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help-upIf we are on an elevating journey, we build higher connections. Then, in all we do, we want to help bring whatever, or whomever, we are dealing with up to our (energetic) elevation. Why? Because otherwise we are returning to a lower state. So we want to help everything refine by raising it to our level, or radiating out from our level. That’s how the world improves, and the universe evolves. And it is a natural responsibility of the human to take on this role in the unfolding of life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember my last dream. And, initially, I’m in a school-type setting where I’m a counselor. It feels like a college. This girl who’s attending the college has come to me for counseling, and initially I think that she wants counseling on changing her diet, but she actually wants counseling on quitting smoking.

And I almost try to steer her towards somebody else that’s kind of more of an expert in that area, because I haven’t counseled people that much on quitting smoking, but she just wants to work with me. So I kind of agree that I’ll work with her, and give her some writing assignment to start, to see where things are.

Then she and I are leaving the building, and it feels like we’re walking on a street that looks like across the street where I’ve parked a car. And, it’s dark out, and I don’t want her to walk back to the college on her own, so I go to get in my car. She’s still kind of standing near the street, and there’s one car very close on the right side of me, and another on the left, and I start to kind of start my car to go forward, and then I stop all of a sudden because I realize the car on the left has his bumper that’s come out that’s in front of my car, so I’m going to hit it if I keep going forward.

So I stop, and then the scene just shifts very suddenly, and it feels like it’s daylight. And she and I are out climbing in some mountains. I’ve gone on ahead of her up the mountainside. It’s quite steep, and there’s lots of rocks, like we’re climbing over an area where there was an old rockslide. And I’ve turned around to talk to her. She’s below me a fair distance, so we holler back and forth, and I see a few rocks slide down in one area, so I’ve turned around like I’m going to come down – but then my shoes, I lose my shoes somehow.

They kind of fall over the edge a little bit down towards where she is, so now I’m going to have to be pretty careful about how I come down. Then I see some more rocks fall, so I’m kind of telling her kind of where to go to be away from the rocks. And she kind of squats down near one rock that’s a big rock, but I’m concerned because she’s left her back exposed to the rocks on the mountain that are coming down, rather than hiding on the other side of the rock where she’d be protected from it.

But then suddenly my whole view gets blocked out because there’s this big slab of rock that’s come down right in front of me, and that’s when I realize that these aren’t just rocks sliding, but that the mountain is a volcano and it’s blowing up – except the rock doesn’t seem to crush me. It goes right on by me, but then I just have this feeling of being lifted in the air and that’s when I wake up.

John: It’s a very interesting dream in that what the dream starts off with is it points out that you have a deeper responsibility in terms of what you have to look at. In other words, there’s quite a bit of difference towards just adjusting one’s diet and stopping an affliction. In other words, one can take and work in kind of a casual way with eating suggestions, but that’s all that that is is suggestions. It leaves everything kind of in a wibbly-wobbly mode.

But when you’re directing something in terms of stopping a process, in other words, dealing with an issue directly… and what issue is it that you’re dealing with, and how is it that you’re dealing with it, and meant to deal with it more directly?

Well, it is shown that when you take someone in, so to speak, into the car, and you’re driving there is an issue with hitting a bumper. It’s difficult to navigate in that fashion. But what’s also interesting is if you take and allow your energy to reach out, to probe out, to extend out, like go up the mountain and something follows you, that you have a way of kind of being able to, from a position of taking natural steps on your own, you have a way of taking and making it possible for something else to unfold. You can even let your shoes go down to help. You can even lose your shoes. In other words, you have a way of sustaining something in kind of a very unusual, connected way.

So, the beginning of the dream is indicating, however, that in order to do something more you have to address the situation with more succinctness. In other words, you can’t just be as casual about it as you were. When you see something that is amiss, you can work towards changing that which is amiss, but you don’t just take and coast along with simplistic mannerisms that leave everything kind of askew – with the idea being that there’s something more that will come to be.

What you’re seeing, at the very beginning, is what needs to come to be, you have to be involved. You have to put your attention on something that you don’t want to do, that isn’t the way you have been conducting yourself, and that is addressing a complexity, and hitting the complexity straight on.

Your dream is kind of suggesting that there still are bumper issues, in terms of trying to approach it in more of an equal mode. Your dream is basically saying that you carry a responsibility, the latter part of your dream, is saying that you carry a responsibility that can take and set a pace, and can help others who may be struggling to maintain the pace. In other words, you can even help them in their walking. You could transmit your shoes across, so to speak, they can suddenly go down the hill.

