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elementsIn this continuation of the analysis from yesterday’s dream (see A Point in Time), John delves into the symbolism of the diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades from a deck of cards, and their relationship to the forces of nature: water, earth, air, and fire. It’s interesting to understand how his relationship to the different suits, in the dream imagery, gives him insight about his current situation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my case there’s something on the heart level, and the expansive quality of the heart level, in that what’s being pointed out is, in that regard I’m overwhelmed, and that affects my ability to think, or to perform, or to act, or to just put the whole thing together.

I’m impaired of the consequence of that. Well, what’s not readily apparent is the heart cards represent the air. In other words, there’s earth, air, water, and fire and each of those cards represent one of those traits.

The heart card is also the heart card, but in an expansive sense it’s air as well. And the fire card is the spades, so the higher self cards, even though this is just a way of trying to describe things you get it all twisted up again if you look at life like this, by making the distinction that you have two unique speed traits or vibrational traits.

I mean vibrational traits in terms of a speeded mannerism of things, going on. And it is often said that your higher-self traits take on a greater speed in the air and fire side of yourself, and that your lower-self traits take on a greater rootedness and groundedness and ability to look at things in a tighter microcosmic way with the earth and water side of yourself.

In the dream, I have the fire side, which is the spades that I’m never quite sure, because one could be faded or burnt out a little bit and I don’t quite know that that’s a spade card, and then the air quality, which can be too much for me. Now, each of those cards it’s like they represent earth clubs, water diamonds, hearts air, fire spades.

They also represent the way that a human being processes and functions, air intuitive, the fire the catalyst that makes something happen, kind of a creative quality that punches through things however they are, the groundedness that is the earth quality that holds something in its manifested form in a condensed way, and the water quality which pulls things together in terms of the emotional interconnectivity, the closeness, the closeness, however, that is associated between all zones of things as a watery trait, a type of intimacy.

It’s considered slower because it can be syrupy even. It can be emotional even. And so in my dream, the thing that’s fouling things up at the very beginning, is the higher-self quality traits. If you wanted to say it that way, in that my air nature and my fire nature, air almost too much, or heart almost to the point that it shorts out the thinking, the thinking being earthy, an earthy aspect in other words because there’s the thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition, and the sensation comes from the water or the diamonds in this imagery.

The thinking comes from the earth or the clubs in this imagery. The intuition comes from the air or the hearts, and the fire quality, which is the creative quality, comes from the kingly spade. This is what I’m contending with in my imagery, and I’m not pulling together… I mean it’s just there in terms of the clubs and the diamonds, but what seems to be in a state of disarray for me is the hearts and the spades.

The clubs and the diamonds are just there. The hearts and the spades, which are speeded up, seems to be throwing me off and contributing to being unsettled. As a consequence, I have the confusion, then, of what is meant to be.

I feel something inside of myself that is coming, or meant to be, or is percolating, but in terms of getting the timing, and the balance, it’s like I’m somehow way, way behind the octave of things. And it’s frustrating, and it’s leaving me twisted up as a consequence of that, because I really do feel that that needs to be clear.

Now, it’s kind of a strange way of acting that one thinks that they have a right to a type of clarity that knows how the changes are meant to be meaningful in life, because the changes are affected by those forces. That’s the play that leads to manifestation. It’s reflected in an air, earth, water, and fire way.

And yet that then reflects the intangible that’s outside of manifestation, which is the higher quality traits of the higher speeded up energy, as the intuition and sensation, and so you have this very strange paradox.

This dream creates very, very strange paradoxes because when presented like this the feminine traits look more speeded up. They are the intuition and sensation, but they don’t get there except by catching up with themselves in creation.

And the thinking and the feeling is discombobulated, as if it thinks it has it down in the creator or larger side of one’s self state of being, thinking, and feeling – as if you have a right to be in on the schematic of things.

In order for that to work it has to actually come down, or be united with, or combine with the intuition and the sensation. And what is lacking in the dream is shocking to me, that’s actually appalling, is how slow I am.

I’m not even getting the basics done right in terms of arranging the cards and the sequence of order so that they can be played. I have to look at each card and I can’t seem to go through these cards but at a very slow pace, and it’s all I can do to keep my mind in the game because I’m washed out by this heart quality that is there, and then the fire element is causing me to not see straight.

And so I’m not getting just that anal retentive microcosm right, which needs to snap and be faster so that the macrocosm in which things, the pace that one has to go at in terms of a depth inside one’s self, can be obtained.

So, I sit in kind of a state in which I am supposedly able to be at the table, but I’m the laggard in the whole process, missing all kinds of things. And the dilemma that exists, the conundrum, the Catch-22 that I’m in, is that there’s something to be said about being able to be natural in the outer without having to be overly indulged.

But I can’t do that because I am compelled to have to sort something out or understand it, and thereby hold myself up and go at a very, very slow pace and keep myself beat up in that regard, because there is a level of completion there because they are the four cards that I have dealt to me in my hand.

