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3hildeLike is attracted to like in this world, and that is because frequencies are drawn to the ecologies that resonate with them. And that is why the human design is so important: it can invite higher frequencies into itself, into its aura, frequencies that wouldn’t otherwise be able to arrive here except for the safety that a human life can provide. And, in this process, higher energies are released into life for the benefit of all things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in my dream, a fingerprint has to be lifted by a detective to see what the nature of this imbalance is. And when the detective lifts the fingerprint, he’s lifting the fingerprint in a locked closet area that no one has access to but me. And this fingerprint is supposedly the fingerprint, or handprint, of the culprit that did this.

Now, I know that no one has access to this closed closet but me. So that means that what was done, that is considered a haywire-ism in the outer, that when you get right down to the bottom of it, I’m guilty of it. Which means that by having taken my consciousness out of the loop of things, I have facilitated the greater darkness.

That’s why in the greater darkness, there’s greater light, so to speak, that’s why and how that correlation works. And in terms of the need, or what is required, you don’t have people going into kind of a Rapture scene or something, as Christians would tend to think, where the good are removed and then the rest are left. No, what you have is a quality that comes down, and touches, and gets into life.

Some examples of the touching in life are like, for example, the best image is the Yin Yang principle, in which, in this loci, you’re to become aware of the other areas, or the locis, that you’re responsible for catching up with because you will be in those locis when you leave the physical, but you’re not allowed to leave the physical to which you are molecularly aligned, you’re not allowed to leave that physical to just go down the tubes – you’re responsible for that while you’re in this loci.

And there’s a reason, as part of the prep school, as your dream is indicating. It’s a preparation for a greater continuity, in terms of your beingness, when you no longer have the physical orientation. And it’s in the physical orientation that everything is going on. In other words, this is how, it is said, you get closer to God, or you get closer to that essence. You don’t get closer to it by abandoning ship; you get closer to it by recognizing that this is the marching orders, or the will, of something that is meant to happen – and that’s why you’re in this loci.

And so when you recognize and realize a certain consciousness inside of yourself, you have to take it into life. You have to come back down, so to speak, you don’t just go somewhere. Thus you can see why it is that you could have an attention like that, when from a standpoint of consciousness, in terms of light, one could easily make the argument that that’s just a complete total absolute waste of time. It is a complete total absolute waste of time, but you have to be able to do this, you have to come into life. And you have to bring this other into a molecular recognition in life. You don’t go pulling it out. You have to take on what is involved in this loci.

And it doesn’t mean that you have to take and try to do this, and that, and the other as a better noodling – you have to figure out how to make that connection. And what ends up happening is the degree to which you are becoming more subtly removed, is the degree on the flip side, the shadow side of a greater outer, that things are becoming even more dense. And so you don’t tweak around, you have to be into that greater density to the same degree that you’re into the greatest satility, but you have to be into the greater density by somehow another getting the inflection of that consciousness to come into this greater density, to be touching that greater density.

If you do not, then what is there to cause it to catch up with the image of what is at a deeper depth, when the deeper depth has abandoned ship? So, that’s the prep school. That’s your prep school, you’re exercising, so to speak, yourself in this far, far, far, extreme loci, because everything that happens here happens in all of the locis, it’s just that in this particular way it is done in a condensed format, and the more you go into the other locis inside of yourself with a kind of consciousness, the more you remove yourself from what is going on as a shadow dynamic, in the outerness that is you. You’re guilty, your fingerprints are all over everything that happens.

And so as I take and become more conscious, I could take and say that the other has to catch up, or follow, or something. But, no, what is going on in the outer, that you see around you, you have to let that set the pace, have your consciousness apply towards that. And what we’ve come to learn from previous dreams is wherever you put your attention, even if it’s in a kind of wayward hopeless area, it becomes something that, on a molecular cellular level, that you’re committed to having to contend with.

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images-7We don’t always realize the exchange of energy that goes on between people. For instance, we may know certain people who are always in need of something, or are very focused on themselves. This can be very draining, because the energetic exchange is one-sided. Sometimes we are the ones who are depleted, so we’ll connect with the person we know who will “brighten” our day. This time, we are draining energy from another because we are running low. It’s common for this exchange to vary, but it’s generally not healthy to constantly find oneself being drained by a recurring situation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: All I remember of my first dream is that I seem to be watching fire burning along a ridge line, but way in the distance, like it looks at night.

And when I woke up from that, then I had a lot of trouble going back to sleep. Then I had a second dream.

John: Fire burning in the distance could be something that’s like pulling, or draining, an energy out of you; a sensation effect in which some part of your world is being discombobulated, or breaking down.

