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"Black hole" Eye of ConsciousnessIf we’ve ever been in a situation where everything is laid out in advance and predetermined, we usually don’t feel comfortable, we don’t feel at home. That makes us inhibited and unable to be our true selves. What if we apply this feeling to our life? Do we feel comfortable here, are we able to be ourselves? Well, we might say that being ourselves is to be connected to our purpose, and aligned to the purposes of the universe. Otherwise we will always feel like a guest in someone else’s house. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dream last night was very hard to pull out. What I remember about it is it seemed like first I’m in this building where I’m working, but my office is somewhat separate from the other people. And it feels like when you go into a space, where you have an office, that everything is laid out a certain way.

And then I go upstairs to visit the other people’s office. My office seems to be upstairs, too, but theirs is in a little different section, but I really can’t pick up or lay anything down in there because it feels like they’re just getting ready to leave for the day. And, again, they’ve got everything laid out in a certain way where they don’t want you to touch anything.

Then it feels like I go back to where my offices were. I look at them, and how they’re laid out, and it feels like the way they’re laid out it’s really hard to figure out how to make it work, because there seem to be so many rules about how you pick up, or put down, anything, and it doesn’t have a certain flexibility.

So I go downstairs, and go outside, and it feels like I want to go look at how the things, or people, are doing things outside. And again I seem to run into the rules of how it’s done, and they don’t seem to make a lot of sense to me, and it makes it all so much more complicated than it could be. That’s the best I can describe the dream, because it was just an odd dream.

John: There’s a breakthrough to be had, and you didn’t make the breakthrough. But what you did was you found yourself immersed in the thickness of this, and were watching it, or looking at it, or staring at it, which is one of the first kind of steps in terms of catching up with something of a letting-go epiphany.

The whole schematic of the dreaming is about a deeper letting go, to a stillness, from which everything is naturally known. And, essentially, what we contend with is things that are conceptually known, or you might say known based upon the overlay of thought-upon-thought kind of tradition of things. Like in your dream, things are laid out in a particular, conceptualized way, and wherever you went everything was laid out in a certain orderly way that somehow or another choked you, it was an environment that impeded something, that you knew to be something that wasn’t right, yet you couldn’t break out of that which wasn’t right.

I mean there was your office, there was the other office, there was going outside. It seemed like wherever you looked, and however you went, this stuff was layered in front of you. And you had a sense that it didn’t have to be that way, but you didn’t break out of it.

The step you didn’t take was where you would suddenly not be affected by the thought-upon-thought, conceptualization and concretization, all around you, that was layered out in wherever it was that you looked, and however you functioned, that was in the vibe of all of that outer. And even your sense that you hadn’t sorted it out, even on an inner, so you couldn’t go outside, you couldn’t go into your own office space, you couldn’t go into the next door.

In other words, you couldn’t find it even through shadow dynamics. And what there was to find is that if you could hit a stillness, or just stop completely from that effect filtering as a collective vibration through you, in other words, if you could free yourself from that, you could actually get to a point in which there is a kind of flow, a kind of naturalness, that is outside of the thought-upon-thought.

In other words, even the focus and attention that we apply towards trying to sort ourselves out, from this mayhem that we’re in, is it still kind of has an aspect of clarity of thought, pinpointed with maybe the heartfulness, yearning to break through. And, to a certain degree, then, you do catch up with the inflections.

And this is a way of catching up with inflections where the out-breath turns to the in-breath type of glimpses, infinitesimal glimpses. And then the rest of the time, of course, everywhere you look is this mayhem whenever you are going about what you would consider the usual protocol of life. You are in this overwhelm, this malaise, that you can’t break out of, but you can have that moment of inflection, sweet pain, sweet longing, whatever you call it at that interval where the out-breath turns to the in-breath.

In other words, to put it in a feminine way, you’re trying to find something that’s complete. You have a sense of something inside that’s a completeness, and everywhere around you is not complete; you’re just haunted.

The masculine word for this is to try to find a wholeness. That’s where everything just naturally emulates somehow; it’s kind of like out of an essence. In other words, it starts that way from the standpoint of looking at what is involved, because we’re in this loci, what’s involved to reach beyond it, and that has to do with delving into a certain depth of ourselves, which is considered the feminine aspect, that catches up with the sweet longing, or something, that pulls something in, or seeks to make something come clear, so that it can catch the inflection of a stillness -instead of this overwhelm that propounds it.