And the dream is also indicating that there is a plus and minus problem in this approach, as well. The negative problem is that when you take and are causing something just to remain connected, or are helping to pull something along, there is a possibility that something inadvertent can get in between where the connection isn’t proper enough, or strong enough, and you suddenly realize that that is causing a collapse, the fact that something got in between, almost as if maybe there was a kind of pseudo-dependency instead of a proper connection. And that then causes, in order to contend with this thing that causes a barrier to be in place, this causes you to aspire off the ground, to rise up.

In other words, it’s a corresponding response to having had something get in the way, and then a collapse has happened, and so you rise up. Isn’t that a kind of a rising up that’s a type of letting go, which is a type of breaking a linkage? Or, because a linkage has been broken, that there is something that goes to a quality of a deeper innerness inside – but a deeper innerness inside that takes you out of the equation, rather than staying in the equation? Isn’t this interesting? So it’s very, very interesting.

So what you are shown is you have to sustain, and maintain, a linkage and know that there is something about a clarity, of how you are connected, that has a means built into it, that will get lost if a barrier comes in that you accept, or allow.

It’s very interesting, isn’t it? That’s quite a process dream.

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3778_nThese two snippets point to a similar understanding: we can’t do a spiritual journey alone. Yes, it is between us and the universe – we are alone in that way – but spirituality implies a connection to the oneness of everything. In that sense, we can only get where we are trying to go by being with everything else; we need to join the journey of creation, already in progress. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It reminds me of my last dream, in which I park the car at a parking spot that’s readily convenient. Because that’s where my attention was at, is how do I park the car and then go from there?

And when I get out of the car, I still have to walk up a hill to get to where it is that I need to be. Well, I noticed that I parked the car kind of in a spot that seems to make sense that’s available to easily and simply park the car. But then when I get out of the car and have to climb this hill, I play out, I get tired, before I’m able to make it up the hill.

The resolution for this problem is that I need to stay in the car. I don’t get out of the car and then walk up the hill as if I can do something on my own. Instead, my attention needs to be placed upon going up the hill with the car, or getting there in a way that is designed and important.

And until I do that, I’m not able to do anything, because I will always be functioning and reaching out from some conceptualized idea of participation, when there’s nothing I can do. I have to hold and stay in the car, and then through that heartfelt connection and quality that I have, that is the vehicle, that is being within the wholeness, that’s when the sight and the hearing, which leads to things unfolding and recognizing what is occurring in terms of the overall, that’s when that becomes possible and not before.

Otherwise, I’m just playing out some sort of imaginative sense of myself and that is like a spiritual illusion. When I have wee bits of experiences that take and enlighten some weight or burden up in terms of my nature, and then I take liberties with that, which is obscene, actually. The way it started was kind of this repeat theme that I have going on and on in the outer; that, from the perspective of the inner, I can see the oneness that needs to be there.

I did this a couple of nights ago. Instead of dreaming a symbolic dream, I’m instead looking at what it looks like from the perspective from within. In other words, from within an overall vibration.

When I did this before, I dreamed the literal interpretation of the dream, as seen from within. There wasn’t another symbolic dream to tell me something. There was just the direct understanding of how it really is.

Similarly, I dreamt the perspective of what I had been reacting about and, of course, the dynamic scenario is the fact that residential condos are paying for the commercial. This is so absurd that you have, instead of a naturalness and a wholeness, you have bits and pieces and parts, meaning the residential condos, that are carrying the other, and that is supposed to be considered normal in today’s outer society.

So, that is the scenario that gets responded to as an inner reply. The dream—not the dream, but what was responding inside, that I was seeing—took everything as it could only see from within that everything is a oneness that is indistinguishable. And so everything is one and the same; it’s equalized naturally.

From within, I put everything into a whole that is treated even handedly—nothing is better than anything else. Thus, everything is essentially the same, has the same weight and measure. There isn’t some unfathomable separateness, as the outer is projecting the scenario to be. And when it does that, the outer is repudiating the overall understanding that everything in life is intertwined as a single organism.

From the inner plane, this bifurcation doesn’t work because that involves making distinctions to what is a fundamental, all-pervasive reality of oneness. In other words, you can’t do that because it’s all connected.

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Go-with-the-flowIn these two dream images, Jeane is faced with a conundrum: how does one hold on to the Wholeness, and yet be able to deal with the specifics of life? One way to think about that question is to realize that when we react to the flow of life in a personal way, it shuts us off from the Whole. That leaves us only in the specific. It is better to not have a personal reaction, but to see the specific from the viewpoint of the Whole. Of course, that’s easier said than done.

