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t44.jpgHumans love the idea of spirituality, but are daunted by the actual work that is involved. By the same token, we all embrace the idea that there is a oneness in the universe, and that we are all somehow connected energetically. But how many of us actually comprehend the responsibility implied by such a truth? We can’t be part of the oneness if we aren’t conscious about our thoughts and actions – if we don’t “do unto others…” energetically. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, it’s fortunate that I had a dream similar to that, or I would have been completely confused – and it also dealt with colors.

So in this dream, I’m lying at the foot of a bed kind of joking around and agitating a guy. In other words, I’m like at the foot of the bed and then there’s a guy that’s laying in the bed normally, covers are kind of thrown back so you’ve got the white sheets showing, and there’s something about what I’m doing that’s teasing him, or agitating him.

So he has a pellet gun and he’s taking this pellet gun and he’s shooting these little colored things. They’re somewhat shaped like little bitty round tubes, roundish, but they’re just basically like pellets. They’re each colored differently. I mean, they could be kind of a type of candy if you think about it, you know, they’re small like that, that you could just eat. I’m trying to think of something that portrays what that looks like, but I can’t think of it.

And these pellets are just landing all over the place, and they don’t do anything. They don’t affect a thing at all. However, earlier I remember him shooting these off and I didn’t pay any attention to him and a bunch of them landed on my hand, or on my arm and, after a period of time, the body temperature melted them and they became a puddle of color, a puddle of like paint. And they could stain the hand, they could make a mark.

But until they melt, as long as they’re in a benign state, they don’t mean anything, and they’re all over the bed and whatnot and, at this point in time, none of them have melted or been in contact with any kind of heat source, or energetic source, to cause them to break down and go from that little state that you could just vacuum up like dust or something, or little pellets, to something that is now broken down as like paint, as color.

And so I tell him what can happen with these colors, and then I mentioned that I, too, was surprised at how they… you know, I hadn’t expected this, how they would melt and form a color puddle, you know a liquid. And so I ask him, “If these melt they’re going to stain the sheets, what would you do if that happens?”

The meaning of the dream is this is a dream about how everything as an energy has an effect which unfolds to leave an impression. I have been feeling wounded about the way I am seeing things unfolding in life, and the way people are taking things because they’re not realizing the aliveness of every little thing that happens.

The world’s breaking down and people are going crazy because they have their parameters in which they want to maintain things, and then when they try to maintain things like that and it’s meant to be a world that’s entirely different than how they are seeking to maintain things, they’re going to crack up. And it’s going to be amazing the people who crack up. And this sort of thing is going on is destabilizing me and it’s destabilizing me on a masculine level.

And as a consequence, I’m spewing out, like I’m also part of shooting these energetic inflections. Every energetic inflection has to run its course, has to act itself out, has to be something. So as this settles in there is an effect, an indelible effect, which causes unintended consequences because all of those inflections kicked out there have to live themselves out.

And, in this particular case, what is the unintended consequence? Well, the person who is shooting those out is unconscious and doesn’t realize that when those melt they’re going to stain the white sheets into an array of watercolors. And white signifies, in terms of most ways of looking at things, it signifies a type of purity that’s now going to be affected by these watercolors. And what the watercolors signify, all the different array of colors, is they signify a type of sight, in other words, information comes through light.

So there are two ways of looking at this dream. There’s the way where you want to try to keep everything on the straight and narrow, and if you are trying to keep everything on the straight and narrow and you’re working towards a path of purification, then you don’t want to let any impressions dictate or dominate. You want to slam and stamp out all inflections from having to run through, in other words, unplug them or desensitize their aliveness effect because they will affect the purity of things, in which case that’s the white sheet.

That’s one way of looking at it. And then there’s another octave of looking at that. Because we’re in creation this sort of thing happens and you have to know how to include and take that in and not reject this aspect of God. In this further way of looking at this dream, it would then have you pondering the trade out of how there is a purity and sight, which in one way of saying contrast, and yet they also augment in a dichotomy way.

And this is even portrayed and explained by the teacher who indicated that you bring the energy up in the base, up through the heart, and bring it up to the sight center, and in the sight center it tends to be a little much to handle and tends to fly out over the top, but in order to bring that into a quality of power, an inner power, you bring it back down into the heart again. From the top like that, you bring it back down into the heart, and so what you’ve done is you have taken life up to a knowing and then back into a power.

And those who can do that then have gone from a process of purification to a process of a type of mastery, in which in a physical body they are capable of actually being something other than something that walks around trying to continually shut off all the lights. In this particular case you can handle the lights.

What’s interesting is the lights are going to flow because you’re in a human body, whether you like it or not, and so in your particular case you are tending to notice that the lights flow. Now, you don’t know where they come from or anything like that. You can’t figure it out, but this is the clarity, and this is how something comes through and goes out into life. And it goes through you, and you channel it through you.

The you that exists is everything, and it just flows through you, and it will do that if you get to the state of purification, too. It will still be flowing through you, you just won’t be aware of it. And to the degree that things happen that force you to be aware of this, that, or the other, you’re going to blow up. You’re going to blow up over every little idea, every little agitation, every little thought at some point is going to disturb you because every little thought has an aliveness that is intended and is meant, and is part of a matrix that is held together and has a viability.

And you don’t just go shooting these things down and think that you aren’t disturbing the whole.

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Jeane: I’m disappointed that I couldn’t pull out the details of my dream. What I can tell you is that it involved the actor we saw in the movie last night, about the man (William Wilberforce) who helped abolish slavery in England (the movie is Amazing Grace).

