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Our brain is a great friend and companion on our journey through life, but it is not intuitive and all-seeing. We have higher senses, intuitions if you like, that work far faster than our brain, which can guide us through unknown terrain far better than the brain. When we listen to these intuitions, we are closer to the flow of life because they give us an up-to-the-minute reading of what is happening from a bird’s-eye perspective. And it may be more important than ever that we should put our focus to this aspect of our consciousness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream I’m taking this quality of where you visualize something as something that you catch up with, at a deeper depth inside of yourself, from a stillness point inside of yourself, because everything in the outer seems to be at odds, in that it’s reflective, as a bifurcation from the stillness. 

So what I am seeing is that we need to figure out how to cope when we are caught in an illusionary projective vibratoriness that is outside of the stillness. And so the current way that a person on the spiritual path connects with trying to understand how to be is that they come to recognize that everything that is happening in the present hints to something more – revelationally.

And that was kind of like the first part of your dream, that you had a sense of a revelational, in a little bit more than the revelational now, almost a pent up visualization inside of yourself, so that the outer pictures, the outer functionality, was no longer something you could buy into because you could tell that this other was quickened.

Well, as I see it, current conditions are such that we seem to dip in and out of a kind of revelational awareness of something more. Sometimes we can see it in little synchronicities in the outer and such, but by and large it’s not a fluid connection to the intertwined oneness. We just get maybe a little glimmers and senses of so much more, but, basically, we’re bifurcated from the intertwinement by some sort of choice, or mannerism, in our nature. 

And so a spiritual path, and the spiritual paths, that exist seem to be working upon recognizing a grace, and a forgiveness, and a letting go, and all of that that leads to a recognition of so much more, still more or less based upon the principle of revelation. And we tend to notice, correctively, when something isn’t appropriate or right, we tend to notice something in which there’s kind of an unconscious effect, or a response that kind of comes up out of the blue, that kind of causes one to react, or to shift a little bit. Not consciously, but kind of, I don’t know what the word is, it’s almost like just like the heart beats and you don’t think about it. Automatically, or whatever it is. 

And that sort of thing, when it comes up, also is pointing out that something isn’t right. It’s pointing out that you’re still too gapped out from what is real as an overall all-inclusiveness of your being, a oneness in the essence, intertwined essence. 

So you’re gapped out from that somehow or another. And so what happens is these surprises, and these surprises are generally not pleasant. They’re not pleasant because there is a subtle tension, a subtle imbalance, that causes this other sort of thing to flicker. 

So this is like an in-between condition – all of this beckoning to another shift in consciousness. And the shift in consciousness that it is beckoning towards is a shift in which, instead of taking and looking at things as they are unfolding, you already know what’s going to unfold. There is nothing to be figured out. There’s nothing to go through, you already know. It’s as if, maybe to put it into words, it’s as if you have caught up with the subtleness that comports with and is accepted by the collective consciousness, so that it can unfold in the outer and have a time aspect quality to it that is futuristic, which is visionary now. It’s as if it’s like that.

Or is it just the nature of the overall intertwined oneness and stillness, that when you listen to it, and catch up with it, and quit having these equivocations inside of yourself that this other is just readily apparent? That you can see where things are going. That you can tell how something is going to unfold. 

So this is kind of putting words to what it was that I’m sensing, and was experiencing inside. And I woke up trying to write it up as if it was dictated to me and I had to poke at it, because I was shown like a one, two, and three. And then the third is something that you know, pre the fact, as if one has to make a shift in consciousness so that you recognize this stuff without a time and space to have to noodle in it. And to have to play it out; that you already are on top of it, you already are there. 

Maybe this is the greater glorification of the essence of things, I don’t know. But that was like the sense that this had to be there. That this was a higher octave of revelation. That one had to shift it to where they had this cognition of a visualization. 

So it even had me thinking and looking at the higher octave of thought, that the higher octave of thought is a type of sight. And it’s a type of sight that permeates, that transcends, that isn’t caught in a time and space modality that has it all watered out, or bifurcated. There’s still an actionable in something like this; that was the other thing that I noticed, there is still an actionable quality to be able to note something in a visualized way. 

