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Jeane: In the next dream, it feels like I’m in a large house with a lot of people of all different ages. I seem to know many of them from the days when I did seminars in New York City. There are only a few things I really remember from the dream because of all the people coming and going.

One is that I have a son who’s very young. It feels like I have to carry him around part of the time, but sometimes he seems able to walk. One of the peculiarities is that, now and then, he would find some hand grenades and he would pull the pin out of one of them. I would just be waiting for it to blow up, but it didn’t blow up.

Then my son would place the grenade in different places, perhaps tucked in some blankets, where someone else might come and find it. I never knew what was going to happen. I never saw the grenade blow up, but I didn’t know what to do except pick my son up and hold him, or get the other kids out of the room.  

I kept thinking maybe I could pick up the grenade and throw it, but what if it happened to go off at that moment? I never knew what to do about the grenade.  

The other thing I really remember about the dream is that, at one point, I went into a backyard and there was a stream that ran through the area. It was actually almost like a canal of green water.

At first I thought the water was dark green from algae, when there isn’t enough oxygen and it’s sort of scummy. Another time I went back and I thought I saw a dead water bug there except that it was much larger – it looked almost like a huge dead spider – but it actually started swimming underwater, so it was okay.

There were two of them. Someone picked up a frog and I thought it looked dead too, but then it started swimming away. At that point I noticed that the water had become all cleaned up and it was a really gorgeous green color. I could even see a little sand at the bottom and everything. It was all okay now.  

Those are the only things I really pulled out of that dream.

John: Again you’re playing with the polarity of something that’s ordinary in the outer, in terms of how it effects things, and then what’s divine in it, or the greater meaningfulness of it, can come through and bring about an inner alignment.

So here you start similarly to the way you did in the last dream (see Coal into Diamonds) where you’re removing the coal from the basement. This time you’re again dealing with the darker aspects of your inner depths and, as you do, you’re stirring up issues or aspects that can upset you in some fashion. Yet you’re still proceeding because you know that that’s what you need to do.

You (the feminine) don’t think twice about it. The masculine might think about it, but you don’t. In pushing further, you’re going to run into situations that are potentially explosive, where you can reveal or unearth aspects that are deeply buried, which can disturb you to a degree where you can become reactive.

In other words, these specific elements, that sit at some depth inside you, are like bombs (grenades). When you touch them (awaken them), it can set in motion some very explosive events. In other words, when you dig deeply and touch these issues, it’s like you’re pulling the pin out of a grenade.

Ordinarily (whether a grenade or a suppressed aspect), it’s an energy that’s kept in a state of balance because of its suppression (the pin is still intact). Because you’re not facing it, it stay’s dormant. But when you do face it, it’s like it becomes alive. It becomes more potent.

Rather than let this affect you or hurt you in some way, you have enough sense to know how to handle this energy in an almost prankster way, by putting it under blankets, or hidden in a bed or something. In other words, you’re buying some time to make the process of taking it in – re-absorbing it and updating it – easier.

Initially, when you start this waking up process… Well, it’s like when you first begin meditating, you can stir things up inside that can actually make your life seem more miserable than before because what you may have suppressed inside rises to the surface. When it does, it’s no longer in balance (through suppression), but active and at play in your current day, outer consciousness. It can then sometimes cause knee-jerk reactions as you try to regain, or attain, a new state of balance.

So, what your dream is saying is, okay, you’re in a process where you’re digging up the coal aspects in your nature, some of which are pretty explosive and potent. And, as you proceed, you’re going to have to deal with them. You’re going to have to address these issues, even if that means “putting them under the covers,” i.e., sitting with them a while to ease the transition, so that ultimately they can change.

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John: To continue this series of images from your dreaming, yesterday we saw how you transitioned from the first dream in which a woman is cleverly causing you to think that what is intended (something more) is your idea (in the way of seducing you). In the second dream, this same energetic comes in the form of the ferret, a feminine representation that seduces you by its cuteness, yet you are also aware that the cuteness can quickly turn ferocious.

So in the second dream you’re compelled to realize the “something more” by relating to the man; the feminine aspect is not enough, it must be balanced by the input of the masculine for the full nature of something to be understood. So you need to stop the feminine (ferret) from distracting you, thereby creating the space for you to hear, or take in, the rest of the information.

In the first image you’re naïve, in the second you’re less naïve. So let’s see what happens next.

Jeane: In the next little scene I’m doing some counseling, but my office opens onto a courtyard and there are some young girls who have an appointment with me. However, when I look into the courtyard, I see the man who was there when the ferrets were there – and he really looks miserable. He really needs to talk.

I decide to see him first even though the girls have an appointment. I want him to express what’s bothering him in a direct way because I’m taking time away from the girls. It’s hard for him to do that, so I get distracted a bit. He’s taking his time and they’re waiting; it creates a certain tension.

John: This is the dilemma one faces when part of you (the feminine), which feels itself to be complete in a Creation sense, develops a way of proceeding on its own that works and has a degree of balance to it – as far as it knows.

When it gets like that, then the masculine, which can normally be too distant or separate, seems to become even more disoriented or discombobulated in its nature – causing even greater separation. The man has trouble expressing himself, and you feel the tug of returning to the girls. This is a signal that your sense of balance is false – something isn’t right.

