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r4G3We could say that any understanding of the universe, and its greater purposes, is on a need-to-know basis. First, we can see clearly that flora and fauna are not trying to solve the meaning of life – they live life. But we humans are different, and we are designed and coded to seek to understand our purpose. That is the journey we are meant to make. And, if we make that journey as a service to what created us, rather than an ego boost, we will attract and connect to the intelligences that will show us the way forward. In this way, the universe is a system that rewards those who choose to be part of its plan and unfolding. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now I tell a long story. I have this really long story about this. It’s a nice little dream story.

In this dream, I am the new guy in town. My reputation of what I am supposed to be, or represent, seems to proceed me. And so, in this town, there’s the town folk and hidden in the woodwork of things are all kinds of bugs, animal-like bugs that almost have a human quality aliveness to them.

And they’re all dormant. They’re all hanging back. They’re not being bugs, in other words. Let’s put it this way: not only are they acting real good, but you don’t even notice them. And the locals in this town are having an election, and, because somehow or another there’s some expectation about me, part of this election has to do with being able to stand up in the front and sing.

So everyone is there. And their expectations in regards to me are way out there, as I am now supposed to, so to speak, sing. And however it is I sing, supposedly indicates something. And so before going out there, it’s like I go through, inside of myself, what it is that I could possibly sing. There’s all kinds of possibilities, but I’m not really sure, so I just kind of leave it be. And I figure, okay, I’ll do it spontaneously.

So when it’s my turn to sing, I can’t think of a single one. And so I fall back onto some little simple, trite, ditty. And I sing: “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.” Kind of an old, old song.

It is a song that I was compelled to sing long ago. This is a flashback now. I was compelled to sing this song, long ago, when I was coming to the process, and I came before a teacher, and the teacher, because he excelled in this particular area himself of being able to feel the vibrations through music and sound in the airwaves, he made everybody sing a song.

And so when it came to be my turn, that was the song I sang. And, when I was through, I looked at the teacher and he had tears in his eyes. And, of course, when I sang I closed my eyes and did the best I could, which wasn’t my thing. And so I see the tears in his eyes, and I go: how did I do? Then I said, “Was it that bad?” And he said, “Yes.”

But he saw what he saw that caused him to have tears in his eyes. And if that were a qualification for anything, in terms of how it needed to be, it certainly didn’t seem to affect what he did because I was selected, and initiated, by him, into the secretive techniques of Raj yoga.

So now it’s as if everything has come full circle. I’m up there and can feel the expectation – only this time it’s reversed. There’s the expectation placed upon me that is so loud that my mind goes blank. So I sing this little song, and I even forget the words. It’s kind of like in the design that it’s hidden like that.

And when I am done, chaos goes rampant. All the bugs and wood cutters come out and start acting up. Up until that point in time they were staying in their shells, and they’re hidden. So, as I’m walking along and all of this is going on, I see the sneer of one of these bugs – who sees no reason to not be just outright brazen, because obviously there was an apprehension of what I was about, and now they have seen that I’m not a threat to them.

You might say that we’re in a situation, in the world there, in this town, in which everything is flushed out into the open. I go up to this guy, kind of grab hold of him, and say, “Are you sure you know what you are doing? You expected me to be able to sing, or to come across in a particular way. What was the upside for me to come across that way? Do you really think that is the only song I knew? A trite, simple song, sung in a simpleton way?”

Meaning: I knew Leela long ago, that’s the divine play. And one of the outer conduct practices, that I came to ponder and look at, had to do with how you handle things as they were occurring in the outer.

It is said that there are three ways to deal with a problem in manifestation. The first way is you see the problem before it affects things and you take steps to deal in advance with the problem, so that it never really becomes that big of an issue.

The second is you deal with the problem while it is happening, and that’s where half of the people can see it, and half of the people can’t.

And the third is you wait to where everybody can see it. Other words, you notice the problem, you could do something about it, but no, you go stupid. You step back. You do nothing. You wait. Eventually the problem gets so bad that even those that are the most unsophisticated and immature, everyone, sees the problem. It stinks up the whole place.

