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3300gesDo we remember the last time we had all our “ducks” in a row? If we ever did, it certainly only lasted for the briefest of moments. It’s not really possible, and this idea alone should tell us that we should stop trying to control the outer world, and instead try to be connected on the inner world. Because, on the inner, once we have our ducks in a row, we can maintain that, and grow those connections, all the days of our lives, and that is an alignment that will constantly improve our experience and our possibility. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.f

f John: I guess the theme of the dreaming last night had to do with effects that are perpetrated in the chemistry of life, because I was going on some sort of warpage channel, inside, trying to pretend the opposite, thinking that if one went into an opposite way of looking at things that maybe it would make sense or something, help things make sense.

And so what ended up happening was a meditation dream in which I’m required to make a presentation, but before I can make a presentation about something, I have to put the component pieces together in an order so that it flows from start to finish. And so I’m happy with something that’s like a crane kind of aspect that can reach down and touch something, but I can’t use the crane because the crane is just something that’s suspended in some fashion. It’s not grounded.

I have all of the pieces that are essential towards something being complete in and of itself, but they have to be put together in some sort of aligned way so that the feel of what takes place makes sense. And so the crane can’t just sit there in some sort of suspended motion way, so I have to stop that idea and I have to go back to see if I can put the pieces together.

And I’m convinced that I can, but, when I do, I realize that it doesn’t quite feel right. And the key component is a grounding component which has to be found there, has to have an aliveness. And so I’m looking from something that gets rooted, and that picture and image. In other words, I’ve got all of these pieces like building blocks to move around, and I never do quite get to a point where I’m satisfied with it as a schematic that can take and form a needed action, as required.

In other words, there’s something about that in which some piece is out of place or something, that you can’t be skipping and leaping over the top of and so I never do quite get it to feel right, and, therefore, deep down, I know that the setup that is put into place lacks the cohesiveness that’s required in order for there to be a flow from top to bottom, or from beginning to end, or however you’d say it. It lacks a cohesiveness for there to be such a flow.

And so it leaves me in an uneasy condition because I can tell, within my sense of being, that there is something that didn’t quite make the breakthrough. And so what’s awkward and odd about this dream is it’s as if then, by glancing away, everything got scrambled, and I would then have to come back and put the pieces into the picture again. And I couldn’t put all the pieces, everything into the picture, in such a way where I could feel content that the result was effective, or the result was something that could do what was meant and intended to happen.

So there were all these middle pieces that I don’t remember much about but it started off with something too high in the sky, like the crane, and then it ended up with something that had an aliveness, that could be rooted and grounded, but it still was truncated in some fashion. And then the rest of the stuff that then extended from there that went up to connect to the crane and whatnot, I wasn’t comfortable with that being properly in sync. And that was the nature of the dream, basically a dream pointing out that you have to have an aliveness that connects and goes all the way through.

And thus one has the dreams, and has the effect of: what is an aliveness? What is something that is aligned? What is something that has a flow; what is something that is properly connected?

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S992MWhen we look out our window, or we look in the mirror, we can see that everything is constantly changing; nothing stays the same. This tells us that we have been born into a process, and the best thing we can do with our lives is to be in the process, and with the process – where it is now. Said another way, we can’t make a decision today the same way we might have made it ten years ago; we are different and see things differently. That’s why, in our spiritual journey, we want to be connected to the energy of the higher processes that are unfolding today, not robotically doing what was done 200 years ago. We use our path to connect; the path itself is not the journey.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now my meditation dream kind of sets the pace of the subject matter, to which, then, the sleep dream goes back into it. And, in the meditation dream, in order to try to get it to be something that made more sense, I describe a scenario of what one is experiencing at the beginning.

And so I went into meditation pondering if there is a prescribed way upon which the awakening process unfolds. I was shown that there is no set definition, and that I am not allowed to rely upon established process; in other words, you might say Tariqa tradition and stuff like that. I can’t rely upon that as the end all, be all, because I’m able to see the thought-upon-thought of Tariqa processes and, therefore, the appearances that even prevail on that level.

