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John: Last time we ended by touching on some of the different aspects between the masculine way of approaching something, and the feminine way of approaching something. I think it’s interesting to explore a bit more, because we can see how it is playing out both in our dreams and in our waking life processes (see Set in Motion).

Generally, I’m too much off the ground, and that’s a natural aspect of the masculine. You experience the world with a certain fundamental rootedness, and that’s a naturally feminine aspect.

What that means is that you view, and experience, and have appreciation for things through the lens of how they fit and where they belong as part of the wholeness. For example, if we both experience the sun shining, or a sunset, or an animal running across the field, those experiences don’t necessarily register with me as being meaningful. I can easily dismiss them because I’m much less rooted in the whole. But you can be touched by the meaningfulness of those events immediately.

So your rootedness allows you to embrace the whole much better, while I’m inclined to miss its importance unless I find a way to ground it in me. At a speeded-up pace, I’m comparatively faster in assessing the motion of things, and I can quickly get a sense of what is going on, but it might not have tangibility or meaningfulness until I root it into life – into creation.

Generally, when things come up in life, you will be much better at establishing where it might belong in the overall scheme of things, and I can more quickly discern what is needed as a next step. The thing is, we both need both aspects. The next step can’t be accurately assessed without it being understood in the context of the whole (rooted).

If you see something more as a setness and it doesn’t go into motion, it will have to go through a number of different levels in you before you can get to a stage of appreciation. I have to go from a level of speed and motion that is somewhat detached from things – that doesn’t get its hands dirty – down into something rooted and pull it through. That is the process of taking what one sees and penetrating it right down into life, where it can hold a particular setness.

So this is an interesting dynamic that’s shifting around between us. What it’s doing is allowing you to better see how to appreciate the masculine quality that functions in this other capacity (motion), and helps bring things into life, because you already have a very set, solid container quality.

What I am being shown is that I have an acuity that’s too fast, too mercurial, and that I need to ground it (connect to the feminine), in order to really get a sense of what something is.

When you mix in the decisions and changes involved in our moving to Las Vegas, we’re seeing the two extremes. I find it difficult to get rooted into the atmosphere of this place because the environment is so stirred up I find it disorienting.

And you’re sitting there trying to figure out what is below that dizzying surface – what is meaningful. You get a sense that I see something meaningful. I get a sense that you see something rooted. I can’t get to the rooted if you can’t get to the meaningful. I can sense the meaningful, but it can’t be brought alive without the rootedness. It’s a very strange thing.

We can bring it all together in one image, and that’s the image of the view from the apartment overlooking The Strip. That view is something that you probably appreciate in terms of the lights in a regular way, as an aspect of creation. I appreciate it more as an aliveness that I see in the lights; it’s disjointed, but I do see the aliveness and the lights.

So what we are being asked is, “Can you see the lights and the appreciation of an aliveness in those lights, and hold the rootedness?” And, “Can I take the aliveness of those lights and find the rootedness, and therefore create a connection?

That’s what I think our dreams have been prompting in us.

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Jeane: In this dream it feels like I am in the U.S., but I am a woman who is from India. My friends are also from India – our skin is dark.

I am married. It feels like a group of us go to visit another friend. He lives in an area near his work; his living quarters are more public than usual. It is near a transport station, just off to the left, and there is a lot of glass so his living quarters are not very private.

It feels as though times are unsettled. There is something going on in society that is similar to McCarthyism where people can accuse other people and have them arrested just on casual suggestions. Some people believe this is going on, but others don’t.

I am drawn to this man we are visiting, even though I am married. I go there to sleep with him at his place. Perhaps someone could even walk by the windows and see that I am there – perhaps one of his co-workers.

Then it feels like my friends come to warn me that one of his co-workers is going to have him arrested for some offense – like he is being accused of being a communist or something else.

Neither of us can really believe it, yet they do come to arrest him and, perhaps, also arrest me and others I’ve associated with. They take us out the door; there are some transport buses and people walking by. I try to appeal to some passersby that this is a miscarriage of justice and we haven’t done anything wrong; maybe one of his co-workers is just jealous or envious because we are involved. I do not know. I try to get them to see this is just a set up. However, people are afraid to act.

Next the dream does a sideways shift: It feels like I’m standing outside with others (I don’t know if it’s the same people or not). I am participating in a game that involves crossing the highway to get somewhere.

It’s like a video game. When I first step onto the highway someone pulls me back because something comes zipping by me. You have to time when to step out, and then you step onto a moving island that is traveling down the highway.

There is a puzzle box that, when you move it, takes on different shapes and opens up. It feels like I’m also trying to get the people who are traveling with me to come along.

So, I’m trying to open this puzzle box, which will suddenly change its shape and the shape of everything around me. If I can open up the right puzzle box at the right time then there are more ways of traveling across the highway.

