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darkmoonWhen we consider that we are all of the characters in our dreams – male and female, young and old – it’s interesting to see John’s dream unfold. From his character’s point of view, he wants to face an obvious issue. Yet the other parties involved are trying to ignore it. This in an internal struggle between the different inner lives – part wants to be open and accepting, and part wants to keep the veils in place. We all have to wrestle with these blind spots. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So this is kind of a continuation dream from several days ago, or at least it feels like several days ago. But actually it’s just probably something that I’m actually feeling and carrying, as if it’s a waking dream, in a dream.

In this dream I’m seeking to purchase a piece of property, but this property, in order to buy it, I have to contend with the effect of a woman whose presence needs to be taken into account.

So in the dream, I see this woman, in other words, I see this space that’s kind of in the center of this property. This woman stands out in the open in this space, and she carries a certain regal appearance about her. In other words, you don’t just dismiss her. As a consequence that affects the title of this property.

It’s okay. I actually like this, but I just know that it has to be taken into account because this is a mitigating circumstance. The person selling me the property is not wanting to address this issue directly. In other words, probably senses it, but doesn’t want to address the issue directly because they want to hide something maybe, or they want to keep something a little undisclosed.

So they create a distraction, or an abstraction, by pointing out, or leaving me the choice to describe the various deed options to choose from, in other words, leaving me to choose from rather than them just succinctly taking it into account and offering accordingly.

None of those deed options take into account this woman’s presence over the situation. I’ve been carrying within myself this inner recognition of how it is that she needs to be taken into account, and have been weighing that at great length within myself last night, as I sought an acceptable answer.

This reference to all of the various deed options that are at my disposal comes as a surprise because it doesn’t take into account… I would have expected a greater depth. In other words if you take into account this woman’s position in the matter, which I want to take into account because I see it as correct. I see it as part of the package.

And I know it can be dealt with, and I welcome the opportunity for this to happen, and feel that doing so is not to be ignored or denied.

What is going on is that there is a solution from within that is making itself known for me to deal with. In the dream, I’m eager and excited to resolve it. I was reluctant to write the dream up because this seems so obvious to me – from within. However, writing this up has brought the attention through, because what I feel was being taken into account very carefully from within, and how this looks in creation where this issue is more veiled, needs to be flushed out and in doing so there is a general overall excitement.

The mitigating circumstances is it wasn’t until near morning that this new wrinkle in the dream was presented. In other words, the new wrinkle being that I had been carrying a clear and distinct knowingness of how this inner world needed to be dealt with. However, what got presented to me was options to choose from that sidestepped facing the issue directly.

The coming forward with a response was positive. Looking at what happened yesterday was a response and the response was positive but there was something that did come forward. It could have just been ignored completely. The avoidance of an aspect of the process was disappointing to the heart, especially after I had felt that this was so important.

Nevertheless, I still feel that I am able to take this, and work with this, and make this and bring this into account. There just needs to be another step in the process, and so that is what I feel.

The meaning was that last night I was content with the way things were unfolding. From the day before I felt that there were a number of issues yet that weighed upon the situation.

The dream was a blending of those two energetic influences. A dream such as this, where there is the energetic condition from the prior day, and the breakthrough during the evening or night, creates a result where as the subtle nuance of things is thrown in, portrays just how every energetic we carry has an effect upon the situation.

As an example, I am buying some property in Montana that has ramifications for the future. I need to take into account peculiarities that are inflected into life, based upon reactions I carry within – which effect things. The various deed options presented back at me, as an indirect response, do not take certain things into direct account, which means and indicates that I am still needing to resolve a blind side in my demeanor.

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John: In my dream there is a grid of energetic squares that extend outward, into life. I can’t move in any direction without landing on some aspect of life that unfolds in terms of its visual outplay.

Each of these grids carries an aliveness, or pattern, or reflection that exists in outer life. That aliveness is awakened when that part of the grid is touched. I’m moving in various patterns around the grid and part of me believes that I’m eventually going to find the center, or something that feels vibrationally like the center.

Various scenarios play out based upon how I carry myself inside. It’s not the part of the grid I land on that matters, but what I feel about it. So I see myself moving at random, because this is how human beings are – we are moved, as a flow, in accordance with how we carry ourselves as an energetic being.

Therefore life treats us according to our energetic signature, and that is based on what we think about, what we do, and why we do what we do. As I move from grid to grid, I’m suddenly aware that I’m unable to be at ease in a way that seems to be important. 

Again, I see myself go from one format to another and each time my attention is on how I feel about what takes place; the outer circumstances are unimportant in this dream. At least for me; for everybody else, the specific circumstances are important. 

To me, the outer circumstances could be anything, but if I don’t carry the heartfulness, I don’t actually care what is happening. The only aspect that matters is, “Where is the note that I’m meant to be able to experience?”

This is what I wrote up in the morning: “This dream is sharing the idea that we create the world we are in to be in accordance with the note we feel inside. If we are unable to shake a particular mood, attitude, or vibration, it doesn’t matter how the outer conditions unfold. The vibrational mannerism will still predominate.”

So my attention is on my inability to break through the prevailing vibration that I feel inside. I draw in my higher self, which in my consciousness relates to a particular vibration. That’s where my attention is, no matter where I land on the grid of life. I know the outer variables will change if I’m able to change my inner awareness – if I can find that note and hold it.

The karma of the outer life will unfold in accordance with an inner note. That’s why some people seem to carry a quality that keeps them from having to experience life lessons that others are destined to go through. Such individuals have a soul that has already made that journey.

However they made it, they no longer dwell in it, or shape that reality upon themselves as an outer condition. They may find themselves in such a scenario, wherein others need to experience something over and over again, but they don’t have to be affected by it or pay that price of admission themselves anymore.

Such souls can carry a note that vibrates above whatever is unfolding in the octaves of all the variables of life that others bounce around in.

What would trigger a dream like this? Yesterday, for me, events pulled me into a particular energetic and I couldn’t get myself out of it. Therefore it pulled everything else down in terms of what could happen because there was, as I would call it, a type of neurosis or something that kept cycling around and I could not stop it.

At the same time, as you noted yesterday (see Protective Bubble), Las Vegas itself carries some particular energy that we have to keep our eyes on because it predominates out here. That doesn’t mean it has to control or affect us, but if we don’t hold the proper note inside, then we could suffer unnecessarily and, in that suffering, miss out on the bigger picture that is accessible for us to experience as a greater consciousness.

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