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soul_bodyWho are we, and what is our identity, when we completely let go? We can imagine it as being fully and truly ourselves, without the psychologies and reactivities we carry, and in the flow of the energetic whole. We may think that our psychologies are who we are, but they are just pattern formations to help us manage the world we are in. In the real world of energetic cause and effect, we won’t need our psychologies, because we are no longer managing the situation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then there’s the meditation dream, where it starts off where you have this person who goes up to kind of a game board in life, much like going into a casino, for example, and up to something where you go through the motions of playing some sort of variable.

Only it starts off, in this inner dream, in that the person is able to inject their head entirely into a void so that there is no thinking, or reacting, whatsoever, in terms of what happens. In other words, it’s almost like your mind stops. In other words, they’re totally consumed. When like this there is nothing that can affect them, and nothing can occur that would faze them out of this neutral beingness, a beingness that just isn’t taking every blow in the heart.

The reason is because this is an image in which there is no reflective outer reactiveness in the way, and you’re just letting something unfold naturally. When something unfolds naturally, you stay in this greater spatiality of your heart.

In the next image, the letting go is not complete. In other words, now we’re bringing in where you’re having to contend with this to some degree. There is still an inner evaluatory judgment to this image – and that will affect the outcome.

Whenever there is any mindfulness involved, the empty space needed is directly compromised. This results in a predetermined fate that involves thought-upon-thought effects. Wherever this exists, it results in an outcome as if the outcome is in the hands of the greater collective consciousness, of which we are the greater collective consciousness caught in that mind-upon-mind or thought-upon-thought modality. Such an outcome is what one goes through all the time. These are the outcomes. This is the way we are on the plane of manifestation, thus there is a constant decay, or breaking down.

So in this image the active imagination isn’t in a natural flow. Would you call it an active imagination? I mean how do you describe how something just, in the first image, just let go, and went into whatever it was doing, just took it in, just swallowed it, so to speak, as if putting one’s head into a void where you didn’t have the thought-upon-thought?

In this image I come up before a person who draws the tarot cards, who is pulling out cards for a part of myself that I know. The cards are bright and shiny, and the important cards had a number like 65,000 on it. So deep down I see this as a seeking, upon the outer plane of manifestation, an addictive aspect, meaning that no matter how I may yearn for a suitable outcome, the space I am in is being affected, or compromised, just enough that my thought-upon-thought causes me to lose touch with the greater heartfulness of the soul.

So the meaning is that the first part of the dream has to do with an image regarding a letting go to an inner process in which I surrender to what is meant to be. It’s not just surrendering. I’m just how one’s meant to be. In other words, I’m just not letting anything taking on anything that causes a thought-upon-thought way to have to sort out in the heart – which means I’m just kind of taken.

Wherein the second dream there are thoughts that come up, in terms of the action, and, as a result, the heart has to assess this in terms of how to contend with it. In the first image, I can be in a thought-upon-thought plane of manifestation and shut it completely off, meaning I go somewhere deep within the essence of life, which is like being taken. It’s like being under the care of something, of a stillness or something, of a wholeness.

And in the second image I am not able to quite repeat the process as I am entangled, and thus involved, and, as a consequence, will be compromised by the effects of the outer machinations, in which I am subject to being in the manifestation in a reflective appearance way.

To be in life, the challenge is to watch what one puts in the heart because, if what one puts in the heart goes into the subtle molecular reflective vibration of a thought orientation, that becomes the collective consciousness, and the result is a bifurcation from the real light.

So, in the heart, in the first image, there is no thought-upon-thought, and thus the heart is not in any way imprisoned. Where in the second image there is a pain that remains, because the heart is yet vying into a reflective outer thought orientation oriented manifestation.

In the first image everything is set aside so there is just the magnetized breath shaping what is meant to be, while in the second image either the imagination, or the collection of thoughts in a collective consciousness realm, causes suffering and illusion to continue.

The first image is of protection from that which compromises the heart. The second image takes a common hope and seeks to affect an appearance to be conditional to allow an acceptable delusional illusion outcome.

In the second image, thoughts are involved which tear away the overall fabric and introduce the collective goings on, that are veils, that are thought-upon-thought. I mean all of it makes up what we call manifestation, which veils the inner letting go emptiness from being able to be.

