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unnamedWe all have it in us to tell others what we have learned, or have come to believe, but words are not the best teacher. The cleanest way to teach is to radiate from our life the things we uphold, such as honesty, or humility, or compassion, or humanness. In doing so, that energetic can pass to another person and they will be able to feel the possibility of it within themselves. And, in the feeling of it, it registers in them as being reachable – and a shift has been made. But if we have not done the work of it, we won’t have the radiation of it, and no amount of words will overcome that contradiction. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I was unsettled last night and couldn’t remember a lot of my dreams. I just remember my last dream a bit. And it felt like I was school age, you know it looked like high school, or something. And I was with a couple girls, one of whom I remember I went to school with, who I actually did go to school with – but who’s died now.

And it feels like, for some reason, I’m being shunned. And when I’m at the mall area, if I ever try to go and join some of the girls that are friends of mine, or girls and boys that they’re with, I’m just kind of shunned in some way.

And then she walks with me into a room where she’s talking to a guy and his friend. And she’s actually including me somewhat, or at least not shunning me. But then when they all start to settle in, like we would all do something together, I walk away to be on my own. That’s kind of what I remember of the dream.

John: So, the thing that disturbed you is more or less kind of like a sudden impacted vibration, that is like an infectious shock or whatever. And so from that it was hard to get still, or to just go somewhere where something could rise, or be there, in the letting-go stillness.

And so what you had to do is you had to incorporate the quality of a type of shock, or self-inflicted imposition upon your being, you had to incorporate that as a vibration in the scenario. Now, when you did so, you look at this in relationship to how it was for yourself. And you notice that when you are doing something that interferes with a stillness that you can catch up with inside of yourself, that actually causes the world, then, to unfold in a very interesting way, because you then have broken the clutches, and done so in a co-creative mannerism.

When in the clutches, it is like you are shunned. And, when you’re shunned, what happens is, no one will have anything to do with you – that’s the meaning of shunned. But, at the same time, what that means, energetically, is that what unfolds around you carries this kind of energetic demeanor as well. In other words, it’s introduced or fed into life in this capacity of a kind of – working with the breath, now, the in-breath and the out-breath – it is as a bifurcation, and that bifurcation causes a result that is away from what it is that you need to reach, or be, which is a stillness.

And so you notice, maybe in a more pronounced way than usual, you come to notice that there is this trait that is being done, that is an awkwardness for you as something that still echoes loudly, because, deeper down, you know that there is the stillness, and so you see and recognize this outside of the stillness.

And what isn’t reported in your dream is the degree to which that creates things in the outer, brings about scenarios in the outer that are in support of that kind of nuance, or mannerism. That’s what my dream was about, was how something like that can cause an unfoldment that is peculiar to what could be, and entirely different in its waywardness, that is lived out instead of a sort of mirroring that you can have that can be even deeper in its naturalness to the stillness space.

And so it’s like you have to contend, or work, with that in terms of yourself. And the effect, or the quality, of what that does outside of yourself is actually kind of not your business, even. Because as you take and you work with that quality inside of yourself, you start to mirror. And as you start to mirror the stillness, in a more real way, you’re helpless and powerless when you carry a nuance because everyone has to react and be shocked by your nuance, to some degree, and so it nullifies its impact in terms of a conscious clarity.

But when you catch up with the quality of the stillness inside, you actually mirror that around into the environment. Now, there’s a tendency to think that in the mirroring that around in the environment, that you have a right to shift things in the environment. But this was a deeper understanding of something new that came about last night: no. If things were meant to shift, or to be changed, in a humongous way, that would have happened by now. The will of God could have done that, but God likes manifestation as it is.

And so you can inflect something, but you aren’t allowed to exude a righteousness that causes something to change, or attempts to cause something to change, because to do so would be leaving the stillness inside of yourself.

So you’re able to mirror, but not go and act as if you have a greater sight in terms of how something needs to be reoriented – which was somewhat of a surprise to me. It throws a different definition to the word co-create. Co-create has to do with catching up with the joke around you, of how things are, and learning how to orient oneself back to the stillness.

And perhaps through the inflection of the way you are, it points others to the stillness, but you don’t take and steer them, forcibly steer them, to be this way or that way with a righteousness, because you only have the understanding of a certain aspect of what is going on. And that is, you recognize that the stillness is everything, but that there is something to the nuances and mannerisms that everyone else goes through, that is part of a process. And that this is something that is the permeating energy of the will of God, or of the other co-creator, so to speak, being God, or of another quality of a deeper, deeper, deeper depth of yourself, in which, in order for what is there to come to fruition, it has to be given a lot of space.

