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Puyehue-volcano-EruptionToday, we continue the examination of Jeane’s dream yesterday (see Disturbing the Peace), where she had to navigate an earthquake while taking a run. When our inner energies become speeded up, through spiritual development, we begin to have an effect on people, and the world, around us. With this comes the responsibility to contain what is being given. For Jeane, that requires a balance of the masculine and feminine energies in her. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It is a very, very, very loud dream and what we both have in common is we each have some part of us that is out of control, or out of balance. For you, it’s just portrayed as kind of a laid out scenario, and you have more of a side of you that things are just like that, even though you don’t realize that they’re just like that.

A part of you is showing that you’re like that by the way you’re racing now. You’ve been racing quite a bit for the last week or so. There’s a part of you that’s been racing. It’s almost as if something broke through, or happened, or was a relief, and it’s somewhat associated with going over and seeing your dad, and maybe getting the relief of that. Something unleashed in a greater way than what you normally carry.

There’s something about your demeanor now that actually sets in motion something that can set off kind of a bit of an earthquake or rockslide around you. You set this off though, not by way of venting, not by way of something that you do which is negative, or I should say lower energy vibration or something.

You don’t set it off that way. You’re setting it off by being over the top, in other words by somehow or another not conducting yourself in cohesion with the environment around you. In other words, not absorbing or taking into account, fully taking into the account the environment around you at the same time that you have this quality racing out inside of you.

You have to have that there too, and if you don’t have that there then you are losing the energetic container of the feminine quality of things. And some part of you sees you as doing that, and so it has you trying to accentuate that feminine quality by trying to bring something like that into a greater depth of manifestation by the relationship you’re having with another woman.

In other words, to bring that feminine trait back, because something raced right by it with the breakthrough of something that occurred, which felt wonderful, and gave you a certain degree of sense of freedom and whatnot. But that sense of energy has to be used in conjunction with a balance that is simultaneously correspondent to the way you’re able to hold onto a quality of the Whole.

And you raced out, didn’t maintain that certain quality that holds onto something in the Whole, thus you had rockslides and disruptions. But the dream also indicates that this is a step in the process too, because by first of all going to one extreme and then coming back to the other extreme, you have somewhat restored things back into a quasi cadence so that you could then have the focus and see the father again.

Jeane: I was wearing silver, a silver color, too.

John: Yes, it was very catalytic. That’s a very catalytic dream, but this is not around and around kind of dream. This is a pretty intense dream. This is not being milked out in any kind of soft cadence way. This whole thing is full of disruption and things that disrupt, disrupt the whole psyche of, not just your being, but the being of the world.

And of course it’s actually a dream in creation, as if you are disrupting the being of creation, of which you’re a component, and somehow or another you’re out of twang with that, and thus the commotion. But it is the extreme and usually what happens as a person progresses very, very slowly so that everything is accommodated within the schematic of the Whole, and so not much goes on that has any real power or effect upon things.

But now what you’re doing, you carry a part inside of you where you could suddenly hit access or breakthroughs that, as they come across, they’re louder, they’re more dynamic in their effect, and they can actually disturb things and you don’t mean to disturb anything.

In other words, this greater acuity that you develop, that gave you a greater sense and euphoria to lurch and launch about with, wasn’t intentional that all of a sudden this would be too much for creation, it just was. And then a type of remorse, or reaction, which followed that, where you then had to come back into creation to go to the other extreme in creation, however great that could be, in order to catch up with being able to absorb and handle all of this, that was reflected with this relationship with the other woman.

What you’re doing is you’re testing the polarities of up and down, inner, outer, expansion, and contraction. The thing that is missing, the one thing that is out of twang, the loudest thing that’s out of twang, is the timing. In other words, something breaks through and you have the sense of freedom.

You had missed something before, as part of this breaking through, and as a consequence of that it’s out of sequence, it’s out of timing, it’s out of linkage, and then that then sets in motion something again that is the rock slide, and the earthquake, and all of that, which is also operating as if on another channel.

In other words, it’s not within keeping and correspondence to a part of you that has made a breakthrough. It’s as if it’s on another channel, but affected by what you had done on your breakthrough.

And so then when you see that, it’s as if you then go to another level or channel, inside of yourself, to try to pull it back together again with the feminine. And then after doing that to an extreme, you then somehow or another end up with what, a kind of equilibrium where you can go out and find the father?

It works that way, interestingly, but it’s not a very comfortable way of doing it. It’s nicer to kind of go about this where, like I say, it’s all kind of accommodated and you really don’t have the capability of throwing things so awry.

It’s also pointing out that you’re at a level of understanding, and depth, energetically inside of yourself so that you have to maintain good boundary controls.