It’s hard. Sometimes the box just opens up in odd ways and none of us are quite sure what to do, but you still have to take that risk and go out on the highway and travel down on that island and open up another puzzle box and try to figure out what this shape means and what that is leading to.

John: What you are doing here has to do with an energetic that has built up to a particular point where it’s now able to do something differently – in a dynamic way – in the outer. It’s trying to open up, like the puzzle box, even though you are not sure what to do with it. The actual theme of the dream has to do with using a type of consciousness to affect matter.

In your dream you are extending an energetic of yourself into a new capacity. When you do that, part of you perceives it as a violation of the established order of things. That’s because you are not embracing the energetic as natural to you – you feel it is separate from you. So it becomes an inner struggle.

What the new energetic is manifesting appears to you as something that is not allowed, something that must be wiped out. In other words, you are having a dream that has to do with addressing an energetic, but instead of letting the energetic do what it can do, you interpret it as a threat; it feels personal, but it isn’t, really.

So that conflict in you creates the disruption in the dream (the threat of arrest). In the outer world, everything that is done is perceived to have a result. But internally, deep down, you know it doesn’t have to be that way: an energetic can just be there in and of itself.

You are not able to bring this through as just a pure energetic; you are only able to carry it through as a disruptive image. For some reason this is how you are interpreting the energy, rather that just seeing it and working with it and allowing it to change things without having to do any thing yourself.

Because, ultimately, the energetic you are struggling with is perfect and natural by itself, and you want what it can do in life.

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Jeane: The next dream combines two elements: I am back in my hometown for a high school reunion, and I have also gotten a job there. The job must be with an agency that I was affiliated with somewhere else. I am going in and talking to the people that I will be working with. There are several departments and offices in different buildings. I am going to speak with a woman who wants to run some questions by me about a male psychiatrist they hired. I have the impression that when he worked with me in the other agency that I had good results, but I do not know him well. I thought it would be okay to hire him, but because of some questions she has raised, she wants me to be at a staff meeting on Monday morning. Maybe I would not normally be at that meeting, but she wants me to make sure that I am.

I finish speaking with her and go sit at a table with two other people I know, and we are being given some information packets for working in the agency. We open them and they have computer disks that explain how things work there; I am excited about taking this home to review. I am also excited because usually my hometown is so small that one cannot find work there. You have to leave town to get a job.

Then it feels as though I have left the office and I am thinking about going to the high school reunion, which, coincidentally, is being held on an anniversary of the day I won some kind of award. It is just a coincidence, but somehow it makes it more exciting, and I am looking forward to getting to the reunion and telling people that several of us have actually been able to find a job locally.

Then it feels as though I am walking by a store like Macy’s and I suddenly remember that I am supposed to be at work and I need to rush or I will be late. I glance down and I have bare feet. I run into the store and head upstairs looking for a particular pair of sandals. When I get to the counter the ones I want have to be a certain shade of chartreuse green. I look at one that has a pretty flower and weed growing out of it, another is a shiny color with something else growing out of it – like stand up tinsel of silver or gold. I am looking at that and those seem to be the sandals that I want but I am not certain they are really appropriate for work. I may get a pair of the same color that just has a little bit of something on the top.

I realize I am very close to being late now. I am either already 15 minutes late or I have 15 minutes before I need to be there. However you cannot pay for the shoes at the counter. I go downstairs, look longingly at the door as I do not want to be late, and then have to go past the counter and around the corner because the sales people want to visit in a way that delays me. I am also glancing at my watch and I’m remembering that if this is the day of the staff meeting (I am not sure), then I guess I have missed that. I am looking at my watch and it is 7:15 pm now – was I supposed to be at work at 7? Or 7:30? The later hour seems right even though one usually goes to work in the daytime, but I work at night. I am confused about the time and getting the shoes paid for and that is when I wake up.

John: This dream is related to yesterday’s (Dormant Energy). They are both emergence dreams. They deal with something trying to come awake or alive inside you; a linkage to something of very great value. Left to your natural processes, these would be elements that you would recognize and incorporate seamlessly into your life. But you (and humans in general), have lost your connection to that naturalness, and so what you perceive is unmanageable, so it gets skewed from its original state. Your inner nature knows the truth of it, but in your dream and in your sense of things in the here and now, it feels likes a component is missing. Something inside you of great value wants to awaken and be available, yet it is being blocked.

It is interesting that in both dreams you are a bit at your wit’s end. The first dream is more frustrating because whatever is trying to emerge has been deviated from dramatically. In the second dream there is the initial excitement, but then you are struggling to catch up with events – you have lost your ability to go with the flow. In each case, something is missing from the equation.

In the next entry, we will try to understand this missing aspect; to grasp what would allow these energies to naturally emerge from within.

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