So, again, it’s another dream to point out that you don’t get all carried away with having to do this, that, or the other, and that you’re always constantly working on taking a type of responsibility inside of yourself to get into a point that furthers a certain mirroring, and the mirroring is inside of yourself. But you don’t go and try to alter how others are because, to do so, will cause you to get infected by their condition. You will be buying into their condition, and that isn’t who you are. You are meant to be a stillness yourself, and reflect that, for them to be able to note, in due time, for themselves.

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im909sAll matter has energy, yet all energy does not have matter. The more matter an energy has, the more it is slowed down from its pure state – which is always faster that its material state. In our processes, we try to let go of reading all the information we receive from the physical world, and instead try to connect to the more refined, more pure energetics of the electrical realms. From the electrical realms we can get more information and intelligence in an instantaneous way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I went around and around with this, almost in terms of getting a bit of a reprimand as well, in terms of the process. So what I was describing, in terms of how the stillness is, was this unusual experience in the meditation dream, in which, instead of taking and being aware of something in the environment, it’s like my meditations are most effective in terms of something being realizable if I just let go to an inner stillness, and then out of the inner stillness come images.

And now I’m seeing that it’s possible that these images can flash before me so fast, that if the flashes were to slow down, to like a palpable pace, that’s when you would have indulgence, ego, and corruption of the flow. That’s when the personal would come in; that’s when the lower self comes into the equation.

By being able to take in a wholeness of all of life in at this incredible speed means that I’m able to catch up with the inner knowingness. In other words, it’s just there, it’s infused, so to speak. So what I’m shown, however, is that this inner knowingness is basically a way of taking the outer reflections, of an inner essence, and realizing that if they go by fast enough, or if you speed them up, that there is no time for an indulgence. In fact, this can be so fast that, in layman’s terms, what I’m being shown is that this is a speed that the ordinary human senses, that sort of outer nature, cannot discern, cannot see.

Which means that my human condition has these barriers that hold me back. And so, the stillness, or a still dream, when it is happening, and when I’m able to report something back, I’m actually catching flashes that are quicker than the outer, which is of sound, maybe flashes of real light, that I’m able to somehow denote, but I don’t hold on to. They go by so fast that there isn’t the contamination, or the rub off, like there is in the outer where you noodle with it all. Our tendency is to try to keep up; that’s how our lower self dictates. But what I’m talking about is an inner essence that is going in a capacity that is too much to notice. It’s, therefore, also too overall and all-encompassing.

So then I ponder: what can this be like to try to put this together? The knowingness is the result of a speed of light inflection going by so fast that there is no time for indulgence. The speed is so fast that my lower self cannot control what is flowing; it cannot see the flow as an inner speed. Consequently, the effect of a knowingness is consciousness. In other words, when it’s like that, I guess you’d have to say that the knowingness is like a consciousness in a stillness. It’s infused from like a stillness, yet, actually, it was like images, but you just couldn’t pick up on it.

It’s kind of like they’ve discovered, in terms of running commercials, that they can put one frame of a subliminal frame, that might show a juicy hamburger, to entice your taste buds. But because it’s just one frame going by so fast on a screen, that it only has a subliminal effect because, in terms of your sight senses, you don’t actually see it. And yet some part of yourself does grasp the speed of that. And so it has its desired effect.

A human being actually does have some sort of discernment to a greater speed, and if you can sneak up and catch and grab that, you can set in motion something inside of them much greater than speaking to them in a black-and-white dense way.

And the significance, and the suggestion, of the dream is that this has me wondering if absolute consciousness is a speed within that has no time for indulgence. The flashes of light go by so fast that, in the higher self, there’s nothing for a denseness and indulgence to get a hold of. The speed is so fast that it is as if it never happened – yet it did happen. And yet, as that happens, is that what it’s all about?

Such a speed, as a stillness, beyond the capability to take in, that being what is really real. In noticing from within an overallness that is all-inclusive, as a flash, it’s like that because it’s absorbed it all to the point where it doesn’t register to the senses. That’s when I realized that my physical nature, how it’s missing so much; only my soul keeps up, or, this light, that is perceivable if i can catch it, is what is going on.

My physical isn’t able to let go, to be enabled, so the pure light can’t be there. Or, in other words, is there, but is unpalpable to the physical senses. That which is not perceivable to the physical senses, because it is occurring at speed beyond such faculties, is, from the perspective of the physical senses, well, you’d have to say it’s a stillness. Or it’s a non-existence.

That’s the suggestion: that to a higher-self stillness, the essence of all there is, is this. By slowing the process down, I now know what stillness and consciousness are about on the plane of the soul. The overallness is too vast, and fast, and I know now that the place of the soul is a plane of pure light. I mean now I know what they mean when they describe it as a pure light that you can’t see.

