Good Counsel

CriWe have seen chase dreams with narrow escapes, and images where everything is coming together just as needed. So, if we are all the characters in our dreams, what do those two opposite experiences say about us? That we’re complicated, and that we have many pieces that really just want to be part of one thing. Yet to get there, we sometimes have to chase and catch, we sometimes have to woo, we sometimes have to invite in politely. In other words, some parts of us are more wounded or wary than others, and bringing them in from their separate or alienated state is something our dreams are trying to help us do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.) This post was originally published in April 2018.

Jeane: So, as the dream continues, I go to a counseling office where I’m starting work and the clients I have scheduled, at a certain time, don’t show up – and I’m somewhat concerned. One of them does phone, I think it’s a very brief phone call, or maybe there was just a message left, because I can tell that it’s not just one man but it’s two, that they’ve been traumatized maybe by war, and they drink, or do something. And I do want to get them into the office to be seen, but they’re very suspicious of coming into any agency, or working with anyone. I can’t even get the one to talk to me.

And I’m kind of pondering all that because I was working in the office and doing paperwork, but it feels like I don’t really see any clients that day and I’d had them scheduled, but they didn’t show up.

So I leave there and I go somewhere else, and when I’m at this other building one of the two of them shows up. The other one I feel like is out in the hallway somewhere, and I’m able to have a bit of a dialogue with him and set it up so they will come in. And I want him to bring his friend in for regular counseling, but I’m also explaining that if they come to counseling they have to come to counseling sober, you know at least for that time, because otherwise it’s like if you’re drinking you just retain what you learned when you’re drinking. You’d forget it when you got sober.

I’m trying to explain a little bit to them. and I’m trying to get him to get his friend through his paranoia about coming in to any room, or any agency, and getting it set up for them to come in. And I know that in some ways when they do come in they’d want to overwhelm you with how long they’d want to be there, and so I’m also trying to set some limits that there’s only so much you can take in at one time, you know, that we would have to have time limited appointments. It just feels like I’m trying to explain to them how that works.

John: So you’re describing the process in which you come to understand that there is a means of moving around, this moving around – which is really inside of yourself, but you see it as over a distance and such – upon which you can come to catch up with a deeper aspect, or essence, of what is real, or what the realness is.

And you tend to be inclined to viewing it as something that you access, or aspire to accessing, as opposed to it just being naturally there inside of yourself to be reached, or discovered, or unveiled, or unfrozen, or whatever the capacity is that one does, to justify sitting in an amnesia.

You then progress this to the point where you’re looking at parts of yourself that you need to somehow cater to, that you need to somehow or another assist or to help, that you need to somehow or another embrace. That it’s not sufficient that you take and have a depth that you can reach, or find, inside of yourself – it is meaningless unless it is something that can go and touch, and reach, all parts of yourself that are still astray.

And, of course, these are parts of yourself that you see need to take a step forward: that they need to show up for guidance, for counseling, for help. But then you come to realize that these parts of yourself that don’t show up, to the degree to which you’re not taking and closing the gap, that it’s not that easy, that you have to proceed to that, you have to go out of your way to touch that, to find that, and that when you do you’re bringing something together at the same time. That’s why it’s said that a teacher finds the student and, of course, this applies on a lot of levels.

Well, in your dream, that is kind of what you’re doing when you take and realize that you can get off of a certain pedestal and go and find, seek out, reach out to the parts of yourself that aren’t showing up. In other words, yes, you can take a position where you can expect it to come, but that doesn’t always work in that there are times when you have to reach out in order to touch something. And that’s why it is said that, it may look different, but the teacher being a proper teacher is actually selecting or going to the student. You know, it’s not that the student is clamoring to the teacher. That’s an illusion. It’s the teacher that’s making the accommodations always for the student.

That principle, if you were to sum it up in a word, for it to be effective it has to be invisible, or otherwise the student might get to thinking that there is something going on that’s important in terms of themselves, or something, and go off into a head trip or something on a spiral. So the teacher is most effective if they follow the principle; in other words, having the means and the ability to love without leaving traces. And that’s half of it. The other half, of course, which applies in a different way, is to fly without leaving a shadow.

So your dream, when you put that whole thing together, shows that you’re meant to have a means to connect to something deep, deep, deep inside and you just need to come to know that that is a wholeness that comes from you, you don’t go seeking it out somewhere. And when you catch up with that, recognized that way, then you exude it into the environment. You don’t expect the environment to change to your predilection. You exude it into however and wherever you put your attention.

It’s kind of like your pleasure to do that because you found it in the whole. You realize that it’s all the whole, and you realize that there isn’t two things going on, so you touch in that fashion, naturally, which is the principle of loving without leaving traces, flying without leaving a shadow, a shadow of some separation or something being kind of the motif behind it all. It’s not that behind it all. There are no shadows. It is just one thing, and one thing only, having a relationship with itself.

And so you took and you went from a kind of overtness, a kind of separation, or distinction, where something is expected to come just because you are still somewhat linked to the idea that you have to go somewhere in order to learn something. Therefore if you’re counseling that something has to come to you – instead of realizing that you are able to do this constantly, as opposed to conditionally.

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The Retreat

Because of the way people, and information, move around the planet, because of the way we are connected globally, we have transitioned away from a situation where mere physical barriers can protect us from what may threaten us or throw us off-balance. Today our only true protection and stability comes from within. And this aspect can be made much stronger, within us, depending on our view of the meaning of life and its purposes. Said another way, our safety is greatest when we are aligned with the greater processes in the universe, rather than mired in the myopic view of separation and ego. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the last dream, I seem to be in an ancient part of Paris, where they have the huge cobblestoned streets. And these streets are like in the building that we’re in.

