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It may seem like everything happens in a step-by-step progression as we evolve from one state to another, but it doesn’t work that way. Would the universe ever get anywhere if that were the case? The way of it is that things make progress, and, as they make incremental progress the big leap builds. At a certain point conditions are met, and the leap is made. So we won’t evolve by doing nothing, but it’s not a linear progression either. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: During the meditation dream I see myself taken from a back area, where I had been. In other words, it’s just like all of a sudden, it’s more than just being taken, I suddenly have leapt, or gone, or just been snapped, or am snapped from in the back area where you start, and I’m just kind of dropped right near the front. 

And it’s into a large crowd that I have to cope with anew. In other words, the usual vibrational aspect of this is that you go little by little. But I don’t have that luxury of going little by little, I’m just suddenly dropped towards the front, say the upper two thirds or something, and don’t have the dilemma of having to thread the crowd to get to this particular point. But I also don’t have the experiences that were involved with having to thread the crowd to get to this particular point, because somehow or another, I’m required to be at this particular point, whether I like it or not, and cope anew. 

Well, I don’t feel I know enough to be there. But nevertheless, I am intent upon making this work. Now, of course, there is the other option, which was to step back and work from the back, so to speak, from back to front in the old-fashioned way, which is step by step. But, like I say, unfortunately, in this circumstance of how I’m finding myself, I don’t have that option. There is no turning back. I must cope here, in a place where the guidance and protection is different. 

I see myself being able to move just a little bit, in terms of a sense of spaciality there, just a tiny bit. But if I move on from the back up slowly, there would be maybe a different sense of it, but not necessarily the acuity. 

So what does this mean? And what is it that I am being shown and told? And does this apply to how I am – to Chisti practices, everything that one’s going through, and what life is going through in general, too? 

Well I am being shown that I am placed into life in a position that skips certain protocols. Makes you ponder whether you’ve jumped up to where your soul left off, or something, and don’t have to go through the other which is like pounding away on nails. So, it is like catching up to something more as my point of reference. I do not have the luxury of going back, I must cope with this other grasping point. 

What this dream is also indicating is that life is meant to be at a point near the top, suggesting that the old protocols must come to this, in terms of their meaningfulness. I say that because there is a one-to-one intertwined correspondence in terms of how consciousness is linked with those similarly situated, which is the same thing as saying that this suggests that there is an opportunity, at this time, to take a big step forward to face other challenges by our beingness because we have been quickened. By quickened, I mean that access to a greater overallness is now possible. 

Taking this deeper means that in a oneness, in which stillness resides, the veils that keep us holding on to an actionability identification fall away. You could say such dynamics, where things typically unfold in a more tug-of-war way, have been shifted to a deeper recognition level.

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Only in a purely energetic form are we impervious to the vagaries of life. As humans, we are constantly aware of the weather, the pressure from the culture, from people, and from obligations, plus our own internal pressures. Even the land we live on, the ground itself and what’s deep below, can have an effect on our moods and mannerisms. As we evolve, we can consciously alleviate some of these pressures by being aware of them, but not being swayed by them. In the living of that is where freedom is found. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My dream and your dream both are dreams that deal with an aspect on which one is found in the breath. 

And, in my aspect of the breath, there is the issue of timing, and then what that looks like in terms of the change – when the timing is invoked in terms of something coming from unconscious into the wakened outer space. But the movement is one of out-breath, of masculine, and it has a timing quality to it. 

In your particular case, you are looking at the overallness, which is the in-breath. And you’re looking at the components of spaciousness, and that it has to have an inclusiveness, an embracing inclusiveness. Essentially, what I keep seeing is happening, is that any kind of qualified identification on the breath, leaves one in this yo-yo journeying effect of trying to put the in-breath and the out-breath, and all of that together, and trying to get it to a point where there’s a total letting go, and you go into the stillness. 

Now, the thing that one has to denote is the stillness was presented in one fell swoop inside of us. As if one could take that in, and on, in one fell swoop. That is possible. But then it’s recognized that we are in the physical and that we work with the breath, and that everything around us is the breath. And so we can’t really, for some reason, take and do the 99.999 times percent inside of ourselves, which is: be the overallness and all-inclusiveness of everything that is, which is then just in the stillness and lets go of all this stuff: pretty darn difficult. 

And so because it’s like that now we are seeing aspects, and learning tidbits, about the direness of the strait that one is in, when one is caught in the breath – in some aspect or another. 

In my particular case, it’s almost like a curiosity, or whatever, or trying to make timing work. In your particular case, it’s the trying to make the overallness more all-inclusive. And the idea of trying to make the timing work on my part involves the opening up of something then that’s in a spaciousness; when this thing opens its eyes, and whatnot, that it’s dealing with the spatial orientation of being awake in the reflectiveness, and the outer, of life.

In your particular case the idea of getting something to accept the greater overallness, or sense that you know is important, because if it doesn’t there is something that pangs or doesn’t quite fit is an aspect, again, of trying to make a pent-up timing come through as a recognition, which, then, is to correspond to a greater overallness. 