The dream takes place in a large estate-like building like he had – the space was really large. What made it hard to remember the details of the dream is that I was aware that every single thing that happened was supposed to be related to an energetic, rather than what I saw physically in the outer.

I can remember that even if I was supposed to lift or move something, or put a piece of tape across it, or put a finger under it, I was really moving it through a space. So I just couldn’t pull out the detail because it was really about an energetic.

John: The dream is about an insight that’s very, very subtle. You haven’t been paying much attention to it, or you’ve been presumptuous with it, and therefore you’re reaching beyond it – while it lies in between.

The theme last night has to do with some small blind spots in our natures that are affecting or impacting the bigger picture, or a greater understanding. Essentially what this dream should do for you is cause a certain degree of wondering in terms of how to recognize this subtle little trait.

I think you know what the trait is because, as you wake up and sit and don’t remember the dream, what comes to mind is how it applies to some other quality or characteristic that you feel in your nature that you hadn’t really been looking at and now all of a sudden you don’t like the way it feels. In other words, you’re catching up with the sense of it. So the dream leaves you a little stunned or shocked in some fashion, at some level inside, which causes you to associate that energetic with an inner vibration.

What’s changed is that whatever this little vibration that you associated with in the dream is, it’s a vibration that you’d previously just let be. Now you have to take it into account. What’s interesting about this little vibration is it’s a vibration in between – it lies in between a larger vibration that’s more important, that has a greater depth, but it’s a little vibration that you skipped over or that you chose not to confront or deal with.

You’re now feeling that little vibration in a way that you don’t like. Before, when you saw it or felt it, it left you a little ungrounded and that’s how you’re able to catch up with the flashback toward it. It may have left you a little ungrounded but nevertheless you felt it was okay. You just felt that that’s the way things are or you had a way of rationalizing it and sloughing it off and explaining it away.

Now as a consequence of this dream you’re realizing that that little energetic permeates through your life more than you know and it could be affecting other things more than you want. So now you have to contend with it in some fashion. You’re looking at yourself, pondering how you’re going to contend with it. That’s how your mind would be working as you’re looking around.

The problem is that this is such a subtle energy that however it is that your mind is looking around to see how to contend with it, the chances are it could easily get things wrong because it’s something that has to be absorbed. It has to be taken into the greater being of your self.

It’s like a loose end that’s hanging out there not quite stabilized or oriented in terms of how you are in a larger sense. You have this loose end hanging out and as it does its flip-flop in the energy, it takes and skewers the bigger picture that you also feel inside.

That’s one way of looking at it. That’s the positive way of looking at it. In terms of where we are these days, that’s probably the right way of looking at it. If we were of a denser nature, this would be an energetic that would indicate that we aren’t able to get something to open up until we go through this zone.

That’s also true in this instance, with the exception that the other zone is opening up and, as long as we carry this (energetic), we really do limit the degree to which it can open up, or we color it in some way. Prior to this, it didn’t actually matter that much. It was almost even humorous or playful – leaving things to the ethers to evolve – but now it’s a coming to grips for the sake of something even more important, so that it doesn’t interfere or contaminate it to some degree.

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John: I had two dreams and, when I woke up, I was remembering one in which there was a set order to things. Everyone had a certain way that they had to play something out. I could understand and function in relationship to that, but then all of a sudden the second dream just popped right in.

Of course I thought the one that I remembered when I first awoke was the important one, but it wanted to fade to the background because the second one was quite loud.

In this one a young girl who has spent most of her life on a science fair project tells me not to get rid of a young piglet that’s dead in a swampy ditch on the corner. There’s a house and on the corner is a ditch that catches the water runoff from the fields.

This little piglet has washed in and it’s dead, floating in the water. The girl is telling me not to do anything with this piglet because she needs to keep the conditions in the area undisturbed. She has to report everything about her science project including this unexpected event that has occurred.

I’m hearing what she wants, but I’m concerned about the piglet decaying in the water. It’s going to rot and I’m not getting any assurance from the girl in terms of when the animal will be taken away. 

My feeling is I shouldn’t have to put up with the smell when this thing decays. It’s going to be horrendous. You can’t just leave something like that out there in the open, even though it’s floating in the water.

At the same time I’m torn because I don’t want the girl to be seen as having done something wrong in terms of her project because she has put so much time into it. I know that it’s important to her that the piglet remains because if anything were to change it will cause her results to be compromised. 

I’m sitting and wondering, trying to sort this out: What is she really feeling about this? Does she feel it’s an embarrassment that this animal died after all the time on her project? Or is some part of her elated with this result and she wants to report it even though it was totally unexpected? Is it affecting the result if this were to be taken away? Is it part of the experiment for others to review the result? 

Will the people in charge discover that there’s been some tampering and determine that the whole project has been a disaster?  

It finally emerges that this result is important to the way her project is perceived. I cringe, but this girl needs the supervisors to take note of the effect as they assess the science project from beginning to end.

The meaning here is that the end result of every journey in life is the death of the idea that what we are living in is real. In my case, I’m like the baby pig because I’m not being conscious of some inner indulgence and, as a result, I’m damming up or contaminating the flow.

This is how the superiors (higher energies) read my energetic condition. The state that I’m in is unconsciously affecting an inner potential. So this state is shown as a rotting condition in the outer life that can stink up the immediate area I exist in.

So the piglet’s death, as disturbing in appearance as it may seem in terms of an outer perspective, is not seen as disturbing from a higher perspective. From an elevated view, the death of a pig is an important component. It’s part of an inner design. When it happens it’s actually a monumental event that can’t be ignored. Such an event is a game changer, a thing to be noted. It is showing that part of me is making a transition from one state to another.

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