I’m with a group of people and, after a few minutes, I even recognize that it’s people from the Dean’s group. And we seem to be on a weekend retreat of some kind, although I don’t recognize that immediately.

All I recognize at first is that the group that I’m with, that I haven’t even identified yet, is going to be doing some breath work to regress, to remember something from the past. And I recognize that I have a lot more experience in using breath work to go back and pick up a past event than anybody else in the group. But there’s one or two people that have been selected to kind of either guide this, or do it as a demonstration for that day. So I just kind of step back and observe them as they do this. 

And then the group decides to move on. And then I recognize that this is probably a whole weekend workshop of some kind, I had just been seeing it as a moment, but that sense it’s a weekend workshop, I should, if I’m going to stay with the group for the weekend, I should find out where to register and pay for the event – and find out what the agenda is. And so I’m kind of looking for someone that can give me that information. Then I wake up. 

John: So you go back and you have the first part where you free-flow with ease. And in the second part you’re regulated in terms of how you kind of free-flow. And then the third part it’s because you haven’t sliced through the delays succinctly. And in the fourth part you’re inflecting how something is catching up. 

And you’re inflecting about an aspect of yourself that you have to pay attention to, that is important to pulling the one, two, and three together. It’s a quality of a kind of witnessing, but it’s a witnessing on an inner level. And that just like Dean said that we’re like the ambassadors of the Naqshbands, in a sense we have a recognition of how things inflect, or reflect. And one can denote that a bit in terms of the breath.

It’s a type of seeing. And so witnessing is a higher octave of seeing. And, when you’re like that, you’re in a pace that’s able to then go from four to one more readily. And one is where you have the sweet spot of a quality of yourself that free-flows more naturally. But without the witnessing, in the second aspect, you’re not sure where your moderations are at, you’re regulated, it’s a little more amnesia or something to that first. 

And in the third, third was the snake in the water and all of that, and that was having to recognize, through the collective of things, to be more succinct in terms of breaking through the collective of things.

But being succinct in terms of breaking through the collective of things doesn’t mean that you just reveal that because that doesn’t necessarily do something for someone else. Because in the second one, you’re in a bit of an amnesia. So the second and third is more in an amnesia. The first and the fourth are more on the inner. 

So if you’re able to hold the quality of witnessing, in other words, a sense inside, you don’t have to necessarily communicate it. In other words, you don’t have to add, you don’t have to try to point something out, that this technique takes you all the way to the first – connects something to a flow by holding the space differently than the second and third does. 

The second and third is the dilemma of actionability that one has to contend with, and the first and the fourth work in conjunction. And so there’s a greater stillness and silence in that. Now the silence doesn’t necessarily mean that all of a sudden you go silent. The silence just means in terms of how you’re able to come across. Because you have to be in a place in which what transpires is naturally facilitated. 

You can’t just go from a to z because even though you have the recognition and remembrance, you can’t just drop it out there. If you hold a proper witnessing state, everything in the outer will come around to what needs to unfold based upon what you have caught up with inside of yourself. It’s not your responsibility to try to hammer at the amnesia because then you stay in the amnesia. Nor is it your responsibility to try to communicate or relate to what inflects as you see, to race up, and race out, and do that. It’s important that you are able to denote it, but you have to recognize how to hold that, how to hold that as you denote it because you recognize how the collective of things is.

And the process upon which you facilitate this so that all of this works together involves the recognition of something on the inner. So you hold what is on the inner as you’re in something that’s more in the outer. So the inner is the first and the fourth, and the outer is the second and third.

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Cut and Paste

What is the difference between what a writer may imagine writing, and what is actually written down? Or the difference between what a musician might hear in their head, and what actually appears as a song? Or, we could ask, what is the distance? In our spiritual journey, we can get knowings, or insights, or quick images of the unfolding ahead, yet we are still playing a part in its unfolding, so where we end up is not exactly as imagined, but a reflection of our ability to get there. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I am shown that it is possible to relate to, and contend with, what is unfolding in the future in a way that protects and arbitrages the possibilities. In other words, you don’t go too extreme, you can actually arbitrage it so that it levels the thing out. So that a given is a given.

In other words what is intended, or meant to be, can unfold. In other words, you can lock it in as a flow. So, in prior dreaming, dealing with an inner into outer took a lot out of me. And the unfoldment required two more hours of meditation. I have not only envisioned a way it gets what’s needed to come through in a shorter time frame, but what I’m doing also speeds me up so I can look at what this means on a global level. 

I see this as follows. In the dream I come out of my meditation in half the usual time. I’m so shocked to denote what is possible that I go back into the dream to shape the future with a global effect. I don’t know that this is what I am doing, I see this in an after-the-fact image. 

The way I see this is, I wake up observing how it is possible to cut and paste what is designed to be, but not yet communicated, in a way that is for all to see. And the image I cut and paste has global implications. 

Meaning: what is coming through me involves letting go to a stillness, which isn’t possible without the sincere acceptance of, and the setting aside of, images upon the breath that get impressed upon the heart. 

To go beyond time and space, I must step back from impressions. Even light, which embodies a flow, is an impression. Light has a long life, but is a subtle substance that comes from somewhere else. That somewhere else reflects the past. 

This, as a reflective flow, is not readily apparent because the essence is even deeper within. I’m taking this to cosmic intelligence, and what I see in the meditation dream is a global application and context. Isn’t that pretty interesting?

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