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h373ttsEnergy is about frequencies: if we are vibrating at a certain frequency, then we are able to connect to the energies that live at that frequency. It is easy to connect to lower energies, in the form of anger, criticism, or judgment. But higher frequencies, such as kindness, compassion, and honor require more consciousness in us, more intention – and the action of those intentions – to connect to them. But, when we do, we are energetically supported by such energies. In this sense, everything in the universe is always available to all of us, but we can only unlock the higher things by becoming the same, in ourselves, as that which we seek. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then, when I fell asleep, I had a dream that applied it, in other words, a dream in which the above applies was, I went to send an email to everyone immediately. By everyone I mean everyone, all of life.

So, in the email, I want to inform them of an opportunity to participate in a form of communications that is effortless. The access I currently have to the server is one-on-one. I can’t get the server operator to respond to me, so I contact her, using a connection I have figured out, that comes from a person whose call would be answered instantaneously because he is a… he’s a person of such significance.

So I sneak in under his connection. And the server operator knows me, but I had to do this to get her to pick up the phone and respond, to get her attention. And so, immediately she’s a little upset that I’d pull this, and so she says, “What are you doing.” And I tell her what I want to do, which is I want to be enabled to gain immediate access to everyone instantaneously, so that I can invite them to participate in a global opportunity.

In other words, it’s like sending out an email that goes to everybody. Everybody gets the memo simultaneously. So my contact with the global server operator was directly, and for credibility purposes, involves using a direct-line connection that is not the norm. In other words, we communicate one-on-one, and we each have our own predilections off to one side, and this bypasses all that.

This, in the dream, was the only way I knew to do what has never been done before. I wanted to tell her what would result from such consequences, but held back because I didn’t want to short-circuit her synapses. In other words, she has a way of having to see things, and that this would blow her circuits. So she could see this, when it’s suddenly brought through, she could see it just like everyone else.

Anyway, she would learn soon enough about the global, mind-blowing implications of a connection to everyone, everywhere, that likewise simultaneously connected them to a global shift in the most natural, automatic way possible. The fact that this doesn’t exist is because it’s obvious overall implications would set in motion a paradox shift, which is not something that has been allowed, or has happened yet, in life.

Now when I contact her I want to do this immediately, which would have been between 6:30 and 7:00 in the morning. I’m told that I will have to wait until 7:00 a.m. No big deal. I can wait on something so monumental; what is half an hour when thousands of years have gone by and there hasn’t been this unrestricted, immediate, all-pervasive connection to all of life?

So the meaning is to see the meditation dream for a systematic discussion, and the implication is that a consciousness opportunity, here-to-fore veiled, for everyone everywhere now can be simultaneously there as an integrated, omnipotent, intertwinement of oneness.

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butterfly_rockKnowledge and understanding of a spiritual path and process can be a fascinating endeavor, but it is not the point. A spiritual scholar may be further from the real connections than an illiterate farmer who has never read a book, but who is pure in his intentions. Yet, because we are a brain-centric culture, we can think that the more knowledge we amass the better it will be for our journey. Such knowledge can also be an escape away from the true work of a spiritual quest, which is the letting go of attachments to what we think we know, and connecting to, and being with, what is. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my meditation dream, I see this image again that I had in another dream. It’s kind of like a repeat, and I didn’t know what to make of it I guess, in the other dream, other than seeing it and still remembering it. But the repeating component is, I came to see that what is in life, in terms of its essence, when the image existence explodes.

In other words, it just blows up. In other words, it doesn’t maintain its continuity. It just goes kapoof. It loses its structure. Now it can be a vibrational reflection, but then again even that can blow up.

So what I saw did not have to have a physical beingness. I wasn’t on that level, with a vibrational reflection and light level. In other words, what was happening was in seeing this I’m on a different level, that’s not necessarily in a level of manifestation, because in manifestation you see everything as having a form, you know, you see the myriad of things wherever your eyes look.

In this place it was like a vibration comes up, it has a reflection, the reflection goes poof. In other words, it’s no longer something you’d dwell up on, and that split-second thing leaves you with something. You denote from this the essence or something. It’s like putting your finger upon a beingness that is all effusive when it explodes like this. Or, in other words, the way I am trying to describe this is, in this split second where something does that, if you were in this loci in a physical way, that would be what is called an inflection, or a sudden knowingness, about something, or a light bulb moment. But in a loci where that sort of thing is outside of a plane of density, it’s a density there as the pulsation itself.

