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im43aWe don’t really do it any more, but our computers used to go through a process called defragging, during which the system would reorder and reorganize the way the files were stored – to make for faster access and more useable storage space. When we sleep, our systems go through a similar process of cleaning, sorting, and storing all the feelings, experiences, images, and stimuli that we have taken in. Our dreams provide a deeper level of review, allowing us to resolve, or further process, aspects that are not ready to be permanently filed away.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, this is kind of like a breakthrough in which I incorporate a mystery in science into it, and show how that applies to the human being. 

Last night I learned the reason why I dream. This has to do with being brought back from the stillness within, that is out of reach under ordinary circumstances, in other words, coming back into life. Some part of me comes into life, in other words, it has a substance or a quality or something, and it is that substance or quality that has a presence, a bifurcation mannerism – and it’s touching that, looking at that, handling that with soft hands, so to speak, or noticing it within the parameters of a greater stillness. 

The noticing of that, the seeing of that, leads to dreaming because it’s something that’s distinct, that’s like a thought or something. It’s a substance aspect that arises, or is there, outside of what ordinarily would just be a stillness. 

So, what I have found is that when I have a need to know what this condition is that is coming out, I kind of go into the inner – by going to the inner I can kind of kind of go to the deeper stillness – and, in doing so, in the stillness it kind of focalizes things upon what is this little aspect, this little cell of something emerging out of the stillness. 

That little cell then becomes like a type of landmark, otherwise there’s just a nothingness. So, to do this is kind of like a subtle approach, when my soul comes from the inner stillness it is only when there is a subtle demeanor that is returning reflectively from the overallness, that something is able to be noted. That’s why I dream. Otherwise, you would just be in a stillness and nothing would be going on. 

So, my ability to see and read what is bookmarked, in other words something that’s emerging, so to speak, is made possible for me in terms of bringing from the pervasive stillness, bringing this as a way of seeing and hearing, of which the seeing and hearing is based upon the expulsion that is bookmarked.

There’s just the stillness. And so when something arises like a thought or whatever it is, it draws your attention, and to the degree your attention goes, is the degree to which something is noted, or bookmarked, and that then becomes the dream: becomes the sleep dream, and it becomes the outer dream.

And in the sleep dream, of course, you can look at it in a more overall context because you don’t get caught up in ego, and in mind and senses, like you do in the outer dream. 

So why does it work this way? The reason it works this way is because we are the stuff that dreams are made of, and more; that is the substance, the density, of our nature. So the more, what is more, is a stillness – because that’s the more, that’s the everything, that’s the absolute of it at all. Because it’s in the essence of the stillness, of absolute stillness, that all of life predominates, predominates in the stillness. It can then become reflective if something arises out of it, and that takes on a storyline, which could be like a dream, or it can be just this whole thing in the outer, which is a dream. 

So when I am able to be still enough to let go of the outer densities, or definition, that has a loudness, which refrains my beingness to having to denote the outer orientation, because it goes from an inner that’s a dream, to an outer orientation, which is an outer dream. And when I am seeing it as an outer dream, generally then I’m not able to let go of such a projection, I buy into it.

To travel to a depth within to where my true beingness resides, this being a stillness, is to travel in a way that is so far within that there is nothing to talk about. However, when something comes out, I notice it in terms of the breath, which then grabs it, or notes it, and it then gets reflected upon the lens of the heart in order to denote something. 

And what it denotes is that this is something that is out of the stillness, meaning that it’s somewhere on the breath, that you’re zooming in on it with the lens of things, and you notice that the in-breath out-breath interval is the inner. And the outer is the out-breath in-breath interval.

When you are able to be there, you’re able to reference to the stillness, instead of what snuck out from the stillness. In order for one to take the subtle substance of something that has come out back into the stillness, to know that it belongs in the stillness, that it’s just a reflection, it’s almost like you have to make it oblivious enough to slip through the veil, or otherwise you have to keep acting it out when it’s too loud or has a hold of you, in terms of your ego.

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oceanThe world we appear to live in has been called an illusion, or a reflection. This implies that there is something else from which this illusion arises. Think of it this way: if we stand on the shore and look at the ocean, everything below the surface is unknown to us. So, what we do is we put all our attention on the waves breaking on the shore, and lose our connection to the infinite depths of the water. We are meant to see beyond the first layer of manifestation, the physical, and connect to the essence from which it arises.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Again, we’re still dealing with the subject, as you said, in terms of making a decision, or doing something that has to do with an energetic that arises from a certain quality of the way you hold yourself, or carry yourself, as a sense of balance, or stillness, in the outer. And then, what rises out of that stillness of things, and where does that fit in? Or how does that fit in? Or does it fit in? 

