Breaking the Trance

-Indicative-SignsThe idea of “need” is at the center of human and universal purpose. In one sense, humans, through spirituality and religion, are seeking permission from the universe to proceed. But that need isn’t based in the idea of what we want for ourselves, it is aligned to the need to be a part of, and in support of, universal purposes. It is that kind of need that triggers a response in the form of intelligence for what to do next. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What I remember most about my dream is it feels like that people were gathered up, or rounded up almost, in three different large rooms. And this happened because there were rock stars that were able to do this. They would draw people together to that room and then the room was locked. I felt like people in the room were then going to be electrocuted or something.

So I do something to short circuit all that. I do something that breaks the circuit in the room, so people can get out of the room. But then I’m going back and I’m repeating the dream. I’m with a man and I’m going to show him how that works. And at one point, when people are together in a room, there’s actually going to be a fight that goes on. I think I’m going to fight someone.

But what I’m pointing out to him is to be careful at what he’s looking at right then. Because as the group gets together, some people are lowering blinds that cover windows and I know they’re going to project movie scenes on those windows and people are going to watch those scenes and they are not going to notice what’s actually happening.

And so I’m kind of giving him instructions, just kind of whispering to him, to really pay attention, so that he doesn’t get caught up in the movie that people in the room are being shown, which is distorting reality – so that he can see what’s really going on. And meanwhile, I think again, I’m going to try and alter something so that there’s a different way things are handled, rather than just whatever would have happened to everybody in the room as a whole. Maybe just one person can take some responsibility for it or something. I’m not as clear about what happened there. But, I remember, you know, like I was going through it again, so I could show someone what was happening and they wouldn’t follow the illusion that was created the first time.

John: You’re using the symbolism of a rock star in an interesting way. In other words, it’s something rock, it’s something that’s a density, that functions in life, that is able to put spells or betwixt people just by the way that things act up, and occur, and appear in the environment. And that this keeps a person numb, dumbed down, tranced out, and subject to being electrocuted.

And that what you’re able to do is that you’re able to change the energetic effect. And the part that you’re not looking at or recognizing clearly because it defies, even for yourself dreaming this, conventional thought, is that you’re seeing these images that are projected up on the wall. And you’re saying that these images—you’re still using the linear means inside yourself to somehow associate these images as an aspect or part of the process that is going to be causing them to be put in dire straights. But you just see that and you’re making this connection literally

Essentially, you’re breaking the trance. Now, how’s that possible to break a trance? You’re doing something magical. How are you able to do this? In other words, the people are in a room. They’ve been rounded up. They’re caught in a particular way about how they perceive things that’s linear. And the consequences of that is going to lead to their demise. And so you have the means to break that trance so that that doesn’t occur. Isn’t that a little bit magical?

You’re able to extend your spatiality out over something that includes the way that something is unfolding and is spreading out your consciousness. Because you’re connected to everything that exists, you can do that, you can touch everything. By somehow extending that out so that you touch everything, you’re able to cause a shift to occur.

I guess you could say that that’s magical, but it’s also what is possible. It’s what a human being is designed to be able to do. Or otherwise how could they take responsibility over their environment? How is it that they could step into their role as something that is meant to be in a co-creator way? You know, that’s meant to be able to help facilitate something that opens up as a fulfillment of a need?

The need has to be identified, or seen and recognized. And when it is, and a person can then be turned so that they focus upon that need that is naturally inside of them, they have the means with inside of themselves to break any trance or spell or anything that is taking them over the edge, or putting them in harm’s way. All human beings can do that. The problem is that they don’t know how to access that need. And they are readily dumbed down by the way something can be projected out, and that they can be manipulated, or guided, in this first state that is amnesic, misaligned, and lacks a clarity of energetic recognition or knowingness.

And so you have come along and you have taken it upon yourself to, like, do something that’s from the standpoint of someone who does not recognize that there is this inner means, that can be accessed at the heart of heart of things. That, in other words, everything that exists out here is actually in a deep, deep inner state of silence. And that silence is what is real and that you can access that silence and, therefore, change that which is seemingly apparent appearance-wise, to be unfolding, that you can effectuate a change by doing that.

You see this stuff happening all the time, but you don’t realize the degree to which it can be taken, that what you think can get to the point where it manifests. And that’s one of the dilemmas that the dream group is having is that when you have certain thoughts, limiting thoughts or mannerisms that exist, and you hold to them and you don’t allow a space for something more to evolve, you choke off a process. And when you choke off a process, you’re basically not recognizing the need that is there trying to come through. And you’re not able to recognize the need that’s trying to come through, because you’re looking at things from a conceptual, linear way that you’re familiar with. And you’re applying the familiarity. You’re not able to access the originality that is intertwined with everything that exists that flows, through you, that is naturally a part of you.

So, what you’re doing in this dream, is that you’re starting with a setup in which something is caught in its density, is lead by the fact that it’s able to be manipulated because it’s misaligned. And therefore, can be pushed around in some way or another that is not in accordance with the need, and can even be obliterated because if it doesn’t catch up with its need inside, of which it’s no different than the way man is destroying the ecosystem of how he lives, because he has lost the means to identify, recognize, and be in touch with the need that is there. And therefore then tweak the need, and can thus change or fix or alter what is unfolding. That this is something that is a helplessness, that prevails, but your dream is saying not necessarily.

The dream is saying that there is something about the overall way that you can contain something in life. So, in other words, an overallness I should say, that you have in life, that functions in a responsible way to the containment of everything that is, and can help shape and guide the way that it would unfold because you’re bringing in that one thing that creates the linkage to that which is divine, which is the need. The true recognition of the need.

Others don’t necessarily see the need. You see the need. You see the need so much so that you awaken them to the recognition of that need inside of themselves. And that then makes it all possible to create the change automatically.

So was that magic? Not necessarily. It’s just something that we have never accessed before is our true inner power. It’s how it works. To catch up with that though requires us not to go around trying to keep things in a particular note or a particular way, because to have to maintain it as being such and so, prevents this greater stepping out from occurring.

In other words, you have to take all directions and turn all directionalities into a singleness that is everything, to an overallness. In other words, what exists is that there’s a direction to everything. And the fact that there is a direction to everything means that nothing out of the ordinary can happen.

And no one stops and realizes that you have to step outside of the process. Or you could be lost in the process and go around and around and around, but eventually you have to step through that door. As long as you’re caught in the process, you create stigmas that keep things in the linear format.

What you did, because no one understands that stepping out of the process is the process, no one can quite grasp that if they really looked at it and tried to put it down in an A, B, C format, they would view that as something that was coincidental or a fluke, or just a lucky break, whatever. They wouldn’t realize that that’s how consciousness works, too. And that in order for us to catch up with consciousness working that way, we have to quit trying to adhere it to being such and so.

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