So, in the meditation dream, I am trying to find a means which adheres to what I sense, or remember, vibrationally, from before, and everything that has happened before has a quality or a name that is attached to it, a thought or something. It’s something that’s attached to it. It’s a process.

So what I see is that the manners and expectations are constantly in flux. Life doesn’t unfold the same way as before. In other words, first I look at the setness, and then I notice that things are constantly in flux, everything is always changing. Thus, it is disingenuous to have expectations. The saint always has expectations of purity.

So, in the dream, I was shown that process unfoldment definitions from the past imply that there is a system which is going to just keep repeating itself, over and over, and that there is a way of observing such a process. And what I was shown in the meditation dream is that there is a process alright, and it exists up to a point, in other words, but life is always changing. And because things always changing, then there is a twist that gets thrown in that, if you were literal to the process, you wouldn’t expect. And, because it’s like that, for that reason that’s why no one has an exclusive ticket to the awakening.

In other words, you can’t take and go back and study it as a science, and then just go step by step, because it is evolving. It has to evolve. Everything is continually evolving. The process is designed to unfold in a new way each time. The teacher/student relationship is not something that has an embedded, studied relationship that is unwavering outwardly. I was shown that there is a focus and attention heartfulness.

Now, going back to what doesn’t change and what is basic, that there is, at the core of it all, there is this focus and attention heartfulness that never changes, but, in the outer, there is a flux that causes the awakening process to find a new means, each and every time, to accommodate the ever-changing flux. I had a hard time accepting, by way of reflective outer appearances, that I am able to access a prescribed black-and-white way.

In other words, this is the linearity trying to find the thought-upon-thought, the prescribed black-and-white way. I have a problem with that. To accept that, or to go that way, is to act like that’s what it’s about – thinking that that gets it – but that is not so, and cannot be so. That’s what I’m shown.

I’m okay with that when I let go of definitions from the past, or, in other words, the thought-upon-thoughts, or, you might say, the system of the past, because even though in the times that one lives now things have some similar aspects, the new twists and turns are unknowingly unpredictable. In other words, you can’t lay it out as a protocol.

So in the outer the captivating vibrational lilt is constantly in flux. Therefore, to let go, with regard to the new twists that are occurring, it’s revelational, and transformative. Or to put it bluntly: it is disingenuous to believe the unfoldment process is a formalized system, or science.

Why this leads to a type of relief? It’s a relief in that you’re soothed to know that a greater freedom means that the aliveness now has access to more from within, and, as a result, the design is constantly awakening to a new-founded newness. And it is important because the awakening process involves an inner wonder of sights and sounds, not heretofore preexisting, that awakens the joyfulness anew.

That’s why you can take and you can go and you can study, and all of that sort of stuff that you hear and you study won’t get you anywhere. You can’t comprehend or understand because it’s evolving – and what’s important is your connection to the evolving. The connection that is heightened as a connection by an attunement to the stillness. And then you take out of that stillness and you bifurcate that with thought-upon-thought because you live in a plane in which the thought-upon-thought is magnified and call it manifestation, and, in that regard, you have inflections, images, visions.

There are changes that occur. They evolve, or are invoked, and you can’t go back, in other words, to saying, okay, we have the ten million things. Let’s get rid of the ten million things and go back to the 100,000 things, and, if we can do that, then we can get more conscious. No, you have to, from the standpoint of prophet energy, you have to contend with the ten million things. A prophet cannot take and be like the saint and say, oh, it would be so nice to go back to the 100,000, to the purity, to just the stillness. The prophet is never given any peace, with the exception being until the very, very, very end, which, in the case of Mohammed, was his retreat to the rooftop to sleep.