This is an aspect of beingness, however, that in order for it to exist you cannot be attempting to shift things, you can’t be attempting to do things, you can’t be attempting to make things different. You can’t have your ideas of what would make for a better modality in the outer, and you can’t be trying to gear this better modality in the outer because as long as you have that you have something in-between being able to visualize and just see how something is going to be.

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Each of us has a different process for learning. And sometimes we are quick to see, and sometimes we are more dense about things. But one aspect of the process is in being able to notice the difference between states. If we are always wayward from our path, then that will seem normal to us. If we get a glimpse of what it’s like and how it feels to be connected, and energized by higher things, then we will have a reference for when we slip back to our old ways. This reference point helps in making us more conscious of the process in us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream I am shown that being off about things, like human beings start out in life being, that this initial step is natural. It’s like it’s anticipated and recognized that everyone has to go through this initial step where they have to go out and be bewildered a bit.

To continue to be off, when others around you are getting it to some degree, is actually better than going through spiritual illusions. In other words, it comes to a point when you see that you’re off, and then you can start trying to make adjustments; screen yourself as if you’re weaponizing, or aiming, yourself at the center of yourself. 

But that actually leads, although it may be like a type of reflective to the heart because everything still is vying for the heart and whatnot, and it’s not finding itself in the total stillness and overallness of the heart, you’re, to some degree yo-yoing. That’s spiritual illusion again. 

And creating pacified arguments as to why this is better than the sheer density; to a certain degree that is true, but in the sheer raw energy density of things is something that is very, very loud to the heart. And if you really note and denote what that is doing to the heart, it can form a memorable quality to it that won’t settle for illusionary spiritual qualities either. It requires so much more. 

So to continue to be out of it, and overly dense, I am shown, awakens a person quicker. This is a revelation that was a surprise to me that if you actually, so to speak, declare war on God and quit trying to do spiritual things or something like that, like I’ve done, you develop a keenness to hurting a heart that others can toy with and kind of keep somewhat veiled; go at more slowly, circling it, so to speak, with their process. 

So I’m pondering the deeper meaningfulness of this vibration, I am noticing that to continue to be way off in demeanor, as if I am a slow learner, causes the heart to be where it must let go. And that slingshots a person to the inner depths of themselves. If you go to the depths of yourself where you experience the pain and declare war, so to speak, to try to maintain some sort of ignorance to too great of an extreme way, because you lack common sense or something, you hold that, you create a memory to that, that becomes like a fine tuning fork to the subtler vibrations, then, in the other direction. 

But if you hold a balance and equanimity, try to control the light or something, you sit in between; you don’t really go to a deep, deep depth. This could be used as a criticism of those who just do practices and ceremonies and stuff like that as a type of pacifier, as opposed to really, truly getting into life. Those who utilize that sort of thing see themselves as making spiritual progress and whatnot, but it’s measured, it has its parameters. 

So to try to be conscious leads to spiritual illusions, and results in not noticing the heart as being all-important. See, the key thing is, is that when you delve into a certain depth, like in a raw energy density or whatever of yourself, if you never do that, then you don’t recognize the importance, necessarily, of the heart. You don’t make it loud enough to know how you can really, really hurt it. And then that hurting reverberates and reverberates, and can be used, then, to recognize subtler aspects that are caught on the breath that you might normally think are okay.

For example, a person who is attached to dense things comes to know over a course of time that this hurts and stabs the heart. However, a person who goes off on a spiritual tangent tends to convince themselves that hurting the heart is part of the process, because they haven’t hurt it enough to realize that this is absurd. And does so in the name of waking up – is you create this whole self-conceptualized illusion. They put all kinds of things in it to support it; it’s where spiritual elders come in, and all kinds of strange things, instead of being responsible to yourself.

That approach is not only self-deceptive, but it is a harder mannerism to overcome than that of a person who is more dense for a longer period of time. There comes a point in time when you kind of gain an understanding of how to cope. It’s better that you don’t think that you know how to cope, it’s better that you continue to stay a little bit lost – more loudly in that – in order to break through it. 

