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John: In the first dream I feel like I’m in a waiting area, where I see a father and his son hanging out. I seem to be there to play games, and the young son wants to play ping-pong. I’m there wondering if I can find a pool table.

In this peculiar dream, even though the father and son seem to be separate from me, it also seems that I’ve given a pool cue to the father as a gift, although I can’t remember anything more than that.

As I look around the room, I realize that in the area where I thought there was a pool table – I have the feeling of waiting around for them to finish so I could have a turn – there really isn’t one. I’m waiting for no reason.

When I realize this, I go down a hallway and look through a door and that’s when I see there’s a racket ball court. 

As I return, the son whines about wanting to leave because there isn’t a ping-pong table. I hope they will leave so I can move around and find the pool table and have the whole place to myself.

Before they leave, I suddenly realize it’s 4:30pm. My flight arrived at 3:30pm, and now it’s 4:30pm and I have to leave again on the plane at 6:00pm.

I haven’t eaten yet. I don’t have time to play pool. I only realize this after going to all the trouble of getting set up to go to a separate room where I could shoot pool for 25 cents an hour. I haven’t got time to do that. I have to leave.

Isn’t that interesting?  Strange dream.

This dream indicates that I’m not fully taking in what’s around me – all that’s there before me. As a result, I’m missing out on the full experience. Part of me wants to leave if I can’t do what I want to do. Another part of me realizes that, even though I’m able to visit this rest and reprieve area, I cannot hang out because I’m scheduled to go to a new place.

So, this is kind of the precursor imagery for going to the new place. The next dream tells about it.

A person is telling others that, this time, what’s being set up is on my terms, referring to me, and not subject to others as before. In other words, the time before was over – it was, perhaps, screwed up in some way – and now is a new time.

The person who is announcing this is the person who’s involved with what I’ll be doing later. This announcement had a wonderful feeling. It felt like everyone was put at ease; everything’s okay now.

Then, in another image I see myself going down an escalator, just willingly going down an escalator and when I look up I see, on a kind of a scaffold and walkway up above, my sister and her husband hanging out. 

He’s on a computer and she’s sitting there. Suddenly she points me out: there I am. I’m leaving and they’ve come to see me off to wherever it is that I’m going. They may not see me again for a long, long time. Out of respect and honor they have come to say goodbye and I wave at them as I go down the escalator out of sight.

What’s the sense of all this? These recent dreams (including The Lost City), have been showing that I’m struggling to take in the larger schematic of life. I’m moving around, but I’m not taking in the important information, which means I’m not really connected to the wholeness.

So these dreams are emphasizing the importance of being open and awakened, and therefore realizing what’s possible. So I’m being reminded before I continue my journey.

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John: So, in this dream I go to a place where I’m to pay my debt. In the short-term it’s a lower number than I expected. Long-term it’s a larger number. (So, already we see that the dream has incorporated both the expansive and contractive elements from the previous two dreams; see Nearing the Top and Rough Flight.)

As I enter this office building I run into a certain friend. While I’m in the office, I’m very focused on settling this debt – I don’t want to carry this burden. But I also can’t ignore the fact that my friend is there as well.

I’m in such a hurry that I’m holding my car keys in my right hand. I want to get in and get out. My friend is excited to see me and he comes up to say “Hello.” He sticks his hand out to shake, and it catches me by surprise. I realize that as I’m shaking his hand, I’m still holding the car keys in my right hand without thinking.

As this is happening, I thinking, “Oh wait, I need those keys back!” Then I wake up.

Isn’t that interesting? So, what this dream imagery is showing me is that the only way out of the dilemma I have faced in the last two dreams is to let go of my means of transportation, or at least what I perceive to be a necessary vehicle for me to get where I want to go.

In the first dream I had a tank-like truck that couldn’t get me up the hill. It was a burden that was slowing me down. In the second dream, I’m off the ground, in a helicopter, but the ride is frightening, and I have no appreciation for it, because it’s so out of control.

For me to truly reach my destination, I have to let go of my old ways, aspects in me that prevent me from progressing onward. I have been shown the two extremes of my nature: the contractive feminine aspect (the heavy truck), and the expansive, masculine nature (the out-of-control helicopter).

