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Jeane: Next I have a dream where I’m wandering around a village area with other young girls. Initially the wandering is random, but I find an interesting branch with some leaves on it, with one part like a flower. I take the branch and go to the head of our group, which makes us into a procession that seems like it’s going somewhere, even though I know it’s not.  

But now that I’m at the front, I have to figure out where we should go and what we’re going to do to put the branch down.

John: This image is like a recognition that the outer (physical) world has a certain illusion to it. Another way of looking at it is that you can see, as you play with it, that it develops an enfoldment.

The fact that that’s possible means that, at some depth inside, something else is moving around. The way it comes out in the outer (even though it may seem insignificant, or a sort of tangent) is it’s still like a side reel to the motion picture; there’s something deeper inside.

So you suddenly see that this is the way it is. You pick up something (the branch) which enables you to go to the front of the group and create the flow (procession). Others join behind you, and it seems to have a continuity, and now you’re going to new places.

So how do you put the branch down? How do you see what’s behind it that’s trying to open up and come through?

It’s a paradoxical phrase: “putting it down.” In other words, you put down the branch that you’ve picked up, but that’s just a symbolic act. It denotes something else that’s waking up as the underlying thread behind this whole way you find yourself being.

In other words, all of it signifies something. It’s just a question of whether you, yourself, can catch up with what it’s pointing toward.

Jeane: Then I’ve gone into a couple’s house, and they have a baby and a slightly older child. I go to the older child.

They’ve set something up that’s like a computer or small TV on a stool in front of the kids, but the kids are complaining because they can’t get it to work. I seem to be able to fiddle with it so they can watch it better. I explain to them the problem.  

Then I get down on the floor and I notice the baby needs a diaper change. There’s a pretty strong odor, which makes me feel a little nauseous. The mom comes and scoops him up to change him, but some of the mess has fallen on the floor. I want to pick it up, but the odor makes me so nauseous I can’t seem to do anything,

Then the dad comes and scoops it up.

That’s that dream.

John: In letting yourself be natural, you have the ability to help focus and bring a certain picture into reality, a certain perception, a certain sight, and it’s as if you’re doing it amongst those who can’t do it for themselves (tuning the TV for the young children).

However, how is that going to work if those who’re supposed to appreciate it, don’t get it (are too young)? Basically that creates a mess that discombobulates how you feel in terms of the situation. In other words, this causes an intervening event (with the diaper), which has muddied the picture. So how do you handle or conduct yourself there?

This scenario exposes that whatever you were doing wasn’t quite in tune with how the situation needed to unfold. Rather than gaining clarity, the situation degenerated. Maybe what you were experiencing was too bright – too much for you to handle – and it caused a reaction.

The image, though, has an even deeper meaning: It’s attempting to get you to realize and recognize that you have to pace yourself in terms of how you open up, and how you see things.  Because if you expose yourself to everything all at once, the parts of you that are awakening and seeing more can embrace it, but the parts of you that aren’t as awakened will knock you into a trance or state where you lose your fluidity (see Reflections of the Past). And, thus, a dullness and an awkwardness will set in.

You look at the two states, and in one you want so much for the clarity (with the branch) to be there and you note how that feels, and then you note what it’s like when something gets putrefied. You know what that feels like and so you work to reconcile that. You’re reconciling levels of yourself.

When we’re intertwined with Creation, there are parts of us that get cooked at different rates, so we have to learn how to work at a pace that facilitates that. What’s really interesting is, if you can catch that right, instead of dulling yourself when you’re a little off or trying to force something, you actually take on a whole other level of insight that you that hadn’t noticed before.

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Jeane: In this dream something happens that forces a whole community or group of people to have to move. Whether it’s a natural disaster (it’s some area like California), I don’t know. I do know that there’s an ocean not far away – I sense sand dunes or some kind of different geology there.

Some of the group stays behind while at least three of us go on ahead. We’ve gone ahead and I know that there are a series of things that can happen. In one image that I remember, I had to go into someone’s trailer.

I don’t know if it was for shelter or food or I just wanted to go there as I had a feeling I was being pursued. It’s my intention to pass through the trailer without disturbing anyone. But because the trailer is shaped like a “T,” I can’t go in one door and out the opposite side.

I end up running into a woman, with her little girl, in the kitchen, and the woman’s a little startled. I’ve disturbed them so I have to explain why I’m there, and then they seem okay.

I know there are other scenes where I’m in other homes and one image of being out by some sand dunes. Other people think the dunes are stable, but I don’t think so. And then I have this sense that when we get somewhere that seems better, I feel like I have to go back to get the others. And they don’t want to come.

I’m not sure if I even go back to get the others, or if they’re going to want to come with me, but I still feel like that is what I have to do.

