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57719As humans we are quick to dismiss our effect on other people and other things. Yet we know how profound the love of one person can be, and what it can make possible for another person. And that loves begins as an energy generated on the inside – by thinking about that person, by holding the best of them inside us, by having good intentions toward them – only then can it manifest in the many expressions of love that we see in the world. This is the mechanism of it, and it is applied by us toward anything, good or bad, that we put into the world, whether by specific actions, or just by the quiet, inner holding of the intentions and processes we have in our daily life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, the theme of the dreaming has to do with coming to understand what action is. And we’re inclined to think that action has something to do with an image in which we see ourselves doing this, that, or the other, in other words, a literalness to it. But true action is in being able to hold a spatiality from within – and that can take and awaken and do more as an aliveness than any literal moving about can possibly do, because you’re limited in terms of how it is that you’re able to move about.

In other words, you can only cut a certain defined swath when you move about, literally speaking. But if you move about in terms of the inner aliveness as an action, and that action as something that you feel you contained inside of yourself, it can take everything into account because it’s connected with everything.

I give many, many examples, in my meditation dream, of what that action actually is, as seen from within, but the simple way of saying it is that it is a quality of something that you can touch, as if it’s in your cellular bones or makeup, and that you can hold that, and you can create with how you hold that. And that the striking out with that in a literal sense dissipates that, and takes that which you can know literally in your bones, that being the real action, when you strike out with that in motion in a literal sense, you personify that which you can feel equating on this whole inner level – and thus you veil it, and that striking out causes you to lose the potency, puts you back into kind of an amnesia of paying attention to the action that you’re doing literally, rather than the real action which you carry latently, and creatively, in an intertwined nature within.

It becomes more obvious from my meditation dream, because I think my meditation dream is really loud about that.

In the meditation dream, action is a condition in which I access a presence within my beingness. The access I am talking about is nonverbal, and it is nonphysical, in the outer sense of the word. It is physical, however, from the sense that the action rises up within as a recognizing of an inner vibratory movement imbedded silently in the cellular tissue. Such access is action that does not require outer movement to be complete. The action is handled in the inner stillness.

For example, when a student is sitting before a teacher the student can go deep within, in a letting go way, and get an answer to a non-asked question. This action is from within. To rephrase the issue of action, from the perspective of an inner knowingness, action is when the beingness responds to nothingness without having to lift an outer finger.

Or cite another example: access is like being kicked from under the table in that I get the memo without an outer word having to be said. In other words, it’s like an energetic kick from under the table, and I get the memo without an outer word having to be said and I am able to respond to this, as a kind of stillness, pointing to a need that needs to be.

Or another imagery, and then I saw this one, this almost was quoted to me: action is the effect of taking a toothache, on the inner level, into an inner stillness and, in so doing, alleviating the condition.

In going to bed, as I’m about to fall asleep, the words from “Rhinestone Cowboy” come to mind as yet another way of portraying action in a nonvisible way. I didn’t realize the depth of that. It just came up. There’s a lot of meaning in that song. That’s actually a pretty profound song.

And so, one’s accustomed to looking at access from the standpoint of noticing this inside of one’s self in a sentient way. In other words, it’s like looking at one’s self, or I guess you could say that would be a looking at your personal light. Or I guess you could say it would be looking at your individual soul. But, in reality, in the wholeness of things and the oneness of things, there is no individual light. That light is the light of the whole. And there is no individual soul; the soul is the soul of the world.

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mirror-mirrorIf we build a house, it will be a reflection of the way we think and feel about ourselves and the idea of “home.” In the same way, the clothes we wear are a reflection of the way we imagine ourselves and how we want to feel. What we see on the planet, its flora and fauna, and its ability to support human life, is a reflection of its internal energies. It is a wise person that learns to read what outer reflections tell us about what is happening energetically. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the way my dream worked, the sleep dream that is, is it starts off where there is this like little person, extremely little, like five inches, one foot, a foot and a half, whatever, that just lays on my stomach – up by where the heart’s at, and lays on my stomach. You can cuddle it, you can cradle it, and you can disappear into it, and there’s something very inner and sweet about that.