Now I see that to pay my “debt,” to rid myself of what is holding me back, I have to let go of the keys that keep me in the driver’s seat. There is no “normal” price to pay that will get this resolved.

I can’t travel towards God by controlling the vehicle, I have to let go, settle back, and let the Divine function through me. I have to trust that God will provide the means, if I let go enough to be guided.

Until I let go and trust in that, I will continue to swing back and forth between these extremes. It’s unproductive for me to think that I can figure out what’s going on, or to try and be pro-active, when we can see how poorly everything functions when I’m left to my own devices.

The solution for me is to let go. I just have to surrender to the process. I just have to hand the keys over. That’s how a person consolidates.

So I’m shown that I’m not going to be able to resolve one extreme against the other. I’m too caught up in the dichotomy. Only in letting go will I be free enough to get to the destination I seek.

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John: I’m laying back and I hear a voice that’s announcing that I’m ready for launching. Or something is ready for launching. It looks like I’m in an airport holding area where you go through screening before you board the plane.

I’m looking through glass windows at people sitting at loosely arranged tables in a cocktail bar atmosphere. I don’t have a ticket or pass to be in that room, but I know I want to get in there. I’m told the room is full.

Those inside the room are going to be released – they’re the ones who are going to be launched. They’re going to go have this wonderful opportunity to go out into the outer, into life.

Suddenly I’m in the room, too, and there’s no place for me to sit. I don’t identify with anyone. When I wanted to get in, I didn’t think I fit, but now that I’m inside, I realize I identify even less.

Some people are smoking, some are reading the paper, others are engaged in buying and selling stocks, some are talking to people of a like nature; everyone seems to have an identification. They all have something in common.

But I don’t seem to identify with any of them, nor do I want to. They seem different from the vibratory sense that I’ve been holding.

I go over to one side of the room where various guests have left their bags. It seems kind of lonely and cut off from the flow of the room. I don’t meant to be standoffish, either – I feel I have to join the flow because I have to be engaged in some manner to be launched into life.

I decide, given the available options, to relate to the people in the buying and selling game. I’ll adopt that as my profile. You know, I have to be serious about it – not just pretend. So that will be my way of coming into life – of being launched.

This dream continues the exploration of how we bring inner essences into our outer lives. The imagery is showing me that I have to put what I’ve been feeling, as an inner connection, into action. (For more on this theme, see Walking Softly and Joining the Dance.)

There are two aspects to this process, because I don’t want to deny it, as shown by me standing off in a corner and not fitting in. That’s not acceptable. At the same time, I can’t fully drop my connection to become like all the others in the room. So I need to adhere to my connection to something more.

To be able to do that is what it means to be launched, in this scenario, into the flow that exists. In other words, I can’t do this in a way that has judgment toward, or withholds, from the reality of life – that’s a type of baggage all its own. Yet I also can’t be prideful; I can’t wear this deep connection on my sleeve in a way that is an affront to others.

My opportunity is to put that inner vibration freely, and joyfully, into life. The outer scenario through which I do this, whether as a buyer and a seller or any sort of guise, needs to be understood as a sort of prop – it is the way through which I can work this into life. But I can’t get caught up in and identify myself as “being” that guise.

That is the challenge: how can this innerness, which is an emptiness – a nothingness – how can it come into the somethingness of physical life? Well, it needs a human, one that is more connected to the inner realms than fixated on the outer realms. I use the word prop because that’s what our guise is, a prop for this theater of life. It’s not really us, but we lose our inner connections when we believe that it is.

So this dream is a way of describing how we can carry an essence into creation. And we don’t need to do it with the idea that we are trying to make something “better.” In other words, it’s not about saving the world or something.

We just want to carry forth the essence, inside of us, into creation. We can use any prop in front of us, because we are not fighting the way things are, we are just flowing with what’s there. That subtle shift makes all the difference. That’s what enables us to be naturally connected to what the Divine has in mind.

It’s easy to see something in disarray and think it has to be altered or changed. But we don’t have to alter or change anything. We can just take it as it is, while holding the vibration and being in the flow of it. When we can do that, everything can change, without any further effort from us.

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