John: That’s pretty interesting and pretty specific. Basically what the images start out saying, energetically, is that something has happened and you can’t go back. You’ve seen something and, whether you like it or not, you’re in trouble now and you have to go forward.

Now, as you go forward, you’re still not necessarily free from the past. So you have your bad moment; in other words, you have your reservations. Those reservations are reflected in you trying to go into the trailer as a way of catching your breath. It’s like a time-out.

So you are trying to catch your breath, and that’s shown by not wanting to run into anybody. But you do, and when you run into them, what you’re running into is actually you in a state of shock to your inner self.

But it’s a good state of shock – it’s an emerging state of shock, as represented by the little girl. So as you go forward, you still have the connection to the past and so you recognize that you have to go back and forth.

Said another way, at the very beginning you had no choice, you saw too much. You recognized something, and things couldn’t stay the way they’d been. You can’t rationalize or justify that. But you do have a tie, or a connection, to all of that, even though something more has been revealed. So you make a progression, and you have your reservations where you stop and look around a bit, yet you still feel the pull of your obligations.

In a way, you’re describing the cycle of the breath: the in-breath and the out-breath. One minute you’re going forward, and the next minute you’re going back. And you were propelled by the clarity that you had to move forward. That was one minute. The next minute you had to share that clarity (going back for the others).

It portrays the process, and shows that you have not been caught trying to protect your own treasures. You are taking nothing with you, but you do want to go back to help. If you had been drawn back by your own needs or things, that would imply self-interest, and support for separateness and duality, which requires one to be competitive and isolated in relationship to others. Your dream doesn’t have that dynamic, so that’s a good base for what wants to emerge.

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John: In this dream I have subdivided some property that I plan to make available to prospective buyers. On this property I have just done the generic work – it’s just sitting there, with no aliveness to it. No one who views the property can make heads or tails of it. I have basically taken this large area and cut it into pieces, but now I have to do something to make it alive so people can relate to it.

I have gone to the property in a pickup truck and I am carrying two fence posts to be put up on different points of the property. These aren’t ordinary fence posts – they have been carefully imbued with an aliveness. When the fence post is put into the ground, it will suddenly glitter and awaken and everyone will see “Hey, that’s a neat piece of property.” What is awkward is that I have only two posts and many parcels. There are parcels in a valley and on a hilltop, and my first thought is that both of the posts should go on the hilltop properties.

When I come to a particular parcel where the post belongs, the hole is already dug. It’s just a matter of fitting the post into the hole. But this is where I do not have the clarity that I need. Super clarity is a function of an energetic vibrancy, quickened inside such that I am able to automatically recognize how and what to awaken. I may have started off knowing what to do with these two fence posts that are meant to awaken something in creation – meaning all the different aspects and parts of creation – but now that I am here to do it, I am confused.

I have come with what is needed, but I can’t tell how or where or when to establish the awakenings. So, I am looking, but I am overwhelmed by the possibilities. I feel energetically exhausted inside; I am at my wit’s end trying to figure this out.

Basically, I do not have the light I need to know what to do next. One of the reasons I am confused is that I have gotten myself involved with more pure energy than I am able to handle. (It is not raw energy. Raw energy is something that has to be conformed.) This is pure energy. I thought I was only working with a particular aliveness that I would establish over time and that I understand well enough. Yet because I see myself as having transported twice the amount, meaning two posts, which is more than I am comfortable working with, this confuses me and causes my clarity to become veiled in terms of knowing how to apply it.

If I were only working with the alive energetic clarity of one fence post, I would be okay. But I have two, so I am accepting the responsibility of two. Being required to transport an aliveness to two of the parcels shorts me out. By that I mean I can’t make it happen because I don’t know how to effectuate an awakening that involves both.

Somehow I am able to take the energy of one post and place it where it belongs. But as I take my eyes off the second post, it suddenly turns itself into a black man, who’s looking to escape. This occurs at a bad time. I was looking at the last bit to be packed down; the post that I am familiar with has these energy packs that are strapped to the side. The hole is dug and these things protrude out, so it is jamming up the hole. I know if I can get my focus, I am going to figure out how to smooth it out and round the post so that it will go in with the energy.

Before I can put my attention to figuring out this mess, the other energy starts to leave on me. It is just a bad time; I was so close. So the energy embedded in the other post has come alive as a black man who is wandering off from the truck that brought him there (which is me bringing the energy there). Now I am distracted. That’s the whole problem; I am carrying twice the pure energy than I am capable of handling, so I can’t even get the post that I am familiar with into the ground. I was just in the last bit of realigning it so it would fit when this whole thing flared up.

To be continued…

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