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Abstract backgroundSometimes we can look back on our lives and be surprised by how little we knew, or understood, even five years ago compared to today. We are constantly evolving and learning, and it is the same with the universe and the energetic realms. This is also true of spiritual and religious paths, as they move on through time and are added to by the generation into them by their adherents. So, when we take up a path or journey, we want to connect to its essence, to its fundamental core, but we also want to be with it where it is today, evolved forward for perhaps a 1000 years. Nothing healthy stays static, and we want to be with the most alive energetic aspects of everything we seek. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my sleep dream, I’m aware that I see inside of myself, almost in a visionary way, more or less how the process, or the system, of unfoldment in general looks. In other words, you can lay out what is involved in terms of letting go of this, and reaching the stillness, and where the angelic is at, and where the naffs are at, or the thoughts are at, and how there is this process in terms of the stillness of where the thoughts are put into the heart. You can look at all of this, and, out of that, is a schematic, and a schematic that’s been written up, and is well known, and is the path. In other words, it’s like a science.

However, what is really interesting is that this thought-upon-thought, that makes up what manifestation is, that this is always evolving, and this is always changing. And so, as a kind of example, if you look at the old painting masters that were incredible, but they didn’t work with certain kinds of awareness – and awareness often times is depicted as a kind of access to certain colors, or pigmentations, of light. And they couldn’t see, it wasn’t awakened for them, those pigmentations that certain master painters now have access to.

Similarly speaking, in a process of conscious awakening, there is a general energetic that remains the same, but what awakens, and unfolds, is different. In other words, you can’t go back and study the lives of, we’ll say, the saints and the prophets before you, and tailor your life 100% along those lines expecting that same kind of evolutionary process to awaken, to unfold, almost in a one-to-one correspondence. Yes, it unfolds in its basic way, but with each age, with each point in time, it is tweaked. It is tweaked somehow differently as something new comes in.

We live in such a time when this something anew is heightened on the horizon, to be caught up with, that comes from within. What’s so awkward and odd about this is one can go along and beat up on manifestation as being a thought-upon-thought process, and almost treat it as if it’s a second-rate child, but it is in this second-rate aspect of thought-upon-thought that new images that you catch up with are caught up with as an aspect of thought-upon-thought, out of the stillness, that is important to first of all catching up with your greater beingness, and then being in a receptivity to the unfoldment that comes through you anew, that is part of you. And the degree to which you come to know this something anew, you come to know it in kind of a bifurcated way, again a limiting way, of thought-upon-thought.

So if after the fact you were to sit there and you were to describe your awareness process, as if you could do it in a one, two, three, four, five, six, and start with the denseness and show how the denseness got you to a certain kind of awareness, at some point that then corresponded to a deeper depth or higher-self recognition with inside of yourself, and then all of a sudden there would be maybe something a little sideways from the one to ten, paint-by-color chart.

There would be something slightly different and, of course, you could say, okay, each egg is cooked one at a time and that’s why it’s something different. That’s one way of saying it, but another way of saying it is that you have evolved, consciousness has evolved, it is continually expanding, and this has to now be accessible to you.

So there is a danger that’s involved in trying to understand, or come to grips with, an understanding based upon what occurred in the past, where you could study the lives of those that came before you, and you can even have an access to bits of that, and, of course, since your in manifestation as you become more and more still, and let go more and more, you have an access to more and more of the tradition of who you really are, you catch up with that more and more, but the danger that exists is still trying to use the thought-upon-thoughts, which are limiting, to explain, and portray, and control, and effectuate your evolvement – and thus the danger of knowing too much about the path, or the system.

The spiritual concepts, so to speak, then get in the way. You have to let go because everything is constantly evolving. How you have evolved now requires, in terms of awakening, something anew. And you have to be in a quality of stillness and letting go so that this something anew can come through.

And generally when it comes through, it comes through also bifurcated, meaning it comes through with images of thought-upon-thought, because anything that becomes visualized on a very subtle level is still a thought-upon-thought – but at least it came through – when ordinarily the stiffness of one’s conceptualizations, the rigidity and the linearity of one’s conceptualizations, would prevent one from being able to connect with the inner essence.

So, what are we talking about? We’re talking about a schematic that has to do with stillness, too, in that, ultimately, it is through the emptiness, or the nothingness, or the stillness that we’re able to find a spatiality. Some may call it a magnetized breath that has a greater acuity to the overallness, in that it lets go of the linearity of an overindulgent thought-upon-thought so that something more like this can inflect through. You might say it that way.

So we’re constantly dabbling, so to speak, with this plane within of a stillness.

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