What I am saying is that a person is more compelled to hear the heart when they are obviously wayward in their way of being, they are able to get it more abruptly. A person who sees themselves as making progress step by step is more inclined to be left behind. rationalizing their actions as being meaningful.

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It happens so quickly we’re usually not aware of it: a defense mechanism in us has been triggered. In fact, we tend to think “that’s the way we are.” But our human design is made for us to choose our responses and our actions, consciously. Our psychologies are often formed when we first experience something, usually at a very young age when we have no ability to process or handle it (which is why parental protection can be so important early on). As adults, we can recognize these prints and choose to rewrite them, as a way to create in us the person we choose to be. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What’s interesting is that you would set up the extreme contrast to what I dreamed; the extreme contrast. Maybe that’s important, or useful, or necessary, so that the building blocks to the opposite of this make more sense. 

And maybe it’s necessary to point that out so as to evidence the fact that, around us, this sort of thing is continuously going on in some way, shape, or form. I see it as even going on in terms of practices and such, that they, too, have a certain deliriousness to it, if there isn’t the scope, if they lack the means to catch fire with a quality that just scopes to such a depth that lets go of the conduct, or action, itself. Because most of these actions, themselves, that may have a borderline quality to trying to tweak something; if they don’t, they can actually be another form of heaviness. 

So what is happening with me is like four steps. And, once in a great while, I can dream in four steps. Well, this is one of those four-step deals: starts with the meditation dream, then it has two dreams that build, then comes the scoping, full step, the huge step that then is taken. And four being a symbol of going into a completion. 

So, in the meditation dream, the problem that lies before me, to be resolved, has to contend with a defense mechanism that I have at my disposal, that I feel that, on the surface, will handle the matter. Can I drop this defense mechanism? 

So everyone looks at what is going on in some capacity and assumes that the way I am handling the problem is okay. However, appearances can be deceiving. It is only a matter of time before I will crack; in other words, you don’t do it with defense mechanisms. You can use defense mechanisms, but they are illusions that you create within the projections. 

Or to feel this out, or tell it in another way, the pressure is getting to me, meaning whatever is going on in the outer is affecting me, because we’re hit with everything in the outer as having a density that has a time quality to it, and a space about it. 

So that sort of pressure upon me in terms of hitting my senses, in the way that it hits my senses, triggers defense mechanisms that I have for coping purposes. And that sort of thing fools the actual, casual, outer collective consciousness observer. 

In this meditation dream, I’m noticing that I am actually being slowly worn down and will eventually break; in other words, will eventually be consumed by that lowest common denominator out there of a density. 

On the other hand, the part of me that is bending is actually stronger, because little by little, by not taking things so literally and having to make decisions based upon the reflections, I’m catching up little by little with what I am up against – and am holding my cool as I do it. 

To the outside observer, this isn’t what is obvious. What’s obvious is all these projections. The casual observer does not notice that my bending, but not breaking, is a stronger and more effective approach. 

What I am doing is trying to observe and denote that there is something more. In other words, under this approach, I’m studying the parameters of the situation. Studying them from a kind of heart quality that is not able to stand on its own, yet, but can try to hold a reserve. 

So what is going on? This is a dream about inner flexibility and spaciousness; catching up with the inner spacious. That which is able to be fluid and composed at the same time is often more effective, in the long run, than that which refuses to yield one iota. 

This is true when the inner and the outer are equal in appearance, which they always are. In other words, the beginning and the end are one and the same, it’s just who knows that? We instead get all carried away and caught up in the 99.9% of an outer appearance, or mannerism. 

So the meaning of this dream is that the outer is reflecting and reveals what is coming from a stillness of the inner. A person who seeks to overcome an afflictive energetic pattern knows how to step aside from their ego to observe the reflective afflictiveness upon the heart. In this way, they see the importance of their calm, still, overall beingness that is able to absorb, or take in, the reflections; in other words, to work with the reflections. 

The wholeness of being is founded in the stillness of the heart, the natural state and condition of the universe. Everything that comes from out of a stillness is reflective. The reflective lacks the composure of the all-inclusive heart. That sets the tone, the meditation tone.

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