And for you it would be in a sense of the outer, or image in the outer. And such an image, then, would leave you feeling a little awkward, in terms of your sense of self.

Jeane: So, in the next dream, I seem to have come into town, in a car, with a couple other people. One of them’s a friend I haven’t seen in a long time, but she’s traveling with us. And we’re going to go to an event that night.

And first we drive to where the event grounds are. We see there’s parking places there. I think you get this brilliant idea that we should actually stay at a motel right across the street from it, and then we can just walk over and see everything.

But then when we go to drive to the motel, instead of parking the car at the motel, you want to park it on the event grounds, which, I think, it’ll be out there amongst all the people. You won’t have any flexibility with it. So I’m upset at that idea.

I don’t know why you’d want to do that when we can just walk across the street. I’m just annoyed with you because why would we have to do that? Because then the car is just immobilized there, amongst all the crowd, and it’s not really available to us. Not that we may want to drive anywhere, anyway, but it didn’t make any sense to me. So I was arguing with you about that.

John: So, what this image is churning up, or dealing with, is this idea of holding a space, or not. In other words, if you stay back in the motel where everything is kind of balanced, or has a key, a certain key, or a certain presence, as opposed to parking in the midst of the crowd.

When you park in the midst of the crowd, it’s really hard to hold your energy from getting affected by the activity of everything going on around you, getting drained, in other words.

It can be the effect of getting drained because there’s all that commotion around you. But when you hold yourself in a place where there is some safety, or sanctity, and then go across the street and such, you’re able to maintain a sense of balance.

So the dream is kind of telling you a little bit about a way of being that is more conducive to how you’re able to cope and relate. And the reason why it’s a little like that is, you might say, as a theme thought, is the idea of how much company do we dare have? Because that, then, can take and have the effect of undermining a certain balance, and throw us into more of an effect of the environment. This being an environment that you brought in with lots of commotion, as opposed to taking and holding that space, and holding a balance in that space, which is important for maintaining our own sanity.

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im043Through history, we have always heard about religious, or spiritual, “groups.” Yet no matter which path we choose, it is always going to be a personal journey, or a personal religion. And that is because we are all different, and we all have freedom of choice, and the way we express our urge to be connected to something higher will be unique, because the things we wrestle with inside are unique, and the areas we have a driving passion for are unique. That’s the way of it: at some point we need to make any path our own path. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I had four dreams, but I only remember parts of them.

In the first dream, what I remember about that is that we were going somewhere on a boat. And when I’m joining other people, it feels like that I and either you, or whoever I’m with, when we go to get on the boat, everybody else is already on it, I think, we don’t get on the boat by the ramp in the back like everybody else, we seem to come up alongside the boat and get on it by stepping on the bow, and maybe going in through a window, or a doorway, that’s up at the front.

And I also remember something in that about going to a party, or something, having to have a more formal dress. That’s the dream I remember the least; it was the first one.

John: Well, what this dream is indicating is everyone else has to get on a boat, or unfold in a process in the outer, in a particular way. And it’s not for you to live life, or to proceed in life, in such a way because that kind of goes along with the collective.

And when you go along with the collective, you kind of stay caught up in the collective, and you kind of get swept along by the collective. And, therefore, you don’t have a chance of catching up with who it is that you are.

We have been somehow designed to be a type of person who has an insight, that is just there in terms of a greater responsibility nature of our being. So we actually come in through the window, or come in through the front of the boat, or come down, as opposed to going across, strictly in an outer, overall, collective way.

And when you function like that, and you go into a boat, the part that’s not in your dream that is part of the theme of the dreaming last night, is that that approach, once you have taken that on, come into the boat, you’re now responsible for everything on the boat.

When you go across into the boat along with the collective, you’re just kind of motif-ing along in a delirium. But if you come in through the window, come in from, so to speak, another way, from above, have found another form of access that’s independent from how the collective works, the degree to which you relate to the collective, that you contend with things in the collective, is a responsibility that you have to take on.

That’s what’s different. In other words, a human being, per se, has mannerisms that are generally swallowed up by the collective of things, and so there’s not much that could happen other than them bouncing around. But when you have a freedom from the collective to come into the window, and then whatever it is that you get involved in, in terms of the collective, wherever you place your attention in terms of the collective, you have a responsibility in that area that you have placed your attention – in order to cause something to see itself through.

Which goes along with the statement, that there comes a point in time that you have to be careful what you look at, because your thoughts automatically create. And you have to come into something, and approach something, in a different way in order to make a difference.

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