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brellaadWe could think of endless examples, but here are two: how can you appreciate money if you have never been poor? Or how can you appreciate happiness if you have never been sad? Having the contrasting image, or knowledge, of any particular state is crucial to seeing, and understanding, the state we are in. And once we have the understanding, we can continuously move in the preferred direction, as a way of defining, and refining, whatever state we seek to be in. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I don’t remember so much. I guess the best way to describe initially, it felt like when I came out of meditation, I did that after like two hours, and I came over and got into bed.

And then, as soon as I went to sleep, it felt like some energy that I feel like when meditation was kind of on my side, so to speak, had followed me over to the bed. And now I had to contend with it – and it was like it was against me.

When it was on the outer, it didn’t work. And I was having to kind of fight it now. I mean, it was even like a person; it was like something that had been on your side before, now wasn’t on your side because it was in the outer and contending against you, whereas on the inner it felt okay.

And I don’t remember that much about it. It was partly red. There was a man, but I remember thinking this was odd it had suddenly changed from where it felt like it was on your side to where it was out here and now it was fighting you.

John: So that was like a vision or something. You set in motion, when you meditate you set in motion a contrast world, or a type of effect that can cause you to have realizations, and recognitions, of things. That’s why you can have visions, you can have all kinds of little things that can happen, that kind of are almost reciprocal, in fashion, to somewhere, somehow, in some way in which you had been – in terms of an access within.

Because, in the outer, your attention is captured by everything that’s in the stimuli world of mind/senses. And so the empty space of something isn’t possible, in some other capacity of stillness. So when you come out of something that is actually where you’ve gone to some other depth within, you can kind of have a lingering effect of a quickening that’s possible, yet almost as if you don’t have any recollection of how all of that is, yet there still can be the malingering of something like that.

Thus the sensation when you came to bed that there was kind of some sort of strange effect. You can’t call it a deja vu to something from within. Instead, you have a reaction to having come back into the plane of senses – and are finding that to be kind of peculiar.

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i260Sometimes force is appropriate, sometimes a gentle touch is required, and sometimes laughter is the best medicine. We know this in our outer life, but what it is also saying is that certain energetic states, or conditions, give way, or can be let go, using different strategic approaches. The more conscious we are of the situation we are in, the more we’ll be able to apply the best solution. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, that was one aspect of the dreaming. Another aspect of the dreaming, that still is in keeping with this sort of thing, it has to do with holding a set agreement.

So, apparently, a person has an agreement with Dee that she is not to mess with their paper, called The Sands, it’s The Sands paper. This is an agreement that is kind of made with a person who’s kind of like your husband, and he has his little peculiarity off to one side, and it’s kind of like what he considers important. And so it’s a little stupid, and a little silly, but okay, you won’t mess with his stuff.

And then all of a sudden, he’s there saying, what did I tell you? Something like that. And you say, I didn’t do it. He’s the one who was messing with the paper – and threw a portion away. Which is true, I did. I had been messing with the paper and you were catching the hell, you were catching the blame, because you were supposed to understand not to mess with it.

And this actually was funny because it was an obvious oversight. He knew it was an oversight. So he laughed. And, knowing it was an oversight on my part, I laugh. This is really, really funny. Knowing that all of this to-do was about nothing, because nothing was intentional here.

The meaning is the approach is taking into account and looking at a certain ignorance in life, that exists, with a sense of humor. To be overly serious, or righteous, what it does is it sets the stigma, or the darkness, into a kind of way that causes the appearances of extremes.

So the scenario is, I am pondering the name of the paper, of course, that was messed with is called The Sands paper, his personal family paper. So, I’m pondering the taking of The Sands, a newspaper in my dream, and the old casino in Vegas, from pushing a bubble in a kind of overt action towards itself, and letting it unfold in a way so that there isn’t a pound down effect. It creates a hostility, or harshness, or a locking of one side versus another.

So what could cause this to change, in terms of the obtuseness of something that is happening, is when you are able to take on a demeanor, actually take on a letting-go laugh that slices right through – actually makes the whole thing funny, as if there’s no game going on, everybody gets that this is a joke. It’s a big joke, like an open humor joke for all to see, and so that no barriers can be there. As long as it’s like that, the barriers exist when there’s a contrast.

What happened is, I came out of my meditation rather early, and whatever was occurring in the meditation dream, which I’m curious about going back and looking at to see how this may apply, it set in motion all kinds of things in terms of like my Kundalini energy just went racing, and it was racing for hours, in terms of seeing the absurdity of the sort of thing.

And I realized that what is taking place there is going to affect thousands of people. So, anyway, I was set off in this whole sort of thing. And it was in the face of something going through a couple hours of this kind of deal that eventually, in letting go, I came to the humor, or the slapstick of it all. And that’s what enabled me to let go, so to speak, is to quit the digging, and the poking, and that sort of thing.

