Found in Translation

Jeane: In my dream, I’m one of several siblings that live in ancient Egypt (where John and I are currently visiting).

It feels like something has happened to one of our parents (our father, I think) because I’m concerned with all of us making it on our own in the world, and with helping our mother. The ability we seem to have, which could be useful, is the knowledge of how to read the hieroglyphs.

John: What do you mean, any of them?

Jeane: Yes. It seems like we children won’t be able to afford to go to school unless we have some ability, and we seem to have the ability to read hieroglyphs. My younger brother, in particular, is kind of a genius in this field.

So I see us going out to the areas where they’re carving the images into rock – I can hear the hammers and the air is filled with dust. We’re learning what all the images say so that we can recite it back. Somehow, this will enable us to help support our mother, and to make our way in the world.

I guess that’s the best way of describing it. Mostly I just remember the dust and the sound of hammers as people carve into the rock. The idea seems to be that we’re learning the meanings because at some point the knowledge will need to be carried forward, instead of being cut into rock. 

The dream seemed to go on for a long time. 

John: By going on for a long time, do you mean you kept looking at it and developing it over and over?

Jeane: Yes.

John: So you’re developing a deeper sense of this activity being imbedded in you and set in your memory. It seems as though you’ve reached above a particular station in life, because you were a poor family…

Jeane: Yes, this translation ability would allow us to go to school.

John: So this reaching out has caused you to rise above what might have been the station you were born into.

Jeane: Yes.

John: And then that enabled you to become someone who then carried the memory, or helped preserve, establish, or lay down for posterity, something that was considered part of an expression or knowledge that needed to be carried forward.

One of the interesting aspects of ancient Egypt is that the society as a whole was spiritually directed. They saw this earthly life as being about the process of preparing for the next life. That ancient knowledge has been mostly lost to humans today, even though it was carved in rock. And much of their wisdom is needed for what’s occurring in these current times.

Now here we are in Egypt, and your dream describes an inner connection to ancient knowledge, and this ancient knowledge enables you to rise above the lowly station of your birth. In that sense, all humans begin at the lowest point (farthest away from God), because we must overcome the purely planetary, egocentric experience of life here. That journey is what lifts us above our “station” in the endeavor to reconnect, or rejoin, God and the universe. The information of how to do that is locked in these hieroglyphics that are carved everywhere.

In connecting to this ancient wisdom, and in being on a journey back to God, you are connected to the past, present, and future all at once, and carrying this knowledge forward. The dream seems to be awakening this embedded knowledge inside you.

In other words, you have a sense of this place (Egypt) that’s of interest to you, as if you’ve been here before. In that connection there is neither time nor space, but there’s a linkage, there’s an intertwining, and the dream ignites the memory of that, or the knowing of that connection.

This dream carries a sense of pulling things together, like a lineage from mother to daughter to brother. It’s a combination of two parts of you, ancient and current, working together to progress you forward, to keep you in sync with the changes in time, even though there’s a huge gap between then and now.

But does such a gap really exist? This gap is almost an inner-plane space. First comes the awakening, which is jarring in the sense that these flashbacks trigger a process of catching up with this empty space in between.

In this catching up is the sense of the whole spatial arc of something, from beginning to end, from ancient to current, from the most simple to the deepest core of what is of value. You are (or the feminine is) providing a huge container for what can be carried forward as part of the flow.

I mean, when you have the whole range from A to Z, you’re better able to know whether something fits in with the spirit of the note, or not. Then you can protect it and put it all into its proper place in terms of what’s right and what isn’t. And that ability is something that can be carried forward into every aspect of life.