In other words, on this level, to have the light bulb moment or the inflection is considered wonderful, but on that aspect of one’s self to have something brought through like that, and then you see it and then it explodes, you’re limited. You are limited because the degree to which you saw that and everything, and what happened there, and what you made out of all of that limits you.

So what I saw on this level, to dwell upon that, would be to be dense. In other words, now I’m reconciling the two levels, that there is a way of looking at things, and understanding everything, because this is what happens when light can go kapoosh like this. In other words, you have to be a light that is similar to what you were trying to do in your drawing. You have to be a light that comes in, in an expansive way, and can fill a container, and can fill it to such a degree that it exudes in terms of its auricness to the light of the world – and then can be breathed right back up.

But if you don’t, then you have a kind of knowingness that can get in your way because it doesn’t matter if you know. You can know everything and yet still not know what is real – which is this light and only this light. Even in this situation there has to be a letting go into the stillness instead of not just catching the light bulb moment, you know seeing it on this level where this light bulb moment is, where you can actually shake things through and understand something, there’s a limitation there.

And I was holding on – the opposite of letting go – to a stillness, so it was a density in terms of that loci way of being. The density in that loci has an unacceptable naff that, on this level, would be called a physical existence trance, exemplified in the outer collective of manifestation. It’s kind of hard to say, but what is seen in terms of being able to flash and inflect in the light a knowingness, because everything that’s there to be understood and known is in the light. And so to flash upon that, and to know that, is on this level inside of one’s self, outside of the physical density of things, is a limitation.

You can get caught in that. It’s a light. It seems like you can do this, but, on that level, when you take the physical out, it still is a beingness, and that beingness and the inflection to that, in terms of what is important on that loci, that would be no different than being caught up in the myriad of things in the outer in manifestation. You have to drop that, too.

So the reason for the dream is something bothered me about the inflections I saw yesterday. Now this happens a lot whenever I’m around something that’s elevated in its energy, or has the resonance in the atmosphere that’s elevated. I get into this state when there is a certain quality of a light that’s around in the atmosphere, and then what comes out of my stillness, in terms of reading the light, can have a certain knowingness.

And that’s inflective in that aspect of light, but there’s so much more. You don’t have to do that. Doing that actually takes you away from your heart, little by little. Although I like that sort of thing as kind of a cloak of knowing, it is, in terms of this loci that I visited, it is a barrier that is in the way of emptiness.

Or to put it bluntly, I exist on many levels. On this inner level I have a gross and dense holding on to flash images that leave me with an inflection from the essence. In this inner loci I have come to know that as draining my auric nature. I need to let go even further and release such a holding on to this sort of seeingness and knowingness. Such a seeingness gets in the way of the emptiness.

The heart rejoices when the split-second inflection is not a quality of a beingness that I have to embrace, because I know it, too, and from seeing how it is in this loci, I know that this, too, the split-second inflection is a holding on, instead of a letting go to an even deeper stillness.

And I recall even hearing a teacher describe this as being like an appearance of knowingness that is actually a stupidity and ignorance. The heart knows how to recognize this as being a denier of the stillness. It is an attachment to a need to know, and such a knowing gets in the way of the heart. This is a knowingness that is still denser than the heart and is, therefore, considered a mind that isn’t yet one.

And so I kept thinking, what do I describe this, what do you call this? Do you know what it’s called? It’s called the Solomon Complex. This was Solomon’s problem. He wrote all of the Psalms and all of the stuff in the Bible, and he was wise beyond wise, but did he actually experience that which he exuded out of the light? Did he actually fully revolve in that light?

To some degree, yes, but deep, deep scholars that really understand what this is supposed to be all about, in terms of the heart, do ponder to what degree. He came so close, yet so far. And you can have people being around a teacher, and the teacher has this right breath, and this right space, and they can be attentive like in service like you wouldn’t believe, but can they and are they breathing in, really appreciating that breath that is right there in front of them? Of course, it’s always there in front of you because that’s really the only thing that’s going on – or you wouldn’t have manifestation.

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