(At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just pulled out little bits of each dream, but they all seem to refer back to each other. It feels like in the very earliest dream, I work somewhere where whatever they want to have you do, it’s like the highest educated people do something, and it feels like very linear to me like it would fit into a tall rectangle and maybe involve radiation. 

And that’s what they actually choose in terms of resolving the situation. And then the people that are the most educated are the ones who do it. But I’m convinced that actually that approach is wrong, that it’s better to take another approach that’s less drastic, and that it produces better results in the long run. 

Although they usually have the less educated people doing it, I have more faith in it, and so it feels like there’s an argument going on about that.

John: The theme of the dreaming last night had to do with reaction action. In other words, what is typical, what is the response, what is the mannerism that comes up when you’re affected in a particular way.

You’re using something as a dramatic in the outer, in which the outer is affected in some inner way through your image. Now, there’s an accepted way, or common way that sophisticated people are then doing this in their reaction. They have a way of contending with it in which there is a manner that’s defined.

And what you’re doing is you’re seeing, somehow, that there is a more natural way, or that there is something else that is another way upon which the situation can be dealt with. And you’re finding that this is how it is done in the most common way, right?

Now, what’s interesting is I’m not sure how you’re using the word common. In other words, it’s like I think you’re differentiating between specific versus overall. And a specific way would have one take and go and deal with something in a linear capacity, that’s defined, that not everyone has the means upon which to do that.

But that is actually an abstraction from the Whole, and that the Whole has to do with not reacting, and taking everything that happens as having a greater meaningfulness, and being able to accept and absorb that for what it is. And that’s what the average person is actually doing at a greater depth inside themselves, is they’re finding that they are designed to simply let go, to be there.

What’s happening is, you’re taking and you’re throwing yourself into this contrast. The natural way of taking and letting everything go is being suggested. In other words, to go with what is in the flow of evolving as opposed to fighting it, which is what everybody does when they take and they react to outer conditions is that they’re actually fighting a natural overall flow.

You’re being told, in a way, that this is no different. You’re fighting an overall flow by responding. That’s almost baffling. It’s hard to believe.

Jeane: As the dream goes on, you and I have to go somewhere. We have a new car and it’s a black car and it has got kind of that big roof like the old Buicks had. Do you know what I mean? It’s kind of a big old car. 

We haven’t really driven it before, and we’re going out at night and there’s snow on the ground, and there’s also something like I can see almost like a roadblock across the road up ahead, and we have to kind of negotiate in this tricky way on the snow, go through what almost looks like there’s something across the road. 

So there’s only a small section through which you can cross, and our battery must die and our lights go out. Well, I’m trying to do something to fix this, but I keep finding myself in the backseat with the seatbelt on in the dark, not the place from which to steer the car.

So I almost have to make this huge effort to actually get in the front seat. I must figure out something that makes the light come on very briefly, but it’s dimmer than it was before, so we have to get across to this little Chevron station and little shopping center I see across a little river. 

There must be a bridge. Well, you start to drive for a few minutes, but then you take us to an area with a little road that just leads on the snow out to this barge, and then we’d be stuck on the river. So then I have to drive again, and I get us over to the little town. 

I’m pretty sure it’s the battery. I think I want to go in and buy a battery, but the first place I go to with someone, and it doesn’t even seem to be you right now, the store seems to think that I want to use credit to get this battery, and credit doesn’t work anymore – they just laugh at me.

So I leave the store and I do something where I actually come back; I don’t know what it was I did. I must have just gone somewhere else and I figured out how to get what I needed, because I come back and this time I have something I can trade with, or that I can use to get what I need, and then I’m going to go to the little Chevron station.

But I know we still have to make it home in this car we haven’t tried out that well yet, so I don’t know if it’s going to make it or not.

John: It’s a dream where one drifts a lot. You lose your ability to see because you’re letting your energy go down. For whatever particular reason your energy has gone down, and the black car is something that drives in a state of Wholeness, or emptiness, or grace – because it’s white out – but the black car is driving in the snow, or driving in the whiteness.

In other words, it’s the part of one’s self that’s making the journey, that goes out into the Wholeness, or the overallness. But in this particular case, you’re being told that the energetic, the electrical, the part that keeps you fired up, that keeps you quickened in terms of making this journey, is out of energy. It’s shorting out, or the lights are going out.