And so first of all, I have to make a report to myself in that everything in the outer is a reflection to the essence – which exists as a stillness within. 

To begin with, in the meditation, I am abiding in the stillness, not identified in any way, whatsoever, to a thought and mannerism. In other words, just sitting in the stillness. So I see a subtle effect make itself known to me, in the outer, as a projection thought coming out of the stillness.

It seems harmless enough, initially. The unfoldment in the next reflective image, and which you could say is now more like the thought being made manifest in the outer, and is now like a tangible and alive projection – it has the whole sense of taking on a life of its own. 

The final images have taken a sequence of dream images that have captured my attention, and they have now put this into motion. The challenge upon denoting this is, am I conscious enough to honor the stillness from which the reflections are derived? Or do I buy into the reflections as if there is a meaningfulness in the reflection? 

So the significance of the dream, the meditation dream, is that the theme is a looking at outer reflections to denote, therein, the stillness that exists, with the challenge being, am I able to do this and mirror the stillness’ essence while amidst outer reflections? Or do I stray? 

There is a saying, and the saying is, it is important to be in life, but not consumed by it. Or, to say this in another way, that I can be attentive to the essence of stillness in spite of the loudness of a projection, which exists as an illusionariness. 

Answer to the question: Dee had suggested that I need to look within to see, therein, if there is guidance. The issue has to do with an energetic projection. The dream is generically pointing out that the visibility is a bifurcation that is coming out of the stillness. The visibility is reflective, and reverberates on the inner stillness within – but can you hold on to it when you go into a bifurcation?

Or, said another way, stillness in its pure form exists prior to an embodiment, which seems harmless enough, as a thought, but reflections get denser and denser, in the outer, the more it emanates.

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stillnessIt might be useful to think of ourselves as processors of energy: we generate energy internally, we come in contact with the energies of others and of the local environment, and we are affected by larger energies of the planet itself, the sun’s radiations, and the cosmic energy of the universe as well. Yet we are not batteries, per se, we do not hold these energies. We run them through us and only keep what is nutritional, in an energetic way. The rest we release. This process keeps us clean and functional for what is next. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, the reason why you couldn’t remember your dreams last night was you didn’t realize what the theme was. And the theme was to be able to let go of all parts of yourself in order to be in a true state of emptiness. 

And that whenever you held on to any kind of identification of yourself, it’s the fact that you hold on to some sort of aspect, or quality, of yourself, that you have the fodder, or the substance, for a dream. 

And so, when we dream, even though we take and look at a quality of the overlay of an emptiness, we still can see, for example, qualities of something in the out-breath or the in-breath, and, therefore, there is a substance in that that may be within the manner of emptiness or stillness, but still something equivocating in some regard. 

And so, the theme of the dreaming had to do with not having something there where you could buy into it, or get caught up in it, in some regard, that would cause an abstraction to exist. The scenario that triggered such a quality as the theme was the scenario in which one was sitting in the face of energetics that had a certain quickened quality to them, with a degree of letting-go humbleness.

The secret to the dreaming was, because there was that prevalent, there was the need to look inside oneself and know how to invisibilize, and know how to not have something that could be drawn out in some capacity that would be there for a kind of identification, because every identification results, then, in there being a part of one’s personality, or nature, that gets drawn out of the stillness. 

So what one was looking at was a type of stillness, in which one had to be in, that was quiet, that was the exact opposite of action. So, to take and to see that this is what was going on is very, very, very hard to report because you might have innocuous images, but you don’t have anything of any consequence, streamed together, as a vibration, that depicts something unfolding.

It’s like a bubble, like a Rumi poem where there’s this bubble on the ocean, and from that froth is something that is a rising up of a distinction from the depths, something that has not yet been totally absolved in the ocean of the infinitude of it all. And it is from that froth that it says that a human being can come into existence, and be, you know, to have to live something, and to carry out something. 

And so, the key is, when you are in a situation in which you are presented with this sort of thing, are you able to handle what you are presented with in a situation in which you are able to take a step back, and, so to speak, invisibilize oneself, or let go, in a way, so that there isn’t something that is triggered, or animated, or activated? Because when somehow one is triggered, or animated, or activated it is from that triggering, and from that activation, that there is an abstraction that one then has to contend with.

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