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phoaWhy is necessity the mother of invention? Because a true need brings energetic potency to our ability to fetch intelligence from our energetic connections. The answer can come to us when our petition, or prayer, for it is strong enough, or potent enough. This can be true for an answer to a problem, or for the discovery of something never seen here before. Our intelligence comes from energetic connections – and our need calls it in. But, of course, the universe is designed to give us support for our struggle toward our human purpose, not to help us become rich and famous. The reasons why we have a need for something make all the difference in terms of what kind of response we get to our request. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my sleep, I too was looking at all of the various variables, and ways in which a person goes counter to the mind senses, or the action projective modality of things, how you could step back from it and find some sort of stillness echo, or some sort of quality that arises within you to service a question, so to speak, that you carry as a need.

Most of the time a person takes and they have something that they feel makes sense, in terms of living in the outer, and you just embark on it. But if you listen really quietly there are a whole bunch of things that you don’t embark upon, or can’t do, that aren’t coming from, and aren’t properly servicing, a need, but are only servicing some sort of mind imagination of the senses, and with the senses. And so this is kind of like echoing you to recognize that there is something more going on, that something more being something that’s outside of the in-breath and the out-breath.

So my meditation dream came out of that very quickly with some interesting insight, and then in my sleep dream I appear to be going really deep inside, going over and over the catching up with the need, from which there is a beckoning down of a grace, and a stillness. And, at one point in my sleep dream, it’s like a strange sound goes off, like an alarm or bell or something, and it brings me to the surface – but I don’t have anything there, and so I fall back in. And so when I woke up this morning this stuff was sitting there just ready to pop out, and, had I responded to that, the other would’ve infused its way through.

It’s because within the stillness is the absorption of all of our needs. That’s what the stillness is all about. It’s when we go off tangentially, thinking that we have to fulfill something, that we get caught in the reflective and, therefore, are in some aspected in-breath and out-breath modality.

So my sleep dream kind of corresponds to what you did, in that I just kind of go through example after example. Basically the way I put it, in terms of trying to grasp what’s going on, is I went over again and again at how letting go to what appears to be a weaker condition, at some particular point there can be like a type of weakness, or going over the top, and when it gets like that, instead of you just falling into something, that’s when it can get into the indulgence of your poverty as opposed to just being in that state as a need.

So looking at what I would call in a weaker condition, for not knowing how else to call it, and in order to point out that it’s not something that one does with a sense of kind of trying to control a streamlining, you do it with a graciousness, not with a mentality of trying to make something happen. When it’s like that it’s an aspected, still presence, and the systematic inner effect draws the consciousness down for connective purposes.

So I go through examples. As an example, inside one’s self there’s a special insight or consciousness a person has when he is naturally resigned – and that is often times deemed to be kind of a stillness, weakened condition, in that there’s kind of a humble dignity because the person’s not putting on airs and is near to their soul, or their true need, which is this stillness place somewhere.

Another example is this quality resides, in terms of a person whose soul is racing towards a completion, as you tend to see, for example, in advanced old age. In other words, when a person is preparing, so to speak, or has the need to ready themselves to go to another loci of the soul as an abode. And so it’s almost as if whatever one is holding onto here, there is kind of an added sense to just let go of it because something is about to happen.

Often times a person may seem more feeble-minded, and forgetful, and everything else, but it’s coming from a greater echo of a soul that’s ready to transition to somewhere else. And to see that, and to note that, and to really know how to look at that, is to recognize that there is a quality of need being served.

Another example is a person who is truly humble and gracious, invokes grace as a stillness gift; or, put another way, to serve the need of life is to awaken an inner guidance. The essence needs our need, so however we touch it there is a specialness quickened within.

And that happens when you take and go on even Hail Mary missions, you know, crusades or whatever it is, or ideas towards what there is as a peace or need in life. You do draw something to you from doing that because as long as you’re doing that with a certain focus and attention – even if it’s misguided, but is sincere – it draws something to service the need.

It doesn’t mean it’ll work, but it does still draw something. Whether it’s enough to contend with the collective is a bigger issue because the tendency is to still be trapped in some aspect of the in-breath and out-breath, and, therefore, you’re caught in the modality yet.