I mean, there are four players in the outer, with these four hands of cards, and yet somehow or another the combination of all of that is supposed to lead to that coming together in a way so that the higher self can play too, at a faster speed.

And so my Catch-22 in the dream is I’m going at this super slow pace of trying to arrange these cards and put them into their piles and then probably after that, when everyone else has been done for a long, long time, then put them into the proper order in my hand, somehow pick all of these cards up, which I haven’t figured out yet how to do, and then somehow be able to play them in sequence with the others – who are going at this much faster speed – that I somehow automatically can do that.

And I’m realizing that by the time I get to that particular point I’m going to be so twisted, so befuddled, that I’m going to blow this part of the game too. It’s not like I’m going to suddenly get there.

They act as if I’m going to suddenly get there, but I doubt that in terms of looking at myself, because if I’m struggling to such a degree with just getting these cards together properly, most certainly when I do finally have them all picked up, even though that will be a sigh of relief – and the sigh of relief will be like this out-breath coming down into a release – then can I play those cards? I don’t know.

I think I’ll be all twisted around and disoriented and worn out, exhausted, when I should be excited at that speed, at that point. I’m in that game, but I never see myself quite able to keep up.

So that’s the dilemma, just like you’re not quite able to see yourself as taking on the greater Wholeness of the containment of things in the overall that is your due, and what you’re meant to do, and as a consequence you question what it is that life’s about, because you don’t have it all there encompassed, just like I don’t have the required succinctness and speed to work ambidextrously simultaneously with the flow energy that I need to catch up with.

Very complicated imagery.

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Jeane: This dream has the muted colors of the desert, as found in the Holy Land, where we’re visiting.

In the dream it feels like I’m on a ship, but the actual visual is more like I’m at the top of a mountain. I want to get a certain treatment, or have something take place, and it seems like I go way down into a cave.

I see myself telescoping down into this cave, and then back up to where I was. I think I’m on a ship, but I never really see a ship; I just see mountains.

I keep going down to this cave-like room where I go with other women to get some kind of treatment. Then it feels like those treatments have run out. I have to figure out where to go next.

John: You’re playing with the overallness of how you connect to an energetic power that flows through everything.

As you start off it’s not obvious to see that the power is there, because you’re in a setting like a desert, i.e., desolation, wide open spaces, etc. It looks like that on the surface, but the dream carries a quality, or a way of being from inside you, in which it’s just like floating on water or on a ship.

In other words, it’s not a struggle, it flows. There’s motion, there’s movement, and if you’re in a ship floating on the water in a dream, you’re in something, in an overall way, and you’re flowing with it.

You can be on the upper part of a ship where you have to contend with steering, navigation, and other details, which is more masculine. The bottom part of the ship is where you deal with the fact that you’re into the depths of it all, which means you’re connected and intertwined, and that’s the feminine overallness.

There’s a confusion that exists, though. You have the outer, earth energy of something in terms of creation (desert and mountains) and then you have the flow of the water element, and then you have the inner depth (the cave) that makes all of that come together.

So you’re taking two elements, earth and water, and you’re bringing them together into what? Into something of an essence. All of the elements (earth, air, fire, water) can flow out of the ether, but as long as you personally identify with a situation in the outer world, then you’re not actually letting go to the overallness. This is a very subtle thing to pick up.

If the only image you were looking at is the image of how things are, or what’s meant to be, or what to do next, or how does something work – if all you have to look at is the image of you being in a desert area with mountains, that would be kind of confusing. Or if all you had to look at was a ship on the water, not knowing anything more, that too could be bewildering.

But if you put it all together to where you’re able to make a shift and nothing is a limitation, and it’s all taken into account, then that’s like taking the elements of earth and water into an essence that you’re perfectly comfortable with.

So, how is it possible for you to unfold an essence, taking it from the inner into the outer, without the outer imposing some sort of limiting effect on it? It’s like you carry something deep inside – the essence of all that is, before it was even created – and now you’re in something that’s been created out of that essence (the physical world), and you can’t find the essence anymore.

If you had the essence at your disposal, you wouldn’t be taking the outer world seriously. You would realize that it’s a fabrication. Your dream almost awakens you out of the external trance by jumping from the state in which you have an awkwardness in the outer (the desert), to a greater ease in a boat, and an even greater ease when you let go of the responsibilities of the boat and go to a depth within the boat.

All of this is progressing somewhere, and where it’s progressing to is a total letting go of everything. When you totally let go of everything, then it has no hold on you. When it has no hold on you, then you’re in a nothingness, and yet you’re in everything. You can’t see it as a nothingness as long as you see it as having some sort of existence and presence that you have to contend with, or you have to cause to happen in a particular way.

There’s more to say about this fundamental concept, and we’ll continue our discussion tomorrow.

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