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earthquake-cracksJeane’s dream begins with an energetic run outdoors, but quickly verges on catastrophe as an earthquake occurs. What makes a dream image devolve quickly into chaos? Well, in this case, it centers on an internal imbalance between masculine and feminine energies. Masculine energy can act as a trigger, but the feminine needs to be able to contain the energy of what has been triggered, otherwise chaos can ensue. Here, Jeane seeks to re-balance herself in the company of feminine energy. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my dream when it starts out I think I had missed my boot camp the day before, so it’s a weekend. I’m living with my family and I decide I’m going to go out running on my own.

I go out and I see some other people from the class there that just like to run because there’s no class that day, it’s Saturday. I start running, and I’m able to suddenly just jump over these small, almost like piles of twigs and stuff, and bushes.

Somehow I get to where I’m just really running and I can jump over these and I go over along the side, and then I go way out almost like on a cliff. And I get out there, and I’ve even climbed down a little, but then I see that this area that I’m on is kind of mossy and that it cuts out underneath.

And then I’m not sure I can get back up on my own, and I could even slide and fall way, way down to some rocks and water, and I see logs in the water so I would hit something. So I’m kind of staying still, and a man comes along and he kind of even stretches out so I can grab his hand, and he’s going to pull me up because I have to be really carefully how I get off this cliff.

Well, just as he’s going to do that, an earthquake hits, and I can see way up behind him where big rocks are falling off – so I just figure I’m a goner. But then this huge tree falls, so I start sliding down the cliff. This huge tree falls such that it’s almost like I can either slide or walk down the tree all the way down across the water to the other side.

None of the rocks that fall hit me or anything, and now I’m on the other side, but down below, so I go over and at some point I find this city that has kind of been built into the rocks. And I have to start climbing up on the outside of the walls in the city. And as I get up, because I keep climbing up because if the earthquake hits this city it would just cave in on itself, but it seems to be holding strong.

Right before I get to the top as I’m climbing up it’s almost like one of the homes that’s built inside this cliff – like there is this whole city inside in a sense. A door opens and there are a couple of women there and they have actually made a whole table full of sandwiches, and I think they’re probably making sandwiches because the earthquake is hitting and they’re going to want to stockpile some food for themselves.

But no, they offer me one so I just take a little corner of one. They’re cut into fourths. I just take a little bit, and then one of the women invites me to another room to lay down for a while, and shuts the door, and we make love, which is a real strange experience because I don’t think I’ve ever made love with a woman before.

And then afterwards it’s like her… she actually has a partner and a girlfriend. She didn’t quite want them to notice this because they might get jealous. Then after that her partner comes into the room, and it’s like she’s even brought us something, some tea or something. Suddenly we go outside and we’re all sitting there.

And the other partner shows up and she has a pot plant, or the leaves of one, and they want to know if I want to either eat… I think I take a bite of it, but I tell them I don’t really smoke things like that, or I don’t take drugs.

It’s time for me to get on my way, so I start walking now and I realize all I’ve got on is this long shirt that comes just above my knees, but it doesn’t seem to matter because I’ve been in the earthquake. It’s kind of a silvery shirt, too. If somebody looks at me I just kind of shrug because after all I’ve been in the earthquake and this is what I have to wear now.

And then I come to an outside area and I’m still trying to figure out how to go home. And I look down and far away on the water I see a speedboat with my dad in it, and I wave. I don’t know if he can see me though. I think that’s when I wake up.  

John: This is a very loud dream. In the dream, it starts off with you accessing something inside yourself, in which you actually go over the top, in which you, by the efforts and whatever it is that you have done, that you suddenly are able to do everything better than ordinary or expected under typical circumstances.

You’re able to jump over things and that sudden sense of freedom sets in motion, it’s almost like too much energy for the situation of yourself, and so it sets in motion this whole reactivity. You have a greater influence on your surrounding environment than you realize, and when you get like that, and especially as you get more and more connected inside, so that you have more and more sense of freedom, and the obstacles in the normal mannerisms in which you’re restrained, or slowed down, no longer are dominant, so that you then can have a more direct influence upon things in the outer.

Which, to begin with, is like suddenly the usual resistances aren’t there, and you’re able to do things with a certain dynamic. But there’s an importance to the sense of balance, and the sense of order, and the sense of going through things within a kind of container.

Your energy has bolted out, and it’s now discombobulating the environment, setting off these earthquakes and landslides and all of this sort of stuff that almost engulfs you. You have a few lucky breaks because it’s like this has happened, but something… it’s not meant to destroy you, it’s meant to cause you to recognize that you have to be able to take in what has occurred.

Now, this disruption and whatnot that you did, if you think about it you did it from a breakthrough that had to do with you having an acuity to push through things, and that acuity to push through things, to have a focus that could push through things, and have a certain freedom as a consequence of pushing through these things. That’s a masculine use of energy.

So now you’re needing, and feeling that you need to take that back, you need to catch up with that, you can’t be like that, that’s too much that came rushing through all of a sudden. And it if it’s going to have that kind of an effect, you’re disturbing things.

So you go to a place, and what was interesting about this place is, in this place you are attempting to find a rest, or a balance, relating more to the feminine side of yourself, relating more to bringing something through in terms of the feminine, and it kind of works that way.