It’s like an energetic, or something, because obviously you can’t have something like that actually, in a physical sense of it, and yet it has that whole sensation of such a closeness.

And then there is, in the outer, the idea of things that can be done, and that’s represented by being able to drag something to and fro, like a long hose. And in order to show that you’re making progress, in terms of going to and fro, back and forth and back and forth, the hose has marks on it, and so you line up a mark to a particular line, and then you turn around and you go back and you line it up, then. And, when you hit that, you go back and forth, and conceivably you’re gaining the measure of things by that approach.

Well, as you keep it up, it gets harder. It doesn’t get easier because there’s always a snag or this, that, or the other that seems to accumulate, in terms of the reflective is always building. It’s never simplifying. It’s always becoming more and more diverse. And, on each end, there is a man and a woman and, as far as I can tell, they seem to have to be helping me, supposedly helping me, and supposedly maybe even related in some sense in terms of this process.

Well, on one occasion, I get snagged and I have to go over things that have come up because the outer is continuously changing. And the woman realizes I’m in trouble and she comes and starts helping me, and because I’ve come up, and over, and around I have to come out of my entanglement so she pulls the hose a ways. And when I get to where I can look to see where my whereabouts is at I’m completely lost and confused. We’re off track, and yet she was the one that was supposed to have a sense at that end, in terms of how it lined up. Plus, this is starting to not make any sense, because if you’re going to and fro and you’re lining up to particular measurements, and all of a sudden I’m having to go up and up and around and about is obstacles ,this is getting very, very confusing. How can you have anything that is being simplified in this way?

And then I come to find out that the two are wanted by the law, and one of them is accused of espionage. And so this causes me to ponder the meaning of the term espionage and all of that. And so it’s like the scenario of going back and forth, to and fro, which is both exhausting and debilitating is an illusory reflective effect that kind of grabs your attention, and can predominate in a way, as if it’s possible to actually sort things out by contending with them. And that’s a confidence game. In the end this, as a process, is not acceptable, and the inner authorities have questions regarding espionage.

Espionage is the taking of an inner clarity and attempting to use it, to do things in the outer, that are designed to gauge and measure what is going on. It doesn’t work like that and, when this is revealed, what you come to know is that instead of things getting clearer, the whole outer thing is becoming more and more overwhelming. Or to put it bluntly, the longer you go with this as a primary frame of reference, the further you kind of get from making any real significant headway – as the beginning and the end just seem to stay out of sync with the inner flow; or things just seem to continue to continue in some sort of acting up way.

The point is this: true change comes from within as the heart of hearts embraces. In doing so, the vibrational nuances and image of a this or that, which is the outer – instead of you going back and forth in them – they get absorbed as the stillness essence prevails. Or, in other words, renders the reflections back to a stillness.

The idea that there is an outer part that is played independently, or has a component that can function in terms of looking at the reflection and trying to make the reflection change in that regard, is the wrong focus and attention. The focus and attention has to be to the stillness within.

So this was how I answered that question, and you answered it by trying to pretend that you could have it both ways, that you could take some of the outer along for the ride, too, but instead the outer, which is reflective, the reflective just stays as the reflective. It just reflects the transformation of an inner.

The outer is revealing. It reveals; it’s reflective, and it’s reflective of the inner. It’s not something that you go into the illusion, and then the illusion then takes you to something which is non-illusional. No; how can it do that?