When the rot is so great, and so widespread, that everyone gets it, you act, and you act with precision. No one questions whether your actions are right or wrong, because everyone knows what the problem is. And so when something is, then, effectuating itself upon whatever the issue is, they don’t sit and throw arrows and barbs at you because they are disgusted already in terms of the fact that this is such a problem.

They all can now see it because it’s as if the veils, that we’ve put in place in relationship to things, have been lifted. And then the consciousness comes into life as it is needed. That is a consciousness of awakening that is hidden, so to speak, by the Creator, purposely. The quality opens up from the top down, not from the bottom up. Meaning when it’s from the top down there are veils in place that kind of keep things that way.

We do not know how to see beyond the obvious. Everything that is rubbed in our faces is taken to be real. So, as a humanity, we have forgotten what divine revelation is about. The one being, of which we are all part, is an essence embedded within each of us.

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19 - Open DoorSometimes one gets that feeling of being welcomed in, or welcomed home. There is something very natural about the way it feels; effortless, easy, warm. It is no different with the energy worlds, where certain frequencies open up new vistas for us. Our energetic signal is the key that opens the door, and, as we elevate in our journey, new levels can become our home. It is the way of the universe that energies always find a home where they belong. The question then becomes: with what do we want to be at home? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In this dream I have been participating, with my attention, where others aren’t paying proper attention to yet; they still have not gone through that yet, meaning they haven’t paid proper attention to. I have been shaking and waking this sort of thing up.

The Chistis have their practices and, in their practices, they’re supposed to be getting themselves closer to the stillness, but they haven’t yet somehow or another awoken that properly, so when they delve into the outer, which they know is their calling to do, they don’t know how to delve into the outer from a proper stillness standpoint. Or, as I say it, so when it is time to delve into the outer from the inner, this being where everyone is destined to go, the journey isn’t able to be natural from the above.

The above is the stillness. It’s not able to be natural to the stillness, that I have seen, and I have done the outer and have a direct connection to that stillness that I have awoken. I spent the night going over this. In one image I tell everyone I have had enough, from what I have already gone through. In other words, they are just now getting into what I had gone through, and I am announcing that I have had enough from what I have already gone through. I’m exhausted, I’m worn out is my story. And so I’m not engaging in an unfoldment in the outer like everyone else is drawn to do. That’s my story so to speak.

But, in the next image, I go to the door of the outer energetic, knock on it from a stillness space that I’m holding, it opens, and I am recognized immediately. I have been here and done this before, apparently, because I am recognized as being right at home. I am greeted in the modality of life as follows: a comment is made about how soft the cotton is this time, and I don’t remember this being so soft before. So, in other words, recognizing the stillness.

The meaning is… before remember the stillness could only come to the door. That was in the meditation, and this time the door can open and it can go into life – but it’s not going into life with the weaponization projections of having to contend with something in the outer as having a meaningfulness.

So the meaning is, this dream is indicating that I use stillness to touch the outer, and do not change the world, or try, even, by any form of direct involvement. This is an approach that brings the inner into the outer, and comes from and into the outer, after having visited that interval at home, or the in-breath to the out-breath.

What I do that others can’t see, because they have to have some sort of outer appearance involvement, is on my own unbeknownst to those who are visible in this way, because what I do proceeds within a stillness, which is an emptiness, which is a nothingness. The stillness opens the door and does not disturb or disrupt anything. It is the epitome of soft, and gentle, and kind and gracious, as it is intertwined with the essence of oneness. It’s not fighting anything, is basically what I’m saying, and therefore there’s no visibility. It’s not a thought, per se.

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phoaWhy is necessity the mother of invention? Because a true need brings energetic potency to our ability to fetch intelligence from our energetic connections. The answer can come to us when our petition, or prayer, for it is strong enough, or potent enough. This can be true for an answer to a problem, or for the discovery of something never seen here before. Our intelligence comes from energetic connections – and our need calls it in. But, of course, the universe is designed to give us support for our struggle toward our human purpose, not to help us become rich and famous. The reasons why we have a need for something make all the difference in terms of what kind of response we get to our request. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my sleep, I too was looking at all of the various variables, and ways in which a person goes counter to the mind senses, or the action projective modality of things, how you could step back from it and find some sort of stillness echo, or some sort of quality that arises within you to service a question, so to speak, that you carry as a need.

