowingness, and, therefore, the heart is left askew.

A stillness can be so deep within that my overall beingness can’t function in outer way anymore. So now this is the opposite. I’m noticing this other because I’m noticing that there is such a letting go. For example, I saw myself trying to turn off a manmade light in the outer, this being a light that reaches the physical senses. And what I found was that I was unable to bring my beingness into manifestation to turn off such a light.

Yet I am aware, however, the hopeless condition of not being able, in terms of physical nature as an outer stupor, not able to contend with it because I’m in such a deep inner space. And then, all of a sudden, that gap is bridged when I’m kissed on the cheek from a place within that permeates from the here to the beyond.

The significance: to think that I can bring this inner abiding beingness to where it touches vibrations directly goes beyond the physical state. The result is a frustration that is a trying to penetrate a bifurcated outer way, with an all-pervading inner overallness. In other words, projecting that way, which is an outward trying to incorporate a letting-go stillness, and yet it’s an inner stillness. It’s the absorbing of things and putting everything in the heart. That is what is the unexplainable mystery to the physical senses. Otherwise the physical senses are just there, trying to do what they do.

So then I go through various placements in which you could draw a conclusion in relationship to your senses, which you would perceive with your senses, and whether you still are having to sort out in that regard.

So, in this dream, I am in a large hall. There are windows along the right side. I have a ticket, in the hall, that seems somewhere near the back on the right side. But when I pause to appreciate where I find myself at, in the pausing I seem to see my whereabouts as near a window. And I’m excited about that; kind of desirable to sit near a window. 

And, in this dream, like I say, it’s exhilarating. And I’m excited because even though I am near the window, on the right side, I feel that my connection isn’t limited in terms of a vision, or a way of being, that goes from the very back to the front.

So, in describing where I’m at, I’m in the back row, in which there are just three seats, and then the row in front extends longer in front of where I’m at, and there’s just three seats behind that. And my seat is along the aisle there. I’m excited about placement, because I’m not affected at all in terms of my connection to the front, even though it’s not a complete row, behind a row which is much longer.

And, in this dream, first of all, I’m just in this natural state of knowingness, but then I am shown that you could look at it in its nuances if you wanted to. And in looking at it in its nuances, where one could react, or be shocked or something, by how far back it was, because that wasn’t the sensation because my connection was fine. I remember walking down the aisle from the front and was surprised at how far I had to walk to get to this back, back seat. Other than that extended image of coming down to the last row, far from the front, the sensation I had was as being wonderfully placed in terms of my orientation, in regards to both the window and my sight.

And, of course, if you look at it rationally, if I was off to one side there would have been heads in front of me. But it didn’t affect the sight, in terms of how the sight needed to be – apparently, in terms of a letting-go-ness within. Or, as the meaning goes, there are no inner/outer limitations, no time and space concerns for a heart able to truly let go and take in all there is – from however and wherever one is positioned. You just hold it all. You contain it all; it’s not a conditional thing.

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ngd110We may resolve in ourselves to be less silently critical, or judgmental, toward others, because of what it causes in us, which is a disconnection from whatever inner elevation we have attained. But we may also realize that when we are silently sending energetic darts at others, we prevent them from being their best self. The energy we radiate to others triggers their psychologies and defense mechanisms, but we want to let others be free of those triggers so that they can be more natural to themselves. Do we know what is possible for ourselves and others without the constant outplay of old psychologies? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the main dream, there’s the way something can look and come to energetically be on its own, but when affected by something more, so that it wakes up, it is amazing at how it can be.

So, in other words, we’re basically talking the very first step in a process where something is attempting to emerge, and can even have a dharma and whatnot, it’s amazing how that can be, and what it can do, and so on. I mean you can look at it in kind of a black-and-white way, and then see how that, when it’s affected and moved in certain ways, wakes up and is able to come across in a more meaningful dynamic. But it still is an unfoldment, or a dharma.

And then you can see that when this quality, when it is activated, it will make the difference in how it is something is able to be seen. For example, there is a wall that has been there for a long time. It’s kind of like a wall which has a lot of little mirrors on it, little squares and such, and you glance at it and just accept it, okay, that’s the wall. It comes to its corner, and goes around a bend. It’s a neat little wall, but nothing that there’s nothing alive of necessarily a lie. It serves its purpose. It’s a neat little wall, but there’s nothing alive about it. It serves its purpose, which means that this wall is seen, in a set way, by everyone when they come into the room.

Yet I am able to simply glance at it and can know what there is that is missing in the atmosphere. So, in the image, I can see that what makes it all dance, or have a greater meaningfulness, or a greater essence of inflection, is that on the corner there can be like a larger mirror that tends to make the place come alive. Without that, the place comes across in a common way that is easy to take for granted. What I am able to see is, in a simple glance, with a quickened beingness, infuses the place vibrationally.

When I see it, I am able to exude an image presence, so that when I point out what it is to others, they are swept up in that atmosphere and are able to see this as well.

So therein comes the challenge. The challenge is: how am I able to see what can be? And am I able to hold the focus so that others, in my presence, are able to see it, too? And I come to notice that when I waiver, they will have their way of seeing in an aspect of the atmosphere, but not necessarily the full clarity.

So what’s interesting is what is right here, because if it is an area, or an atmosphere, where things are naturally quickened, and there just needs to be a tiny bit of inner reflective presence, what I can see I have to let go of a little bit because, added to the situation, is far more than where I am at in the atmosphere of something that is quickened and touched. In other words, that’s where things multiply in terms of coming together in a oneness.