It’s an overwhelm that propounds it based upon how manifestation is. Manifestation is something of power and control. It’s something of a momentum that is perpetuated by thought-upon-thought, masculine thought, that comes down and gets concretized. And so you’re dreaming about the concretized effect, and the first step out of that, the sense you have that you haven’t quite caught, and every person has this triculating inside of them, as a quality of stillness, but when you’re speaking strictly of your impact of how you are in manifestation that triculation is infinitesimal.

I mean it’s an inflection of what is the real light, or the real place, of which this is the real place if it opens up enough. In other words, as the Bible would say, if you had something like a mustard seed, which is a type of light, you can move mountains, or all obstacles. In other words, the light can break this, as an aspect of light meaning stillness, can break open into something that’s as above, so below, and the glimpsing of this that causes and sets in motion something is this sweet pain, or sweet longing, stillness that is hit infinitesimally.

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ShutteWhen we look at the world today, we can see that every side has its own view and opinion about things. So that means that the loudest or the most powerful voice will always win out – because the decision isn’t based on the universal, or the best possible for all. So centuries will pass, and each generation will live according to its own theories – if it is strong enough to put them in place. The point is, there are no solutions in this back and forth, only temporary positions. Only by bringing in the purpose of life to the equation will we be able to make decisions that are aligned to the purpose of the universe and, therefore, will still be right in a million years. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Basically, my meditation dream was causing me to recognize that we live in a world of mirrors. In other words, everything is a mirror, and we are mirrored to what and how we are.

But when there’s projections we don’t have the mirror. We contend with the projections, instead of the natural mirroring, and that causes us to volley back and forth, and when you’re volleying back and forth you can’t have a light bulb moment. You just have the reactions that are on the breath, because there’s never a solution on the volleying back and forth of the breath – but in the letting go to a natural stillness that we all carry and have forgotten.

And so, the dream that I had involved being before a person who had been traumatized, or had knowledge of traumatization, and so the idea was to be, probably as you see from TV, is you’re trying to be a detective and you’re trying to figure out how to wangle what is going on out of them.

And, in doing so, they can see that you’re doing that, and, in the movies they all of a sudden then maybe let go and confess. Well, they only suddenly let go and confess when they catch up with something of a letting go process inside of themselves. In the movies it will have you believe that the cops beat the darn person senseless, so to speak, in order to get something to come free.

None of that causes it to come free. It only causes the defense mechanism to become more entrenched. It causes the confusion and the amnesia, for them to become further removed from it.

The true letting go is a letting go that happens when they hit this moment of stillness, a stillness that is inside of themselves, so that they then have a voluntary freedom. But you don’t induce the freedom. You don’t induce the clarity. A teacher does not take and lay out the A, B, and C’s, when a person just studies a volume of information and gets it. It doesn’t work that way.

The student comes to know something by the way in which something is recognized at a depth inside of themselves, and that depth inside of themselves, that goes beyond the in-breath and the out-breath commotion, is a stillness place.

So, in the meditation dream, I’m in an outer scenario presenting reasons for why a particular unfoldment makes no sense. This is projection. Everyone knows what is right and what isn’t right. They can sense what is right and what isn’t right. It’s for them to come to grips with that. It’s not something that you pound into them. Everyone assimilates to the stillness. It’s just a question at how they do that, how their mirror works.

Whenever this assimilation occurs to a stillness, that’s when something shifts in the environment. But when something happens as a defense mechanism, because there is some sort of projection that can trigger feelings of being manipulated, or controlled, or come up in some way that impacts your common sense of stillness, decency, within, then you can’t assimilate.

This is why an expression which is innocent, and simple, and from the heart, penetrates more directly because you’re working with the common denominator. Something that is heart to heart is non intrusive. It’s easy to take in because we all have this stillness place inside of ourselves that is facilitated by heart to heart. What is outside of that is projective, or linear, and when it’s taken in too much, like as a kind of mindfulness, it’s easy for that be experienced in terms of creating reactions of the breath, and that is where pain starts, instead of touching the heart directly, the stillness of the heart.

So what I see inside myself is defensive collapse after collapse when the heart is unable to assimilate a situation. I’ve seen this happen so many times that I tend to sharpen my pencil offensively, in other words, trying to go at it with even greater intent to focus and attention of the out-breath of thought, instead of the heart in a surrendering way. To be offensive, which is projection, is an approach that rarely works because unless you’re lucky and the existing scenario is somehow able to let go of the demeanor that is being thrown at it and accommodate heartfully.