Because what you’re showing as the solution is you have to adopt, or reach, a particular aspect of your masculine nature, where you take a responsibility for yourself. You can’t stay back in a safe zone. What can be accomplished if the car can’t go, and the lights are out – what good is sitting in the backseat all buckled in?

You realize that you have to move towards the issue. Going along for the ride, that isn’t acceptable. You have to plug yourself in, or be engaged, or come directly to the situation, to confront or deal with the situation, to no longer ignore it.

Sitting in the backseat all buckled in is kind of like ignoring it, assuming that the black vehicle can just kind of keep moving along. But you realize that something needs to be done, because in the Wholeness that it’s in, it’s not holding up. It’s not able to maintain itself as a microcosmic flow. It is losing its juice.

And so maybe the difference is that you’re not direct enough with yourself to what is at hand, so you put yourself into the driver’s seat, which is more masculine now as opposed to subjective and feminine.

And in doing so, of course, this leads to collateral damage, because when you take and you do something like that you actually are taking and doing something that’s coming out of a letting go, and going into a state of compaction. In other words, bringing through and functioning in a very specific way within the Wholeness, and that’s a microcosmic motion in the Wholeness.

Because the second dream is responding to the first dream. In other words, the first dream is proposing a naturalness, that in its simplicity is the better way of going, in a general overall sense.

And then the second dream is like saying, except, but, and points out a scenario where the vehicle, which is driving in the state of grace, is no longer able to maintain itself, its energetic, and is thus impacted.

Sitting in the backseat, in a general overall nature, buckled in and going along for the ride, is the same thing as being able to reach and use what you would consider credit cards, or whatever, that have an unlimited depth to them, that more or less have a quality about them that’s able to take into account what is needed.

You just put it on the card, so to speak, but you’re not allowed to just put it on the card, and you’re required to have to drive the car. What you’re doing is you’re contrasting two states of energy.

You’re contrasting the state of energy that has to do with a natural overallness, in which things are all in their place, so to speak, because what people do to try to establish an edge or an upper hand over things when they react, when there’s a reaction to be had, what they do is not the preferable way of being.

It’s better to be able to sit in this natural overallness. However, there can be a point in time, in which in this natural overallness, the vehicle has some problem in terms of keeping its energy right. It’s shorting out. It’s not able to make the journey like it used to make the journey, and you have to take more responsibility, with a kind of focus, when it’s like that.

But at the same time, you can’t forget the first dream. You can’t forget the first dream where you still have to recognize that there’s a greater natural overallness that’s going on at the same time, – you have to work with both.

And so the second dream is there to kind of tell you that, yes, there is this general way, the superior overall way of being. However, in the microcosm of things, you’re required to also be attentive to what is affecting you in the environment. But your attention has to be such that you deal with it specifically, but still do not lose the overallness that is your greater being.

You have to have both. You have to sustain both. It doesn’t talk about depth or anything. It just talks about flow and reaction to flow. Maybe it doesn’t deal with the depth because it’s the masculine that has to probe itself more deeply to take responsibility for what it brings through, as its ideas and thoughts and whatnot, and the feminine just has to be receptive to it, and know by the feel of it, and the sense of it, what’s meant to be, and what’s not meant to be, in terms of how it fills, or fulfills, something.

You’re faced with a conundrum. You’re working with an inner note inside yourself. You can’t dismiss it. You can’t totally dismiss that note as unimportant, and you can’t be too literal with it either.

In that regard, you’re going to extremes. You’re going to a certain depth or density with what is reactive and throwing you asunder. I don’t know whether you would call that a depth, or spin, and then, on the other hand, you’re having to hold onto a cadence of the overallness for the greater sanity of it all.

I guess that’s probably describing what you’re going through. I keep sitting there looking at it from the standpoint that, is it trying to tell you something? I’m always looking at things as if they are teaching dreams, too. Is it trying to direct you, or guide you, in some particular way?

I guess, with that in mind, what it is doing more than anything else is having you pay attention to both equations simultaneously. It’s unacceptable for you to try to take care of yourself via reaction, when you have this general overallness as a responsibility, and it’s unacceptable for you to stay in the general overallness, as well, when something specific is at hand, so, thus, you have this conundrum.

They kind of run at odds to each other, but do they? One is kind of an inner, and one is kind of an outer. One is kind of at a depth of going up, and the other is kind of at a quality of going down into the depths of one’s self. Do they run counter? Actually they fit together like a pea in the pod, but it takes a bit to recognize that you’re having that kind of expansive depth.

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