Most of the time a person takes and they have something that they feel makes sense, in terms of living in the outer, and you just embark on it. But if you listen really quietly there are a whole bunch of things that you don’t embark upon, or can’t do, that aren’t coming from, and aren’t properly servicing, a need, but are only servicing some sort of mind imagination of the senses, and with the senses. And so this is kind of like echoing you to recognize that there is something more going on, that something more being something that’s outside of the in-breath and the out-breath.

So my meditation dream came out of that very quickly with some interesting insight, and then in my sleep dream I appear to be going really deep inside, going over and over the catching up with the need, from which there is a beckoning down of a grace, and a stillness. And, at one point in my sleep dream, it’s like a strange sound goes off, like an alarm or bell or something, and it brings me to the surface – but I don’t have anything there, and so I fall back in. And so when I woke up this morning this stuff was sitting there just ready to pop out, and, had I responded to that, the other would’ve infused its way through.

It’s because within the stillness is the absorption of all of our needs. That’s what the stillness is all about. It’s when we go off tangentially, thinking that we have to fulfill something, that we get caught in the reflective and, therefore, are in some aspected in-breath and out-breath modality.

So my sleep dream kind of corresponds to what you did, in that I just kind of go through example after example. Basically the way I put it, in terms of trying to grasp what’s going on, is I went over again and again at how letting go to what appears to be a weaker condition, at some particular point there can be like a type of weakness, or going over the top, and when it gets like that, instead of you just falling into something, that’s when it can get into the indulgence of your poverty as opposed to just being in that state as a need.

So looking at what I would call in a weaker condition, for not knowing how else to call it, and in order to point out that it’s not something that one does with a sense of kind of trying to control a streamlining, you do it with a graciousness, not with a mentality of trying to make something happen. When it’s like that it’s an aspected, still presence, and the systematic inner effect draws the consciousness down for connective purposes.

So I go through examples. As an example, inside one’s self there’s a special insight or consciousness a person has when he is naturally resigned – and that is often times deemed to be kind of a stillness, weakened condition, in that there’s kind of a humble dignity because the person’s not putting on airs and is near to their soul, or their true need, which is this stillness place somewhere.

Another example is this quality resides, in terms of a person whose soul is racing towards a completion, as you tend to see, for example, in advanced old age. In other words, when a person is preparing, so to speak, or has the need to ready themselves to go to another loci of the soul as an abode. And so it’s almost as if whatever one is holding onto here, there is kind of an added sense to just let go of it because something is about to happen.

Often times a person may seem more feeble-minded, and forgetful, and everything else, but it’s coming from a greater echo of a soul that’s ready to transition to somewhere else. And to see that, and to note that, and to really know how to look at that, is to recognize that there is a quality of need being served.

Another example is a person who is truly humble and gracious, invokes grace as a stillness gift; or, put another way, to serve the need of life is to awaken an inner guidance. The essence needs our need, so however we touch it there is a specialness quickened within.

And that happens when you take and go on even Hail Mary missions, you know, crusades or whatever it is, or ideas towards what there is as a peace or need in life. You do draw something to you from doing that because as long as you’re doing that with a certain focus and attention – even if it’s misguided, but is sincere – it draws something to service the need.

It doesn’t mean it’ll work, but it does still draw something. Whether it’s enough to contend with the collective is a bigger issue because the tendency is to still be trapped in some aspect of the in-breath and out-breath, and, therefore, you’re caught in the modality yet.

To not get caught in some reflective, inner vibrational thought upon the in-breath/out-breath, or both, whether you’d call it a thought, or mood, or whatever, and the sensation was with everything that could be denoted, everything that was denoted, it was like it had a negative charge, is the only way I know how to describe it, because it was toward what I am not able to reach as a stillness. Just the need to do so being invoked has a way of beckoning towards that stillness, which is a need – even though it is beyond one’s scope-ability.

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