What I’m describing is an argument for the angelic side not getting lost, because this is where the integrity, there is integrity, which permeates out, but at more of an innocence that everyone understands heartfully. Or is an approach that when it includes the reflective condition that it also takes into account the heart in order to be effective. Putting it another way, to be effective the approach needs to set aside and point to the heart in a more masterful way.

You don’t cause an awakening by thumping. When conditions are too removed from the heart, and are too much to assimilate, or are too much for the heart to take in, that is when a woundology is hit, or a defense mechanism takes over, and when repressed pain and such predominate – because the heart can’t hear it, the heart can’t know it. It’s snuffed out by this other. So when the heart is unable to predominate, that is when deflation or a collapse occurs, and there is a kind of a fear, or despair, or all of those negative emotions that arise.

In manifestation the in-breath and out-breath per se, in other words, just that alone, creates veils of confusion. It occurs in the breathing process when there isn’t the ability to access the stillness of the out-breath to in-breath interval, which involves being able to embody the longing and sweet pain that is a stillness.

Everyone comes into manifestation with both an in-breath and out-breath way of having to be. So first of all you have to embody, or catch up with, the longing or the stillness, so that the journey towards God is invoked in search of something more lasting, which, again, of course is located where the in-breath and the out-breath reside as the stillness of an essence.

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trompe-arch1Sometimes the images in our dreams get straight to the point: here, a barrier has been erected in front of a doorway.  So, where there was a flow, where movement was possible, it has now become difficult or impossible. And because the setting is a home, or apartment, the dream is speaking of the inner life of the dreamer. So the structure that is being put up is between one aspect of the inner life and another, pointing out the resistance to what is being found, or a fear of what might be found. Still, in the dream world is the safety of finding a resolution in a natural way.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had one of those deep dreams that was hard to pull out, so I just remember parts of it. It seemed like I think I was with you, and we had an apartment that seemed to be partly underground, or a house.

And, at some point, while we were doing something, like in one room, a repairman had come and he was fixing something up towards where our exit was – because we had to go up to exit. Although what he had done was pretty, he had put this really thick board with bolts across there.

I’m then mentioning to you that I don’t think I can get out now, because I go over and I have to jump up to even grab onto it. And then I try to see if I can haul myself up, and roll over, and that would be how I’d have to get out – and that doesn’t seem like a way to really kind of come in and out of the house. He needed to build it so that there was more space, or not quite so high.

And then I can’t remember the other things that were going on in the apartment, but it felt like in the background I could see somebody that was holding… it’s like they were holding energy, in a particular way. And the conclusion I drew from this was that change is a lot harder than one thinks, because of these traits that get kind of held strongly. And that was the most I could tell you about the dream.

John: Well, it seemed like you had an image, in terms of whatever was built, or constructed, as an outer idea, it was done in such a way so that you couldn’t come and go freely, right?

Jeane: Mm huh.

John: And so what you’re describing is something that’s put in place based upon ideas, concept protocols, essentially projected ideas, of the time. And what you’re finding is that what has occurred is in the way of a natural flow. Isn’t that what you’re describing?

Jeane: Yes.

John: And so your dream is attempting to direct your attention to the intertwined, connective flow, because that’s where your heart can naturally relate, and that’s where you find yourself to be at ease. And your not at ease having to try to contend with the conceptualizations, and the mannerisms, and projections, that are in the environment around you.

Now what you’ve done, with this dream, is you’ve taken the thought-upon-thought, and you recognize that that becomes concretized, in terms of the outer, and that certain man-acted-upon, or projected, thoughts-upon-thoughts have led to a structure, or a barrier, that makes it difficult to come and go. And the coming and going that you’re talking about is a coming and going in terms of the inner essence of yourself.

And so these concretized thought-upon-thoughts have imposed barriers to the natural free flow of a quality of heartfulness in and of yourself. In other words, your dream jumps you ahead from the standpoint that, in the physical, what you see around you is an accentuation of thought-upon-thought, or in the mindfulness of projection, concretized into the outer.

And your dream is jumping you ahead to a sensibility that comes from the heart, that knows that that sort of thing is in the way, and just needs to be set aside. That’s an interesting dream, right?

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