So what we’re doing is that we are dreaming in various ways about what it’s like to be this way, or that way, on the breath. My meditation dream provided another set of information, in terms of how one can invoke something with such an intensity that it impacts the molecular nature of your being, which causes then a feedback loop inside of yourself that is played out in the outer. And then just how that is, which is like a report, how that is in terms of being in and under a spell that has to run its course.

Whenever something is at the epitome of an extreme it is driving itself crazy. And it is delving into something that causes its molecular nature to be whiplashed in some regard or another. The living of that, and the going through that, should lead to a qualification of how it is that you’re slamming your molecular structure, and that that, then, haunts you.

The meditation dream was about what this does to you when you are like that. Or, because it’s my dream, it factors me in, in terms of what it’s like for me to be someone that malarkey’s with that a little bit, teases with that, and what that does in terms of dumbing something down in terms of yourself. That was a very interesting report.

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im43aWe don’t really do it any more, but our computers used to go through a process called defragging, during which the system would reorder and reorganize the way the files were stored – to make for faster access and more useable storage space. When we sleep, our systems go through a similar process of cleaning, sorting, and storing all the feelings, experiences, images, and stimuli that we have taken in. Our dreams provide a deeper level of review, allowing us to resolve, or further process, aspects that are not ready to be permanently filed away.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, this is kind of like a breakthrough in which I incorporate a mystery in science into it, and show how that applies to the human being. 

Last night I learned the reason why I dream. This has to do with being brought back from the stillness within, that is out of reach under ordinary circumstances, in other words, coming back into life. Some part of me comes into life, in other words, it has a substance or a quality or something, and it is that substance or quality that has a presence, a bifurcation mannerism – and it’s touching that, looking at that, handling that with soft hands, so to speak, or noticing it within the parameters of a greater stillness. 

The noticing of that, the seeing of that, leads to dreaming because it’s something that’s distinct, that’s like a thought or something. It’s a substance aspect that arises, or is there, outside of what ordinarily would just be a stillness. 

So, what I have found is that when I have a need to know what this condition is that is coming out, I kind of go into the inner – by going to the inner I can kind of kind of go to the deeper stillness – and, in doing so, in the stillness it kind of focalizes things upon what is this little aspect, this little cell of something emerging out of the stillness. 

That little cell then becomes like a type of landmark, otherwise there’s just a nothingness. So, to do this is kind of like a subtle approach, when my soul comes from the inner stillness it is only when there is a subtle demeanor that is returning reflectively from the overallness, that something is able to be noted. That’s why I dream. Otherwise, you would just be in a stillness and nothing would be going on. 

So, my ability to see and read what is bookmarked, in other words something that’s emerging, so to speak, is made possible for me in terms of bringing from the pervasive stillness, bringing this as a way of seeing and hearing, of which the seeing and hearing is based upon the expulsion that is bookmarked.

There’s just the stillness. And so when something arises like a thought or whatever it is, it draws your attention, and to the degree your attention goes, is the degree to which something is noted, or bookmarked, and that then becomes the dream: becomes the sleep dream, and it becomes the outer dream.

And in the sleep dream, of course, you can look at it in a more overall context because you don’t get caught up in ego, and in mind and senses, like you do in the outer dream. 

So why does it work this way? The reason it works this way is because we are the stuff that dreams are made of, and more; that is the substance, the density, of our nature. So the more, what is more, is a stillness – because that’s the more, that’s the everything, that’s the absolute of it at all. Because it’s in the essence of the stillness, of absolute stillness, that all of life predominates, predominates in the stillness. It can then become reflective if something arises out of it, and that takes on a storyline, which could be like a dream, or it can be just this whole thing in the outer, which is a dream. 

So when I am able to be still enough to let go of the outer densities, or definition, that has a loudness, which refrains my beingness to having to denote the outer orientation, because it goes from an inner that’s a dream, to an outer orientation, which is an outer dream. And when I am seeing it as an outer dream, generally then I’m not able to let go of such a projection, I buy into it.

To travel to a depth within to where my true beingness resides, this being a stillness, is to travel in a way that is so far within that there is nothing to talk about. However, when something comes out, I notice it in terms of the breath, which then grabs it, or notes it, and it then gets reflected upon the lens of the heart in order to denote something. 

And what it denotes is that this is something that is out of the stillness, meaning that it’s somewhere on the breath, that you’re zooming in on it with the lens of things, and you notice that the in-breath out-breath interval is the inner. And the outer is the out-breath in-breath interval.

When you are able to be there, you’re able to reference to the stillness, instead of what snuck out from the stillness. In order for one to take the subtle substance of something that has come out back into the stillness, to know that it belongs in the stillness, that it’s just a reflection, it’s almost like you have to make it oblivious enough to slip through the veil, or otherwise you have to keep acting it out when it’s too loud or has a hold of you, in terms of your ego.

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