And I now know that the flow that involves the God essence, a seeing and hearing outside of the human faculties of power and control, I know what that means now. In other words, that power and control is something densed down to where you try to grab a hold of it. And to the human faculties, they have to have a somethingness to work with. They don’t know that they’re lost in a nothingness, because the human faculties can’t work at such a speed, a speed that is noticeable by the universal soul.

Stillness is the conditioning which the physical senses are unable to perceive because they’re not able to be there. The lighter, or the higher-self, speed supersedes and overrides all that there is. That’s why it’s always inner coming into outer. It’s just that the outer just really can take and confuse things.

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Ec2ologyWe witness it all the time in nature: certain flowers bloom, and that brings the bees and the butterflies. The rains come, and the local birds know that the feeding in the lowlands will be good for a few days. All things wait for their environment, their ecology. The bees won’t come without the flowers, and the birds won’t arrive in a specific spot until after it rains. So, in trying to make ourselves invitational to what we want to connect with, we have to understand it from the perspective of that thing, and create in ourselves the appropriate ecology. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My earliest dream is a rather simple one. And, in that, I seem to just be out on the street, and there’s a robbery that happens. And then the police, or someone, are coming around and asking about the robbery. I think the robbers are even nearby and observing everything.

But I don’t let the police know that I have this photographic memory, because I’m going over it and I realize I could tell them every single thing about whoever it was that snatched something, but I don’t seem to want them caught. So I just don’t tell anybody, other than something very general about what happened. I don’t tell them that actually I could specifically identify the robber. That was the first dream.

John: It’s as if something is going on that one’s not able to keep up with because one’s attention is averted, or distracted, in some fashion. In other words, in your dream, you’re not bringing out everything that is needed to be brought out into the equation. And, therefore, what is going on is continuing to break down.

And it’s almost as if that breaking down is purposeful. In other words, what you’re finding is you’re in life, and then robbers are in life, too? And yet, when inquiries are made about how something should be, you’re not telling the police what you know, you’re keeping it to yourself. And so that’s the reflection that’s occurring; that’s the thing that’s occurring in the outer.

So, for you to have something like that means that deep down you’re holding on to something that you’re not sharing. Now, is it a belief? Is it something that needs to air itself out and to come out? Is it a deeper stillness that has another sort of aliveness to it?

Basically, what I think this is, is behind all of this is I think that there is a deeper inflection that is going on. And that what you’re seeing, as an image, is something that correlates to how it is that you’re accustomed to being, or how it is that you’re going along with things. But deeper, deeper down is an awareness that can be brought out of the stillness, that you are sitting with, amnesically, subconsciously with, and are not bringing it to the forefront. And if you were to bring it to the forefront, you would be able to take into account a bigger picture.

So instead you’re allowing something to continue, Instead of reaching down and bringing out a bigger picture, or sweeping a greater overallness into it all. So how and what is that all about? What that’s like is that within the human heart is the ability to take into account everything that exists, but you can’t take everything that exists into a proper accounting if you’re still holding out, you’re still holding on to something that hasn’t flushed through.

And so, I actually think what you’re doing, as well, is you’re describing the dilemma that exists, in terms of where things are at right now. I think that there is a certain dynamic that is playing itself out in the outer, and that people who react, the typical looking at that reaction, in terms of that, is just too shallow, because there is a deeper depth that needs to be reached.

Now what is that deeper depth? What is it that you keep talking about, or keep inferring about, that is being kept out of the equation, that is holding back from the equation? I think it’s a deeper stillness. I think that in a deeper stillness what can then rise out, because as you keep going deeper and deeper and deeper within, you keep catching up subtler, and subtler, and subtler vibrations. And you’re limited to the degree to which you can go into the stillness, or so it seems, the human condition is limited, in that, at some particular point, the stillness is such that on a deep, subtle level, something stirs and out of that stirring is something that inflects, and that inflection affects the reflections – because it’s coming from a deeper stillness.

So you have reflections that come from a quietness that’s up to one level, or degree, and then there are inflections that come from an even deeper stillness. So if you’re reacting or living in a world in which you’re only working with reflections that come from the earth element, and that can create an over-bias in terms of, just using this as an example, can create an over-bias in terms of the literalness of things, a deeper stillness takes into account more than just the earth element, it takes into account the other tariqas or mannerisms in life; it takes into account the water, the air, and the fire element. And until you bring all of that into the equation, you’re inclined to be taking something a little bit off onto a tangent. So you’re dreaming about how something remains in a tangent because a greater revealing isn’t happening.

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