The feminine here is inconvenienced by the masculine and caught up solely in its own perspective of how things need to be in the outer world and what it has a responsibility toward. From the perspective of the masculine, this leads to a type of preening in the feminine, i.e., she can lead herself into thinking that she has a certain knowingness that’s natural to her and she doesn’t necessarily need the masculine perspective.

We see a lot of people in the world with this imbalance, and they’re often caught up in various crusades. They’ve identified with traits and qualities in Creation, but they aren’t necessarily carrying the Divine Will through. They generally have access to it to some degree, but tend to limit what they’ll allow themselves to hear because they’ve taken a particular viewpoint. They put that viewpoint on a pedestal and then they make everything else echo its way toward it, as if that’s the preeminent thing.

But there’s nothing that stands out uniquely separate from anything else in Creation. In other words, Creation is in a state of balance and the Divine is in a state of balance and, ultimately, they are one and the same. If we go off on a single tangent (wholly masculine or feminine, for example) we estrange ourselves from the whole.

If you go off on the masculine tangent – the opposite of what you’re dream is implying – then you can look like a crazy person and a fanatic. That’s when you can be quoting this and that as if you know something. But what you carry hasn’t been held in a feminine way, so you’ll lack the necessary listening center. It’s like the spirit energy is then trapped in Creation and can’t come through.

If you go the other way, allowing something to open up, it’s like a bolt of lightning comes and brings through an epiphany in your nature. The way you sort out or put that epiphany into some perspective or balance is by identifying certain things as key or crucial; then all the input in relationship to that comes from a greater whole. All the other input has to fall as a subset to this primary epiphany that you carry in a feminine-directed way.

Your dream shows you to be at this extreme – you’re still holding on to something personal. Your keenness in Creation, as a responsibility (returning to the girls), has been accentuated instead of being in balance (listening to the man), where the inner and the outer come together, so that you get the full memo coming through from Creation, from the Divine, and from the masculine.

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Jeane: I’m disappointed that I couldn’t pull out the details of my dream. What I can tell you is that it involved the actor we saw in the movie last night, about the man (William Wilberforce) who helped abolish slavery in England (the movie is Amazing Grace).

The dream takes place in a large estate-like building like he had – the space was really large. What made it hard to remember the details of the dream is that I was aware that every single thing that happened was supposed to be related to an energetic, rather than what I saw physically in the outer.

I can remember that even if I was supposed to lift or move something, or put a piece of tape across it, or put a finger under it, I was really moving it through a space. So I just couldn’t pull out the detail because it was really about an energetic.

John: The dream is about an insight that’s very, very subtle. You haven’t been paying much attention to it, or you’ve been presumptuous with it, and therefore you’re reaching beyond it – while it lies in between.

The theme last night has to do with some small blind spots in our natures that are affecting or impacting the bigger picture, or a greater understanding. Essentially what this dream should do for you is cause a certain degree of wondering in terms of how to recognize this subtle little trait.

I think you know what the trait is because, as you wake up and sit and don’t remember the dream, what comes to mind is how it applies to some other quality or characteristic that you feel in your nature that you hadn’t really been looking at and now all of a sudden you don’t like the way it feels. In other words, you’re catching up with the sense of it. So the dream leaves you a little stunned or shocked in some fashion, at some level inside, which causes you to associate that energetic with an inner vibration.

What’s changed is that whatever this little vibration that you associated with in the dream is, it’s a vibration that you’d previously just let be. Now you have to take it into account. What’s interesting about this little vibration is it’s a vibration in between – it lies in between a larger vibration that’s more important, that has a greater depth, but it’s a little vibration that you skipped over or that you chose not to confront or deal with.

You’re now feeling that little vibration in a way that you don’t like. Before, when you saw it or felt it, it left you a little ungrounded and that’s how you’re able to catch up with the flashback toward it. It may have left you a little ungrounded but nevertheless you felt it was okay. You just felt that that’s the way things are or you had a way of rationalizing it and sloughing it off and explaining it away.

Now as a consequence of this dream you’re realizing that that little energetic permeates through your life more than you know and it could be affecting other things more than you want. So now you have to contend with it in some fashion. You’re looking at yourself, pondering how you’re going to contend with it. That’s how your mind would be working as you’re looking around.

The problem is that this is such a subtle energy that however it is that your mind is looking around to see how to contend with it, the chances are it could easily get things wrong because it’s something that has to be absorbed. It has to be taken into the greater being of your self.

It’s like a loose end that’s hanging out there not quite stabilized or oriented in terms of how you are in a larger sense. You have this loose end hanging out and as it does its flip-flop in the energy, it takes and skewers the bigger picture that you also feel inside.

That’s one way of looking at it. That’s the positive way of looking at it. In terms of where we are these days, that’s probably the right way of looking at it. If we were of a denser nature, this would be an energetic that would indicate that we aren’t able to get something to open up until we go through this zone.

That’s also true in this instance, with the exception that the other zone is opening up and, as long as we carry this (energetic), we really do limit the degree to which it can open up, or we color it in some way. Prior to this, it didn’t actually matter that much. It was almost even humorous or playful – leaving things to the ethers to evolve – but now it’s a coming to grips for the sake of something even more important, so that it doesn’t interfere or contaminate it to some degree.

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