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0_zvIt’s obviously tempting to offer our solutions for any situation we may find ourselves in. But, from a certain viewpoint, this is pointless because we live in a duality, a place of opposites, so most times a solution is just an attempt to rebalance something from the opposite extreme. In this way, it’s not a real solution, it’s just soothing the symptoms not addressing the actual cause. If we, instead, can hold an inner stillness, then we offer the two opposites an opportunity to refine, or elevate, which is an evolutionary change. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, when you initially meditate, and you just go somewhere that is very soothing, and then suddenly you just come back out of the Dhyana of the meditation, you’ve gone into a place that’s very, very soothed and has quickened an attunement, so to speak, such that if you were affected by something in the outer during the day, that normally you would just gloss over, or just would fall by the way boards, you’ve actually kind of picked up something inside of yourself as kind of a speed, or a pace, or a depth that comes close to that.

Now, eventually, you’ll get so that you can actually see that, you can actually note that, in the meditation. But, initially, all you’re doing is tweaking that as if it is something that has been stimulated by the molecular of your nature, it’s been stimulated, embedded, as if it’s embedded within as a vibrational imprint within the molecular of your nature.

And so, then, when you come to bed, because that’s been stimulated, and not at a depth yet, or at a point yet, where you can notice that in the meditation dream, you are noticing it somewhere on an inner depth of yourself, so then when you come to bed, when you dream, you can go deeper with your dreams, you can go to this point more easily. Otherwise, you might be affected by other things and such, that are going on in the outer, the malaise of things being so much – thoughts upon thoughts upon thoughts of things, the reflective being to such a great degree that you go around and around in a kind of a malaise, a delirium, unable to… well, you don’t go anywhere, you’re caught in that.

But, from having meditated and quickened something, then you can develop these inflections, these light bulb moments, that leak through, so to speak, that you can grasp in the dream world, instead of it being all smothered. This kind of understanding is something that needs to exist in life, because when you come across situations where you see things that are askew, the thing that you need to be able to see and to note is: why are they askew? Sometimes they’re askew because something has come up that has been repressed, into the nature of a person, is leaking out now, it no longer can stay repressed.

And sometimes things are shut down because there is a trauma built into what you see in the outer, and that trauma is shut down. And you can look at that, and you can know that, eventually, that will not necessarily stay the case when you can see that the nature of the person is unnatural because of something.

And, generally, when you see this, you can’t put your finger on what that is because it’s oftentimes a pre lifetime. It’s just part of a veil that the soul hasn’t worked through yet, and does not necessarily have anything to do with the outer conditions that you’re aware of – in this lifetime. So it can be a pre lifetime thing.

And so everyone has this condition. And this condition is something that has to run its course in our nature. In other words, this amnesia has to run through, and, when it runs through, we are able to come more into an intertwined connectivity of our being, everything then starts to make sense as a quality of an unfoldment. But, until it does, then we, too, are victims and caught in this kind of atmosphere that pervades wherever and however you look. And yet there are attempts to shift that.

The underlying difference in all of these threads is where’s the heart? The question you asked, or the point that you made, in relationship to your meditation, in terms of the fact that you just go somewhere and you suddenly come out soothed, that’s how it starts. That’s the Dhyana. And eventually it gets deeper and deeper to the point where you might even start becoming conscious of what it is that you are getting into the depth of, in a very quiet way, that you’re capable of dealing with.

Because, if approached too directly, it will drive you crazy. It will be something that causes you to crack up, because to look at certain things, in terms of whatever the trauma was, that trauma, or that quality which was too much for you, and everyone has this too much ism in their nature of some trauma or another, that causes crack-ups.

And so that’s why a path of consciousness to awaken, and to get out of the reflective outer, is a very, almost dangerous and awkward path to take because you have to come to grips with this aspect of yourself in order to become real.

So the things that you’ve gone through when you’ve gone astray from the stillness have caused you to experience things that are over the top, too much, and then you repress those into your nature. And then you use a certain heartfulness energy, and expansive quality spaciousness of your being, to keep those things in check. And, every now and then, they leak out. And they have to leak out. And, in some cases, they are measured in the way that they leak out, so that they come out slowly, but, in some cases, they come out very quickly. And if they come out too quickly, they can lead to insanity and a crack up.

And so, how do you deal with a humanity that is caught up like this, that has this as a condition? The only way you can deal with that is you have to deal with them, helping them, to see the silence of a stillness, of a quality inside of themselves, so that they can redeem themselves. Otherwise, there is a fight, you create more delirium, which is another fighting of it on another level.

And therefore nobody gets to a stillness and the silence. What you have to do is you have to work with and accommodate the atmosphere, which is done in a silent way, not with any kind of overt direction. And, if you support it in a silent way, it then is following a course of evolution and unfoldment that is meant to be. And that’s why it happens like it happens, but we always have our opinion, or our belief, or our rationalization, or our trying to figure something out getting in the way. The silence is the only answer, no solutions.

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