It’s just that you’ve got this in some sort of correspondence that’s not smoothly one to one. In other words, the effect of something of the masculine comes in and touches something in creation, and usually creation is able to respond, and take that into account, and handle it with a certain degree of balance and composure.

But in this particular instance, that which came in, which gave you the dexterity and the freedom to lurch about more casually and readily, was over the top, and caused a disruption, caused the earthquake, caused an upheaval, which meant that it wasn’t received with a balance in terms of the feminine.

So now you’re trying to figure out how to find that balance in terms of the feminine, thus the relationship with another woman to again accentuate, to bring out, the depth of feminine energy so that it can properly correspond, because it didn’t correspond initially.

Initially you raced out with a certain sense of freedom and a breakthrough that put you into kind of a preening euphoria, and had you able to conduct yourself, and act, in a way that surprised you, the way you broke through things.

In other words, you were missing the class within yourself of taking this stuff in natural stride, and so, having lost that ability to do this in conjunction with both above and below, both inner and outer, both expansive and contractive, or however you would say that, being able to carry that with composure.

You’re going to an extreme that lacks the composure in terms of how to carry this, which seems okay on the surface, but is too much for life and causes things to be disturbed, which causes the landslide and earthquake and all of that sort of thing.

And so you don’t mean to do that, so you then go back to the depths inside you, and find how to open up something in terms of your greater ability to absorb or to handle this.

You go back into a house like that in which now the feminine composure is accentuated, and then when the feminine composure is accentuated, then you’re able to go, and move about, in life again, in keeping with the father because you see your father in the distance.

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The following discussion is an analysis of the dream described in Kiss, Chase, Earthquake.

John: That’s quite a journey you went on! And I think the important theme of it is about staying attentive to the condition and the state that you’re in. In other words, at some point you become aware of the process that is occurring on the path that you are on. You do this, of course, to be able to see and to recognize what opens you up, and facilitates a natural unfolding, versus what may prevent it.

To begin with you find yourself in a scenario in which everything is going at a particular pace and there are young people whipping around. So what is available to you at the beginning of the dream is a fresher, livelier, quicker, overallness of yourself. Whenever anything speeds up, you then have to figure out how to put it into a cadence within you, based on how you see yourself.

That’s to create the inflection that will allow it to carry through. So you kiss the boy and that opens up something and increases the speed, which causes the dream to take a different course. All of it can’t catch up with you yet, which means you have to develop the other part of yourself (the feminine part) – so you kiss the girl. You’re flip-flopping in a way; the images are creating a roller-coaster effect.

Then the scene switches to a deeper part of yourself, to a state inside that’s grasping events with more acuity, in terms of you finding a balance or rhythm. What’s interesting is that I have to be careful in how I describe this because the tendency for me is to describe it as if you’re dealing in something that streamlines, but that is a more masculine perspective.

You are coming at it from a more feminine perspective, so in your case it’s about a rhythm that has to do with how you take things into account, or how you feel things, in an overall way. From a masculine way of saying it, it’s easier to try to see it as streamlining, which sorts everything out by saying “yea” or “nay,” up or down, or stop or go. (That’s how my dreams often work because they have that trait to them. The feminine is more grounded, the masculine is more up in the air.)

So your dreams deal with a slightly different listening center that tends to pull things down and look at them in terms of how you carry information – how you bring the information back and forth, or hold onto the information. It’s concerned with whether you can be nimble enough with the information that you can carry it through in a way that you can them embody it, or sustain it into your life.

The car in the dream represents you, and here it depicts how you’re catching up with that sense of self in your relation to the outer world. You barely get on the road before there’s an earthquake, and then the car is something that you can pick up and carry. So your sense of self isn’t strong – you’ve got a “little” car. It’s small, it needs protection, and it hasn’t unfolded like it needs to unfold.

You are meant to have more power than that. You’re carrying something that has tremendous depth and strength, and which can stand up against everything that comes at it. But you feel the need to protect it, although, eventually, you realize that you can start taking things into the car and you pack it full of people and find a clear stretch of road.

So your sense of self has strengthened, so the next problem becomes one of doing, of acting in the world, because what you are bringing through is all so much bigger than you realized. And that sense of being overwhelmed arises in the image of male dogs mounting male dogs, the interior car light that won’t go off, and the people chasing you.

What is being asked of you, or required of you, is for you to sort this out. You need to be able to discriminate from among the things that life is throwing at you, exactly what it is you want to carry in the car (you) with you. It’s the same discrimination that is required in waking life.

So that imagery is a type of yo-yoing again, but now it’s a back-and-forth on an inner level, whereas before it was more in the outer realms. In the outer realms you need to navigate the ups and downs by understanding how something is affecting your overall feelings. On an inner level, it’s more about keeping balance and staying in rhythm, because more has been added to the mix than what you began with.

See Part II of this analysis tomorrow.

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