Generally that is not the case, however, because it’s hard to come together in a communion, or a oneness, so a more quickened condition to an inner flow that is able to emanate from within, tends to function almost in a vacuum, instead of intertwined, or interactive. But then there are times when it doesn’t, and I can never really know what to expect until a person is put into, they’re put into the heart, into my heart, to awaken within to a oneness of being of themselves, in which, when that happens, everything is transformed; they’re transformed, I am transformed, through whatever the interconnectivity is meant to be.

So, I have skipped a step. This is a very deep third step. And what I describe in part one is, first there is the atmosphere. And what I’m describing is actually part three, and I need to go back and describe part one, is that there is the placing within my heart, the intertwined atmosphere that enables a whole new level of overall beingness to come across and in a way that goes way beyond the linear portrayal – almost a three-dimensional unfoldment.

In other words, how else do you describe something that’s quickened, and as that quickening is an atmosphere in which the perceptions are something anew, or awakens to much more as an aliveness invoked by the stillness essence coming more into itself.

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2001: A Space Odyssey

The human is the only life form on this planet that can aspire above the planet. In saying that, it is not meant in the sense of space travel in a rocket ship, it is meant in the way of graduating above this planet after our time here. A planet is a safe ecology for beginners, who make mistakes constantly. We are here to make our mistakes, yet learn the ways of the universe so that we can one day become a part of it – a part of the whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This is a short dream. I’m talking with a friend, who is a person with which I always pay my bills with him immediately. So there’s a closeness. Everything is kept close; in other words, there’s no gap. Everything is happening straight away; I always paid my bills immediately. There’s a connection, then, that exists, because this is a way of symbolically describing a connection, a merged connection, that I have with him – and then through him, to another person.

In other words, he’s like introducing me to someone else. Now, I hold him, and deal with him differently. This other person is still an aspect that there are veils, or a holding back from. Or, to put it another way, my friend vouches for me. So, in terms of this other person, there’s kind of a trust, and so there’s kind of a way of relating.

But my close friend has also indicated, to this other person, how our relationship works. So I say to my friend, “Oh, I wish you hadn’t done that. I hope you haven’t started something, in that your friend gets the idea that he can horsewhip me if I do not treat him the same way as I treat you,” meaning I pay everything immediately.

He laughs, saying, “Oh, no.” But of course it’s a joke, it’s a sense of humor, because he knows that’s the better way of being.

Meaning, of course, that is how it should be. The inference being: I may like being purposefully distant, but that is not a desirable thing in an overall purpose that is really a One Beingness.

Now this dream, it seemed like I kept having to go into it and into it because this is the type of dream that was a little bit like a meditation, where it’s hard for me to pull out, because there was a depth there, and yet it was trying to just do it in a Simple Simon way in the dream. And I kept throwing away the Simple Simon components, and so I made it very difficult to catch the punchline.

So I see myself getting travel documents from the source that has trouble getting these travel documents for themselves. It was like the feminine having trouble pulling something up all on their own, out of the amnesia. But I have no trouble contending with what I need, but that isn’t so for her, so she comments that she is thankful I did this, and something to the effect that this was like a guide to a breakthrough.

My comment back: “Well, no it’s just something born noble.”

The question is: what is born noble? And what it means is that the illusory veil is drawn away, and then something revealed behind that is what’s really real.

And so, I seem to be confused by that for hours, trying to sleep; who knows what the distance in the gap was? And then all sudden this observation came through: an awareness is uplifted when a correspondence occurs. What I mean by correspondence is a kind of communion. A communion is a touching that occurs within. The falling back, or the imposition of veils, after a quickening of a kind of union communion is like a drowsiness – much like the effect of mood, which changes the atmosphere.

So, what am I not remembering? There was a revealing, within, about the natural uplifting that is effortless as an effect of atmosphere that permeates into the whole. I cannot say much about that because I am still relating too much with empathic nature that is a reflective, outer sensitivity, instead of with the all-encompassing overall wholeness, in which everything is put into the heart.

In other words, what happened was it was almost like going to a dialogue in a discourse of seeing how you can walk into an atmosphere, and, if you’re receptive in the right way and don’t have your thoughts, and your moods, and your attitudes that you’re holding onto too rigidly, something just can be lifted in that atmosphere. Just lifted.

And that lifting is the fact that, if in the atmosphere, that atmosphere, in it’s wholeness, everything is included within the heart of the whole, and each person has that connection to the heart of the whole, to do that is a true letting go that results in something just going “poof,” being lifted.

Otherwise, there’s that repelling and the kundalini and all that other weirdness is there. So I do not have access to this depth of a quality of letting go. So, as a result, I wasn’t able to notice, or take in, all of an understanding of what it’s like to be in a greater stillness – and how do you see in this greater stillness?

The capacity to have everything in the heart, which is the oneness of being that sustains and retains. And when you break that, you break that sustaining and retaining, that’s when you noodle around. And we do it in a reflective outer way, which means, then, we can still have the sensitivity, not quite able to do it justice, in terms of everything in the whole heart. And then you have your empathic aspect of that as an offshoot, it’s kind of a derivative.

And that all is a form that leads to up and down, up and down. It’s another kind of up and down. It’s nice to have that because it leads to insight, but it’s not sustainable because it’s not put into the heart, it’s not retained properly, so it leads to exhaustion and tiredness.

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