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12_nWe are so deeply entrenched in the ways of our world that it is difficult to extricate ourselves to the ways and means of a spiritual life. And if we look at the practices that have been used by humans over the millennia, most of them are the early steps and processes that enable us to lessen our focus on temporal issues and become more focused on the universal. As we develop, the processes will change and deepen because no one thing will take us all the way to where we are aiming to go. But that’s okay, because we want to get ourselves on the path and then keep making incremental progress. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I know I dreamt a lot last night, but I mostly just have an impression, and the impression I had was of a lot of space. I can remember that the dog I had, which seemed more like a younger dog, was in the dream. And it feels like there’s something off in the distance, which did involve other people, that I was trying to involve myself with, but it felt like there was something, some element, about it that wasn’t quite right, yet, whether it was timing, or something else I had to do.

But it wasn’t upsetting. I mean it was a pretty peaceful open space, but I think that if I had an impression I would say that, because we had gotten an email yesterday from someone describing a practice they were going to be doing for, let’s say the next month, or I don’t know how many days, of kind of deepening their spiritual practice, but with fasting, or charity, or other things they were practicing. But it was just a series of practices they were going to be doing for a certain number of days, and I think I was processing something about that.

That was my impression, anyway. Like I said, I didn’t pull out details of the dream. It was more spacious and peaceful. It had the puppy, or dog, in it, and something that I wasn’t quite linking with yet.

John: It looks like you’re mixing two components that you haven’t yet sorted out. In other words, if you were to use the scenario of things, you’re seeing that there is an attention that’s placed, in terms of steps that can be taken, which place a person in a type of modality that is a little different than what their normal customs are, that cause them to have to go through things differently. And, hopefully, in doing so, come to recognize something more in life than the day-to-day that overwhelms them.

And, within that, you have this impression that I presented that, yes, something like that is interesting. I mean fasting and such can lead to kind of a bit of an altered state that can give you an experience that’s a little different than what you’re normally accustomed to. However, it is also an understood quality. In fact, it’s part of a Hindu arti that, translated into English, goes as follows: Chanting, fasting, charity, and austerity can never bring you knowledge of the soul.

So, even though there are these practices, they only hint at something more. And that the image that you had seems to be a kind of answer to all of that, in that it indicates that you have a friend, like a dog is a friend, and your closeness to that friend is what will bring you to where and how you need to be, in terms of experiencing, and perceiving, in a conscious way.

So it’s almost as if this other, this other in terms of practices and such, pique a question in you as to another way of approaching things. And, in manifestation, we have all kinds of ways in which we impinge ourselves. In other words, it’s part of a lot of spiritual practices, or processes, to live simply. Some of them even incorporate the idea of vegetarianism. They carefully say that that’s not the end all be all, but they still indicate that that can help because it can heighten sensitivity.

And then there are others that realize that that isn’t a fast and true rule for everyone, because some people are overly sensitive and need a groundedness, something as a denseness, to help hold them into a rootedness that their sensitivity might cause them to go away from, and in those instances that might recommend harsher conditions like eating meat, or something, or going through more raw energy.

And so you’re kind of like portraying a search that you’re doing, and the search that you’re doing is towards, or to, the awakening of an innerness. And you’re trying to sort out to what degree it makes sense, given what you’ve heard and seen, in terms of outer actions that seem to be presented as a meaningfulness, of which a result can happen that shakes off a little rust, or something. And those are small things. Those aren’t big things, those are small things. A quality that goes to a deep, deep depth is not something that’s readily perceivable to the senses.

So these kinds of practices aren’t going to get you to this kind of shifted awareness that is like that, but it can perhaps shake a little rust loose to let you know that there is something more. And your dream tends to say that you do have an answer, and that you do have this friend, this friend that is with you, that you are part of, and it is part of you, that there is a closeness that exists. And that you don’t need to go through a harshness to get there, although most spiritual practices somehow or another, because of the characteristic of the outer impressions being so dominant, 99.9% dominant, seem to indicate or suggest that getting a little freedom from that is important.

But if that were so, then how do you explain some of these qualities that just are suddenly there, out of the blue, in one great big fell swoop? They didn’t go through anything like that. So, again, you’re seeking to understand, or break through, the mystery of it all.

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