To not get caught in some reflective, inner vibrational thought upon the in-breath/out-breath, or both, whether you’d call it a thought, or mood, or whatever, and the sensation was with everything that could be denoted, everything that was denoted, it was like it had a negative charge, is the only way I know how to describe it, because it was toward what I am not able to reach as a stillness. Just the need to do so being invoked has a way of beckoning towards that stillness, which is a need – even though it is beyond one’s scope-ability.

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everyt0sIt’s easy for us to assume that much of the knowledge in the world was learned by people through trial and error: if we ate a mushroom and didn’t die, then we could eat it again. But that’s not the way of it; all through history connected people have transferred their knowings to others, and they have gotten their knowledge through direct energetic connection. Astrological knowledge doesn’t come from years of observing people respond to a planet, it comes from an instant knowing by a connected person. And we are all capable of being connected in those same ways. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I had a headache most of the night, and it seemed to keep my dreaming at one level, but again I had a long, repetitive dream, and in that dream it’s like I’m with a group of people and we’re hiking. And we take a trek up a mountain, and it’s a mountain kind of like the Himalayas because it has a lot of big blocky rocks. However, the secret to getting up, and finding your way back, and being okay seems to be some rocks that are shaped like square and you know that in the center of these rocks water is trapped.

They’re square rocks, square or rectangular, and they have water trapped in the middle. They almost have little lines that point to a center in their middle. I don’t remember us accessing the water, but it felt like being in communication with these rocks was what kind of allowed you to find your way up and back.

And it seems like, when I found my way back down the mountain, I was going to some festival or something but there was some kind of a debate because maybe some people didn’t want to take some of the rocks along, but I felt it was good to stay in touch with the rocks.

And that seemed to be the whole dream. It took a long time because you were trekking up the mountain and then you had to find your way back down.

John: Well, the theme of the dreaming last night had to do with taking an energy of the environment in, and that being who you are. In other words, instead of seeing yourself separate from everything in the outer, you see yourself as part of the aliveness of everything that’s around you. That you’re just part of that aliveness. And when you can see that like that, when you can see that life is like that and that everything around you is alive, and relating to you, and because you are imbedded within everything that’s around you, that’s when you can have images that see through anything that is set.

In other words, that’s when you’re perspective starts to change in terms of how you see the outer. Most people see the outer in terms of it having… Well, they can tell you what the name of the streets are, and where this goes and where that goes, and the colors of things, and if it’s a cul de sac, the house and what color it is, and what car is out front, but when you start to see things energetically you start to lose the sense of time and space.

In your dream, it’s like you are sensing the importance of the obstacles of the outer, and that you know that within the outer, within everything that you see and experience, that is important to you to experience in terms of the rocks and the density of things, you know that that leads to something. You have a sense that the fluidity and the water is within the rock.

So, what you’re doing, is you are still seeing the loudness of things in the outer, but you are developing a sense that there’s more than just the appearances, and that you’re converging on being able to find the fluidity within.

You find the fluidity within, then you break time and space or, otherwise, your linear sight keeps you seeing things as separate. So where you’re trying to go with that dream is to get to a point where the limitations of what it is in the outer, that you see and are inclined, through the senses, to perceive as real, you’re getting to the point where that is something that can become superfluous.

In other words, ultimately where it goes is that that can change, in terms of your mood, but you have to get close enough to the vibration of everything around you so that you are that, and that is you. And then as you change, when you have that kind of closeness, then the world around you changes. It could change in shape, it can change in appearance, and it can change in terms of the time frame that you’re walking around in.

So you’re not bounded by the physical anymore, as if it is a chain that you’ve created and limited yourself by. You are able to be inside and outside of whatever and however it is based upon your vibration. But, to be like that, to have that kind of natural ordering as a Crown of Creation kind of quality, you have to come all the way into matter and everything around you as an aliveness. And then when you’re as alive as that is around you, then as something varies and changes inside of you, that whole outer, then, has lost its permanence and it. too, can change. But in your dream you’re at the point where it’s something that you’re inflecting towards yet.

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